Chapter 1064: Zhan Ye That Drives Enemies Mad (1)

Blood flowed like a spring. Although the physical constitution of soul pet trainers was different than normal people having their arteries flow wasn’t easy to bear. 

Ling Chan looked at Zhan Ye, whose strength had increased and showed an expression of shock.

“That’s fine too. Being too easy to kill is too boring.” confidently said Ling Chan.

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist had already stood up from the watery blood. There were two bloody holes in its back from the Little Hidden Dragon’s gorgeous dragon horn attack.

However, its ability was indeed powerful, as when it stood up, the sea of blood on the ground began to weirdly circulate and flow against the current, going up its legs and into its bodies like it was being absorbed. 

As the blood flowed against the current, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s back wound began to heal. When the sea of blood neared half its amount, the wound was completely healed.

The bloody fog was the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s realm and the continuously spilling blood from the people was an endless source of life force and strength. It would be extremely difficult to kill it like this. 


An ugly, ghostly howl rang out from the basin of blood. The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist reached out its claw. After raising it high in the air, it abruptly smashed it into the sea of blood!

A bloody ripple proliferated from the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist.

 “Gulu Gulu Gulu~~~~”

The bloody water began to boil, and bubbles of blood began to explode!

The blood turned scalding, and the red sea of blood seemed to transform into an enormous cauldron! 

Blood Smelt!

In the sea of blood, impetuous blood snakes burst out and streaked past Zhan Ye, scalding blood splashing onto Zhan Ye’s armor.

Even more terrifying than magma, the smelting blood burned open Zhan Ye’s armor. If it managed to cover its entire body, Zhan Ye would probably become a pool of smelted blood!

Zhan Ye began to charge. Behind it, over a hundred interweaving blood snakes attempted to completely refine it.


As it charged, Zhan Ye released a Destructive Ray behind it. 

The Destructive Ray’s power didn’t even manage to destroy ten blood snakes. The other blood snakes grew closer and closer. If they all managed to catch up, Zhan Ye’s bones probably wouldn’t even be left!

“Hahaha, enjoy the feeling of being chased by death.” loudly laughed Ling Chan.

What did it matter if its strength rose. Wasn’t it still like a dead dog? 

The blood snakes gradually caught up. They twisted their malevolent bodies, bared their teeth and brandished their claws.

Zhan Ye continuously changed locations, passing through the blood snakes; the moment it found an opportunity, it would spit out a Destructive Ray and destroy these greedy snake dragons. 

Its armor had already been smelted. The Ghost eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s technique lasted an extremely long time. Zhan Ye continuously dodged, but its skin was eventually exposed. 

Zhan Ye’s skin didn’t have any defensive properties. After being lightly rubbed by the blood snakes, a large piece of skin and flesh could be smelted.

When the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist saw that this technique had wonderous effects, it let out an excited expression. It slammed its blood palm into the blood water again and created even more blood snakes!

When the blood snakes appeared, it caused the blood pool to drop again. However, seeing a chance to kill this Warbeast Mo Ye, why would it care how much blood was left? 

After managing to destroy 50 blood snakes with great difficulty, another group of these things appeared and mightily danced around Zhan Ye.

However, Zhan Ye displayed calm. Even without armor, it managed to stay dodging.

Its enormous life force allowed Zhan Ye to maintain sufficient fighting strength despite its wounds. Watching the blood pool continuously drop, Chu Mu couldn’t help but smile. 

Clearly, this Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s strength and life force could not be limitless. What he had to do now was exhaust the blood pool’s blood energy to a sufficiently low amount!

“Zhan Ye, Broken Limb Rebirth!”

Chu Mu gave Zhan Ye an order. 

The blood snakes continuously increased. If Zhan Ye were to use this technique while on the verge of death, it probably would become a puddle of blood before managing to rebirth. Therefore, Chu Mu wasn’t greedy about this amount of life force, and decisively had Zhan Ye use Broken Limb Rebirth!

Zhan Ye still had a certain amount of life force left, and using Broken Limb Rebirth under this circumstance wouldn’t put his life in danger. 


Zhan Ye leapt up and its bloody body transformed into a battle hatchet with restrained black light. The battle hatchet swept up a torrential dark tide that struck the area it was on!!!


The battle hatchet’s energy exploded. Several tens of blood snakes were knocked flying and some of them were evaporated. 

After knocking away the blood snakes, Zhan Ye immediately used Broken Limb Rebirth. It allowed liquid to seep over its entire body, transforming into bones, muscles, blood, flesh, skin...

Finally, it was the shiny black and sharp armor!

After being covered by armor, the ancient lines on Zhan Ye’s body let out a dark flicker of light, weaving together on its body and transforming its body, causing it to become even stronger!

When fighting the blood snakes just now, Brave Stinging Heart’s effect had gradually increased ZHan Ye’s strength. Adding on this Ancient Power Awakening, Zhan Ye’s strength had arisen over half a level. 

Thus, Zhan Ye’s present strength was over a level stronger than a pseudo emperor rank!

After obtaining strength, Zhan Ye swept its eyes over the blood snakes around it pressuring it like ghosts. It rapidly swept past ten blood snakes, using its claws with ancient imprints to rip apart the blood snakes’ stomachs

Instantly, ten blood snakes were destroyed. As lithe as a swallow, Zhan Ye’s speed didn’t slow. It launched itself at the other blood snakes!!


Another ten blood snakes were destroyed!!!

Clearly, Zhan Ye’s rise in strength allowed its dodging abilities and close combat methods to combine to a state of perfection. The blood snake dragons could no longer pose a sufficient threat. It didn’t matter how malevolent or fierce the blood snakes were; they could not escape Zhan Ye’s claws!

Sounds of sharp claws continuously rang out. Alliance master Ling Chan watched the blood snakes continuously be defeated and his expression turned slightly ugly. 

One reason for his ugly expression was because of the loss of blood. RIght now, Alliance Master Ling Chan could feel that his body was unwell, and he was growing vexed with this Warbeast Mo Ye that could use Broken Limb Rebirth!

“Senior… Senior Dragon Absolute, I know that the Alliance Master is an unparalleled existence, but Chu Fangchen’s Warbeast Mo Ye is an abnormal existence.” Left Scar suppressed his voice as he spoke to the adjacent Dragon Absolute. 

While the Dragon Absolute had been cursing from the beginning, he was absolutely confident the Alliance Master could kill Chu Fangchen. However, after the Left Scar spoke to him like this, even his heart was feeling slightly nervous. 

“The Alliance Master’s Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s attacks are powerful. It will soon be able to force out all of its Broken Limb Rebirth abilities. Yes, Yes. I remember it had five Broken Limb Rebirths. It has used it three times already, so there are only two times left. Don’t worry, don’t worry…” as the Dragon Absolute spoke, he simultaneously calmed his worried heart.

From the initial playfulness to the present vexation, Alliance Master Ling Chan evidently didn’t think Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye would be so difficult to deal with! 

“Kill it!” Alliance Master Ling Chan coldly ordered. 

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist let out a series of ghostly howls. Its body transformed into a bloody light that flew towards Zhan Ye!

With a torrential fiendish aura, this ghost type creature was radiating in a deathly aura as well, making it seem both fiendish and terrifying. 

However, Chu Mu wouldn’t be led astray by the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s aura. It hadn’t used a technique that absorbed blood, meaning that the amount of blood in the sea of blood wasn’t enough! 

In a close combat fight, who would Zhan Ye be afraid of? 

Without requiring Chu Mu’s order, Zhan Ye which had achieved a slight amount of success met it head on and engaged in a close combat fight with this ghost type creature!!

Without the support of the blood sea, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s strength was only a level higher than Zhan Ye. In this situation, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s attacks were no longer as fierce. Zhan Ye felt that dodging here was a waste of time and decided to just exchange blows with the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!

In this fight of flesh against flesh without using any defenses, Zhan Ye was much more experienced than the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. Most importantly, with Zhan Ye’s crazy mindset of having to bite off a piece of its enemy’s flesh despite being hit by serious blow, this would create enormous fear and pressure in the hearts of enemies!!

After a round of close combat fighting, Zhan Ye became riddled with wounds. However, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist wasn’t unscathed. Its malevolent body was covered in bone-deep claw marks!

“Zhan Ye, retreat” suddenly, Chu Mu gave Zhan Ye, in a bloody fight, an order to retreat. 

Zhan Ye had already caused blood to flow and with its ink armor spikes, it could ignore the enemy’s defense and pierce through. Thus, it already had the advantage. When the Three Great Palaces’ members saw Chu Mu have Zhan Ye retreat, they were very confused. 

However, in the next instant, the blood sea abruptly exploded and an imposing, large mouth opened its mouth of fierce teeth at Zhan Ye!


The shocking blood jaw snapped shut and people could even see space being bitten off! 

The sudden scene shocked everyone. If Zhan Ye had continued fighting the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, Zhan Ye would have been bitten into two pieces; immediately after, any one of the Ghost Eyed BLood Devil Buddhist’s techniques would be able to kill it!

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air and couldn’t help but praise Chu Mu’s calm and decisiveness. 

A peculiar silver color flashed through Chu Mu’s eyes. As Zhan Ye was engaged in a flesh fight, Chu Mu had kept note of the blood sea. 

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s strongest attacks were supported by the blood sea. As Zhan Ye was engaged in a fight with it, the blood sea grew even more dense from the flowing blood of ten thousand people. Moreover, if at that moment, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist suddenly launched an attack at Zhan Ye, which had lost a sufficient level of life force, it would be able to instakill Zhan Ye. 

Alliance Master Ling Chan was indeed scarily cunning. He had intentionally used this method to have Zhan Ye relax its guard and even intentionally put himself into a disadvantageous position. Then, when the blood reached a sufficient amount, he instantly used a fatal attack! 

If Chu Mu hadn’t been aware of the level of blood and continuously maintained his other pupil effect, Zhan Ye probably would have been killed.

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