Chapter 1069: Kill me? You’re Thinking Too Much

Alliance Master Ling Chan watched Chu Mu bring the group and flee. In anger, he quickly turned back to Bai Yu.

“Hmph, Bai Yu, you meddle too much in other people's business. I’ll kill you first, then get rid of that brat!” said Ling Chan. 

“Kill me?” a trace of contempt rippled in Bai Yu’s calm eyes. He continued, “You’re thinking too much.”

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s lungs were about to explode. Promptly, he chanted an incantation and summoned his fourth pet. 

A diagram pattern flashed in front of the Alliance Master. In the dim light, a pair of sharp eyes suddenly opened and stared at Bai Yu.

This pair of blood eyes wasn’t as bloodthirsty or vicious as the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, but carried more reservation and demonic strangeness! 

The demon eyes slowly closed and in the dim light, this creature suddenly disappeared. It travelled through the district which was covered in filth. People were unable to detect its movements! 

A demon! This was an extremely fast demon!!

The Ice Pupil Unicorn stood in front of Bai Yu. When it chanted an incantation, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped. Frost froze over the space and slowing frost covered the area.

“Sou sou~~~”

Even with the slowing frost, the Ice Pupil Unicorn was still unable to see the demon. It was about to chant a second incantation, when a cold light suddenly flashed and without warning, slashed across the Ice Pupil Unicorn’s neck! 

The Ice Pupil Unicorn narrowed its eyes. A spiral ice peel appeared on its body and quickly covered its neck! 


The piece of ice was instantly shattered and a deep wound was left on its neck.

Fortunately, ice elemental world soul pets wouldn’t spill blood. Otherwise, this Ice Pupil Unicorn’s blood would have spilt everywhere. 

When Ling Chan saw that Bai Yu was unexpectedly using an elemental world soul pet to stop his demon’s attack, he couldn’t help but silently laugh. 

“FIre Punishment!” Ling Chan gave the Fire God Servant next to him an order.

The Fire God Servant’s eyes flashed with a scorching, luminous gaze. A fire god punishment descended from the skies and landed where Bai Yu and the Ice Pupil Unicorn were. In an instant, an enormous pillar of fire surged up from where the light landed and beautifully, yet terrifyingly erupted like a volcano.

The Ice Pupil Unicorn stepped hard onto the fire pillar surging to the sky. The ice froze into a piece of glacier that abruptly smashed downwards and pushed the pillar of flames down!

Due to the attribute counter, the Ice Pupil Unicorn’s techniques were able to suppress the Fire God Servant. After destroying the fire pillar, the Ice Pupil unicorn floated into the sky.

Countless ice clouds were already floating in the sky, raining down white snow that filled the air against the violent wind above this ruined city. 

The Ice Pupil Unicorn’s eyes slowly changed, turning from icy snow into vacuous eyes. Its mental power filled the sky filled with flying snow. 

Under its mental control, the icy clouds and icy snow turned biting cold from their original softness!

The huge snow was everywhere. The violent wind was unable to shake it. The snowstorm condensed in the air, transforming into various icy snow weapons that were enormous and imposing! 

Large icy snow blades, icy snow heavenly swords, icy snow earth axes, icy snow spears and various other sharp icy weapons hung, glitteringly, in the sky. In between the heaven and earth, they let out low hums. 

With a single order, these enormous weapons whistled across and flew towards the Fire God Servant and Alliance Master Ling Chan! 

The Fire God Servant began to chant, transforming its body into a fire shield that hovered in front of Alliance Master Ling Chan. 

The icy weapons struck one after another. Each time the Fire God Servant-transformed fire shield received an attack, its body would slightly morph while the torrential flames would clearly dim. 

An icy cold aura passed through the fire shield and struck Alliance Master Ling Chan. 

Ling Chan couldn’t help but shiver, and his face turned pale.

The loss of blood earlier took away much of his life force, and his resistance abilities had clearly dropped quite a bit. Now being struck by the cold air, it made him feel an indescribable bone-piercing cold. 

The technique that filled the sky slowly dissipated. Ling Chan’s lips had already been frozen purple. After waiting for the technique to end, his eyes suddenly turned venomous!

“Kill him!” Ling Chan gave his demon dominator an order! 

The Ice Pupil Unicorn had just used an ice type technique and would not be able to give Bai Yu adequate defense. Although Ling Chan was angry, he understood that the moment he had an opportunity, he couldn’t hesitate to attack this soul pet trainer. A defenseless soul pet trainer standing on the battlefield was extremely fragile! 

Ling Chan’s demon dominator was a Ghastly Bone Demon. The most terrifying ability of this creature was that after a single attack, only ghastly white bones would be left of the opponent! 

Demon type techniques were not as boundless as beast or rock types. Nor were they as beautiful as elemental types. However, their single-target damage was extremely terrifying. Fatal single-attack strikes were all something attack type demons were experts at. 

Ling Chan’s demon didn’t know any mental techniques. It was a pure offensive demon. Any prey that it targeted had yet to escape its fate of transforming into white bones!

Ling Chan, who was frozen like an icicle saw that the Ghastly Bond Demon had already unknowingly approached Bai Yu and a smile surfaced on his frozen purple lips. 

At this distance, even the Ice Pupil Unicorn could not block or dodge. Bai Yu was also unable to summon other soul pets. Therefore, he was going to die!

“It seems that your mind has gone slow after being frozen. Die!” sneered Ling Chan.

Life or death was often determined in an instant in demon fights. Bai Yu had thought that Ling Chan’s demon dominator had already retreated. He never expected this crafty fellow to unknowingly use a technique to slink around him! 

If this demon had attacked his Ice Pupil Unicorn, then things would indeed be troublesome. Indeed, Bai Yu would be unable to take action and stop it. However, this laughable Alliance Master Ling Chan wanted to kill him? 


The sharp blade once more aimed for the throat. It was outlandish, quick and violent and fierce. Moreover, from this angle, it was impossible to dodge!

An evil silver light appeared in Bai Yu’s eyes. In his eyes, the Ghastly Bone Demon’s movements became a lot slower. 

When the blade was aimed at him, Bai Yu didn’t take a step. However, his body demonically shifted to the side as if he was just barely dodging the demon’s throat strike! 

After dodging, a deep silver devil flames suddenly ignited in Bai Yu’s hands and he rapidly grabbed onto the Ghastly Bone Demon’s tail!

The Ghastly Bone Demon’s movements came to a sudden halt. Its demonic eyes looked in shock at the human that had grabbed its tail. Instantly, a soul-piercing cold passed through its whole body from its tail. 

“Zhi zhi!!!!” the Ghastly Bone Demon painfully let out a sharp cry. Unexpectedly, it forcibly pulled and snapped off its tail. It then miserably fled back to its master!

Bai Yu didn’t chase. In terms of speed, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to beat this demon. 

Holding onto half a bone tail in his hands, he casually gripped his hand. Instantly, a silver devil flame ignited and burned this tail to ashes. 

Wiping off the ashes in his hand, Bai Yu looked at the pale-faced Alliance Master Ling Chan. With an evil and cold smile, he said: “It seems that you’ve bled too much, and your mind isn’t clear.” 

The previous Four Supremes weren’t even able to kill this person despite combining forces. Thus, Ling Chan was too confident in attempting to use a single dominator rank demon to kill him. 

However, it was hard to blame him too. Because he had used a “blood hourglass”, it wasn’t surprising that he would do some overconfident things. 

Bai Yu sprinkled salt again on the Alliance Master’s humiliated wound, making Ling Chan, who thought he was unrivalled under the heavens, unable to spit blood even if he wanted to.  

“Half Devil Bai Yu. I never expected you still had the half devil abilities!” Alliance Master Ling Chan sucked in a deep breath, and unexpectedly calmed the anger in his heart. 

Since Bai Yu still possessed his half devil ability, then this fellow would become the greatest threat to him ruling over everything!!

“Hmph, but what does it matter. I don’t mind spending a bit more time to get rid of you.” said Alliance Master Ling Chan. 

“Your Slaughter Beast was accidentally trapped in the Sealed Tower by me. To tell you the truth, I really can’t think of what soul pet your foolishly conceited person has to kill me.” fearlessly said Bai Yu.

Bai Yu needed Chu Mu’s two soul pets to help with the fight in order to buy enough time for the Three Great Palace’s people. Perhaps he wouldn’t be able to kill the Alliance Master, but if he wanted to leave, nobody would be able to stop him. 

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s eyes flashed with anger. If the Slaughter Beast were here, Ling Chan would definitely be able to wipe out Chu Mu, Bai Yu and their soul pets. 

However, Ling Chan never expected Bai Yu would have already schemed against him and taken advantage of his Slaughter Beast that was stealing the energy from the Sealed Tower to trap his soul pet inside. 

There were only two people that could open the Sealed Tower. One was Mu Qingyi of the Mu Family and the other was Hero Chief Yuan Sui. 

Right now, Hero Chief Yuan Sui had been tricked by Liu Binglan into fighting in the second layer of the sky. For a short while, he would not be able to open the Sealed Tower. 

Bai Yu seemed to know everything about him. If his soul pets didn’t combine forces, he indeed would be unable to keep Bai Yu here. 

Just as Bai Yu was silently pondering how to deal with the troublesome Bai Yu, a pained dragon cry rang out in the sky! 

This dragon cry was not from Chu Mu’s Spectral Hidden Dragon, but his Meteor Dragon!

The Meteor Dragon had lost! 

Ling Chan hadn’t paid too much attention to the Meteor Dragon’s fight, because he was confident that absolute strength and defense of the Meteor Dragon would not be defeated by a small dragon. 

He never expected that Chu Mu’s Spectral Hidden Dragon was so strong that it could even defeat his Meteor Dragon!

Bai Yu looked up at this point at the spectral type Hidden Dragon. In his heart, he sighed with more praise towards Chu Mu. 

In this fight, Three Great Palaces were indeed in a situation of inevitable loss, especially since after being struck by the heavy blow of being unable to summon the Seven Diagram Saint Kings. 

The only reason Bai Yu had returned here was feeling guilty towards a few old fellows of Three Great Palaces. After repaying this favor, he would leave. 

However, he never expected that the young half devil that had defeated him in Tianxia City had such outstanding strength now. Unexpectedly, he was able to fight Alliance Master Ling Chan alone. 

Originally, Bai Yu only planned on saving a few people and then leaving. After all, him alone was not the opponent of the entire Soul Alliance. Now that Chu Mu, this freak, had appeared- this allowed Bai Yu to put his all into the fight. 

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