Chapter 1065: Zhan Ye That Drives Enemies Mad (2)

“Broken Limb Rebirth!” 

Chu Mu still didn’t hesitate, and had Zhan Ye use Broken Limb Rebirth!

At Zhan Ye’s present state, it could easily be instakilled by the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. Especially when the blood density was so high and the sea of blood was rising. 

“Hmph, this is already its fourth Broken Limb Rebirth.” Alliance Master Ling Chan looked at Zhan Ye, whose fighting strength had rapidly recovered and sneered. 

However, after this Broken Limb Rebirth, the Warbeast Mo Ye’s aura had increased once again, causing the meat in his face to faintly twitch. 

The increase in strength caused the battle to prolong. Even if the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist were to use its most powerful techniques, it wouldn’t be able to kill this abnormally tenacious creature in under two to three techniques. 

Ling Chan glanced at his wrist. Fresh blood continued to spill. 

His physical constitution was much stronger than normal soul pet trainers. However, even this amount of blood spilled much of his life force. He had to quickly finish this fight!

Giving an order, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist became even more terrifying after accumulating an enormous amount of blood from ten thousand people. Under its control, a torrential wave of blood transformed into devils that would devour everything and launched themselves at Zhan Ye!

Zhan Ye’s present resistant abilities were extremely strong. It didn’t need to dodge like before. Facing the onslaught of terrifying devils in the blood wave, it gave an angry roar and bravely faced the blood sea head on!

In the shocking blood red, the black body was small yet fierce. Standing on the blood wave, Zhan Ye searched for the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist in the red wave. It stretched out its tiger teeth and formed an enormous dark mouth, attempting to swallow the monster controlling the blood in one gulp!

The Ghost Eyed BLood Devil Buddhist was holding a blood bone spear. It dodged Zhan Ye’s technique before throwing it towards the sky!

The blood bone spear pierced towards the dark and gloomy sky, instantly turning the clouds into a red color!


The blood devils raised the heads and let out a howl. Suddenly, a wave of soul shocking blood lights appeared from the red clouds!

Dense droplets fell from the red clouds. These droplets were incomparably large and when they fell down, the astonishingly transformed into a blood monuments!! 

The blood monuments smashed to the ground. The entire blood ocean was splashed upwards, leaving the ground!

The blood ocean coiled around the blood monument, instantly transforming into a blood sea vortex, absorbing all of the blood around it into the blood monument!

Zhan Ye knew that this technique was powerful, and hastily retreated outside the vortex. However, as the vortex was rapidly spinning, it caused continuous blood waves to rise that smashed into Zhan Ye’s body and forcibly sucked Zhan Ye into the vortex. 

The blood waves were powerful, and Zhan Ye knew that it wouldn’t be able to escape. Thus, its eyes instantly locked onto the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist standing on the blood monument!

Its eyes narrowed, and it ran it the direction the vortex was spinning!

Riding the waves, Zhan Ye’s speed exponentially rose, and as it was about to be pulled into the blood monument, Zhan Ye transformed into a battle axe that slashed at the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!!


The battle axe carried ancient imprint powers. After being sped up, its might have also become significantly more powerful. This axe landed on the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s abdomen!!

“Hua hua hua hua~~~”

After completing this attack, Zhan Ye was instantly pulled into the blood wave, and into the blood monument. It had to withstand the terrifying blood-extraction powers!

Zhan Ye’s life force was rather full and even while withstanding this attack, it wouldn’t be killed.

On the other hand, when the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was struck by the battle axe, fresh blood spilled everywhere, and it let out an ugly and pained ghostly howl!


The vortex violently stirred, and after Zhan Ye bore the brunt of the destructive force, it immediately and rapidly pulled away from the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. 

When the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist saw Zhan Ye run away dripping in blood, it became even more angry. It controlled the remaining blood waves to chase after Zhan Ye. 

Zhan Ye ran as it completed a Broken Limb Rebirth. Its armor that had been ravaged by the blood monument vortex shed off its body and gradually it was covered by insect fluid. Then, quickly, a new ink colored battle armor was condensed on its body!

From its originally jolting run, it gradually morphed into a full speed run. This was the Broken Limb Rebirth healing it from a heavily injured state to a fully recovered state. Once its life force was full again, the running Zhan Ye suddenly stopped. It turned around and stepped on the ruins. Then, unexpectedly, it beautifully jumped backwards, flipped over and launched a Death God’s Dawn Blade at the pursuing Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!

The ink blades transformed into two cold moons. The sudden attack was completely unexpected by the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist held the blood blade in its hands in front of it. When the ink colored cold moons arrived, however, they instantly destroyed the blood blades and the remnant force struck the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, knocking it backwards!!

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was knocked back, creating a huge blood wave in its wake. It slid all the way back into another district before barely being able to stop itself. Its ghostly eyes angrily stared at this hateful Warbeast Mo Ye!!

“Good!” Chu Mu immediately let out a pleased expression! 

After two more Broken Limb Rebirths, Zhan Ye’s strength had risen over a level, and it was presently very close to the low class dominator rank!!

From its initial strength that really only tickled, until now where it could clearly deal damage on the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, Zhan Ye had finally overcome its weaker stage. Now, it was time to counterattack!! 

“Dida~~~ Dida~~~~~”

Blood was dripping. Alliance Master Ling Chan glanced at his wrist, and then glanced at the Warbeast Mo Ye, which strength had risen to near the low class dominator realm. His face immediately turned ashen!!

Right now, Alliance Master Ling Chan would not be laughing because his life force had reached a slightly serious point!

“Alliance… Alliance Master… perhaps… perhaps you should dispel the blood fog… there are many of us who have already fainted.” the Dragon Absolute mustered his courage and spoke to Alliance Master Ling Chan with a mental voice. 

The Dragon Absolute was speaking the truth. One third of the people were no longer standing steadily, and a few people with weaker physical constitutions had already fainted. If they kept losing blood like this, their lives would be in danger!

  “Shut up!!” angrily roared Alliance Master Ling Chan!

The yell caused the Dragon Absolute to tremble. He didn’t dare to say anything further. 

The Alliance Master coldly swept his gaze over the anxious Soul Alliance members in the distance. 

Originally, he thought that after raising the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist to the low class dominator rank, he would be able to quickly get rid of Chu Mu. He never expected the fight to last this long.

Ling Chan coldly glanced at Zhan Ye that had taken the initiative to attack. He feigned calm and coldly laughed. It no longer had any more Broken Limb Rebirths left, and had only neared the low class dominator rank; it hadn’t actually reached this rank yet. This meant that it could not be his Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s opponent!!

The gap in strength was no longer as large. Zhan Ye’s attacks became even more savage. Its power, quickness, defense and life force were increased so that the combination of its attacks, defenses and dodging abilities grew even more smooth. Although it did not firmly suppress the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, the latter would have to pay a painful price in order to wound Zhan Ye!

With their power level being close, this fight became extremely drawn-out. This was especially the case to the bleeding Soul Alliance Members. It was even harder to bear than being killed!

Soul Alliance’s people collapsed one after the other. When they discovered that this Warbeast Mo Ye still possessed powerful self-healing abilities while fighting, and that its Brave Stinging Heart could still increase its power, Soul Alliance’s people felt like killing themselves!!

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s face grew increasingly pale, but he could only grit his teeth and command the fight now!

Finally, an opportunity came!!

A savage glint flashed in Alliance Master Ling Chan’s eyes. No matter what, he was going to get rid of this Warbeast Mo Ye this time!!

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s eyes narrowed. Suddenly, countless ghost hands reached out of the blood sea and firmly grasped onto Zhan Ye, which had just used a technique and was unable to steady itself!

Blood sickles instantly appeared in the hands of the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. Filled with anger, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist fiercely swung at Zhan Ye!!

Zhan Ye angrily roared, shaking off the ghost hands under its feet. However, it was unable to dodge the blood sickles in time!!


The blood sickles slashed down, instantly splitting the earth!

After being heavily struck by the sickles, Zhan Ye was knocked flying and landed in the blood sea!

This attack had ostensibly even slashed its bones. No matter what, it would be unable to crawl back up. Seeing this, Alliance Master Ling Chan let out a loud laugh!

“Hahaha, die for me!!!”

After giving an order, the Ghost Eyed BLood Devil Buddhist brandished its blood sickles. Leaping up, it transformed into a true ghostly devil that descended from the skies. Its blood sickles slashed towards where Zhan Ye had landed to deliver the final blow!

Seeing the Warbeast Mo Ye finally be knocked down, Soul Alliance’s members seemed to come alive again, and their eyes all lit up!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!”

However, a sonorous roar instantly destroyed their mental states. The moment the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist slashed down, that evil ink colored body unexpectedly shot forth and knocked the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist flying!

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s sickles were unable to hit anything before it was launched in an arc into a pile of ruins. It caused a bit of a splash of blood that made Soul Alliance’s members let out a sigh of despair!!!


Zhan Ye landed in the shallow sea of blood. Filled with fighting intent, its ink colored spiked armor twinkled with a lustre that caused Soul Alliance’s members that were rapidly turning into mummies to feel dizzy!

“Heavens. This Warbeast Mo Ye has six Broken Limb Rebirths!!!” Left Absolute let out a cry of shock!

His voice was like a lightning bolt out of the blue. It caused those who were still clinging onto hope to completely lose hope. The huge loss of blood caused their vision to go dark!!

Last time when it had fought Wu Kuang, it had only used five Broken Limb Rebirths. Five Broken Limb Rebirths was already the absolute limit, and everyone had subconsciously believed Zhan Ye could only use it five times. Indeed, the internal intelligence Alliance Master Ling Chan had received also said five rebirths. 

“Bastard!!” Alliance Master Ling Chan cursed. 

His face was extremely pale now. His previous deranged demeanor had already disappeared from his face. 

Instead, his face was filled with annoyance, anger, fury, humiliation, and various other complicated emotions. His face was violently twitching and his chest was like a volcano that was about to erupt and it kept heaving!!

What did it mean to say “to crush one’s own foot while trying to maneuver a rock”? This, right here, was the definition. Moreover, that rocked that crushed his foot was larger than normal!

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