Chapter 1066: Defeat Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist

With the final broken limb rebirth, ancient power awakening’s effects again made Zhan Ye’s power increase. Though one could tell that Zhan Ye wasn’t truly low class dominator rank yet, it definitely wasn’t far away.

More importantly, Zhan Ye still had a trump card it hadn’t used yet!


Zhan Ye roared, his black eyes instantly becoming blood red!

A layer of blood fog appeared from the blood sea, covering up Zhan Ye and excited the blood within Zhan Ye, cloaking Zhan Ye in a blood red layer of armor!

Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation!!!

Only now did Zhan Ye cast this technique!

After going bloodthirsty berserk transformation, Zhan Ye’s strength again rose, truly reaching low class dominator rank.

Going from near dominator rank to low class dominator rank was a huge leap in strength. Everyone saw Zhan Ye’s process of getting powerful, but when they truly felt the threatening aura of the low class dominator rank, it still felt unbelievable!

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s current expression was already ugly. Being used to ignoring everything, this was an unprecedented shame!

Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was like its owner. Annoyed, angry, driven mad- this ghost type dominator rank let out a “wuwu” of terror.

The blood fog instantly became even thicker. Everyone’s blood loss quickend. Everyone was in the weakened body state, so with the quickened drop of blood, it was as if it were taking their lives!

Alliance Master was already angry from being embarrassed. To him, their lives were worth nothing, and he especially didn't want anyone spreading news of his embarrassment outwards!

With the blood sea becoming red again, half of soul Alliance fell within the blood pool.

Terror and death shrouded these defenseless humans. At this moment, soul Alliance people would never have thought that their Alliance master, the leader of soul Alliance, would become their grim reaper, taking their lives as well!

The Hero Chief Yuan Sui rode his Unifying Wind Unicorn and watched the blood covered region. He watched while the advanced members died from loss of blood and could do nothing.

In reality, Alliance Master Ling Chan could summon other soul pets and destroy Chu Fangchen, but Yuan Sui knew that was equivalent to making Ling Chan admit his Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist wasn’t as good as their Zhan Ye. It was better for him to wash away this shame even if it meant sacrificing thousands of lives.

“Is this someone worth your loyalty?” Liu Binglan glanced at the slightly unwilling Yuan Sui and said coldly.

Chu Mu’s performance caused Liu Binglan to be shocked. Clearly, she was very proud that her child could be like this. After all, he was bringing the nearly collapsed Three Palace a silver of true hope!

“It’s only reverence.” Yuan Sui said calmly.

Liu Binglan didn’t say more, riding his soul pet Xing He towards higher grounds.

Unifying Wind Unicorn’s strength was still stronger than Star River with the energy of a supreme. Continuous fighting wasn’t smart. Now, Liu Binglan had to use the geography to win or delay time.

The geography she meant was the second level of sky, the dark frozen skies.

The dark frozen skies’ gales become extremely strong, which gives the Unifying Wind Unicorn an advantage, but at the same time the space movement and spatial technique of the star river became better. As long as it could evade attacks, there was hope.


Blood sea had many corpses within it. Three Palace slowly had people fall within it too.

Chu Mu saw the weakened old soul pet trainers. Chu Mu didn’t care about soul Alliance people' deaths, but these elders were people that Chu Mu wanted to keep alive.

Looks like it was time to quickly get rid of the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil buddhist!

The Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation of Zhan Ye no longer was scared of the wounded Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. Its powerful body flew past the blood sea in a streak without disturbing the water at all. Immediately, it appeared in front of the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist used the blood to heal its wounds. Its wounds were indeed healing, but without enough blood, it was only an organism near low class dominator rank. It was a rank lower than the bloodthirsty berserk transformation Zhan Ye!

Ancient Mark Claw!

Zhan Ye exploded with speed and power as its black claws were covered in a blood red power. An ancient mark floated upwards, creating a starlight freckle that glowed on its claws!

Ancient Power Awakening seemed to power up the ancient markings on Zhan Ye’s body too, causing its energy to become purer and larger, empowering this claw!


The claw appeared and heavily hit the air. The blinking glow instantly became a fierce devil tiger mark that fell on the Ghost Pupil Blood Devil Buddhist!

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist used its shroud to block it, yet it quickly tore down like real cloth, becoming tatters!

The cloth was definitely not enough to stop Zhan Ye’s attack. Its Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s body quickly flew back, but the imprint chased after and landed solidly on its body.


Its flesh burst out as a tiger shaped hole appeared on the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. Its bones, skin, blood, and flesh were all blasted into smithereens!


Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist flew back, and let out a shriek!

Clearly, even if the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist used the blood sea to heal itself, its defenses weren't enough for Zhan Ye’s current attacks!


Zhan Ye’s attacks weren’t finished. When the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist flew back, it lifted its head and gathered a death beam!

This time, it took its time to channel  it. When the glow was nearly about to escape, Zhan Ye let go the destructive ray many times stronger than regular!

The destructive beam flew out and directly landed on the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s trajectory. Before it could even land, it got hit by another blast!!

Flesh flew everywhere. The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist seemed to become a flimsy piece of flesh.


The blood water slowly roiled as bits of essence flowed into the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s heavily wounded body.

Yet, no matter how thick the blood was or how fast it recovered, it couldn't make up for the wounds it suffered.

Alliance Master Ling Chan was already slughtly demented. Clearly, his Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was no longer the Mo Ye’s match, and his blood was nearly gone. Any more, and his life was in great danger.

Ling Chan bit down, and took a potion out of his ring to quickly ingest.

His blood stopped very quickly. In a second, the poison and wound that the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist left on its wrist was gone. Slowly, the blood started flowing out as the skin started healing.

After the wound healed, Ling Chan casted another technique to retract the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist before it suffered another attack.

Of course, retracting a lost soul pet, especially Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, caused Ling Chan to become gloomy- the result of a soul pet of its losing.

After the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was retracted, the blood flog dissipated. Immediately, the soul Alliance people were saved. Many of them quickly took out blood stopping medicine and then quickly found spirit items that strengthened one’s production of blood.

People who fell straight into the blood pool were nearly helpless. There were four thousand people like that. The remaining six hundred were in weak states. They may not even have the power to summon their soul pets. After all, soul remembrance was based on a healthy physical body.

Three Palace before killed around fifty people. Of the remaining hundred, only four died in the bleeding.

The reason such a difference appeared was because all five hundred people were spirit emperors. On the other hand, because Zhan Ye kept getting stronger, it gave the hope and faith to wait until he broke open the situation.

This gave Soul Alliance internal conflict. Overall, every healing of Zhan Ye was a major blow to the soul Alliance!


“Since it wasted this much of our time, my patience is used up!” Alliance Master Ling Chan was frigid!

No longer laughing rampantly and no longer arrogant like before, Alliance Master Ling Chan was truly furious!

No one had required a third soul pet for a while now. 

The strength of this young man was truly impressive to Ling Chan.

Yet, so what? Having a dominator rank made one nearly invincible in Wanxiang Realm. However, with even a few secondary soul pets reaching dominator rank, how could he lose?

There was no concept of losing in Ling Chan’s mind. The only thing in his mind was which enemies could last longer.

Chu Fangchen lasted far longer than he expected, but so what? He had to die eventually. The previous two controls was just him having fun with a child!

Chu Mu didn't tell Zhan Ye to continue attacking, instead selecting to tell Zhan Ye to retreat. He was already staring at Ling Chan’s chanting.

Ling Chan was summoning a main soul pet!

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