Chapter 1084: Evil Slaughter Beast

The Sealed Tower. 

Long heavenly chains carried signs of age as they pierced the area between the sky and earth. 

The heaven and earth was vast and boundless, but they seemed to perpetually be linked by these heavenly chains, giving others a feeling of heavy suppression. 

The Sealed Tower had existed even longer than Immortal City. Above the levels of the Sealed Tower existed something else. Until now, nobody knew what creature laid at the very top level of the tower, or whether it was dead or alive. 

Through the series of chains, the Evil Good Queen and Ling Chan flew to the bottom of the Sealed Tower of interweaving chains. 

Countless chains were embedded in the Sealed Tower. Each chain locked a soul, so even if the seal was broken, it would still be difficult for the sealed soul pets to escape. 

However, right now most of the chains on the Sealed Tower contained fine flower vines. 

These flower vines were like arteries that sucked life force. They wrapped around each heavenly chain, extending to the ground at the bottom of the Sealed Tower, where there was a flower diagram composed of evil good flowers. 

At the very center of the flower diagram was a malevolent beast exuding killing intent while lying there. It was still, but it looked like it could pounce out savagely at any moment. Even if its eyes were closed, the flesh all over its body emitted astonishing feelings of strength. It thus still had a terrifying sense of intimidation! 

Hero Chief Yuan Sui, Son of Heaven Wu Kuang, and Hero Aide Lian Yan couldn’t help but tremble when they saw this soul pet. Alliance Master Ling Chan’s Slaughter Beast was indeed terrifying. When merely lying there, it seemed like it would rush over and take away their lives in the next instant. 

But Alliance Master Ling Chan smiled. This soul pet was obviously his most proud work. Moreover, its stubborn, arrogant and bloodthirsty attitude was extremely tasteful to Ling Chan!

The Slaughter Beast in the flower array seemed to have sensed its master’s arrival and slowly stood up. 


This wild beast ostensibly didn’t understand how to act reserved. The moment it opened its eyes, it let out an earth-shaking roar, causing the interweaving heavenly chains to clang and sway. They looked like they were going to break. 

Wu Kuang and Lian Yan both retreated in fear. Their faces turned pale. This was the first time Lian Yan had seen Alliance Master’s Slaughter Beast. He never expected that it would be this terrifying. This thing could probably heavily injure his Steel Eagle King with a single breath. 

Wu Kuang was Ling Chan’s disciple and had seen him quite often. However, each time he saw this Slaughter Beast, he would still tremble. Aside from Alliance Master Ling Chan, this Slaughter Beast wanted to kill everyone else. The aura of slaughter emanating from this creature’s body was without any reservation! 

In terms of aura, Ling Chan felt that his Slaughter Beast’s strength had increased. However, it hadn’t entered the rank he wanted it to.

Ling Chan’s gaze fell on the Evil Good Queen. His eyes carried traces of suspicion and confusion. 

The Evil Good Queen took a step forward and creased her brow, as she surveyed the surrounding diagram. 

“What happened here?” the Evil Good Queen pointed at the artery-like flower vines. 

There were over a hundred flower vines dangling down from the heavenly chains. Each flower vine was stealing the soul energy of the sealed soul pets in the steel chains. Then, the flower diagram would change the energy into the Slaughter Beast’s requisite soul power, making its soul stronger. 

However, it could be seen that a portion of the stealing soul flower vines had been broken. It seemed like it had been bitten apart by something.

There was ostensibly no creature in the Sealed Tower. If there were, they would still be sealed, while the Slaughter Beast could not bite off stealing soul flower vines that were feeding it energy.

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s gaze fell on Yuan Sui. Only two people could open Sealed Tower. One was Mu Qingyi, and the other was Yuan Sui. Mu Qingyi naturally could not have entered the Sealed Tower just now. Thus, the only person who could have destroyed the stealing soul flower vine was Hero Chief Yuan Sui who had opened the Sealed Tower’s spatial entrance. 

“Whatever, this amount of energy is enough.” the Evil Good Queen waved her hands, not bothering to pursue this matter.

The Evil Good Queen stepped forward slowly into the flower diagram. She stood quietly in front of this incomparably savage Slaughter Beast. 

Ling Chan and Wu Kuang were both astonished, because the Slaughter Beast which was filled with hostility towards any creature was gradually calming down. There were even traces of fear in its eyes. 

The good side of the Evil Good Queen could make a savage creature lose its vicious nature, turning it gentle and calm. On the other hand, her evil side could make a creature feel fear and terror. The Slaughter Beast calmed down because the Evil Good Queen’s species rank was extremely high, her strength was stronger than its own and the flower array feeding it energy was implemented by the Evil Good Queen. Thus, imperceptibly, the Slaughter Beast’s mind was confused by the Evil Good Queen. 

The Evil Good Queen extended her hand. Without Alliance Master Ling Chan’s orders, the Slaughter Beast prostrated itself and placed its forehead on the Evil Good Queen’s palm.

The moment her hand and its forehead came in contact, the Evil Good Queen’s long hair fluttered like a devil woman’s. An extremely evil aura expanded in all directions, making it hard for the others to breathe.

“Dang!!!! Dang!!!! Dang!!!!!!!”

The interweaving chains violently shook, emitting ear-splitting droning noises.

“Hou hou!!!!!”

“Ao ao ao ao ao!!!!!”

“O!!!!!! O!!!!!!:

Abruptly, the entire Sealed Tower began to violently tremble. From the heavenly chains where the stealing soul flower vines were wrapped around, countless creatures’ souls began to roar!

These roars contained extreme pain and anger. There was also heart-trembling resentment!!

The Sealed Tower was innately a place where resentment aura was extremely thick. As over a hundred creatures from the higher parts of the Sealed Tower let out their roars, the sealed world seemed to transform into a terrifying hell!!

All of the anger, hatred, killing intent, jealousy, sorrow and helplessness became the seeds of evil. When this enormous resentment gathered together, it formed the most pure energy for the Evil Good Queen!

The Evil Good Queen’s long hair was dancing about. The flower array was rapidly emitting countless blood red flower petals that resembled long greedy lips that violently absorbed all of the resentment aura surging out of the Sealed Tower!!

The resentment was torrential. Once each blood red flower petal absorbed enough resentment aura, it would float down from the sky to the Evil Good Quen’s side and land in a node in the flower array. 



Suddenly, the Slaughter Beast abruptly stood up. It raised its arrogant and wild head, letting out an even more terrifying roar!!

Each flower petal that absorbed the resentment aura transformed into drops of evil energy that poured into the Slaughter Beast through the flower array.

As more and more resentment aura flower petals fell, the viscous nature emitting from the Slaughter Beast’s body grew larger. The beast’s skin began to rupture and what emerged from the rupture unexpectedly were ghastly white bones!

These bones transformed into extremely fierce and malevolent weapons. They appeared on the head, shoulders and on its joints! 

The Slaughter Beast didn’t originally have wings. But when the white bones grew out of its body, its back terrifyingly ripped apart and bones covered in fresh blood began to extend from its back!

Wing bones opened and densely packed thorny bones, resembling feathers, were covering the wings!

The Slaughter Beast was already an extremely savage and fierce creature among beast type creatures. Now with bone edges, blades, armor and wings, it looked even more visually shocking, fierce and savage. Looking at it would make one involuntarily tremble!


The Slaughter Beast abruptly let out a resentful and imposing roar. The roars from the Sealed Tower suddenly went quiet. There was no other soul pet more terrifying than this Slaughter Beast right now! 

This time, Wu Kuang and Lian Yan with lower mental resilience sat down on the ground out of fear from its aura. Their own dominator rank creatures were equally as cowardly. They stood in place and couldn’t help but incessantly tremble. 

The Evil Good Queen calmly glanced at the two people who had lost their minds out of fear. Her mouth curved into a slightly sexy and arrogant smile. She said to the Alliance Master: “So, Alliance Master, are you satisfied with your new soul pet?” 

Ling Chan looked at this extremely oppressive soul pet, and immediately let out loud laughter!

This was the true Slaughter Beast. A single look from it could make a dominator rank creature’s mind collapse. 

“Very good!! This is finally a true Slaughter Beast!!!” Alliance Master Ling Chan walked up to the Slaughter Beast and lovingly patted the bone horn from the Slaughter Beast that could pierce through anything as well as the ostentatious bone thorn wings!

“Bai Yu, Chu Mu, and Liu Binglan. It seems that they will become the first sacrificial pieces to my new Slaughter Beat!” malevolently laughed Alliance Master Ling Chan.

“Leave Chu Mu to me. You can slaughter the others.” the Evil Good Queen faintly laughed as she covered her mouth.

“Hahaha, although I really wish to personally kill that brat, since you have an interest in him, I feel that even if I leave him to you, it will definitely be much better than leaving him to me.” Alliance Master Ling Chan specifically added emphasis on “better”. In his opinion, this woman’s methods at making one wish for death were probably much better than his own.

The Evil Good Queen was still smiling. As she stared at the arrogant and egotistical Alliance Master Ling Chan, her charming eyes seemed to hide something even more complicated. 

“However, my honorable Queen, my strength doesn’t seem to have broken through.” said Ling Chan.

The Evil Good Queen calmly smiled and said: “Haven’t I only taken half of the energy?” 

“Half of the energy?” Ling Chan was stunned. He clearly didn’t understand the meaning behind these words.

“You’ve forgotten. This is only evil energy. The other half is coming from some people gathering it right now who think they are so smart.” said the Evil Good Queen. 

For the Evil Good Queen, the evil energy’s source came from the Sealed Tower’s resentment aura. Then where did the good energy come from?

Alliance Master Ling Chan wasn’t stupid and quickly guessed what this other half of energy was...

“Hahaha, the Queen is indeed a Queen. This move of yours is too good for words!!” Alliance Master Ling Chan let out loud laughter in a flash of understanding!!

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