Chapter 1070: Hundred Thousand Army of Soul Alliance? Million Strong Fairy Butterfly

The top of the prisoner platform was covered heavily in dark clouds.

These black clouds were completely made of grey eagles - dense- and constantly letting out shrill thunder-like calls, they were unbelievably cacophonous.

This was Hero Aide Lian Yan’s army. This army was even more elite than their advanced army. Taking over the skies, the steel eagle king completely dominated the skies of the city.

Fighting hero aide Lian Yan was Mu Qingyi. Mu Qingyi’s crown phoenix king wasn’t much weaker in strength, but the three thousand eagle army provided a large obstacle to Mu Qingyi.

Furthermore, the icy death king was still an extremely large restriction towards the crown phoenix king. Though she had Ye Qingzi as her support, completely defeating these two people was still difficult.

“Qingyi, go look at the city center.” Suddenly, Ye Qingzi warned Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi used her soul remembrance to look over and indeed found an organism filled with dark purple thunder flying towards them. Following the organism, a group of emperor rank organisms followed!

Dead thunder type definitely was unique in this world, meaning the man on the dark purple organism is Chu Mu, while the people behind him were three palace elders!

“Chu Mu saved them.” Mu Qingyi showed joy.

Ye Qingzi was clearly relieved, but she quickly furrowed her brows.

Son of Heaven Wu Kuang and Hero Aide Lian Yan both weren’t easy to deal with. Them combined were only enough to control them, and there was a giant eagle army much larger than the advanced army. If Chu Mu came from center city here to the undefeated inner city, he may quickly get surrounded by a hundred thousand strong army and stopped by Wu KUang and Lian Yan.

“We can’t get in, so we won’t be able to provide support for them.” Ye Qingzi glanced at the chock full iron fortress.

Now, the entire iron fortress already was a massive battleground. The army had transformed the fortress into a terrifying place to be. Ye Qingzi’s poison rain already weakened a lot of their power, but the following army caused three palace to stop.


At the same time Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi noticed Chu Mu, Wu Kuang and Lian Yan saw him as well.

“How did he escape? Alliance Master was guarding there!” Lian Yan said astonished.

“Let’s block him first!” Wu Kuang said annoyed. How was this Chu Mu still not dead, and dared to escape from his teacher.

As he spoke, Wu Kuang and Lian Yan no longer cared about Ye QIngzi and Mu Qingyi. They knew the two females didn’t dare to jump into the hundred thousand army while they watched, going straight into inner city and center city.

Wu Kuang and Lian Yan was slightly worried about Chu Mu now. After all, he instantly killed Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant. That moment shocked even them.

So, this time when they went to stop Chu Mu, they specially lead 50 thousand troops with them as well.

The fifty thousand people had an average of three soul pets, meaning 150 thousand soul pets. With such a large amount, they stampeded through the city area and rendered all the structures into ruins.


The entire army caused the city to shake. On the thick streetways, they were full of beats. The skies of the city area were filled with wing type soul pet wings and a colorful elemental soul pet army floating with different energies!

The dense and imposing army created a massive tide of bodies, causing the elders to all become stern.

Flying in the air, Chu Mu furrowed his brows.

150 thousand soul pets casting techniques at the same time definitely wasn’t any weaker than dominator rank.

Chu Mu could dare to go through anyways because dead dream could create a million fairy butterflies, while his own defense was unbeatable. The army wasn’t too big of a problem for him.

However, the elders behind him were all elders. These elders were all wounded and weakened, so how could they withstand this?

Chu Mu naturally didn’t go straight against this army. He brought the elders to a sudden new path, and went towards the nightmare palace’s position.

“Want to run? Block him!” Son of heaven Wu Kuang was angered. Flying at the front of the entire team, he tried to use icy death king’s ice territory to stop the three palce members.

Hero Aide Lian Yan wasn’t slow as well. Behind him were three thousand eagles, so his steel eagle king was even more imposing!

Two dominator rank organisms were naturally much faster than the reset. Very quickly, the icy death king and steel eagle king were already behind Chu Mu and the other hundred.

“You enter nightmare palace first, I’ll go delay them.” Chu Mu said to the elders behind him.

Nightmare Emperor Jiang nodded and lead the others immediately to nightmare palace.

Nightmare palace’s palaces were rather well protected. Nightmare emperor jiang knows the geography very well. He lead the others through the massive palace and quickly entered the inner parts of the palace.

Nightmare palace was already taken over by some soul alliance members, but these people were quickly taken over by soul emperor.


“His soul pets don’t seem to be beside him, its good time to kill him!” Wu Kuang glanced at Hero Aide Lian Yan and said.

Lian Yan nodded. He indeed didn’t see Chu Mu meaning to summon. This meant his other soul pets should be in different places!

Without the Mo Ye, without the hidden dragon that could instantly kill Tai Mountain Giant, what was there to be afraid of?

Seeing Wu Kuang and Lian Yan run forward brainlessly, Chu Mu laughed.

They truly thought they were strong. Did they think Dead Dream was easy to defeat just because its aura wasn’t released?


Dead Dream let out a call. Immediately, a sky covering screen of purple thunder appeared. The rolling city area and the vast skies were instantly dead dream’s territory now!


The massive dead lightning interlaced in the skies. Icy death king and steel eagle king frantically tried to dodge, yet the denseness of thunder and power was beyond their imagination. After the steel eagle king was hit, it fell heavily from the skies. The thunder strike caused it to lose the ability to even flap its wings.

The icy death king thought its powerful defense could easily block the thunder power, yet every dead lightning blow caused a shattering effect on icy death king. After a few hundred blows, its body was full of wounds, falling onto the ground like the steel eagle king.

Two dominator rank soul pets unable to block even a single technique, son of heaven Wu Kuang and Lian Yan were shocked again.

Where did Chu Fangchen get all these powerful dominator ranks!!

“Hong!!! Hong!!!!”

Dead lightning fell interlaced, creating a destructive aura that sent shivers down Wu Kuang and Hero Aide’s back. At this point, who dared to go against Chu Mu head on? They swiftly retracted icy death king and steel eagle king.

150 thousand soul pet army was much slower than Wu Kuang and Lian Yan. They saw the dominator rank soul pets get destroyed by dark purple phoenix. At once, their forward momentum was slowed by the sky covering dark purple thunder!

“Kill your way over! What are you waiting for, kill them!!” Son of heaven Wu Kuang saw the massive army hesitate and immediately got angry. No matter how powerful they were, it was just one soul pet. What did an army of 150 thousand army have to be afraid of?

Son of heaven Wu kuang yelled, but Lian Yan learned this time. He didn’t dare to run upwards and instead waited for the three thousand elite eagles to go forth before the army went towards the dead dream.

The feathers in the sky were like a cloud. They let out screeches as they pounced forward. On the ground, a tide of soul pets went forth, introducing a massive aura that filled all the streets. Chu Mu and Dead Dream stood between the three palace members and 150 thousand soul pets. They only stood in a crossroad. Compared to the massive army, they were tiny.

“Dead dream, deal with them.” Chu Mu leaped off and said calmly.

Dead dream nodded slowly and let its feathers disperse from its body, floating into the air.


Wings started flapping. Dead dream’s dark purple body of feathers all became dead thunder fairy butterflies. This fairy butterfly swiftly covered the roads densely!

Dead dream got shrouded in mottled light as more and more fairy butterflies, going from the original thousand to a few tens of thousands!

The fairy butterflies covered the nearby region. However, after the few thousands of fairy butterflies, even more fairy butterflies came out. They flapped their wings as they flew through the air in an orderly fashion, covering all the streets and nearly stacking to the clouds!

Far away, the hundred thousand fairy butterflies fell down like clouds, pressuring the entire city, unbelievably magnificent!

Clearly, the hundred thousand fairy butterflies weren’t dead dream’s max. Its black wings were still expanding. The roads were truly becoming a purple sea, eating towards the rest of the city!!

The fairy butterfly amount got more and more until it reached a few million!

A million fairy butterflies, this was more than ten times the amount of the 150 thousand soul pet army. Seeing the fairy butterflies stack up to the clouds, the soul alliance army were shocked, no longer having the courage to go forth!!

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