Chapter 1077: The Second Soul Pact’s Evil Remembrance!

The advancement of the Nightmare Army unexpectedly also brought out the White Nightmare sealed in the four skeleton fingers. 

When Chu Mu was cleaning up Nightmare Danger Ground, he had released it. Due to Chu Mu killing the Nightmare Ancestor, Mu Menglian’s White Nightmare seemed to be rather grateful towards Chu Mu.

After Chu Mu released it, this White Nightmare began to wander on its own. But it surprised Chu Mu by actually entering the dominator rank, and appearing now.

With an additional source of power, Chu Mu felt a sliver of happiness in his heart.

With the Nightmare Ruler which was approaching the dominator rank leading the army and the assistance of the female Nightmare near the pseudo dominator rank, the defector woman’s high rank flower demons would have a difficult time escaping death!

As Chu Mu smiled, the Empress Concubine’s anger in her eyes became even deeper. She waved her arms and controlled a special blue flower. This blue flower enveloped the area above Chu Mu’s head.

The holy flower circulated with a cold lustre that carried frigid energy.

When its petals opened, the cold energy became even more bone-chilling, unexpectedly even suppressing the flames around Chu mu.

When Chu Mu saw this holy flower that could release an ice type aura, his face showed a shocked expression.

This woman shouldn’t have an ice attribute. Why could she use an ice type technique? 

As the cold expanded, a frozen aura surrounded Chu Mu. Afterwards, similar holy ice flowers blossomed around Chu Mu. Each time one blossomed, the cold aura became even thicker as the surrounding space showing clear signs of freezing. 

Chu Mu swept his gaze over the icy flowers increasing in number. Slowly, he stretched out his hands towards the sky.


Black space-ripping Shattering Heaven Seals appeared without warning. Like descending snakes of lightning, they ripped through the sky and continuously flashed around these ice type holy flowers. 

Shattering Heaven Seal was a pure other type technique. Even with the ice type, it wouldn’t weaken the might of this technique. 

Everytime one of the seals flashed by, ice would split and fall. Chu Mu thought that the ic holy flowers should have been extremely troublesome, not expecting them to be so flimsy. 

It seemed that the defector woman didn’t actually control ice type energy. Perhaps this technique was an attribute duplication, which was greatly reduced in terms of effect! 

After shattering all of the ice holy flowers, Chu Mu strangely stepped into the air. His body transformed into a dark light, and he flew straight towards the defector woman.

Holding Evil Beheads in his hands, Chu Mu swept his hands left and right, attempting to cut off the plants attempting to bind him.

Quickly, Chu Mu neared the Empress Concubine and a bloodthirsty smile couldn’t help but surface on his face!

Displacement Specter!

Devil flames sprung up, transforming Chu Mu’s smile into ashes as he outlandishly disappeared in the air.

In the next instant, that cold smile revealed itself in the darkness next to the Empress Concubine!

Without devil flames burning, after Chu Mu finished the Displacement Specter, he instantly was hidden in the darkness. Afterwards, weaving himself through space, he appeared next to the defector woman. 

His hands formed into a hook and he silently reached out towards the Empress Concubine’s fair and alluring neck. 

The Empress Concubine felt a dark coldness next to her and hastily moved to the other direction.

Her purple dress and hair beautifully fluttered and fell as the Empress Concubine came to a stop. Only, several drops of red blood had spilled out, conspicuously falling on her breasts and purple hair. 

Empress Concubine Chu Xi used her hands to wipe the light wound on her neck. Her eyes flashed with an angry and humiliated expression. She stared intently at the location Chu Mu had just appeared. 

However, Chu Mu disappeared again! 

By controlling other type abilities and darkness abilities, Chu Mu could move and hide as he pleased in shadowy or dark areas. Moreover, it was extremely hard to detect.  

Such an ability undoubtedly posed great threat to Empress Concubine Chu Xi. Indeed, in terms of instantaneous power bursts, she was unable to compare with the abnormal half devil.

Chu Xi closed her eyes, and used her mind to sense the surrounding space. 

Suddenly, she felt a slight fluctuation ten meters in front of her. She instantly opened her cold eyes and softly pointed with her finger. A flower seed flew to where the spatial fluctuation was.

Space ripped apart and devil flames were quietly burning in that area. Empress Concubine Chu Xi faintly smiled and her half-clenched fist suddenly opened.

Once she opened her hands, the tiny seed buried in the space ten meters away suddenly exploded. It grew at 100 times the speed of normal flower demons. In an instant, it transformed from a seed into a blue devouring flower filled with flowers and vines!

This devouring flower’s petals were filled with fierce teeth which were dripping with green poisonous liquid!

The Empress Concubine abruptly clenched her hand and the devouring flower instantly clenched shut, swallowing the smattering of devil flames that had appeared!

This devouring flower could completely ignore defenses. Even a creature of a few higher levels would be swallowed and its body ripped apart. The moment the poison entered this creature’s body, it would rapidly turn into pus and become a tasty snack for the devouring flower!

The Empress Concubine knew that Chu Mu could not be killed with one technique. But as long as he was bitten by the devouring flower, his strength would be greatly weakened.

However, before the Empress Concubine could silently rejoice, she abruptly felt a cold aura behind her!!

“Do you not know that spatial fluctuations can be faked?” 

A cold and ghastly voice rang out in the Empress Concubine’s ears. This voice was like someone standing behind her and placing his lips on her ears while softly speaking in a dark cold voice. She could even feel the coldness from his breath. 

A silver arm, like a dead soul’s ghost claw, slowly reached around the Empress Concubine’s ear and abruptly grabbed her face. 

Devil flames sprung up, violently burning. It seemed like it was going to instantly destroy her beautiful fairy-like face!!

Chu Mu’s other hands transformed into an Obliterating Heart claw and neared her beating heart from the back!

The half devil Chu Mu had unconsciously become more even and bloodthirsty. Moreover, towards those he had great enmity towards, the body and heart would become the objects Chu Mu most wanted to personally crush. The best was to have the fragrant blood slowly drip from in between his fingers. 

The left hand’s devil flames were to burn this woman’s looks while the right hand’s Obliterating Heart was to crush this woman’s aggravating black heart. 

This thus illustrated how deep the grievance in Chu Mu’s heart was. 

Feeling the half devil standing behind her and practically pasted on her, Empress Concubine Chu Xi’s body shivered. 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Devil flames instantly covered her eyes and a scorching pain suddenly transmitted across her face. At the same time, the Obliterating Heart behind her ostensibly was going to rip her heart out! 

Empress Concubine Chu Xi angrily closed her eyes. A simple purple pendant hanging from her neck suddenly burst with a charming purple light!

The light didn’t spread outwards. Instead, it reservedly radiated an inch from her skin, resembling a water-like protective membrane. 

From behind, Chu Mu could feel that this woman’s face had been burned off. His fingers were about to touch her beating small heart, but an extremely pure energy suddenly appeared on this woman’s body, slowly pushing him away.

This energy was incomparably soft, and it was as if he had struck the ripples on a lake. Yet, he was unable to stop this soft energy. He himself became a leaf boat that was pushed away by the ripples. Slowly, he grew further away from this woman. 

“Gezhi~~~ Gezhi~~~~~~”

Empress Concubine Chu Xi slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she did wasn’t look at Chu Mu, but look at the purple water crystal pendant hanging by her breasts. 

The pendant was already making cracking sounds and as she was looking down, it suddenly shattered into fine pieces. 

The purple protection still existed around her. However, the pendant had already shattered. The Empress Concubine looked, entranced, at the shattered pieces of the pendant. Her eyes suddenly turned vacuous and lifeless. 

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. When her eyes opened, they had already turned cold and imposing!

The Empress Concubine slowly turned around and stared at Half Devil Chu Mu. The surrounding temperature mysteriously began to drop!

Chu Mu also stared at her. Both of their eyes showed extreme hatred!

However, Chu Mu could clearly feel that this woman’s temperament had changed. Her present anger was a lot more calm and collected than before. Simultaneously, it was even more terrifying!

“When I signed a soul pact with you, I told you that I needed two soul pacts.” Empress Concubine Chu Xi’s voice didn’t carry a sliver of emotion.

Chu Mu coldly retorted: “Initially I was very confused, but I came to understand later that a single soul pact is unable to contain your incomparably filthy soul.” 

"Filthy? The people I have saved are tens of times more than the number of people in your Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm combined. Did you really think that you became some noble and great sage after saving Tianxia City? Hmph, whatever. It’s useless to talk about these things with you.” coldly said Empress Concubine Chu Xi.

“It doesn’t matter. In the future there will be a lot of time for you to eventually tell me.” said Chu Mu.

Indeed, this woman was going to become his slave. There really would be a long time for her to tell him. 

“Two soul pacts. One is for me. But as for the other soul, do you really not want to feel what it is?” said Empress Concubine Chu Xi.

Chu Mu was stunned. Abruptly, he felt an extremely enormous evil intent surge from his second soul pact!!

Chu Mu’s soul trembled. The soul contained in the second soul pact unexpectedly made Chu Mu feel extreme danger. He didn’t even have the courage to feel what it was!!! 

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