Chapter 1063: Monument Tear, Ancient Power Awakening

Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was already at low class dominator rank. Indeed, only Dead Dream could handle it.

However, if this card were played now, Chu Mu truly wouldn’t know what to do next to deal with Alliance Master Ling Chan’s following soul pets. After all, he had only summoned two soul pets so far!

Chu Mu quickly thought through his head. He had to figure out a way to deal with the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist somehow.

“Yes, don’t I still have the monument tear?” Seeing Zhan Ye’s steady gaze, Chu Mu suddenly remembered this very important mysterious item!!!

Zhan Ye’s tear crystal hadn't been used by Chu Mu yet. Although he had no idea what the monument tear would do, Chu Mu could only put his hope in it, or else the battle following will be very difficult!!

“Zhan Ye, come to me.” Chu Mu said to Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye paused but still ran over the blood water to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu lifted his hand, and set up an illusion to slightly confuse the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist while he had time to melt the tear crystal.

“Hou~~~” Zhan Ye ran to Chu Mu, its eyes revealing its determination.

Chu Mu knew it was trying to tell him he could win for sure!

Chu Mu also believed Zhan Ye could do it. However, Chu Mu couldn’t let Zhan Ye risk its life like that. He pulled out the tear crystal in his spatial ring.

This teardrop was made with Zhan Ye’s proud and unyielding soul. Chu Mu held it in his palm, and pressed it against Zhan Ye’s cold forehead.

At first Zhan Ye was confused, but when the tear crystal started melting and memories flowed into its head, its expression slowly shifted!

The tear melted very quickly. Chu Mu’s palm went from warm, to wet, to cold.

This process was very short, but their souls seemed to have re-experienced all the memories within!

After all their memories went through their minds, Chu Mu was surprised to find a special energy rolling within his soul, causing his soul to slowly elevate!!

“This…..this is….” Chu Mu was stunned.

After the tear crystal melted, streams of warmth flowed through his entire body, causing Chu Mu’s soul to raise!

Promotion. What caused Chu Mu to be in disbelief was that his soul ranked up, reaching ninth remembrance spirit emperor territory!!

The tear crystals’ energy was unpredictable. When Mo Xie used it, she became an atoned sin fox. This time, the crystal’s powers seemed to be used on him, causing him to become ninth remembrance spirit emperor!!


Just then, a shriek broke through Chu Mu’s joy.

The situation wasn’t worthy of joy yet. Chu Mu quickly retracted that thought and cast other pupil to gaze at the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist that broke through the illusion layer he set up!


Zhan Ye roared. Following Chu Mu’s command, it leaped into the air, barely missing the blood scythe as it leaped towards the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist ‘s head!

Death God’s Dawn Blade

Two dark flashes criss-crossed, leaving two wounds on the vicious face of the Blood Devil Buddhist!

Blood immediately poured out of the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. However, the low class dominator rank monster wasn’t afraid of Zhan Ye’s scratches at all.

After Zhan Ye attacked, it suddenly turned around and opened its mouth wide, spewing a beam of blood towards Zhan Ye!

The blood light blasted Zhan Ye, nearly breaking through Zhan Ye’s stomach.

Blood splattered out. The already heavily wounded Zhan Ye fell to the ground after this hit, unable to get up in the moment!

Chu Mu’s heart tightened. Zhan Ye’s power didn’t increase at all. Did the tear crystals’ effects go all to to him?

“Hahaha, die!!!” Alliance Master Ling Chan saw the opportunity, and quickly gave a command to Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist for a followup attack while laughing!

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist lifted a large claw, creating a massive blood claw above Zhan ye!

Seeing the monster start a followup attack, Chu Mu’s heart shook even more. Zhan Ye couldn't possibly finish Broken Limb Rebirth in this situation!


Just before the blood claw fell, from within the water came a dragon’s roar. A ghostly blue dragon shadow darted out bizarrely, slamming its soul-wreathed horn into the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s back!!


Not expecting the attack at all, Little Hidden Dragon’s most powerful weapon and technique slammed into the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s back. The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was sent flying and suffered great damage to its soul due to the biting of ten thousand ghouls!

Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist flew out very far, falling into the deep blood pool!

“Damned Ghost Dragon!!” Alliance Master Ling Chan yelled out, revealing a venomous fury in his eyes!

The ghost dragon could pass freely through all mirrored surfaces, so the blood sea gave it perfect mobility. With a small mishap from the meteor dragon, Little Hidden Dragon escaped combat!

Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist didn’t mind getting attacked. What Ling Chan was furious about was missing the opportunity to kill the Mo Ye with broken limb rebirth. Losing this opportunity meant the Mo Ye definitely completed Broken Limb Rebirth again!

Indeed, in the blood water, Zhan Ye full of wounds stood up with the help of Little Hidden Dragon and its wounds healed, again ready to fight!

Seeing Zhan Ye again fully recovered, Ling Chan at most got a little more angry and annoyed. After all, it was a fellow that was going to die even if it has five broken limb rebirths.

Yet, after the Soul Alliance members saw Zhan Ye recover, their faces turned steely!

Time was life. If they continue wasting time, their blood will run dry!!

Now, the people who were constantly losing blood could already feel mentally weak, and physically dizzy. These were all signs of losing too much blood!

Most painfully, no matter what medicine they used, as long as they were deep in the blood pond, they wouldn’t stop bleeding!

The Soul Alliance people were all sullen while Three Palace people were joyous. They never expected to live on, so using their lives to trade off ten thousand Soul Alliance members was unbelievably worth!


A powerful roar came out. Recovering its power, Zhan Ye showed a clear increase in strength, having an even more imposing roar!

Its dark armor covered over Zhan Ye’s body. The ancient beast marks slowly became clearer and went along Zhan Ye’s body as it became an ancient symbol!

The picture would flash at almost every joint of Zhan Ye, disappearing after a single flash. And through this process, Zhan Ye’s power, which was increased by brave stinging heart to pseudo dominator rank, got even stronger!

This meant that Zhan Ye’s broken limb rebirth virtually rose its power by half a rank. This improvement was huge. After all, Zhan Ye still had four broken limb rebirths!!

“This……” Seeing Zhan Ye grow stronger, Chu Mu himself was dumbfounded.

He remembered that back in great broken sting valley, Chu Mu also met an organism with broken limb rebirth. In fact, it had another special technique aside of broken limb rebirth.

It was a technique that could greatly improve one’s strength after healing from a heavy wound, a technique called “Ancient Power Awakening”!

After healing up heavy wounds, the rejuvenation of muscles and cells would increase the soul pet’s power, speed, defense, and life force. To most soul pets, this was useless, because there wasn’t that much time in combat to heal.

However, to soul pets with broken limb rebirth, it was a godly technique, especially for soul pets like Zhan Ye with outstanding life force talent!!

And clearly, Zhan Ye’s greatly increased power after broken limb rebirth was because of Ancient Power Awakening!!!

Zhan Ye used a broken limb rebirth in its fight against Icy Death King and Steel Eagle King. After Ye Qingzi came, she gave it a life force technique that allowed Zhan Ye to cast another broken limb rebirth!

This meant that Zhan Ye now had four broken limb rebirths left still, along with four ancient power awakenings!

Other than ancient power awakening, Zhan Ye’s brave stinging heart would continuously increase its strength still. Such a combination was terrifying!!

At this moment, CHu Mu’s heart palpitated heavily!!


The effects of monument tear was two ways. Chu Mu gained a lift in his soul while Zhan Ye gained ancient power awakening!!

In reality, when Old LI was training Zhan Ye, he was trying his absolute hardest to give Zhan Ye ancient power awakening. However, after going through endless locations, Old Li could never find the last item, an item even Old Li wasn’t sure of…...

When Chu Mu used monument tear, it was the last push to the solid foundation that Old Li had built for Zhan Ye, causing it to learn Ancient Power Awakening amidst the washing of the soul!

Looking at the much stronger Zhan ye, Chu Mu’s confidence was also boosted as his eyes started to glow again.

It seemed like the arrogant Alliance Master and the Soul Alliance members were about to run out of blood, yet Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist would now find it nearly impossible to instantly kill the now dominator rank Zhan Ye!

This battle would definitely get prolonged indefinitely. Especially after Zhan Ye’s last broken limb rebirth. Its life force was six times that of a normal organism. Even if it stood there for the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist to attack, it would need a while to kill Zhan Ye!

One could imagine that, the arrogant Ling Chan that used his own blood as a timer would definitely start twitching from anger and loss of blood after seeing just how many times Zhan Ye could use broken limb rebirth!!!

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