Chapter 1079: Evil King Half Devil vs Evil Good Queen (1)

Mental voices can communicate extremely fast. Though these conversations happened in a blink of an eye, to Chu Mu, it clearly was a burden. He only wanted to know a counter because if he let the queen become completely evil, he wouldn’t be the match of the middle class dominator rank queen.

“Young master, don’t get too worried. Female Supreme can’t summon seven diagram soul pets because this woman is Underworld Supreme. She controls the seven diagram’s spatial summoning. Yet, now that she allowed the Evil Good Queen to take over, her own soul will be lost to a certain extent. If young master called Female Supreme back and coordinated with Prince Chao to defeat Underworld Supreme’s seal, we can summon seven diagram sacred pets to deal with her.” Old Li said.

Old Li just finished speaking when Chu Mu noticed Evil Good Queen’s eyes staring at him!

The Evil Good Queen wasn’t as cold and resentful as Chu Mu imagined. She stared half-smilingly at Chu Mu, and a dark grin appeared on her luscious, attractive lips!

This simple expression caused Chu Mu to lose focus momentarily.

The red lips against Chu Mu’s ear, a string of laughter reverberating through his body to his heart. Like how the purple hair was tickling his face, the laughter tickled at Chu Mu’s heart, causing Chu Mu to feel an irresistible urge!

All Chu Mu’s eyes could see was the woman’s seductive body. His heart started rippling harder and harder along with her wanton yet teasing smile!

“Young master, Evil Good Queen knows charming trickery!!” Suddenly Old Li’s voice echoed through Chu Mu’s mind.

Yet, compared to the beauty in front of him, Old Li’s voice was simply a distant raccoon call in his ears.

However, when Old Li’s voice slowly disappeared, Chu Mu’s body and soul both shivered, causing him to jolt awake from the illusion.

The locks of purple hair disappeared, and her sexy lips were no longer in his mind. Chu Mu saw all the charms instantly disappear. Evil Good Queen was still standing at her previous location, the smile just having disappeared.

Immediately, a coldness passed through Chu Mu’s body!

A single thought, and Chu Mu felt this many illusions. This Evil Good Queen truly was scary!!

“I didn’t know our master was this handsome!” Evil Good Queen’s teasing chuckle came. Her laughter was very unique, as if a noble and elegant woman rarely showing her true self, giving it an irresistible appeal.

Chu Mu was low class dominator rank. Adding on his original vigilance for this woman and strong determination, he could still barely control his own thoughts.

Yet, when he glanced aside, he saw that son of heaven Wu Kuang and Hero Aide Lian Yan, who already had many thoughts about Emperor Concubine, were completely lost in the Evil Good Queen’s laughter, their gaze heated!

“Little owner, don’t get jealous. They’re just in an illusion, so they can see but can’t touch.” Evil Good Queen said breathily towards Chu Mu, “However, since you’re the master, you of course can get a different treatment.”

Chu Mu humphed and casually waved his hand to sweep away the breath from the woman’s lips, saying apathetically, “Using this poison powder to kill me, is this the different treatment you meant?”

Evil Good Queen’s smile didn’t change, “You actually caught that.”

“Retract your whore-like display.” Chu Mu said mockingly.

This Evil Good Queen seemed to laugh amicably and was trying to be nice, but she definitely was an evil demon girl who didn’t hesitate to kill. Since he knew she had terrifying charming abilities, Chu Mu would no longer get tricked.

Hearing Chu Mu say that, Evil Good Queen’s smile instantly stiffened, and her charming eyes gradually turned frigid.

This coldness was more similar to Emperor Concubine Chu Xi. Clearly, this body was controlled by both Chu Xi and Evil Good Queen right now. The cold, angry, proud, and hostile nature should be defector young woman herself coming through. The charming, lewd, evil, and cruel side was a personality that came out as a result of the evil nature of Evil Good Queen.

Originally, Chu Mu thought this woman had split personalities. Now, with two souls, it was like she had four different personalities. No one was probably more complicated than her!

“Did you know evil soul pets can devour their masters’ souls?” Evil Good Queen had no hint of charm anymore, replaced with an emotionless and cold expression!

Nightmares were the primary example of evil souls, able to devour their owners’ souls. This Evil Good Queen also had an evil nature. Looks like it already knew what it wanted to do with Chu Mu!

Evil Good Queen didn’t immediately attack. Chu Mu didn’t know what she was waiting for.

However, the longer they could delay for, the better, because Chu Mu had already told Dead Dream to fly to second level of skies to find Liu BInglan. Chu Mu was also trying to waste time. After all, if they truly fought, Chu Mu wasn’t sure how long he would actually last.


Second layer of skies, cold and darkness co-existed.

The piercing gale blew, occasionally forming destructive storms that slowly dissipated in further skies.

Within the cold skies, a starlight flew past tiredly in the chaotic winds, going towards a place of weaker winds.

On the starlight soul pet, Liu Binglan glanced at Yuan Sui on his Unifying Wind Unicorn.

Using the second level of sky, Liu BInglan successfully kept hero chief Yuan Sui occupied. However, in prolonged combat, the soul pet Star River clearly wasn’t Unifying Wind Unicorn’s opponent and it slowly fell into disadvantage.

Seeing Hero chief near again, Liu Binglan furrowed her brows. She had to lose him or else she would have to summon Six Dawn Space Masters to deal with him.


Liu BInglan was just about to give a command to Star River when suddenly a lightning-like call came from below.

Liu Binglan looked over and found a dark purple royal species flapping its sixteen wings as it darted into the skies, flying straight towards Hero Chief Yuan Sui’s Unifying Wind Unicorn!


In the dark world, a deafening sound rang through. Dark purple lightning flashed through the sky and slammed into the Unifying Wind Unicorn.

The Unifying Wind Unicorn already tried to dodge, but Dead Dream’s Dead Lightning powers were very potent. A slight touch of a single arc of thunder would draw all the other dead lightning over, creating a direct hit!!

Unifying Wind Unicorn couldn’t do anything but run far away to where there was no thunder.

“Yi~~~~~~~~~~” after Dead Dream got the Unifying Wind Unicorn to leave, it immediately called out Chu Mu’s intentions to Liu BInglan.

Though Liu Binglan didn’t know why Chu Mu was calling for her this urgently, she didn’t think much of it and immediately dived downwards alongside Dead Dream.


Center City Soul Palace Sacred Palace

Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu’s devil flames quickly faded away as he watched dumbstruck at alliance master Ling Chan running away on his demon.

Ling Chan still had a few more dominator rank secondary soul pets. By his arrogant nature, there was no way he would give up like this. Yet, he suddenly decided to leave combat with his soul pets and fly towards Wanxiang Altar. This caused Bai Yu to be very confused.

“What’s wrong, these flower demons are all blood colored now.” Bai Yu glanced around and found that, since some time, the flower demon army that covered the city were all red.

The blood red flower demon army was even scarier than the sacred blue flower demons, filled with a terrifying and evil aura.

Bai Yu’s gaze turned around again. When he looked towards the western space of wanxiang altar, he immediately noticed Chu Mu also in his half devil state.

Yet, not far from Chu Mu, Bai Yu saw a woman covered in a red glow. This woman was charming with an otherworldly beauty, but her arrogance and dignity struck fear in one’s heart. The evil and cold aura gave off an extremely dangerous aura!!

“This…… this is…..’ Bai Yu glanced at Evil Good Queen and fell into disbelief!

Bai Yu didn’t know what power the woman’s organism had, but Bai Yu had never felt such a dangerous flower type aura, one that was likely middle class dominator rank!!

Middle class dominator rank, this was definitely the strongest rank of the entire human realm. Bai Yu had never thought this woman had hidden such great strength!!

Seeing Half Devil Chu Mu and Evil Good Queen fall into a face off, Bai Yu dared not hesitate and immediately leaped onto his Ice Pupil Unicorn and flew towards Chu Mu.

Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon already felt that Chu Mu had met someone powerful. They didn’t chase after the suddenly escaping alliance master and instead followed Bai Yu towards Chu Mu to help him.


In the entire Wanxiang City, the main players were no longer Three Palace and Soul Alliances. Slowly, it became a war between the massive nightmare empire and blood red flower demon empire. Countless flower demons and bizarre demons fought in different locations of the city!

Between these million soul pet empires’ battles, the two kings both stood in the air.

Silver body, covered in devil flames, like a king from a different dimension, half devil Chu Mu stood as the commander of all nightmares.

Purple body, covered in a red glow, the ancestor of flower types, Evil Good Queen stood opposite to Chu Mu.

Both the evil half devil and Evil Good Queen stood in the sky of the city, two mysterious and powerful kings that imprinted their figures into everyones’ minds permanently!

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