Chapter 1081: Dangerous Rank, Middle Class Dominator!

“Chi~~~~” a hole instantly appeared on Chu Mu’s silver shoulder. Although no blood spilled out, the devil flames there were extinguished. 

“Young master, all of the Evil Good Queen’s attacks are poisonous!” Old Li’s mental voice drifted over from afar.

Chu Mu immediately controlled the devil flames to burn the devil blood flowers on his shoulder to ashes. He then used the devil flames to burn the poison spreading to other parts of his body.

Chu Mu had reacted very quickly, but the poison had left large visible ulcers on his shoulder!

Chu Mu’s face sank. This technique looked very simple, but if it struck a normal pseudo dominator, the dominator would probably decompose in a matter of seconds.


The Dead Dream saw Chu Mu receive the wound, and angrily let out a cry.

Dark purple lightning weaved about in the murky clouds above. There were over a hundred long snakes of lightning that didn’t disappear when they struck down from the sky; instead, they lingered around the Evil Good Queen, forming a light screen that enveloped her surroundings!

In between the light screen transmitted dead lightning. Each bolt of dead lightning would become stronger with every transmission, becoming even thicker and flying towards the Evil Good Queen.

The Evil Good Queen silently stood at the very center. When the countless enormous bolts of dead lightning attacked her, she waved her skirt, and a blood red lotus instantly blossomed under her feet.

The flower petals formed shields that covered her body and blocked the lightning’s power on the outside.

The destructive properties of the dead lightning was more powerful than normal lightning. Moreover, it possessed the darkness attribute, making its penetration ability unordinary. Although the flower shield was initially able to block the dead lightning attack, the penetration ability was too strong, and the dead lightning finally broke through the flower shield.

When the Dead Dream saw that its technique had broken apart the Evil Good Queen’s defense, its eyes showed signs of excitement. It immediately chanted an incantation, increasing the bombardment power of the dead lightning.

However, when Chu Mu saw the flower shield be continuously pierced, he gradually creased his eyebrows. 

Suddenly, a waft of a fragrance came from behind him!!

Immediately after, graceful pieces of hair fluttered by and brushed Chu Mu’s face.

Chu Mu’s body trembled. How could he forget that this woman could also use spatial teleportation abilities? The inside of that flower shield was empty!

“Hahaha~~~~~” a spiritless and delicate laugh echoed in Chu Mu’s ear.

Just like when Chu Mu had used darkness to launch a sneak attack earlier, this woman had used the same thing back on him. While he was completely unaware, she had appeared behind him.

Chu Mu knew he wouldn’t be able to dodge in time. Instantly, he welled up all of the devil flames stored inside his body, forming a devil flame shield and covered himself with it.

The Evil Good Queen was standing not even a meter behind Chu Mu. Her long purple hair fluttered in front of her. She exuded an evil aura that made her seem even more terrifying.

Her long hair began to grow, transforming into supple and strong flower roots. They rapidly wrapped around Chu Mu’s neck, wrist and legs. 

The flower roots abruptly tightened and tiny needles on the flowers pierced into Chu Mu’s body. A large amount of poison instantly broke through Chu Mu’s skin, seeping into his blood vessels.

These normal flower roots looked identical to fine strands of hair. However, Chu Mu was unable to break these supple and strong flower roots. Moreover, as the poison was injected, Chu Mu’s body was visibly paralyzed, making it even harder for him to exert strength! 

The poison rapidly spread through Chu Mu’s whole body, making him completely paralyzed. Blood didn’t even flow anymore.

A black death flower imprint then appeared in the hands of the Evil Good Queen with long hair like a devil. She slapped it hard onto Chu Mu’s back!

Chu Mu’s body had been infected by poison and the poison on his body had almost nearly all been extinguished, exposing his silver skin. The death flower imprint stuck itself to Chu Mu’s skin.

“Ge ge ge~~~” the Evil Good Queen’s evil laughter rang out again. She glanced to the side at the Dead Dream flying over. She suddenly retracted her supple and strong hair. Blood red lotus figures outlandishly emerged from where she stepped, and she rapidly retreated several kilometers away.

As the Evil Good Queen floated away, the Dead Dream’s Dead Lightning pursued her for several kilometers. Ultimately, however, it wasn’t even able to touch a corner of this woman’s clothes. Thus, the Dead Dream could only quickly fly to Chu Mu and prevent Chu Mu from receiving another of the Evil Good Queen’s attacks. 

However, upon seeing the Dead Dream fly to Chu Mu’s side, the Evil Good Queen revealed a treacherous smile. Her palms slowly opened. The dead flower imprint on her palm had suddenly disappeared!


The instant the flower imprint disappeared, the flower imprint pasted on Chu Mu’s back terrifying exploded, ostensibly going to destroy Chu Mu’s back!

The Dead Dream that planned on protecting Chu Mu was also hit by this technique and knocked flying. It let out a long mournful cry that reverberated through the sky.

The flower imprint’s explosion, knocked Chu Mu from the sky to the ground. If he had blood, Chu Mu’s back would definitely be mangled with flesh and blood right now!

Over half of the devil flames on his body had been instantly extinguished. Nonetheless, Chu Mu, who was used to the feeling of pain, quickly stood up from the wreckage and looked at the terrifying queen and her long fluttering hair.

This series of techniques had severely weakened Chu Mu. If not for the Dead Dream, he may have been instakilled by the Evil Good Queen!

A middle class dominator was indeed extremely terrifying!

“You still want to be my master with just this amount of ability? Why don’t you just devote your soul to me. Perhaps I can make you even stronger.” the Evil Good Queen’s piercing laughter rang out.

Chu Mu didn’t look up at her soul attracting eyes. Ten Thousand Flower Pupil’s effects still existed and he knew that if he looked at her, he would either be unable to look away from her eyes or his mind would collapse. 

Presently, a sliver of resentment anger was boiling in his heart. This resentment anger was slowly becoming his power, making his devil flames slightly fresher. 

However, Resentment Gathering didn’t have any genuine use due to its slow build up in power. Chu Mu no longer had much confidence in taking the Evil Good Queen’s next attack. Indeed, there was nearly an entire grade in difference between them.

Chu Mu tried his hardest to remain cool. Only, the Evil Good Queen wouldn’t give Chu Mu much time to think.

As her laughter was still reverberating, the Evil Good Queen closed her eyes. Her body transformed into countless flowers and she disappeared in the sky.

Chu Mu stood up and immediately controlled the space around him.

After controlling the space, he closed his eyes and forcibly used his soul remembrance to build a mental bridge with the Evil Good Queen.

There was a soul pact between Chu Mu and the Evil Good Queen. The construction of a mental bridge could allow Chu Mu to distinctly sense the location of the Evil Good Queen.

Obviously the Evil Good Queen wouldn’t allow Chu Mu’s soul remembrance to enter her soul. She quickly formed a mental restriction, blocking Chu Mu from using the soul pact to find her.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was unable to penetrate as if it had struck a wall.

However, Chu Mu let out a smile.

He wanted the Evil good Queen to use this mental restriction because in the area of space he controlled, the moment a mental restriction appeared, an invisible barrier would appear in the space it happened. Chu Mu would be able to find where this happened!

“Spatial Windstorm!” 

Chu Mu swept his hands, ripping open a space and forcibly dragging an other dimensional chaotic stream of air into this world!

At the same time, intense lightning bolts emerged on the Dead Dream’s body, condensing on its 16 wings!


The Dead Dream let out a cry. It beat its sixteen wings and sixteen power bolts of dead dream lightning pierced through the air, flying towards the targeted location by Chu Mu.

The technique release speed of lightning types was much faster than other types. Moreover, if the Dead Dream’s lightning attribute first struck the Evil Good Queen before the spatial windstorm swept over, the damage would be even higher. 

Of course, Chu Mu’s knew the Evil Good Queen’s defense was not that weak. In order to amplify his attribute advantage, when he dragged out the spatial windstorm, Chu Mu didn’t spare any of his devil flames and let the spatial windstorm absorb all of it. This created an incomparably powerful devil flame windstorm!!

“Zi zi zi~~~~~”

When the Evil Good Queen had blocked Chu Mu’s soul remembrance from finding her, she realized her location had been exposed. She was about to change locations when the Dead Dream’s 16 bolts of dead lightning appeared in front of her!

Even if its dodging capabilities were stronger, she would be hard-pressed to dodge such an abrupt lightning type attack. She could only rapidly condense all of the flower petals around her and form a flower wall to block.

Yet, the power of a suddenly created flower wall was limited. The 16 bolts of dead lightning quickly pierced through, striking her body.

Upon being struck by the lightning, the Evil Good Queen’s body lightly trembled. However, the subsequent devil flame windstorm made her realize that she was in trouble!

The fire type was still a counter to her. Although the Dead Dream’s lightning attacks didn’t genuinely injure her, they broke her protective shield. With the instant follow up of the devil flame windstorm, the Evil Good Queen could only use her body to face it!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

There was both tearing power and devil flames burning. As the Evil Good Queen’s skin was ripped open, bloody traces appeared on her snow-white skin. 

Her soul was also struck by devil flames, making her face even paler.


The windstorm slowly dissipated and the devil flames were gradually extinguished. Dozens of tiny wounds had appeared on the Evil Good Queen’s body and fresh blood dyed her purple and slightly ragged skirt.

“Yes, you look a lot better now.” Chu Mu showed an evil smile while also mocking this arrogant Evil Good Queen.

Chu Mu felt she was better looking not because of what was revealed underneath the broken clothing, but because of the sparkling fresh blood.

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