Chapter 1075: Flower Demon Empire? Nightmare Empire!

Devil Flames covered the skies, bringing down heavy destruction onto the entire top of Wanxiang altar.

Silver flames shone, causing the entire Wanxiang city to turn pale in the light!

The flower storm was easily scattered. However, just before Wanxiang altar was destroyed, massive blue flower petals suddenly closed together, protecting defector young girl and the entire Wanxiang altar!

Wanxiang altar was a few thousand meters tall, yet this flower shield could encompass its entirety. One could see just how shockingly large the flower shield is by that!

At the center of the city was a flaming sun, while around the center was a massive flower shield that even people in outer city could see. Both three Palace members and soul alliance members stared in shock towards the Wanxiang altar.

Under the blue shield’s protection, the devil flame sun became merely a pushing force that caused the entire Wanxiang altar to tilt and seem to collapse.

However, the layers of plants on the Wanxiang altar gave it surprising resilience. The few thousand meter Wanxiang altar tilted around thirty degrees, casting a long shadow upon inner city.

Nightmare Palace’s position, Elder Liu, Nightmare Emperor Jiang, Elder Pang, and a few hundred other three Palace experts all lifted their heads and watched the tilted Wanxiang altar slowly stop and hover within the sky, the shock on their faces completely undisguised!

Now, they could clearly see that around Wanxiang altar’s tip, a devil that seemingly came from a different world was steering the flame ocean, raining down destruction. Its special evil and other nature battered their minds!

Yet, the sacred blue flower queen with all her flowers equally sowed disbelief within them. The massive sacred blue flower shield was probably something even dominator rank organisms had trouble with!

“That is….” Nightmare Emperor jiang’s face twitched.

Indubitably, that was a half devil!

Yet, why was such a powerful half devil here. Wasn’t that where Chu Fangchen went towards?

“Why do I feel like he seems like Chu Mu.” Pang Yue, who knew Chu Mu better, said quietly.

Her sentence immediately reminded everyone that this half devil indeed seemed similar to Chu Mu in many ways!

“He is Chu Mu.” At this moment Elder Liu, Liu Xin, slowly spoke.

Everyone’ gaze fell on Elder Liu with confusion, waiting for more.

“His original name should be Chu Mu, and he’s in his half devil state right now.” Elder Liu gazed far at the silver devil shadow.

“Chu Mu, Elder Liu, you mean Chu Fangchen is Tianxia Realm throne Chu Mu?” Nightmare Emperor Jiang said stunned.

Realm Throne King Chu Mu was someone everyone knew. However, who would think that the prodigy that came from nowhere, Chu Fangchen, was the same person that the whole world felt sorry for after turning into a devil?

Pang Yue covered her mouth in shock. No wonder he was full of secrets!

Thinking back to how she spent a whole year with a person who could change into half devil at any time, Pang Yue was even more scared.

However, just as Pang Yue was about to continue asking, she suddenly noticed her surroundings writhing!

“Elders, the vines are extending!” Just as everyone was dazed by Chu Mu’s real identity, Pang Yue suddenly yelped.

Everyone regained their senses and indeed noticed that the vines started extending into Nightmare Palace!

The ground split open, revealing soft roots that slowly crawled out of the hard rocks and grew upwards.

Starting with one or two, it quickly reached a few hundred in number around them. These roots would immediately wrap around any obstacle in its path of growth and continue to grow in further empty space!

“The flower demon army appeared!!” Elders never would forget the flower army’s appearance last time. This was identical to how it happened that day!

Blue flower demon scattered along the streets, on courtyards, over roofs, taking up any empty space possible.

These flower demons were different from normal plants. They were very invasive of sunlight, nutrients, and even the life force of nearby organisms.

The fierce flower demons grew frenziedly. Some were already towering trees. When some elders went out to scout things out, they noticed that the Nightmare Emperor Palace’s complicated streets were already the forest of flower demons, too dense to even see the sun!

The massive flowers were like a prehistoric forest that covered the entire city. Flying into the skies, Mu Qingyi and Ye Qingzi looked down to see a sea of blue. This sea of danger and beauty covered everything, causing them to be unable to guess the amount.

“Flower demon empire!” Ye QIngzi saw this terrifying empire in Xiangrong City before.

At this moment, the massive flower demon empire appeared in Wanxiang city. The three Palace armies would all die no matter how many there were!!

Mu Qingyi saw this, and her face turned pale!!

The flower demon empire’s numbers and strength weren’t inferior to the devil tree empire in lost desolation garden anymore. Even dominator ranks couldn’t move freely through this world. A slight miss and they may even be swallowed by the flower demon tides!

Mu Qingyi looked worriedly at Chu Mu. Emperor Concubine’s own strength wasn’t any inferior to half devil Chu Mu. With an uncountable amount of flower demons appearing, turning the entire Wanxiang City into a flower empire. Falling deep in the flower demon empire, Chu Mu would definitely be heavily restricted!

The silver devil floated above the flames. Chu Mu watched the woman standing silently on a blue flower.

Now, Chu Mu could see an easy smile in her eyes.

“This is the result of your rash dashing in. I will dismember you into countless pieces and feed it to these flower demons that I trained.” Defector young girl laughed and said.

Emperor concubine could freely control any flower demon. This meant the entire flower demon empire was her power. In this territory, her strength was equivalent to two extra ranks. These two ranks could easily destroy Chu Mu!

Almost forgot, you still have to save those people. However, they’re much luckier than you. I still need their loyalty to manage this empire that I spent quite a while taking over.” Chu Xi said.

Chu Mu’s expression didn’t change, completely ignoring the advanced flower demons around him that appeared.

Seeing the defector young girl stand there, arrogant, Chu Mu slowly smiled coldly and said, “Have you forgotten that, in Xiangrong City, you also had a flower demon empire…..”

“Heng, you think I will believe South Forbidden City’s Nightmare Army appearing in Wanxiang City?” Emperor concubine of course wasn’t afraid of the bandit like white Nightmare army.

Xiangrong City sat at the southern end of the region. It made sense that Nightmare Army could run into the human territory. However, this wasn’t xiangrong city. This was the most developed city of all of human civilization, surrounded by countless kingdoms and cities. Nightmare army couldn’t possibly make it here!

“Did I say it was the forbidden realm Nightmare army?” Chu Mu smiled mysteriously.

If he didn’t have any preparation, how would Chu Mu walk into her flower trap like this?

Defector young woman furrowed her brows. Seeing the fellow smile like that, she got angry without apparent reason.


Nightmare Palace sacred Palace

The sacred Palaces had absolute defenses, and were very hard to destroy.

After the city was taken over, Nightmare Palace’s sacred Palace was sealed off and protected by people.

However, the people protecting were on the ground full of blood. Their corpses were also covered by the flower demons, and were slowly being digested.

“Shen Mo, are you done, they’re almost blocking the door off.” Soul pet Palace Qing Yutong said.

Shen Mo on the sacred altar didn’t reply to Yutong and continued chanting.

After the last part of the incantation finished, the entire sacred altar suddenly appeared with pale flames. The flames burned until the bottom of sacred altar. Even the giant spatial gate was covered in flames.

The flames created a complicated devil flame diagram!

The diagram flashed with a blinding light, and suddenly split in the middle into two.

“Though I don’t know why Chu Fangchen wanted me to open the Nightmare desolation ground gate, since he told me to do it, I might as well.” Shen Mo slowly opened the gate and said.

“Maybe its to tell people to hide in there temporarily?” Qing Yutong said.

“How is it possible. Sacred Region Gate is single way sealed. If we hide in there and they seal it, we would spend the rest of our day there. It’s no different from going straight to hell.” Shen mo said.

“Ai, whatever, shouldn’t we go help others once we’re done, I think I heard Pang Yue’s voice.” Qing Yutong said.

Shen Mo nodded. They indeed need people right now. They have to go help them.

The sacred gate opened. Shen Mo no longer looked at it. He walked down the stairs but suddenly saw Qing Yutong stare pale faced in place, looking at the sacred region gate.

“Do what? Let’s leave!” Shen Mo said impatiently.

“You……..look behind you.” Qing Yutong stammered and said with a face full of shock.

Shen Mo turned around and his body went cold, falling to the ground in fear!

What came into Shen Mo’s vision was a group of teeth baring white Nightmares!!

These white Nightmares were like hungry devils that were crawling out of hell. They all poured of the gate that wasn’t even fully open. In the time it took for Shen Mo to turn around, at least a few hundred Emperor whtie Nightmares ran out!!

A few hundred Emperor rank white Nightmares, what kind of scene was this? Shen Mo sat dumbfounded as he watched the devils all floated over his head or beside him!

“Nie!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nightmare calling instantly filled the sacred Palace. Pale devil flames covered their evil bodies. One after another Nightmare fell through the door like a flood. Shen Mo had grown up in Nightmare Palace, yet this was the first time he truly saw Nightmares pour out like a flooding river!!

Though Qing Yutong still remained standing, seeing these vile white Nightmares float by him, it was like he was frozen and a coldness seeped into his soul.


Some casted devil phantom, some casted displacement specter, while some ran out by stepping on the others. This massive army of white Nightmares completely ignored the two humans already scared stiff. They blasted all the flower demons obstructing them outside and flew out of the sacred Palace arrogantly!

The Nightmare army seemed to be never ending. Shen Mo and Qing Yutong were always there, not even able to move. Yet the Nightmare army seemed to still last. Wave after wave came out. They weren’t sure how many tens of thousands of white Nightmares came out from the gate.

Finally, the groups were getting sparse. Qing Yutong glanced at Shen Mo on the ground, and still was coping with how unreal the situation was!

“Heavens, were these white Nightmares all sitting at the gate of sacred region?” After a while, Shen Mo finally stood up and said stiffly.

Qing Yutong finally was about to speak when he noticed the gate was filled with a large blob of blue flames.

Shen Mo seemed to feel the cold behind him and went stiff again….


“What….what’s the matter, why is the flower demon army backing off?” Nightmare Emperor jiang said questioningly.

“Speaking of which, do you feel a little cold?” Elder Pang said.

The elders were all in Nightmare Palace, a few large Palaces away from the sacred region.

Originally, the entire Nightmare Palace was surrounded by the flower demon forest, yet for some reason they all scattered just now.

“It’s like they’ve seen their natural enemy, and shrank back into the dirt.” Elders repeated what they saw.

Just as everyone was questioning, suddenly sounds of devil crying came from aside them!

The calls pierced through their minds and went to their souls. They instantly turned around to look at the origin.

Yet, everyone quickly discovered in shock that pale flames nearly burned all of Nightmare Palace. These flames weren’t a fire type technique, but instead was completely consisting of white Nightmare bodies, creating a large fire cloud that took over all of Nightmare Palace!!

“This is…..” Nightmare Emperor Jiang and the other Nightmare Palace elders all stared blankly!

Can this be the Nightmare empire of Nightmare desolation ground?!?


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