Chapter 1062: The King of Blood Pool, Blood Devil Buddhist

“Chu Mu….” Liu Binglan saw that Chief Hero Yuan Sui had already gone into the skies to cast a wind type technique and looked worriedly at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded towards her, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Liu Binglan knew that Chu Mu was still holding the trump card of half devil. Looking up at the Unifying Wind Unicorn that was stirring up the ruins, they opened their mouths and said, “Let me deal with him.”

After speaking, Liu Binglan started an incantation!

Starlight fell, breaking through the windscreen and creating a glimmering starlight veil before her.

The glimmering light screen slowly revealed a bright and spirited organism that lightly floated a meter above ground.

Liu Binglan jumped onto soul pet Star River’s body and became a meteor that dashed through the gale territory.

Chu Mu didn’t know chief hero Yuan Sui’s power well. However, Liu Binglan had the power of Supremes, and could summon another soul pet to help her. Even if she couldn’t defeat Chief Hero Yuan Sui, she shouldn't fall into a disadvantage.

Then, Chu Mu would have to face this heartless alliance master Ling Chan herself!

“Zhan Ye, you deal with the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist .” Chu Mu glanced at the slightly late Zhan Ye and said.

Zhan Ye’s black armor was stained with blood. It looks like in its process here, to not let its strength fall back, Zhan Ye did some fighting in the soul alliance army.

The black and mighty figure slowly walked in front of Chu Mu, its intent pupils gazing at the monster frenziedly sucking blood.

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist could absorb blood to gain strength, Zhan Ye could also constantly grow in strength!


Zhan Ye stepped on the bloody ground. Suddenly, the blood water sprayed aside as Zhan Ye became a black beam that sped towards the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist enjoying blood!

Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s claws made a grabbing motion. The blood on the ground all started flowing strangely. As Zhan Ye dashed towards them, the blood formed multiple terrifying blood spears that flew towards Zhan Ye’s stomach!

Over ten thousand peoples’ blood and rain mixed together, causing it to become a sea of blood. The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was a ghost type organism that could control blood. This sea of blood was its perfect weapon!!

Bloody spears constantly flew out of the water. From the original spikes to a dense coverage, it didn’t leave any room for Zhan Ye to dodge.

Facing such a technique, Zhan Ye could only run forward like normal; dodging was meaningless!!

The blood spear was far sharper than a blade. Almost every spear could break through Zhan Ye’s defense, but what was scary wasn’t its piercing effect. Instead, it was its ability to take some blood every time it flew through!!!

This was a failsafe way of taking away life force. After such a dense coverage of spears, even real dominator rank organisms could probably become an empty corpse!

Zhan Ye’s blood and life disappeared very swiftly. Luckily, its life force was much larger than a normal soul pet, so even taking the entire technique’s brunt wouldn’t immediately drain it!

Passing through the blood spear obstacle, Zhan Ye already appeared in front of the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!

The black figure suddenly sped up. The running Zhan Ye became two that flew by the left and right side of Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, ripping out an arc that closed off all the space behind Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!

The black path suddenly glinted and became two black and cold scythes!

The two cold knives scissored towards the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. It lifted its two palms upwards, causing the blood to rise and became two blood shields. Right before the blades hit them, it blocked the way to Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. 

Zhan Ye’s attack only barely left a mark upon the bloody shield. The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist quickly flashed with an expression of distaste and mockery.

Before Zhan Ye’s strength got stronger, its attack wouldn’t do much to the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist. Even the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist felt that using two blood shields to block the attack was slightly overdoing it.

Its long blood tongue licked the corner of its mouth. Flipping its skeleton-like claws, the two blood shields became two large blood blades!

One hand with each, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist leaped upwards and lifted both blades over its head!


The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist let out a deep breath. Immediately, the blood ocean lifted with a roaring blood tide!

“Hua!!! Hua!”

Two blood blades fell down, the massive blood tides fell down alongside this attack!!!

The shocking technique caused the ten thousand bleeding people to gawk at. Under such an attack, even tens of thousands of organisms bundled together would instantly die!!

“Zhan Ye, broken limb rebirth!”

Chu Mu suddenly gave Zhan Ye a command!

With Chu Mu’s judgment of this technique, Zhan Ye’s life force was already weakened once by the blood spears, and was it likely to get instantly killed by this ghost wave blood knife technique!!

Zhan Ye didn’t dare to hesitate at all. Before the blood knife even fell, it casted broken limb rebirth to quickly regenerate its life force!

As its wounds were healing, its blood was also being replenished. Yet, the two ghost tide blood knives fell on two sides of Zhan Ye’s skull, cutting it from shoulder to chest!!

Zhan Ye was nearly slashed into three parts by this attack. Thankfully, the blood blade’s energy slowly disappeared after slashing into Zhan Ye’s sturdy ribs. The following tide only sent Zhan Ye flying away with its shoulder and ribs exposed!

This attack was grisly. Seeing Zhan Ye’s wounds, almost everyone thought that Zhan Ye would become a bloody corpse!!

If not for Chu Mu making the correct judgment in time, Zhan Ye may truly have been instantly killed. After all, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s rank was very high. Adding on the blood covering the ground, any technique was very terrifying!


In the ruins submerged in blood, Zhan Ye let out an angry roar, stabilizing its body within the fierce tides!

Its ribs and shoulder bones were quickly healing, covered over by muscle fibers and skin that was growing at visible rates. Slowly, the black armor completely covered over Zhan Ye’s body again.

Seeing Zhan Ye recover, Alliance Master Chan Ling’s expression slightly shifted.

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist with a blood pool was definitely low class emperor rank. Yet, this Mo Ye clearly hadn’t even reached dominator rank. The blood spear before should have been enough to kill it instantly, yet he didn’t expect this thing to be completely unharmed after two attacks!

“Looks like it was this broken limb rebirth thing that killed my beloved soul pet?” Alliance Master Ling Chan said to himself.

One could already tell that this was an organism that was hard to handle.

“En, not enough blood yet, not enough.” Alliance master Ling Chan glanced at the other soul alliance members in the blood and gave Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist a command!

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s two pupils glinted and immediately, the blood fog became thick!!

The direct result of the blood becoming thicker was everyone started losing blood faster!

Alliance Master Ling Chan’s move made everyone’s expressions change!

Many of these ten thousand people saw Chu Mu’s battle against son of heaven Wu Kuang. In their eyes,this Mo Ye was an unkillable being. The terrifying five broken limb rebirths nearly caused Wu Kuang to go insane.

One could say that when Chu Mu told Zhan Ye to deal with the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, everyone in soul alliance lost their minds.

And now that Alliance Master Ling Chan wanted their blood to flow faster, it was like taking their lives. They were all losing their blood, yet they didn’t have five broken limb rebirths!

“Dragon…… Dragon Absolute, let’s…… let’s leave here. At this rate, we’re all going to die!” An expert said shakily to him.

Dragon Absolute had cussed out Ling Chan in his mind over and over again, but when even Hero Chief Yuan Sui could only remain silent, how could a small “leader of sixteen absolutes” say anything.

As for leaving there, Dragon Absolute didn’t even dare to think about it. If they left, the perverted Alliance Master Ling Chan definitely wouldn’t mind killing them and bleeding them out completely at once!!

“Alliance master’s Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist should be able to kill it.” Dragon absolute could only comfort himself with this now.

In reality, from the looks of it, Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist indeed had the power. Its destructive power was three or four times stronger than the Icy Death King and Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King!   


This time, the blood blades became scythes that swiped across, again giving Zhan Ye a heavy blow!


Zhan Ye fell into the bloody ocean, sliding backwards and lifting up a large slash of blood, before ending up in front of Chu Mu.

Zhan Ye was, in reality, almost dominator rank. However, against the Zhan Ye with six times life power, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was very clearly more powerful. Zhan Ye was falling in two mere techniques. With a small misstep, it may even die without getting the chance to cast broken limb rebirth!


In the sky, Little Hidden Dragon fighting Meteor Dragon glanced at Zhan Ye and wanted to come down to help.

However, Chu Mu didn’t let Little Hidden Dragon join. After all, Ling Chan’s Meteor Dragon wasn’t that easy to deal with either. If Little Hidden Dragon split its attention, its initial advantage could easily be lost.

Chu Mu looked at Zhan Ye stand up shakily from the blood water, and slowly his expression turned grave.

Having the blood ocean, Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist’s strength was definitely at low class dominator rank. Its attacks were way too terrifying. Zhan Ye couldn’t block them many times. Even if Zhan Ye wasn’t instantly killed, at this rate, Zhan Ye would have used all six broken limb rebirths and still not be its match.

“Do I have to summon dead dream now?” A sliver of hesitation appeared in Chu Mu’s heart.

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