Chapter 1085: Good vs Evil, Source of Energy

There were no longer any normal residents left in Wanxiang City. The neutral factions had also left the city. Thus, this enormous city had become empty.

The city districts that belonged to the Three Great Palaces and Soul Alliance were now in ruins. The streets and buildings had been razed to the ground. 

At night, the atmosphere was particularly clear and the stars were visible. It was a complete opposite scene from the ruined city below it.

When midnight arrived, two clear battlefields had appeared in the war. The western side of the city with the inner city as a stronghold - an area of ten kilometers - became the main area of war between the two armies.

The size of both armies was rather terrifying. There would be no stop to fighting for three days and nights unless numerous emperors or even dominator rank creatures joined the fray.

The two armies were at an irreconcilable point. The streets had run red with blood and corpses littered the ground. Techniques that covered the sky and earth washed over this city. 

The other battlefield was located around Wanxiang Altar and the ten kilometer distance east of it. The fighting here was even more clustered and bitter. It was also where the Nightmare and Flower Demon Empires fought each other. 

Of course, the high ranking emperors gradually shifted the fight from the middle city to the outer city and even outside the city. However, the main force of these two large empires was still centered east of Wanxiang Altar.

The size of these empires was so large that unless their kings had a final victor between them, the fight probably wouldn’t end for 5 days!

In such a scale of war, the flames of war had burned through this enormous city. This was unprecedented in this city’s several thousand year history. 

As for who would win, nobody could tell right now. 


In the hazy and smoke-filled city, filth was flying through the air. 

The only clean place on the entire battlefield was Soul Palace’s Saint Palace.

The surroundings of the Saint Palace had already become ruins. Only the newly reconstructed Saint Altar was completely undamaged. 

Presently, as Liu Binglan completed her incantation, the entire Saint Altar circulated with a gorgeous lustre. 

The luster was reserved and slowly formed a beautiful light screen. Under the screen, seven extremely prominent star rays formed halos. In between the light rays was a hazy light screen. 

The starlight rays flew to the horizon, passing through the dark and cold second layer of the sky. It reached the distant and unknown stars, linking up with seven dazzling stars. 

Countless spells, symbols and patterns coiled around the light screen, quickly filling up the light screens formed by the seven principal star lines. According to Liu Binglan, when all of this energy reached the seven stars, the Seven Diagram Saint Kings would arrive. 

Chu Mu raised his head and looked at the beautiful and mysterious light screens. When he saw the light screens reach the peak of the night sky gradually proceed further, Chu Mu was unable to see the end; nonetheless, he was still able to see it continuously grow thinner. 

The seven resonating stars were only a small distance away from the light screen, yet the tiny light screen were unable to reach them as they continuously kept extending. 

Chu Mu couldn’t estimate how far away they were. The speed at which the light screens shot up was thousands if not tens of thousands of times faster than Chu Mu’s top speed. At this speed, it should have been capable of reaching any place in the blink of an eye. Yet, the seven stars were still so far away from the light screens. 

Finally, the light screen stopped extending. Chu Mu could feel the dazzling nature of the unknown cosmos and the seven stars.

Chu Mu really wanted to know what theory allowed the seven diagram summoning array to summon distant soul pets here. Therefore, he looked unmovingly at the seven stars. 

Suddenly, light reflected off the seven stars and fell to the ground!

“The light reflecting off will land above Tianxia City’s Seven Great Saint Palaces’ Holy Region Door.” Old Li spoke up at a very timely moment. 

Indeed, Chu Mu discovered that the light reflecting from the stars was heading west, as if it was going to land on Tianxia City’s land! 

Chu Mu was stunned by the scene in front of him. The spatial summoning that transcended two domains was created through the stars and starlight. The starlight that reflected off created a stunning Star Course Bridge!

Other type energy was spatial power. The spatial energy Chu Mu controlled was dimensional space that existed under normal space. Most of his techniques were predicated on destroying and reconstructing the balance between these two spaces.

Chu Mu discovered that when Liu Binglan controlled spatial power, she was constructing two dimensions above normal space, which happened to be the second and third layer of the sky. It was completely the opposite as the space he controlled! 

“Haha, young master, you seem to have realized something.” suddenly laughed Old Li.   

“Could the world have been structured like this?” asked Chu Mu, somewhat absentmindedly. 

“With normal space as the main fulcrum, above it are the two skies and below it are the two earths. Other type energy is predicated on being able to destroy and reconstruct the laws between these five dimensions. The other type power young master possesses controls the spatial laws between normal space and the two lower earths. Her Majesty Female Supreme’s Star River can control the two upper heavens’ laws. This was also why Her Majesty Female Supreme decided to fight the Hero Chief’s Unifying Wind Unicorn in the second layer of the sky when she realized she couldn’t win.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu indeed have never considered this. It was only now when he saw the spatial summoning scene that transcended dimensions did he abruptly come to an understanding. 

“All special spaces, for example Three Great Palace’s Holy Region, Immortal City, Sealed Tower and Snow City’s Universe Ice Gates are all formed from the foundations of these four dimensions.” said Old Li.

“Then you’re saying that this world actually has a total of five layers?” asked Chu Mu, somewhat shocked.

Old Li shook his head: “Normal space is called the world of life because soul pets can only survive on this dimension. The other four worlds can only be inhabited by other type creatures. Of course, once other attributed creatures reach the dominator rank, they can also stay temporarily in the other four worlds. The special spaces of the Holy Regions, Immortal City and the Sealed Tower are located on other dimensions. They are nowhere near as vast as the world of life. They can only be considered derivative worlds. Nonetheless, one thing is certain. THe resources in these derivative world are ample!” 

Chu Mu was slightly dizzy from the explanation. The structure of the world clearly was not as simple as he had imagined. 

“Young master, you’ll slowly come to understand this. At least young master now understands that the Holy Regions and so-called other worlds didn’t randomly appeared…” Old Li stroked his beard and glanced at the Seven Diagram Saint Kings that were nearly finished summoning. 

Suddenly, Old Li creased his brows. He seemed to have discovered something that went wrong.

His face suddenly sunk and he glanced at the saint altar. 

“Young master, we’re in trouble.” Old Li’s voice was low. 

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu knew that Old Li wouldn’t try and fear-monger during important times. He instantly turned serious. 

“Look. Above the reflected starlight is also a hazy path of light falling onto the top of Wanxiang Altar.” Old Li pointed at the pitch black Wanxiang Altar in the distance. 

Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to look. Indeed, as Old Li had said, there was a hazy path of light falling on Wanxiang Altar. 

“What… what is that?” asked Chu Mu, full of confusion. 

“All good, brave, merciful and kind characteristics, including happiness, forgiveness and warmth belong to “good”. At the complete opposite end of the spectrum sits the treachery, cowardness, merciless and nefarious characteristics of “evil”. This includes sorrow, cold-bloodedness, jealousy and violence…” 

“Young master can transform the resentment aura inside yourself into your own strength through a technique called Resentment Gathering, right? Young master’s resentment aura originates from the hatred, anger, jealousy and other negative characteristics and emotions I just listed.” 

“The terrifying part of the Evil Good Queen is that she can absorb the negative characteristics and emotions of all creatures, transforming it into her own power. Perhaps it will become energy to grow or evolve…” 

“Therefore, if I haven’t guessed incorrectly, she is currently rapidly absorbing the evil energy inside the Sealed Tower, making it her own power. This also means that back when she had implemented the Tianxia City plot and awakened Half Devil Bai Yu who had an extreme amount of negative emotions, the goal was the same. It was no wonder that she was able to reach the dominator rank despite the Evil Good Queen’s growth and evolution speed being exceptionally slow.” 

Old Li’s words allowed Chu Mu to instantly understand this woman’s complex intentions. 

“So you’re saying that she constructed her appearance of a goddess, helping and providing for Wanxiang City’s people, in order to absorb good energy.” said Old Li.

“Yes, however, this energy is limited in actuality. Indeed, the strength of the people she helped is meager. The reason why I said we are in trouble is because this woman is also absorbing an extremely large amount of good energy right now.” Old Li glanced at the Seven Diagram Saint Kings that had practically finished summoning. 

Old Li didn’t say it, but Chu Mu followed his gaze and instantly came to a realization. 

Another shiver ran through Chu Mu’s body .Even his soul couldn’t help but lightly tremble. 

Summoning the Seven Diagram Saint Kings was undoubtedly taking pity on and helping the Three Great Palaces which was about to reach destruction. This was an enormous amount of good energy.  

Moreover, Soul Palace had always been an embodiment of good because its Seven Diagram Saint Pets each represented seven good characteristics. The Linyin Beast represented courage, the Xuan Zhen Beetle represented resilience, the Binding Wind Fairy represented gentleness, the Palm Dawn Concubine represented mercy and sympathy, the Immortal Ming Bird represented kindness and compassion, the Holy Stem FLower represented redemption and forgiveness and the Thousand Wave Beast represented honesty and divinity!  

This meant that the moment the Seven Diagram Saint Pets were summoned, the incorporeal good energy would become the Evil Good Queen’s power!!

Thinking of this, Chu Mu couldn’t help but take in a breath. This woman’s schemes were unstoppable!!! 

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