Chapter 1082: Evil Good Illusion

Evil Good Queen had already retracted her easy and alluring smile, instead holding a stone cold face.

Evil Good Queen should be called face changing queen. Her expression changed so fast that even Chu Mu was astonished.

“Don’t be pleased. In ten seconds, you will die!” Evil Good Queen was showing emperor concubine Chu Xi’s attitude. The pride and anger was too easy to identify.

Chu Mu widened his smile. After becoming half devil, he didn’t know what pain was anymore. As long as the wound on his back weren’t lethal, he won’t feel pain. However, the Evil Good Queen clearly didn’t like getting hurt.

Evil Good Queen waved her hand, and immediately blood red petals floated onto her body. At the same time her purple robe fell down, her petals had created a noble and elegant flower armor that covered her alluring body.

The Evil Good Queen was already enchanting. With the red armor, she was even more flirtatious. Her original holy aura had completely disappeared with the purple robe, becoming a noble yet also licentious combination of beauty and danger.

Chu Mu, of course, didn’t think that Evil Good Queen switched her outfit just to make her look better. Her flower armor was clearly extremely defensive. Actually harming her now will be very difficult.

Chu Mu didn’t doubt at all Evil Good Queen’s claim of having him killed within ten seconds. Chu Mu had already been hurt by the flower imprints and clearly his fighting strength fell. And now, Evil Good Queen’s attacks won’t leave any flaws for Chu Mu to catch again.

The incantation started and this time, Evil Good Queen was clearly angry.

The flower aura released, full of an evil aura that slowly shrouded the black skies.

Behind the Evil Good Queen a blood red and sacred blue shadow, becoming a massive blood red Evil Good flower!

The Evil Good Queen’s petals were a curved crescent shape. Every arc was perfect, feeling as if hundreds of women have just started their most charming dance moves, all wearing red and blue clothes.

Originally, this was supposed to be a very beautiful flower, but for some reason it also gave off an extremely dangerous aura!

This beautiful yet evil Evil Good Queen slowly appeared behind Evil Good Queen, causing her two completely different qualities to be shown in even greater depth. When watching her, she was holy, noble, and elegant, but watching closer will also reveal an attracting and wanton smile.

The mental shadow of Ten Thousand Flower pupil had already disappeared, yet Chu Mu still didn’t look at the woman only describable as bizarre. Her complicated qualities, both holy and demonic, had powerful mental attraction. The moment Chu Mu lost attention, his next moment of clarity would be waking up in the underworld.

“Release!!” Evil Good Queen gave a command.

The Evil Good Flower behind her suddenly scattered, each petal becoming a terrifying flower demon holding a dagger as they flew forwards.

Chu Mu was dazed because these flower demons were all women that Chu Mu had seen before!!

The flower demon ahead was Ye Qingzi. She had a flower petal body, yet her face and hair were identical to Ye Qingzi.

Behind Ye Qingzi were his mother Liu Binglan, Mu Qingyi, Princess Wan Ning, Pang Yue…...

These flower demons could take on their shapes as they flew towards Chu Mu with pitiful expressions.

Chu Mu paused. He knew very clearly that this was definitely just Evil Good Queen using his memory to create illusions, yet for some reason Chu Mu could only watch as they came close and ripped open his body using her long claws.

Chu Mu didn’t think that Evil Good Queen’s mental techniques would be this powerful. Even though he knew it was an illusion, he didn’t have the courage to even fight.

Even scarier was, though Chu Mu was used to pain, every time these demons’ claws flew through his body, he felt an unbearable pain that shot straight towards his heart.

Rather than pain, it was more like grief. It was as if his closest friends and family had betrayed him and caused mental and physical damage to him without any defenses.

“What damned technique is that?” Chu Mu bit his teeth. Even though he knew it was all fake, the pain was worse than having thousands of arrows pierce through him.

“I can’t do this- any longer and I will die.” Chu Mu knew this damage wasn’t purely mental; it was one that damaged his soul too. He had to get rid of all these flower demons!

The closest people to him naturally caused the greatest mental damage.. Chu Mu glanced at the flower demon that was Ye Qingzi as well as Mu QIngyi aside her, and a flash of anger appeared.

Chanting an incantation, Chu Mu’s hands conjured two devil flames that flew towards the Evil Good flower demons.

At this moment, the Evil Good flower demons no longer attacked Chu Mu and instead stood their confused, watching him with vacant and pleading looks

Chu Mu, of course, didn’t fall for this mental trick again, fanning his devil flames to become stronger and stronger!

Chu Mu lifted his hands and were about to throw the flames at the two flower demons, wanting to destroy them once and for all in case he couldn’t muster the courage to fight again.

The devil flames were already conjured and, with their defenses, Chu mu was sure they couldn’t block the hit.


In the sky, Ye Qingzi glanced confused and shocked at Chu Mu.

She didn’t know what was wrong with Chu Mu, why he suddenly flew towards her and also revealed terrifying killing intent.

Seeing Chu Mu coming closer and closer, trying to kill her, Ye Qingzi’s heart was nearly shattered. She could only watch as her loved one came with energy in his hands to kill her!    

Yet, Chu Mu had no idea that the flower demon that he was about to destroy was the real Ye Qingzi. He had already released the energy to fly forth.

At this time, Chu Mu suddenly found that the flower demon in Ye Qingzi’s form had a shimmer of pureness in her eyes. Seeing these familiar eyes, Chu Mu saw a single tear in Ye Qingzi’s eyes.

This tear was familiar to Chu Mu; it was the monument tear that repaired Ye Qingzi’s face. What surprised Chu Mu was how the false flower demon could even falsify the pure monument tear!

This sliver of hesitation caused Chu Mu’s attack to halt.

Suddenly, Chu Mu realized something and quickly extinguished the devil flames in his palm!

All of Chu Mu’s actions came to a halt. The determination disappeared, replaced with a face of guilt and shame as he watched the scared flower demon.

Ye Qingzi watched Chu Mu’s killing intent slowly dissipate. Watching Chu Mu’s shocked and ashamed face, the tear at her eyes fell.

Ye Qingzi couldn’t possibly have dodged Chu Mu’s attack. A second ago, Ye Qingzi thought she was dead for sure, yet Chu Mu retracted his hand at the last second.

Having such a close encounter with death, with the reaper being her most loved, this short process caused Ye Qingzi to shed a complicated tear.

Seeing Ye Qingzi’s eyes slightly wet, Chu Mu finally completely escaped the illusion. Looking around, he suddenly found that all the demons were real. If he truly decided to kill all these flower demons, then the scene he would wake up to would truly destroy him!

He was this close to feeling true desolation!!

Chu Mu’s heart palpitated loudly, feeling the lingering fear. No one in the world had a mental technique more terrifying than Evil Good Queen!

Mixing reality and illusion, Chu Mu realized that he nearly hurt his closest friends and family. An anger welled up in his heart as he slowly woke up!

Chu Mu’s eyes instantly turned frigid as he stared at the Evil Good Queen with infinite hatred!



Zhan Ye and little Hidden Dragon, coming from the underground sacred palace, almost simultaneously felt Chu Mu’s burning rage!

Little Hidden Dragon was ahead. Its soul powers pierced through the Evil Good Queen’s Evil Good Flower, instantly shattering the Evil Good Flower.

Zhan Ye even pounced directly towards the Evil Good Queen, becoming a black battle axe that slashed towards the Evil Good Queen!!

The Evil Good Queen didn’t dare to go directly against Chu Mu’s two main soul pets. It quickly became a flower petal that spread outwards!

Little hidden dragon didn’t give up, conjuring tens of thousands of souls to devour every petal!

Little hidden dragon’s messy attack actually worked. One petal was attacked, and Evil Good Queen had to show her true form.


With another roar, little hidden dragon commanded all the ghouls to fly towards Evil Good Queen.

Evil Good Queen backed off frantically but her soul was still subject to the biting of the defense-ignoring attack. Suffering a soul wound, her face turned pale!

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