Chapter 1076: Eradicating the Flower Demon Army!


The Nightmare Ruler gave an order, and stood alone in front of Nightmare Palace’s highest palace!

This evil Nightmare’s eyes blossomed with a light that swept through the boundless and emonic flower ocean. It seemed exceptionally excited!!

Last time in Xiangrong City, when it had trampled over these fragile flower demons, the Nightmare Ruler had the most enjoyable day since stepping into human territory. 

It never expected that the flower demons today would be even more. Moreover, there were also many high ranking Flower Demon Emperors that would be unable to withstand the formidable wreckage of White Nightmares. Instantly, an evil smile hung on his face.

“Jie~~~ jie~~~~~~”

Second White and Third White were standing next to the Nightmare Ruler. These fellows ostensibly couldn’t restrain the wildness in their hearts!

The White Nightmare army of several ten thousand were gathered around the Nightmare Ruler. Among them were numerous evildoers who had also followed the Nightmare Ruler in Xiangrong City. 

They had been secretly cultivating in Nightmare Danger Ground for a long time now. When they heard the ruler say they could destroy a human city, these White Nightmares were extremely excited.

Therefore, the moment Shen Mo opened the Holy Region entrance, they had surged with an imposing force out.

What surprised these mischievous Nightmares was that the Flower Demon Army this time was more than last time. Moreover, this city itself was several times larger than the previous!

“Nie~~~ nie~~~~~~”

The Nightmare Ruler stood at the highest point, and pointed at the enchanting and beautiful Flower Demon Army. It looked arrogant.

When these Nightmares saw the trembling flower demons retreat back to the soil, they all happily laughed. They never expected that these human territory flower demons to be so shy.

Of course, although the Nightmares right now were restless, before Chu Mu gave the order, they would temporarily suppress the destruction in their hearts.

In the air, the deep silver colored devil flame Chu Mu was floating above Nightmare Palace. Presently, Nightmare Palace was covered by the Nightmare Army; there practically were no gaps. 

They were lined up in an organized fashion, like a group of soldiers waiting for inspection. 

Even without using any techniques, their Nightmare bodies were already able to form an enormous burning sea on the ground. From the strongest White Nightmare Army to the lower ranking Blue Nightmare Army, the number of Nightmares was still continuously increasing. 

The fire aura that was increasing had already covered several districts. It caused the Soul Alliance’s enormous army of several hundred thousand guarding the stronghold to tremble in fear! 

Initially, the Flower Demon Army was packed close. A gap could not be found. But now where the Nightmare Palace was, where devil flames were burning, there wasn’t a single flower demon. Moreover, in the one kilometer outside the devil flame, there wasn’t a single flower demon that dared act recklessly!

Nightmare Empire!

The omnipresent Flower Demon Empire occupied the entire city, but now the Nightmare Empire was slowly expanding from one location. Ultimately, a huge area of the city was occupied from Wanxiang Altar westward until Nightmare palace. 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~”

The Nightmare Ruler slowly floated to the sky and respectfully stood behind Chu Mu.

Chu Mu glanced at the Nightmare Ruler and his mouth curved into a smile. This extremely obstinate ruler had been stuck at the paragon emperor rank for countless years. Now that it had finally broken through this barrier and stepped towards the dominator rank, its strength had greatly increased. It seemed that this fellow had indeed put much effort into cultivating.

The Nightmare Ruler was presently very confident. Its eyes blossomed with a light as it looked at the defector woman leading this contingent of the Flower Demon Empire.

The Nightmare Rule clearly recognized it, and very courteously gave her the polite ‘gesture’. Although the young lady they protected was no longer here, the polite gesture she taught them would not be forgotten.

The Empress Concubine also recognized this damned White Nightmare that had made her feel humiliated and angered. 

In Xiangrong City’s fight, it was this bastard White Nightmare leading the huge group of wild devils. After annihilating countless of her flower demons, she had no choice but to miserably retreat to the inner city. She had watched the flower demons she raised be slaughtered. Even more infuriating was that these wild White Nightmares had learned those ruffian provocative hand gestures from human cities, and showed them to her.  

The Empress Concubine had felt like spitting blood then. She never expected these White Nightmares to appear in Wanxiang City; moreover, the number of them was much larger than before!!

Currently, the defector woman’s face was somewhat unsightly. She had considered everything, but never expected Chu Mu, this wretched half devil to have hidden this group of White Nightmares in Nightmare Danger Ground!!

“It seems that my citizens really like your flower demons.” Chu Mu swept his gaze over the Nightmare Army with lights in their eyes and slowly revealed a smile. 

The Nightmares really did like these flower demons. Ignoring their enchanting looks, due to their attributes, bullying them would would be very exciting. Normally, Nightmares would dare challenge two to three of the same rank flower demons. Most importantly, the number of flower demons was enough for them to divide up!

Hearing the word “like”, Empress Concubine Chu Xi’s sexy lips faintly trembled. Her large breasts heaved, as she truly wished to curse at these unruly ***!!

If she was going to rule everything here, the first thing she had to do was annihilate all of the Nightmares. There was nothing more she hated in this world besides Nightmares and half devils!

“Ok, begin the clean up!” Chu Mu looked down at the cluster of Nightmare Army below him and gave an order.

The Nightmare Ruler instantly let out an excited cry!

Now that the king had given its order, the destructive feast would begin!

The sounds of Nightmare cries rang through the heaven and earth. Enormous devil flames instantly swept through the city!

White devil flames were at the front, followed by blue and then finally cyan devil flames. Three different devil flames that were evidently ranked swallowed the already destroyed streets. They covered the ruins already ablaze and swept up to the sky filled with smoke!

The devil flames were released en masse. Instantly several ten thousand flower demons interweaved together were burned to ashes!!

The Flower Demon Army was vast and still incomparably strong. However, no matter how strong it was, it could not stop the burning devil flames that completely countered it. The flames expanded and flower demon after flower demon was annihilated in the raging flames. Not even their souls remained. 

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The devil flames expanded and the innumerable Nightmare Army were like prisoners released from prison that excitedly and ostentatiously dispersed into the city!

They didn’t even look at the humans in the city. They were all focused on the trampling on these flower demons blossoming with shyness. They wouldn’t let a single one of them off!!

The Nightmare Ruler’s strength had already neared the dominator rank. Its terrifying habits hadn’t changed and it was still focused on finding enemies a level or two lower than it. It had never actually fought against the strongest opponent like a true ruler. 

Not longer after the Nightmare Army slaughtered into the Flower Demon Army, the Nightmare Ruler happily collected a few emperor rank flower type inner crystals. Moreover, it joyfully passed through the army, and focused on finding lower ranked emperor flower demons.

Second White, Third White, and other peak emperor rank white Nightmares that were loyal to them weren’t as shameless as the Nightmare Ruler. Their goals were the incomparably noble peak emperor rank flower demons, that were several hundreds of meters high.

These peak emperor rank flower demons, although there were more of them, could not even fight five vs one against the perfect emperor Second and Third White.

Of course, there were also countless paragon emperor rank Flower Demon Emperors in the Flower Demon Army. There would inevitably be injuries against these Flower Demon Emperors, but the Nightmare Ruler had already given these soldiers preventative measures. If they encountered these powerful Flower Demon Emperors, they would just flee and have stronger Nightmares deal with them .This way, they could reduce the injuries.

The Nightmare species was innately very flexible and adding on the species countering, the Flower Demon Army would be completely suppressed in a group fight. 


Below her was a glaring fiery sea. The Empress Concubine watched her Flower Demon Empire, developed with her own sweat and blood, be trampled on once again by the Nightmare beasts. When she stared at Chu Mu, it was as if she was about to spit out fire from her eyes. 

The second time. This was already the second time she was being ruined!!

“Chu Mu, I… I definitely will not let you off!!” the defector woman was nearly mad with rage. It was a long while before she managed to spit these words out from her silver teeth!

After speaking, the defector woman had controlled sprays in the air to paint an image!

These sprays rapidly formed a shocking flower diagram array. A flower eye appeared in the diagram array and it stared at Chu Mu!!

Death Petrification! 

The flower array which was originally a deep blue color suddenly turned ashe grey. When the color changed, the space was unexpectedly draped with a grey layer of substance.

Chu Mu had never seen this technique. He was planning on destroying this flower array when he suddenly his arm turn extremely stiff!

The devil flames on his arm had mysteriously been extinguished. Chu Mu’s silver arm lost its color, turning grey. 

The skin, flesh and even the blood flowing inside had lost life, making it exceptionally hard for Chu Mu to even raise his arm.

The petrification continued spreading. Everywhere it reached, the devil flames would be extinguished! 

Chu Mu’s heart sank. This technique was too strange and for a moment, Chu Mu didn’t know how to break out of it.

In the midst of his difficulty, suddenly, a gorgeous silver flame sprung up from the ground and struck this flower array.

When the flower array was ignited by the devil flames, it instantly lost the Death Petrification effect. Chu Mu’s body regained its freedom. 

Chu Mu was stunned. Clearly, it was a White Nightmare in the Nightmare Army that had destroyed this flower array. Only, Chu Mu didn’t remember there being a dominator Nightmare with silver devil flames in Nightmare Danger Ground. 

Chu Mu looked down and saw a graceful demonic figure standing alone above Nightmare Palace and instantly felt relieved. 

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