Chapter 1073: I’ve Said Before That You Will Become A Slave

“Zhi zhi zhi zhi~~~~”

Underneath the Wanxiang Altar, the surface of the ground mysteriously fissured. Purple colored sprays filled with thorns slowly extended up the stairs, mountain paths of stony roads of Wanxiang Altar. 

The entire Wanxiang Altar was several thousands of meter tall, reaching the clouds. The sprays, vines and thorns slowly and strangely pierced through and covered the palaces. 

They continuously grew and developed. Unknowingly, half of the magnificent and enormous Wanxiang Altar had been covered by the plants. 

These items seemed like the devilish claws of starving creatures. At any moment, they could drag someone into their thickets and while crisscrossing in the thickets, terrifyingly rip them apart. 

Chu Mu glanced at the blue plants that were unceasingly growing, before staring coldly at the woman walking step by step towards him. 

From the eyes of this woman, Chu Mu could see a profound anger. 

This woman had reneged on an agreement and violated a soul promise. Yet, she still blamed him. This evinced that the defector woman was sick in the head, arrogant, narcissistic. and delusional.  

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

A violent wind swept past, blowing the fragrance from her body to Chu Mu.

But what Chu Mu smelled was not an infatuating fragrance, but a dangerous smell. It was even more terrifying than the soul pets Alliance Master Ling Chan had summoned!

Simultaneously, Chu Mu could feel the first pact, which was normally like stagnant water, ripple. It made his heart beat!  

The mental ripple transferred the emotions, coldness, and anger of the Empress Concubine!

It seemed that she had already removed the soul restriction. Chu Mu could clearly feel the mental rebelliousness and violation from the agreement!

All of Chu Mu’s other soul pact gave Chu Mu a warmth, familiarity, and spiritual connection. Only the first pact, a full soul, gave him a prickling sensation all over and prevented Chu Mu’s mind from entering!

Chu Mu watched her walk close and unknowingly, the surrounding coiling sprays and flowers began to eye him like a tiger watching its prey.

“Sou sou~~~~~”

Suddenly, the sound of an extremely fast running rang out behind Chu Mu.

A completely red demon without any fur outlandishly appeared behind Chu Mu and almost instantly reached his side. 

In an instant, the suddenly appearing demon swept past Chu Mu, its long and bloody claws pressed down on Chu Mu’s neck. It seemed like it was going to pierce Chu Mu’s blood vessels. 

The appearance of the blood red demon stunned Mu Qingyi and Ye Qingzi. They clearly didn’t notice when this soul pet had appeared. 

The demon’s imposing and cold claws gripped Chu Mu’s neck. At this moment, a piercing laughter rang out from behind Chu Mu.

“Tch, did you know that I don’t have any addictions except for hiding in a chaotic fight, and then choosing the most optimal time to get rid of the most important person. Of course, it is because of this that many hostile deadlocks were broken because of me. However, I enjoy this feeling of change, reversing the situation and surprise.” the man behind him let out a sinister laughter. His voice gave others a very uncomfortable feeling. 

Hero Aide Lian Yan and Son of Heaven Wu Kuang were both stunned. They also didn’t foresee this person to appear at this time. It indeed was without warning and without preparation. 

The person sneak attacking Chu Mu was Underground King Yi Jun. 

From the very start of Chu Mu’s fight with Soul Alliance, Yi Jun had been hiding in the dark. He hadn’t taken action because Chu Mu’s continuous summoning of powerful creatures had made him slightly afraid. 

It wasn’t until now when Chu Mu faced off against the Empress Concubine that he sensed Chu Mu’s entire attention focused on the Empress Concubine. Nobody noticed his existence. 

This was definitely the most optimal opportunity to assassinate him. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate to summon his Blood Drinking Demon King. 

Yi Jun wasn’t sure if Chu Mu still had other soul pets, but since his demon had already placed its claws on his neck, having other soul pets was of no avail. He only needed to slightly move his soul remembrance and blood would definitely fill the stage. 

“Haha, Yi Jun, you are truly patient!” seeing Chu Mu’s throat being gripped, Son of Heaven Wu Kuang instantly let out a loud laugh. 

He had figured Chu Mu had another trump card. Yet, this fellow ended up being caught. This Yi Jun was indeed the Underground King - a proficient killer.

Yi Jun laughed in satisfaction. He slowly walked past Chu Mu, clearly walking up to the Empress Concubine to receive credit. 

Presently, everyone in the Soul Alliance higher ups knew that the person with true authority wasn’t the Hero Chief, but rather the woman in front who didn’t have a speck of blemish on her. Underground King Yi Jun was unwilling to forever remain underground. He wanted to become a Hero! 

“How can I trouble Your Majesty to take action for such an enemy. I have already taken him down and Your Majesty can do whatever you like with him.” Yi Jun gave a respectful bow and spoke with flattery.

The first group to have ever devoted themselves to the Empress Concubine was Yi Jun’s Underground Palace. Therefore, their sincerity was even higher than other people. Yi Jun was also one of the very few people who knew how powerful and scary this female master was. 

Yi Jun was half-kneeling and waiting for the Empress Concubine’s praise when he suddenly discovered the purple dress float past him. 

Yi Jun was stunned, and watched this bewitching figure slowly walk past. 

She didn’t even look at him!


Suddenly, a miserable cry rang out from behind him. It was mournful and in pain!

Yi Jun was extremely familiar with this cry because it was his demon’s voice!!

Yi Jun turned around full of shock and abruptly saw the demon now being grasped with one hand by the head.


Underground King Yi Jun wasn’t able to react as he watched this demon, originally restraining that man, have its head gripped until exploded by that man using his arm strength!!

Brain and blood flew everywhere, pasting the immortal bridge filled with flower petals. It splashed over Chu Mu’s clothing which had dried to a dark-brown color. 

Splattering blood dripped from between Chu Mu’s fingers. As if Chu Mu was throwing away trash, he threw the demon which head had exploded under the bridge. His cold and arrogant silver pupil eyes didn’t even glance at it!

Yi Jun was completely stunned!!!!

The soul rupture surged into his mental world, and Yi Jun dropped to a full kneel as his face instantly paled. 

Even if this had happened, Yi Jun’s face was full of disbelief: A soul pet trainer had used a hand to crush his soul pet! 

Wu Kuang and Lian Yan who were about to come down from the skies were also stunned. They looked at the corpse dropped down from the floating bridge with wide eyes! 

The Blood Drinking Demon King was the dominator demon Yi Jun was most proud of. It was humanity’s strongest assassination soul pet. Even if it was only a normal dominator rank, it was still the strongest demon in human territory aside from the Alliance Master’s demon!! 

Yet it had been instakilled!!!

Even more shocking was that it had been killed with a single movement of Chu Mu’s hands!!!

Presently, Wu Kuang and Lian Yan’s conception of ranks had been turned on their heads!!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

A silver devil flame quietly ignited underneath Chu Mu’s feet. The ghastly cold covered Chu Mu’s body. 

His upright body transformed into a mercury-cast body, looking extremely demonic. He resembled a devil god from another world that had descended onto the humans! 

His demonically silver pupils blossomed with an imposing lightning and his face was filled with silver devil flames. He clearly wore a serious and stern expression, but for some reason, one could feel a mysterious smile hidden underneath this silver mask.

“What… what is this!!!” Wu Kuang looked at the half devil transformed Chu Mu. Once again, he was so shocked by the scene in front that his thinking went chaotic! 

Transforming into a devil from a human. The devil flame aura released was so cold it reached his bones and penetrated his soul!

Hero Aide Lian Yan glanced at the silver devil Chu Mu. Abruptly, he remembered that when Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi had been talking about Chu Fangchen, they had called him Chu Mu, not Chu Fangchen.

"Chu Mu… Chu Mu…” Hero Aide Lian Yan repeated a few times as his face slowly froze. 

“He… He is Tianxia King Chu Mu!” finally, Lian Yan had a flash of understanding. 

“Tianxia King Chu Mu. That person transformed into a devil!” Yi Jun slowly stood up. His heart was in shock! 

A devil transformed person. This was that devil transformed person!!

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

The silver devil flames ostentatiously danced about. The surrounding restless flowers of death no longer dared move forward. The branches under Chu Mu’s feet also voluntarily retreated in fear to the Empress Concubine’s side. 

“It indeed is you!!” the anger in the Empress Concubine’s eyes was even deeper!

Chu Fangchen, Chu Mu, and the silver devil. This fellow had ruined her major event, injured her, and engaged in a huge slaughter in Wanxiang City, stopping her from controlling everything. The anger in the Empress Concubine’s heart was even deeper!

After transforming into a half devil, Chu Mu’s entire being exuded an evil aura, completely the opposite of the defector woman’s holy flower aura. 

A feeling of hatred surged up in Chu Mu’s heart. Last time in Xiangrong City, Chu Mu had been able to fight to his utmost. 

“When I was in Tianxia City, I told you that as long as I, Chu Mu, was still living, there would be a day when I slaughtered my way into Wanxiang City and kicked you off your arrogant godly altar.” Chu Mu’s mouth curved into a smile while exuding a deeply evil and devilish expression. His silver eyes seemed even more mysterious and terrifying. 

“Moreover, I also said that I wouldn’t kill you, but capture you into my soul pet space and degrade you into my slave!” 

“The things I, Chu Mu, have said, will absolutely be done!” 

Empress Concubine Chu Xi took a deep breath in order to quell the nearly unrestrained anger in her heart. 

She had indeed underestimated this mans’ patience. Nor did she ever expect Chu Mu to genuinely stand in front of her one day. Moreover, this was also the same silver madman who had injured her in Xiangrong City and killed countless of her flower demons!

Perhaps, because in her heart she never believed that Chu Mu would reach the heights of today that she never linked him to that silver devil. 

Yet, reality evidenced that he truly had appeared! 

The word slave was exceptionally piercing in Empress Concubine Chu Xi’s ears! Only others would submit to her! She would never become the slave of others!!

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