Chapter 1067

Chanting an incantation, Alliance Master Ling Chan showed two symbols.

On the left, a cyan symbol appeared. The soul within the diagram wasn’t the usual glow, instead it was a strange vine depicting a symbol!

The vines were full of poisonous thorns, with each thorn long as a sword.

They constantly writhed and slowly extended out of the symbol, falling upon the ruins full of blood.

The ruins were its perfect landing place. More and more vines came out of the roots, appearing within the ruins!

These ruins slowly gathered, creating a head like shape.

Soon following that, the vines created a huMan body and finally four limbs. Its four limbs didn’t disconnect from the extended vines.

This way, a vine devil full of vines and poisonous thorns appeared in front of everyone!

Clearly, it was a vine type dominator arnk!!

“Deal with it!” Alliance Master Lign Chan said to the poisonous vine devil!

The poisonous vine devil’s cyan eyes immediately locked onto Zhan Ye. Its massive arms flung outwards, sending massive vines towards it.

The vines passed through the edge of the city, breaking through hundreds of roads and ruining the already destroyed city further. When the vines passed by, the city’s original barebones framework was finally completely demolished!

Zhan Ye turned around and dashed away. Its body was swiftly dashing through the city ruins that were disturbed!

Plant type soul pets could clearly counter beast type organisms. This Poison Vine Devil Man was summoned by Alliance Master to deal with Zhan Ye. Though it wasn’t low class Emperor rank, its type advantage made it handle Zhan Ye easily!

Chu Mu glanced at Zhan Ye running around looking for an opportunity to strike. Zhan Ye’s power was at its peak right now. Chu Mu trusted it could deal with it.

Quickly, Chu Mu’s gaze fell upon Ling Chan’s right hand.

A dangerous aura came from this symbol. Clearly, Lign Chan’s soul pet here was the hardest to deal with.

Within the symbol, flames burned, yet it stayed within the symbols’ reach.

The flames weren’t rampant, yet it strangely caused the rain near it to all disappear.

The flames calmly moved around. Within the redness, one could see a pair of eyes slowly open and gaze directly at Chu Mu.

When Chu Mu looked at it, he felt as if his pupils were being burned.

“Tsi~~~ Tsi~~~~~”

The temperature constantly rose. The blood sea left by the previous battles slowly evaporated, creating a blood fog.

Without even noticing, the wetness disappeared, replaced by a cracked surface and flames that sprouted from underneath the chaotic structures.


More and more flames dashed upwards and burned the surrounding, their temperature causing people to sweat and their skin to crack.

Chu Mu looked around. The flames were as widespread as a forest, causing them to fall into a furnace like environment.

Within the symbol, the flames were still burning. It had no shape or appearance. It was just a ball of flame. The only reason it could be ascertained as an organism was the pair of eyes hidden under the blazing red!

Chu Mu furrowed his brows. This was definitely a fire type organism, but Chu Mu didn't’ know what fire type species it was, whether it was fairy species or something else!

Unable to determine its species, Chu Mu didn’t know what techniques it had. This would cause him to fall to a disadvantage in battle. Most importantly, Chu Mu could only summon Dead dream now. Telling Dead Dream to face such a formless organism was very unwise.

Facing such a shapeless organism, the best way was a type counter. Yet, Ning was still Emperor rank. Its ice type energy couldn’t effectively counter it.

The flames were quiet, but everywhere. Slowly, other than the Poison Vine Devil Man and Zhan Ye’s battle ground, everywhere else was rendered a flame forest!

“In reality, as long as I summon it, I can destroy any of your soul pets. However, soul pet trainers should give other soul pets the opportunity to train, right?” Ling Chan’s arrogance seemed to be rebuilt upon this soul pet.

There was a simple explanation to Ling Chan becoming arrogant again. This Fire God Servant controlled a powerful fire type energy crystal, but also had an elemental soul pet’s ancient will, so it was even stronger than a normal low class dominator rank!

According to Ling Chan, Chu Mu’s dominator rank was very limited. Able to have two low class dominator ranks was already very rare. He wanted to see what other soul pet Chu Mu could summon to fight his fire type mian soul pet.

If there was nothing, this kid’s life would be taken by him. After all, Wanxiang City getting such a person was a development he didn't know about. If he had a few more years to develop, he would be an immense threat to him.

Chu Mu glanced at the flame baked Three Palace elders and his heart slowly sank, not sure how to defeat this fire type dominator rank.

While thinking, suddenly, Chu Mu slowly felt a wave of refreshing aura come from above.

Chu Mu lifted his head to find white snow falling from the skies!

The snow came with a comfortable coolness that removed the heat in the air.

The rain and snow fell larger and larger, slowly pushing down the flame forest and removing the dry aura in the air!

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s face again stiffened. He used his evil eyes to stare into the skies!

The Fire God Servant was stronger than even a low class dominator rank, and was the most powerful fire type organism in Wanxiang City, how was it getting suppressed!

Alliance Master Ling Chan was angry, but at the same time Chu Mu was surprised!

The strongest ice type organisms Chu Mu has ever seen was Wu Kuang’s Icy Death King. Let’s not discuss whether Wu Kuang’s Icy Death King could even suppress fire type low class dominator rank, but Wu Kuang wouldn’t even oppose Ling Chan!

“Is it Mu Qingyi’s White Tiger?” Chu Mu wondered.

White Tiger wasn’t even as good as Icy Death King, would it have this powerful of an aura? Was it some hermit expert?

Just as Chu Mu was curious, Ling Chan already roared out angrily, “Who dares oppose I, Ling Chan!!”

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s dignified voice echoed through the battlefield and heard no response.

“What do you plan on using as timer this time?”

Suddenly, a cold voice came from above Wanxiang Altar!

Use as timer?

Soul Alliance members all paused when hey heard this!!

This person truly was brave, daring to poke at Alliance Master’s scars. Didn’t he know the Alliance Master was angry and anyone who angered him would die?

Ling Chan’s face again twitched. The blood timer indeed caused him much shame before. He originally wanted to use his Fire God Servant to wash away his anger and shame, but he didn’t expect such a brave Man to appear!!

Staring straight ahead, Ling Chan coldly glared at the figure that walked forward.

Chu Mu turned around too, to see the Man coming.

Daring to say such things to provoke Ling Chan, it had to be an ally. However, Chu Mu had no idea who would have this strength!

Finally, the figure slowly became clear within the rain. It was a stern looking Man!

For some reason, in the foggy air, Chu Mu felt this figure was very familiar, yet when he saw the Mans’ face, Chu Mu didn’t recognize it.

Having a thin yet tall figure, he had a young and handsome face. It wasn’t an old man who had one’s appearance solidified, but one could see the effects time had on his face. His eyes especially looked deep like one of an old, lonely Man.

Chu Mu himself seemed old because he was used to being reserved and training alone in silence. However, no matter how silent and steady, one could find traces of young aura, occasional brashness and confidence.

This person didn’t have any sign of a young man. It was an unbelievably old soul within a young husk…...

Chu Mu slowly lost focus as he stared at him because of his complex, special, familiar, yet strange features.

Three Palace also glared at this Man, except they were too shocked to speak.

Nightmare Emperor Jiang, Elder Shen, and the others were shocked but also had expressions of complicated disbelief!

“Bai….. Bai Yu!!!!!”

Finally, Nightmare Emperor Jiang’s voice shouted out first!!

Nightmare Palace’s previous generation of nightmare Emperor, who would forget him. When Nightmare Emperor Jiang yelled out Bai Yu, everyone shook!

This was the Man that led the rise of Nightmare Palace that everyone respected, but he was also the main cause of the instant fall of Three Palaces!!  

“Bai Yu….” Chu Mu was also dazed!

This person was the strongest half devil that sent Tianxia City into disaster twice!!

In Tianxia City, half devil Bai Yu was definitely the strongest person Chu Mu had ever seen. From Old Han, he found out that the bai Yu that he saw wasn’t even his full form. Just how strong he was, even Chu Mu didn’t know!

And now, the person he saw that seemed young but was old was half devil Bai Yu’s huMan form!

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