Chapter 1080: Evil King Half Devil vs Evil Good Queen (2)

The entire city’s sky was murky as the disorderly wind swept up debris. Along with the smoke from war which pervaded the air, the originally magnificent and beautiful Wanxiang City looked like judgment day had arrived. 

In the murky sky, a dark purple meteor and dark blue starlight seemed to fall from the vast sea of stars, gradually closing in on the city.


The Dead Dream first flew to Chu Mu before staring cautiously at the Evil Good Queen.

The Dead Dream’s species rank was extremely high, yet it could feel that the Evil Good Queen’s rank was higher than its own. Moreover, its power was a level stronger than it. 

When Liu Binglan landed on her Star River, she immediately saw Empress Concubine Chu Xi, whose temperament had changed. She felt that this woman was completely different!

“This is…” Liu BInglan was stunned as she looked at this demonically alluring evil and good queen. 

“It’s the Evil Good Queen. We may not be her opponent. But I will stall for as much time.” Chu Mu seriously said to Liu Binglan while indicating that she should go now and summon the Seven Diagram Saint Kings. 

Liu Binglan didn’t tarry, and immediately rode her Star River to Soul Palace’s saint palace. 

The Evil Good Queen naturally knew what Liu Binglan was going to do when she appeared. She lifted up her slender hands and a blood red flower vine peculiarly grew out of the surroundings. It rapidly formed an extremely flexible rope and chased after Liu Binglan.

Chu Mu was focused on this woman, but the speed she released this attack had surpassed his expectations. In a flash, the flower vine rope had suddenly formed an enormous net that enveloped Liu Binglan.

Chu Mu chanted an incantation and Worldly Devil Swords rapidly emerged around him. Each one of them could pierce the clouds and touch the ground. Their majesty was boundless. 

Chu Mu gave an order and the nine Worldly Devil Swords flew over, slashing at the blood red net. 

The devil swords whistled as they flew and would outlandishly enter other spaces. Therefore, the Worldly Devil Swords would always appear incomparably strangely. 

However, just as the nine Worldly Devil Swords took flight, a purple demonic slim figure suddenly appeared in the path of these swords. 

These Worldly Immortal Swords could enter another space while travelling and wouldn’t leave any marks in normal space. However, the Evil Good Queen appeared right where these nine devil swords flew across. Clearly, this was not a coincidence. 

The Evil Good Queen stood calmly in front of these nine invisible Worldly Devil Swords. The enormity of these swords compared to her body was as if she was standing in front of an enormous mountain peak. 

However, when these overbearing Worldly Devil Swords flew in front of her, they suddenly came to a halt, not moving an inch.

A flicker appeared in the Evil Good Queen’s eyes. Instantly, the nine still devil swords slowly dissipated, transforming into countless light colored motley petals that floated in front of the Evil Good Queen. 

The disintegration of the nine enormous devil swords also stunned Chu Mu. 

Though the Worldly Devil Swords were casted hastily and didn’t have full power, it was regardless still one of the most powerful techniques of Chu Mu. Yet, it had been so easily nullified!

As Chu Mu was in shock, the Evil Good Queen suddenly disappeared from in front of his eyes.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

The Worldly Devil Swords that had been broken down into petals began to strangely flutter around Chu Mu. Each petal was like a pair of terrifying eyes that continuously peered at Chu Mu.

“Ten Thousand Flower Pupils.” the Evil Good Queen’s ice cold voice rang out from somewhere unknown. 

In an instant, all of these petals transformed into that woman’s imposing eyes!

There were over ten thousand eyes staring. Each pair of eyes contained different emotions. There was anger, warmth, hatred, familiarity, coldness, soul-attracting, emotionless, and kindness… 

Even if Chu Mu didn’t look at every single pair of eyes, he could feel the emotions being transmitted. All the while, his emotions continued to dither between these complex emotions, undoubtedly causing his mind to move between cold and hot!

Ten Thousand Flower Pupils was clearly only the expressing of a single glance. Yet, to Chu Mu, this was incomparably long. It was as if he was reading every single one of these ten thousand pairs of eyes that could make one’s mind collapse. 

Fortunately, Chu Mu’s mind was extremely resilient. Especially due to the Monument Tears, his mind had grown even stronger. Otherwise, the Ten Thousand Flower Pupils would have destroyed his nerves! 

The long mental torture finally disappeared, and Chu Mu looked much more exhausted. 

At this moment, the Evil Good Queen’s laughter rang out in Chu Mu’s ears. It seemed that this woman enjoyed watching him suffer. 

“Come, look at my eyes.” the Evil Good Queen’s eyes revealed a trace of a smile as she stared fixedly at Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu swept his gaze over the Evil Good Queen and abruptly discovered that this woman’s eyes bewildered him so that he was unable to look away. From time to time, it seemed like a scorching sun luminous gaze!

“There’s a mental shadow!” Chu Mu grit his teeth. This mental technique of the Evil Good Queen wasn’t just regularly terrifying. In these circumstances, if he didn’t even dare look at her, how could he beat her?

Chu Mu moved his gaze away and looked at where Liu Binglan was going. 

Indeed, she had been unable to free herself from the Evil Good Queens’ technique. She was trapped by the unrippable flower vine net. 

Chu Mu’s heart sank, and he swept his eyes over the adjacent Dead Dream. 

The Dead Dream quickly understood Chu Mu’s intentions. It beat its wings and its body instantly transformed into countless high ranking Fairy Butterfly that flew at Liu Binglan. 

“Hmph, it’s the black phoenix again!” a trace of hatred showed itself in the Evil Good Queen’s eyes. This emotion clearly came from the defector women. The Evil Good Queen’s emotions and expressions were rapidly shifting between the two personalities. 

After she harrumphed, the Evil Good Queen’s purple long hair and skirt fluttered in the windless sky. Instantly, blood red granules began to disperse in all directions. 

These tiny granules were flower seeds. A truly powerful flower type creature did not need soil to grow its seeds. 

The flower seeds dispersed like sand, chasing after the Fairy Butterflies the Dead Dream had transformed into and imbued themselves into their feathers.

In an instant, all of the seeds seemed to have found a host. There were no more roaming about. 

“All of them can die!” a merciless smile appeared on the Evil Good Queen’s face. 

She waved her hand and the closest flying Fairy Butterfly suddenly froze. Slivers of iron-like flower cottons pierced out from inside the Fairy Butterfly before rapidly absorbing the energy inside and wantonly growing. 

This Fairy Butterfly let out a painful cry. Its body was gradually devoured by the unknown flower object growing inside its body. Finally, it collapsed into countless dark purple feathers that dispersed through the air. 

The blood red seed that had absorbed the energy inside the Fairy Butterfly transformed into a blood red flower demon!

This flower demon’s roots were able to bury itself in the air, hovering in the air. 

This scene persisted with the other Fairy Butterflies flying through the air. After each Fairy Butterfly transformed into a feather, a devouring flower demon would appear and malevolently and terrifyingly shake its body in the air. 

In a short period of time, over a half of the Fairy Butterflies the Dead Dream had transformed into had been completely devoured. In the space Chu Mu was in, countless flower demons had appeared in different locations. 

Under the Evil Good Queen’s orders, all of the devouring flower demons unfurled their bodies and opened their avaricious mouths. They began to rapidly partition up the remaining Fairy Butterflies. 

The Dead Dream was very smart. It transformed the remaining Fairy Butterflies into dead lightning and took the enemy down with it. Each time a seed was about to grow out of the body or a devouring flower demon was about to catch up, the Fairy Butterfly would explode with lightning and destroy it! 

Countless Fairy Butterflies exploded around Chu Mu. The recently formed devouring flower demons were quickly annihilated. 

Nonetheless, these devouring flower demons were ultimately formed by devouring the Dead Dream’s energy. This technique therefore destroyed much of the Dead Dream’s energy while the Evil Good Queen had merely lost a few seeds. 

“Pu pu pu pu~~~~~~”

The remaining Fairy Butterflies came together, forming the Dead Dream’s main body.

The Dead Dream’s body was visibly weaker. The lightning zapping around its body was no longer as majestic as before. 

Chu Mu’s expression turned more serious. This Evil Good Queen was indeed worthy of nearing the middle class dominator rank. Each one of her techniques was terrifying. Without adequate assistance, he and the Dead Dream would not be her opponent. 

Most importantly, Liu Binglan was presently trapped inside the flower type net. For a while, she would not be able to free herself. Chu Mu didn’t know if he would be able to last until the Seven Diagram Saint Kings appeared. 

The Evil Good Queen clearly didn’t have the patience to slowly draw things out with Chu Mu. A fresh blood red flower was pinched between her slender white fingers. This fresh flower’s color made it seem like it was dyed in blood. The red was a bit gaudy. 

She suddenly threw the blood flower at Chu Mu. This blood flower instantly transformed into a rapid blood light. Its stem was like a dead needle that unexpectedly pierced towards Chu Mu’s heart!! 

This blood colored flower seemed to ignore all defenses. Chu Mu’s devil flame shield and spatial barrier, the two overlaying defensive techniques, were unable to slow down the tiny blood flower’s speed at all!

The flower seemed to be flying through a void. It was a unique flower that kept changing locations. Even after Chu Mu tried dodging it, it was still able to pierce through his arm! 

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