Chapter 1083: A Fierce Battle Comes

Evil Good Queen glanced evilly at Little Hidden Dragon, creating flowers beneath her feet that carried her backward.

Chu Mu didn’t tell Little Hidden Dragon and Zhan Ye to go after her. After all, she was full of trickeries. A slight misstep, and Chu Mu or his soul pets could all get instantly killed. So, no matter how angry they were, Chu Mu had to remain calm.

Resentment again formed energy that burned as devil flames on Chu Mu’s silver skin.

This resentment gathering was much stronger, replenishing Chu Mu’s fighting strength.

Behind Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi summoned Bell Noise Concubine to heal the wounds on Chu Mu’s back.

Chu Mu was higher rank now, so Ye Qingzi’s healing couldn’t heal him as quickly as before. However, the most important part about the healing was to stop the worsening effects of the wound so it could heal by itself.

Ye Qingzi needed enough time to heal Chu Mu’s wounds well. Now, Ye Qingzi could only use the time Evil Good Queen retreated to heal Chu Mu as much as he could.

Chu Mu gazed back at Evil Good Queen who retreated back to the Wanxiang Altar and furrowed his brows.

With Evil Good Queen’s cruel personality, there was no reason to let him go, yet why was she retreating?

Just as Chu Mu was wondering, another silver devil flame man swiftly flew over.

The silver half devil was Bai Yu. Watching him get nearer, Chu Mu was secretly surprised. He didn't’ think that Bai Yu also had the ability to become half devil at will, meaning there were two special half devils in the world now!  

After becoming half devil, Bai Yu’s quality was clearly changed, going from a steady and unfaltering nature to one that looked down upon the world.

“Ling Chan is heading back to Wanxiang Altar. I think it’s to release his Slaughter Beast.” Bai Yu said.

“Slaughter Beast?” Mu Qingyi paused, seeming to have heard of this organism.

“Slaughter Beast is Ling Chan’s strongest main soul pet. At its peak, it could reach middle class dominator rank. The woman in the sealed tower set a strange diagram. It forcefully absorbs energy in the sealed tower and forces it into the slaughter beast’s body to try to raise its strength some more. Ling Chan has always been stuck at ninth remembrance spirit emperor. If its strength raises even further, he may enter spirit dominator rank.” Bai Yu said strictly.

“Spirit dominator……” This was the first time Chu Mu had heard of the realm beyond spirit emperor called that. Almost no one mentioned this rank in human realm. This may be due to the reason barely anyone has reached spirit dominator rank in the past few thousand years.

“Soul pet trainers reaching spirit dominator ranks may cause the lower rank soul pet of his to instantly increase in strength. And, a soul pet trainer reaching spirit dominator rank can bring out potential in dominator rank soul pets, allowing them to learn new abilities or techniques.” Bai Yu continued.

“Spirit dominator rank has that effect?” Chu Mu was stunned, not realizing that spirit dominator rank was this special!

“Just now, I heard Liu Binglan could summon seven diagram sacred king right? No matter what, Ling Chan’s strength will become incredible. We can’t go to the sealed tower because it must have many traps there. What we have to do now is to gather all our dominator rank strengths before Ling Chan completes his breakthrough.” Bai Yu said.

Chu Mu nodded. “Let’s head to the sacred palace. The summoned seven diagram sacred kings need protection, so nothing can go wrong there.”

One Evil Good Queen was already hard to deal with. The reason she backed off definitely wasn’t because she couldn’t defeat him, but rather because she probably had a larger plot and didn’t want to waste too much energy here.

“Let’s leave.” Chu Mu glanced at Ye QIngzi and Mu QIngyi.

The two nodded and followed Chu Mu and Bai Yu towards Soul palace holy palace.


The holy palace was incredibly sturdy. Even if it were destroyed any supreme title could chant an incantation and magic would put the palace back together.

At this moment in the holy palace, Prince chao and Liu BInglan were chanting the incantation to put back the summoning diagram in the palace.

The ancient stones floated about them, falling in certain places as if they had a life of their own. When they swirled around in the air, they slowly combined and stacked layer by layer onto the cracked sacred altar.

The holy altar was very damaged too now. Shattered rocks and powder unceasingly flew in and slowly stuck onto the cracked locations, melding into one undamaged piece.

“It’s complete!” Chao Lengchuan wiped the sweat on his forehead and smiled.

Liu Binglan nodded, and was just about to start an incantation when she saw Chu Mu, bai Yu, Ye Qingzi, and Mu Qingyi fly in from the hole in the roof.

And the moment they landed, a short legged raccoon came in front of them and watched them confidently.

“What’s up?” Liu Binglan asked uneasily.

“They went towards sealed tower and we didn't dare to chase.” Chu Mu said.

“The seven diagram sacred king needs massive amounts of soul power to summon. This way everyone can give some and complete it faster.” Old Li jumped onto the sacred altar and said.

“Right, the four heroes, Li Hong, Yi Jun, where did they all go?” Bai Yu questioned.

They all had dominator rank soul pets. Though they weren’t threats to Chu Mu and bai Yu, if they combined forces, they would definitely be suppressed.

“Li Hong was defeated by me. He should be going towards the outside of the city now.” Chao Lengchuan gritted his teeth, angry he couldn’t kill that traitor.

“I killed Yi Jun’s dominator rank demon. He shouldn’t be a threat to us anymore.” Chu Mu said.

“Wu Kuang and Liang Yan both backed off to Wanxiang Altar.” Mu Qingyi said.

“Hero Chief Yuan Sui should be back to Wanxiang Altar too.” Liu Binglan said.

Old Li stroked his whiskers and said solemnly, “Looks like this will be a tough fight.”

“En, summon the seven diagram sacred kings.” bai Yu said.

Everyone nodded, and started to follow Liu Binglan’s commands, pouring their soul power into the holy altar to activate it.


The entire Wanxiang Altar was filled with blood red plants. All the palaces were filled with endless Evil Good Flowers.

Standing at the center of the entire Wanxiang Altar was a blood smeared sword, silent yet striking!

At the tip of the entire palace, Wu Kuang and Lian Yan were both kneeling trembling with fear, not even having the courage to look up anymore.

Their heads were lowered, only able to see the royal and alluring queen’s petal-made dress and her exposed delicate feet.

Evil Good Queen didn’t even glance at the two as she said, “Not even able to handle two women, why do you exist?”

Wu Kuang and Lian Yan didn’t dare reply. They had never imagined emperor concubine Chu Xi to become so terrifying. When Evil Good Queen had first appeared, they immediately fell into illusions full of unscrupulous thoughts.

However, in their illusions, they never got to taste the alluring woman; instead, they got to experience true terror in the following illusion. It was a torture that they never wanted to experience again, and was the reason why they were so afraid in front of the evil good queen.

Hero Chief Yuan Sui was standing aside Evil Good Queen, slightly behind her. To Emperor Concubine Chu Xi’s changes, hero chief Yuan Sui was similarly surprised. He had always thought that, no matter how many times he communicated with this woman, she was still veiled behind a mysterious guise. However, he never would have thought the woman was like this.

Alliance master Ling Chan looked at the two kneeling subordinates and was secretly laughing. Trying to have thoughts of her was no different from looking to die. Many times, even the very thought could make you pay dearly.

Ling Chan also loved beauties, especially ones as beautiful as Emperor Concubine. However, he knew which women never to touch.

Indeed, this woman wasn’t someone to touch at all!

The ancestor of flower type, Evil Good Queen!

Even if this Evil Good Queen was just first phase first stage, having dirty thoughts about her would cause even a spirit dominator to die without knowing it.

Ling Chan didn’t know where this woman came from or what goals she had. Ling Chan gave her position and power to satisfy her ambitions of domination, while she helped him enter spirit dominator rank. This mutual relationship was good enough!

“Hero chief, open the sealed tower.” Evil Good Queen said to Yuan Sui.

Yuan Sui nodded and didn’t say much, like usual. He simply walked to the center of the palace and started chanting.

“My little pet should be full from its feast.” Ling Chan smiled and glanced beneath wanxiang altar, “I’ll let it have its fun later, with so many people to kill!”

Yuan Sui didn’t take long to open the sealed tower. Very soon, the sealed towre’s spatial door became a light screen that fell down.

Evil Good Queen and Ling Chan both walked in without hesitation. This was when Yuan Sui said, “Mu Qingyi can close sealed tower. If they come,.....”

“They won’t be able to come near Wanxiang Altar.” Evil Good Queen’s eyes flashed with arrogance and continued on without pause.

Yuan Sui didn't say anymore and followed half a step behind.

Ling Chan seemed to notice this detail of Hero Chief Yuan Sui and furrowed his brows. However, he soon relaxed again, and paid it no attention.

From what Ling Chan saw, as long as he could become spirit dominator rank, even if these loyal subordinates died, it wouldn’t matter; he wasn’t staying around for long.

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