Chapter 1068: Bai Yu, Ice Pupil Unicorn

His gaze flitting past Bai Yu, Chu Mu quickly noticed the incomparably grim Ice Pupil Unicorn!!

WIth icy pupils, it had a unicorn-like body. Its outer body resembled the Unifying Wind Unicorn, but its frost aura was much stronger than the Unifying Wind Unicorn. Even Alliance Master Ling Chan’s Fire God Servant’s fire aura was heavily suppressed! 

After seeing this Ice Pupil unicorn, Chu Mu remembered that Old Han had said Bai Yu possessed an ice type soul pet!

Immortal City’s Dormant World was a land of extreme ice. When Bai Yu was sealed by ice in the Xuan Demonic Ice Peak, his fire type abilities had been suppressed, but his ice type soul pet had obtained enormous profits. 

After a long twenty years, this soul pet’s power would definitely reach an extremely high realm!

It seemed that Old Han was referring to the Ice Pupil Unicorn now by Bai Yu’s side!

“Bai Yu… hmph. So it’s just Crazy Man Bai Yu...I thought some great figure had appeared.” harrumphed Ling Chan. 

During Bai Yu’s time, Ling Chan had already been extremely strong. Of course, Ling Chan also had to thank Bai Yu. if Bai Yu hadn’t transformed into a devil and killed or injured the Supremes of the Three Great Palaces, Ling Chan would not have been able to reach his invincible position within the Seven Diagram Saint Kings.

“I, Bai Yu, am indeed crazy. Therefore, I just happened to destroy the Ten Thousand Cave Diagrams.” Bai Yu glanced at the Wanxiang Altar and calmly spoke. 

Chu Mu showed confusion, unsure of what the Ten Thousand Cave Diagrams were.

However, after Alliance Master Ling Chan heard this, his face began to twitch again. Instantly, his eyes began to spit flames. It seemed that he was extremely angry!

“Bai Yu, you’re courting death!!” Alliance Master Ling Chan’s expression grew increasingly gloomy.

Bai Yu ignored Alliance Master Ling Chan and glanced at the adjacent Chu Mu. Softly, he explained: “He has a soul pet that can steal the Sealed Tower’s energy through this diagram. You helped buy enough time for me to destroy the diagram.”

Chu Mu nodded his head. It seemed that Bai Yu had been surveying the situation in the darkness the entire time.

“How is Princess Jin Rou?” asked Chu Mu. 

Bai Yu’s eyes flickered with a trace of frustration as he slowly shook his head. He didn’t bring it up. Instead, he used a low mental voice to communicate with Chu Mu: “Everyone here will die. Save as many as you can.” 

“If we combine forces, we can deal with him.” said Chu Mu.

“I’m not afraid of Ling Chan, but the woman who awakened me.” said Bai Yu.

“The Empress Concubine?” Chu Mu was stunned.

“You know her?’ Bai Yu was slightly shocked. He promptly pointed at Wanxiang Altar and said: “She is placing a diagram array there right now. I don’t know what it is, but it’s making me feel uneasy. That diagram array will soon be completed and there’s a chance that it will trap all of us here. The might of that diagram array is nearly equal to a middle class dominator rank.” 

Chu Mu’s heart sank. Alliance Master Ling Chan and Hero Chief Yuan Sui had both already appeared; yet, the defector woman was still hiding somewhere. 

Knowing that girl’s disposition, she could not stay quiet. The only explanation was that she was preparing a scheme!

“Do you know things about that woman?” asked Bai Yu.

After Bai Yu had awakened, he had searched for who had set up Tianxia City’s plot. Ultimately, the evidence pointed at the Empress Concubine. 

However, after finding out about this, there were no more trails of clues for Bai Yu to follow. This woman was incomparably mysterious. One thing that was certain, however, was that while this woman on the exterior ostensibly received the adoration of all Wanxiang City citizens, she was extremely ambitious and dangerous!

“Do you have another dominator rank soul pet?” asked Bai Yu.

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“Have your two soul pets stay here and help me. I can stop Ling Chan for a while. Take these people and flee here first. Regardless of anything else, this place is extremely dangerous.” Bai Yu didn’t continue inquiring and spoke to Chu Mu seriously. 

Perhaps Chu Mu would have a chance of dealing with Alliance Master Ling Chan if he combined hands with Bai Yu. However, the other people were in extremely weak states due to the loss of blood. Due to the other experts from Soul Alliance surrounding this area, it was difficult for them to flee. Most importantly, the defector woman had yet to appear. This indeed made Chu Mu extremely nervous. This woman was definitely not easy to deal with. 

Chu Mu didn’t say anything more. He chanted an incantation and summoned Dead Dream in front of him. 

Dead lightning flashed and violent bolts of lightning began to hurtle around, crushing the surrounding objects to pieces!

Sixteen wings gorgeously expanded. Instantly, the entire horizon was filled with shocking and thick bolts of dark purple lightning. They were clustered densely together and interweaving with one another!

The Dead Dream had reached a true low class dominator rank. Its lightning field could intimidate the entire battlefield, making both Alliance Master Ling Chan and Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu show expressions of shock! 

“This brat still has a thunder type phoenix!” Alliance Master Ling Chan gritted his teeth. When he saw Dead Dream, his eyes were filled with jealousy and anger.

He was so young, yet possessed such powerful strength. If he didn’t get rid of this brat now, he would be an endless disaster!!

Bai Yu’s appearance already made the Alliance Master feel slightly threatened. Now that Chu Mu had summoned another low class dominator rank phoenix, it seemed that if he didn’t show his final trump card, he probably wouldn’t be able to get rid of these two people that could evidently shake his position!!

However, Alliance Master Ling Chan didn’t expect that after Chu Mu summoned the Dead Dream, he didn’t linger on the battlefield. Instead, he flew to the weakened group of the Three Great Palaces. It seemed that he wanted to take them and flee. 

But how could Alliance Master Ling Chan let Chu Mu flee? He swept his eyes over the Poison Vine Devil, and instantly gave an order!

The Poison Vine Devil’s roots abruptly shot from the ground. Instantly, they flew several kilometers, transforming into thick chains that shot at Chu Mu. They wanted to haul Chu Mu back!

Bai Yu coldly stood there. Without requiring him to give an order, the Ice Pupil Unicorn next to him was already chanting an incantation! 

Ice and snow began to rapidly descend. There were over a hundred roots from the Poison Vine Devil, but as they were flying, they were all frozen by a thick layer of ice!

Being frozen, the vine roots naturally could not threaten Chu Mu and the Dead Dream. The Dead Dream merely gave its wings a light wave and black dancing blades appeared. They silently sliced across, slicing apart the poison vine roots. 

“Come with me.” Chu Mu didn’t say anything more. He brought close to a hundred people and charged out of the iron stronghold. 

The senior elders and elders didn’t say anything. They chanted incantations and urged their surviving soul pets to closely follow behind Chu Mu. 

When Alliance Master Ling Chan saw that Chu Mu was actually bringing this group of people and fleeing, he instantly blew his top! 

Fire God Servant felt the anger in its master’s heart. Its terrifying eyes locked onto that group of weak humans!

If a single of the Fire God Servant’s techniques landed on these people, a portion of them would die. Thus, he naturally wouldn’t let them off. 

Chanting an incantation, its eyes locked onto the sky and its eyes flashed with red. 

A dark purple thunder cloud instantly transformed into flames. As the Fire God Servant cried out, the fire cloud began to fall from the sky! 

The fire cloud was enormous and resembled a burning meteor that fell into the humans. An enormous fire figure instantly covered the elders and senior elders. An aura of death was hurtling towards them. 

“Nuo!!!!” at this moment, the Ice Pupil Unicorn let out a roar!

It opened its icy mouth and a spinning icy snow windstorm spat out of its mouth, flying into the trajectory of the fire cloud!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~”

With the icy snow windstorm sweeping through it, the fire cloud’s power was instantly considerably reduced. Moreover, its falling trajectory was knocked to the side! 

From the central city district, it was deviated to a residential district. Nightmare Emperor Jiang, riding a Devil Colt, felt his heart palpitate as he watched the district now a burning hell in the distance. He had an even more profound knowledge now of low class dominator rank power. 

“Nightmare Emperor Jiang, try your best and charge forward with everyone. I will protect you guys.” Chu Mu flew into the sky and spoke to Nightmare Emperor Jiang. 

Nightmare Emperor Jiang nodded his head. He didn’t hesitate and brought close to 100 people and charged out of the city. 

“In front of us is a middle ranking army of ten thousand. If we charge out like this, it will be too dangerous.” said Soul Pet Palace’s Senior Elder Pang! 

Most of these high ranking spirit emperors of Three Great Palaces had been injured. If it was a normal ten thousand middle ranking army, they would not be able to stop them. However, they knew that behind this ten thousand middle ranking army was the Soul Alliance’s great army of several tens of thousands. They covered both the sky and ground. Charging out was easier said than done.

“Going forward is correct!” Nightmare Emperor Jiang absolutely trusted Chu Mu. He didn’t even blink as he charged towards the Soul Alliance Army clustered outside and surrounding the area. 

In midair and soaring above everyone was the Dead Dream. It suddenly sped up and flew directly at the army of ten thousand. 

“Death Dance!” ordered Chu Mu!

The Dead Dream beat its wings. The feathers that covered its entire body suddenly separated from its body! 

All of the separated feathers transformed into dark purple Fairy Butterflies. The wings of these Fairy Butterflies thin and transparent, yet incomparably sharp! 

When the Dead Dream entered the army of ten thousand, its body instantly separated. Promptly, several hundreds of thousands of winged black dots flew across the vast army like an ocean wave! 

“Shua!! Shua!!! Shua!!!!!”

The sound of slicing rang out. The hundred thousand butterflies the Dead Dream had transformed into were extremely fast. After they passed through the army of ten thousand, they quickly came back together behind the army. 

The army of then thousand looked completely unscathed. However, a second later, fine bloody lines appeared on these people and their soul pets. 


An enormous bloody cloud suddenly splurt out. The bodies of the soul pets and soul pet trainers with the fine bloody lines fell off piece by piece!! 

In front of them initially was a thick army wall. However, in an instant, they had turned into a residue of blood and flesh. The bodies in the army of ten thousand had been sliced into countless pieces and all fallen apart at the same time. This was an incredibly blood and stunning scene!!

Leading the charge, Nightmare Emperor Jiang was completely stunned. The spirit emperors behind him were also completely stunned!

The ground was littered with pieces of corpses. As they stepped on the blood and flesh of their enemies, there was absolutely zero resistance. As for the Soul Alliance soldiers that had managed to luckily escape, they probably didn’t even have the courage to stand up, let alone stop them! 

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