Chapter 1072: Empress Concubine, Chu Mu’s Soul Pet?


In the sky, a gorgeous sun descended. The golden light illuminated the surroundings, gorgeous lighting everything. 

The golden flaming figure beat its wings and circled above the bridge. 

The person riding on the golden phoenix was Mu Qingyi. She was presently cautiously watching the purple long haired woman at the end of the bridge.

Ye Qingzi was riding with Mu Qingyi. Chu Mu glanced up at these two women. He knew that they were worried for him and had braved through danger to break out of the army encirclement to come there.

“Qingyi, wait…” Ye Qingzi saw that Mu Qingyi was planning on flying down to help Chu Mu, but told her to stop.

Mu Qingyi looked confusedly at Ye Qingzi. The one controlling the Flower Demon Empire was definitely Empress Concubine Chu Xi. Only by getting rid of her as fast as possible could the people from the Three Great Palaces successfully retreat. If things were dragged on, and the Flower Demon Army appeared, the situation could very well reverse itself. Indeed, the power of the Flower Demon Army from back then had been personally witnessed by Mu Qingyi.

“Let him deal with it himself.” said Ye Qingzi.

She had heard Chu Mu speak about the humiliation he suffered from his first pet a long time ago. Chu Mu, with his unrelenting effort, probably had always been waiting for the day he would be able to step on this defector woman. 

This was a battle that Chu Mu had to fight!

This was destiny between Chu Mu and his defector soul pet. Ye Qingzi believed that Chu Mu wanted to use his own strength to retrieve his dignity! 

Mu Qingyi watched the blood-clothed man, and the purple dress woman standing on the bridge. From their expressions, she could see that the grievances between the two were not just ordinarily deep. It even seemed to reach an irreconcilable extent. 

Mu Qingyi remembered when she teased him about the two of them having the “Chu” surname. Now looking at them, she was extremely shocked in her heart.

“What grievances do they have between them?” Mu Qingyi looked at Ye Qingzi, hoping for an answer. 


“Wu wu hu hu hu~~~~~”

An ice-cold violent wind swept its way over. Ye Qingzi was about to answer when she turned around and found that Wu Kuang and Lian Yan had already caught up.

Not far away, the Icy Death King circled around and the Steel Eagle King were flying side by side. The two men were looking fearfully at Chu Mu and only dared to fly above the bridge. 

“Your majesty, you’re fine, right?” the two of them asked. Their voices contained traces of flattery.

The Empress Concubine didn’t answer them. Her eyes remained fixated on Chu Mu with coldness.

The flower vines on the wooden railings began to slowly move. The defector woman took a step forward and instantly, the flower sprays began to extend outwards towards Chu Mu.

Her mind was able to control any flower type plant at will. Moreover, all of these flower type plants had been planted where nobody knew, and would mysteriously grow and blossom.

Her aura also contained enormous life force and wherever she went, all living things would feel recovered and filled with life. Moreover, all living things would serve her, becoming a devoted soldier, listening to their queen’s orders. 

Compared to the time in Xiangrong City, she had grown much stronger, and the power she possessed had become even stranger and mysterious. 

The Empress Concubine ignored those two men and continued to slowly walk towards Chu Mu.

“You simply don’t understand anything, yet still barge straight through like a madman, ruining my plans and obstructing my matters…” the original calm in the defector woman’s eyes slowly turned to ice cold and anger.

The flowers began to move faster, and Chu Mu could even feel the sprays behind him in the grand palace restlessly move! 

“Right now, you are nothing more than someone who managed to climb out of a well with a spurt of energy. You don’t realize that the sky is even higher than you can see!” the defector woman pressed closer step by step. Her voice was abnormally cold. 

The moment her voice faded, countless dancing sprays appeared on the immortal bridge. Like colorful enormous dragons, they wildly danced around the bridge in the skies!!

Each one of the holy blue-colored death flowers emitting dangerous auras blossomed. These holy flowers didn’t have malevolent and sharp teeth, nor did they have imposing eyes. However, they were much more terrifying than savage beasts!!

When the deathly flower domain was released, Chu Mu, who was covered in fresh blood, continued to stand there. The defector woman’s overbearing and contemptuous attitude made Chu Mu think of Tianxia City, when her puppet had spoken to him with that attitude. Indeed, that puppet was a genuine illumination of this woman’s heart!

Chu Mu’s expression was very calm, but Son of Heaven Wu Kuang and Hero Aide Lian Yan were both shocked!

They had hastily rushed over in order to protect the outstanding Flower Queen. However, they presently felt that the aura on her was stronger than theirs. 

Until now, either Xia Zhixian or Hero Chief Yuan Sui had accompanied Empress Concubine Chu Xi. Practically everyone believed that Empress Concubine only had a special ability to control flowers, but no fighting strength. 

However, when they felt the dangerous flower aura, these two men who had planned on flattering and currying favors felt quite a bit of disbelief! 

This woman who looked as if she would seem very sad over the death of an ant was now emitting such a terrifying aura! 

On the golden phoenix, Mu Qingyi also showed shock.

Until now, she had been crowned as humanity’s strongest female soul pet trainer. Even she had believed in this. How would she expect the Empress Concubine Chu Xi to be able to make her heart palpitate merely by releasing her aura.

“This woman has hidden herself too deeply!” Mu Qingyi took in a deep breath. 

Ye Qingzi had obviously witnessed the power of the defector woman. Only, she felt that this defector woman was much stronger than in Xiangrong City.

“Didn’t you ask me how Chu Mu’s first, second, third ,and fourth souls were lost?” softly asked Ye Qingzi. She began to say what she was going to say before being interrupted. 

Mu Qingyi nodded her head. Chu Mu’s lost souls were something Mu Qingyi had always been confused about. 

It was after knowing Chu Mu’s identity as Tianxia’s King that she came to know Chu Mu had three soul pets scattered in the wilderness. 

Of these three soul pets, the first one to return was the Warbeast Mo Ye. It had powerfully defeated Son of Heaven Wu Kuang’s Icy Death King and killed the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King. Mu Qingyi had witnessed this, and the shock from that fight was still deeply imprinted in Mu Qingyi.

The second to return was the dragon that Chu Mu had mentioned before. Mu Qingyi thought that it was a Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, but after learning it was an offspring of an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, she had let out a slight sigh of relief. She thought that if Chu Mu had an Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, his strength would be too terrifying. 

However, what she never expected that Little Hidden Dragon who returned was even more terrifying than Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. With a single technique, it instakilled Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant!

As for the third soul pet, Ye Qingzi had mentioned it was a Night Thunder Dream Beast that was still probably wandering in the wild. It would be difficult for it to return for the time being. 

As Chu Mu’s soul pets gradually returned, Mu Qingyi felt continuous shock.

At the same time, she realized something very strange: Chu Mu clearly had five souls ,and if he kept one soul on him and three souls were wandering in the wild, that was only a total of four souls. Wasn’t there still one more soul? 

Mu Qingyi had naturally asked Chu Mu this, but Chu Mu had seemed like he didn’t want to answer this. When she had inquired with Ye Qingzi, Ye Qingzi had also seemed hesitant. She told her that this matter was a bit complicated, and didn’t say anything else. 

Right now, from Ye Qingzi’s words, it seemed that she was going to explain how the first soul was lost. 

But Mu Qingyi was unable to figure out how the first soul had anything to do with Empress Concubine Chu Xi.

“Chu Mu’s first soul has actually always been occupied, but he’s been unable to summon it.” Ye Qingzi finally said.

“Occupied? A defector soul pet?” Mu Qingyi’s reaction was very fast, and she instantly guessed this possibility. 

“Yes, it defected not long after he stepped into the soul pet trainer realm. It has always occupied his first soul, almost preventing him from becoming a soul pet trainer.” said Ye Qingzi.

The soul pet trainer’s first soul was very important. If it defected at the very beginning, then the soul pet trainer which needed to rely on soul pets to increase their soul remembrance would have extreme difficulty climbing up the ranks. There was a high chance they would become a useless person.

Mu Qingyi was extremely shocked to learn that Chu Mu’s first pet had defected the moment he had stepped into the soul pet trainer realm. Thus, this meant that Chu Mu had spent much more effort than normal people to reach where he was today!

“Could his defector soul pet be related to Empress Concubine Chu Xi?” asked Mu QIngyi.

“Not related…” Ye Qingzi shook her head and pointed at the purple hair and purple dressed, beautiful woman on the immortal bridge and said: “The defector soul pet is her!” 

Mu Qingyi was stunned and questioned whether she had heard incorrectly. She asked: “You’re saying that Empress Concubine Chu Xi is Chu Mu’s soul pet?” 

Ye Qingzi nodded her head.

“She… she is a person. How… how could she sign a soul pact with a soul pet trainer?” Mu Qingyi bitterly laughed and naturally didn’t believe it!

A human type soul pet? Didn’t these normally only appear in children's stories? 

Aside from the Empress Concubine Chu Xi possessing a few flower type soul techniques, no matter from which angle you looked, she was exactly the same as a normal human. How could she be a soul pet? 

Mover, how could there be such a human soul pet with looks that neared a demoness and with terrifying intellect?! 

“Qingyi, you aren’t joking, right? Empress Concubine Chu Xi is Chu Mu’s soul pet…” said Mu Qingyi.

In reality, when Ye QIngzi learned of this herself, she also was in slight disbelief. Only, whether this was reality or not would quickly be disclosed. 


Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi’s discussion had been spoken aloud. Son of Heaven Wu Kuang and Hero Aide Lian Yan could both hear.

“Truly a bunch of rubbish. If you continue using these words to slander our Flower Queen, I, Wu Kuang, will be the first to not let you off!” at this moment, Wu Kuang roared with a red face. 

What kind of a joke was this? The perfect goddess Empress Concubine was Chu Fangchen’s soul pet?? 

Wu Kuang and Lian Yan had both heard preposterous stories, but never heard a story this preposterous!! 


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