Chapter 1061: Blood Hourglass

“Tch, your strength isn’t ordinary!” Alliance Master Ling Chan cracked a smile.

After Meteor Dragon finished swaying, its two feet suddenly stomped on the ground. It became as steady as a boulder and its ruthless and fierce eyes stared at Little Hidden Dragon also of the dragon species. 

“I can slowly play with you.” Alliance Master Ling Chan didn’t care about the two wounds Chu Mu dealt. Instead, his eyes were filled with violence and a slight amount of bloodthirst!

Alliance Master Ling Chan enjoyed the taste of blood. Indeed, his own soul pet, the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, had developed a terrifying enjoyment of drying its opponent of blood because of Ling Chan’s addiction. 

It was rare that the son of a person he had crippled had obtained such strength in a mere span of 20 years. It had been a long time since he had enjoyed tormenting and agnering an opponent. Thus, he grew interested in this fight. 

Of course, making the enemy bleed wasn’t enough to quell the anger in his heart since this brat had killed one of his soul pets. 

The Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was his only soul pet with an ancient beast soul. Its potential was limitless. Yet, it had been killed by this brat. Thus, he would have to properly ‘entertain’ this brat! 

Chanting an incantation, a bloody pattern gradually appeared around Alliance Master Ling Chan! 

A withered claw stretched out of the patter before crawling out of the summoning pattern.

This object was like a demon crawling out from the nine underworlds. Its ashen face was filled with sharp teeth and its entire body was filled with ulcers that were bleeding blood!

Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!!

This monster that had a bloodthirsty fate!!!

When the senior elders and elders from the Three Great Palaces saw this monster appear, their scalps went numb. 

An innumerable number of their soul pets had lost their lives at the hands of this bleeding monster. Often, they wouldn’t even realize they had been targeted by this soul pet before their body began to crazily bleed. It was only when they noticed their life force had grown weak and withered that they abruptly realized that the Blood Devil Buddhist was hiding next to them!!

This was an executioner hiding in the darkness and licking the blood!!

“Although I enjoy fighting properly against others, where else is there another opponent worth me using my entire strength?” Alliance Master Ling Chan stood on Meteor Dragon’s horn and spoke while extending his right hand. 

Suddenly, the monster climbing out of the nine underworlds swept its claws. The sharp black claw unexpectedly slashed across Alliance Master Ling Chan’s wrist!!

“Shua!!!” a deep wound was instantly cut across Alliance Master Ling Chan’s wrist all the way to his artery. 

Fresh red blood spilled from his wrist and dripped onto Meteor Dragon’s head!

The members of the Three Great Palaces slowly gathering together were stunned. They didn’t know what the Alliance Master was doing. 

Soul Alliance members encircling them were even more shocked .They didn’t understand why he would have his soul pet cut his wrist!

The blood was still flowing, but Alliance Masterling Chan had plastered on his face an artificial and terrifying smile. 

He seemed to not care at all as he put his hand down and let the blood rapidly flow. He stared at Chu Mu and said: “In the past, I enjoyed using an hourglass to measure time. But gradually, I felt that letting blood flow wasn’t a bad method. Tch, enjoy the bloody feast I’m about to send you. Of course, if you are able to last until my blood runs dry, then it will be your victory. Hahaha!!!” 

Even the deranged laughter was filled with bloodthirstiness. Chu Mu creased his brows and stared at Alliance Master Ling Chan.

This Alliance Master Ling Chan was even more messed up in the head than he thought. He was even using his blood as a timer. This essentially was a self-mutilating lunatic! 

However, Chu Mu had clearly underestimated Alliance Master Ling Chan’s insanity. 

The Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist suddenly transformed into a fog of dense blood. This bloody fog instantly enveloped all of Three Great Palaces and Soul Alliance members! 

As everyone was confused, fresh blood began to drip from everyone’s bodies!!

Blood began to rapidly splurt and mix with the torrential downpour of rain. In a few seconds, the entire battlefield of ruins had transformed into a bloody lake. The smell of blood assailed everyone’s noses, making it difficult to even breathe!!

“Senior Alliance Master, you…” the Dragon Absolute’s face was full of fright as he looked at Alliance Master Ling Chan.

The Dragon Absolute had also been enveloped by the bloody fog, which was eerily corroding his skin. The moment cracks appeared on his skin, blood would rapidly spill out without stop!! 

Aside from the Dragon Absolute, most of the other Investigator experts and the high ranking army of ten thousand had been enveloped by the bloody fog. Their blood was also continuously spilling out! 

The 100 high ranking members or so of the Three Great Palaces encircled by Soul Alliance also weren’t able to escape. The bloody fog corroded their bodies, causing blood to spill out!!

Presently, both sides were bleeding! 

Such a psychotic method was terrifying. Watching the blood fill the ground, Soul Alliance’s members descended into a state of panic.

This Alliance Master wasn’t differentiating between enemy and ally!

“Tch, don’t be afraid. Before you are bled dry, they will have all died by then. Aren’t I also accompanying your guys’ bleeding? Could it be you feel like your own blood is more precious than mine?” Alliance Master Ling Chan laughed as he looked at his subordinates. 

“I… I don’t dare…” the Dragon Absolute’s hairs were standing on end. On the surface, he was deferential, but in his heart, he was madly cursing. The Alliance Master’s heart was so twisted!

Indeed, there were over ten thousand people from Soul Alliance here, including the high ranking army! 

The bloody fog was continuously spreading. Him using his own blood was already a crazy action. Yet, he even implicated over ten thousand Soul Alliance members in the bleeding. If the fight was carelessly dragged on, wouldn’t they all die from bleeding dry? 

Indeed, everyone knew that the Alliance Master was a godly existence. There was nobody who could fight against him. Yet, these actions that ignored the lives of others genuinely made others tremble in fear!!

“Chu Mu, look at how benevolent I am being to you. My life added on to all those other people are fairly traded for your somewhat old and weakened soldiers. If you defeat me… oh, no, I mean if you manage to not die for a long enough time, you will obtain a total victory.” Alliance Master Ling Chan stared at Chu Mu. 

Although the Alliance Master’s method seemed stupid and arrogant, Chu Mu was certain this fellow wouldn’t do such a logicless thing for no reason. 

“Chu Mu, he is increasing the strength of his Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist!’ at this moment, Liu Binglan’s voice rang out in Chu Mu’s ear.

Chu Mu turned around and glanced at Liu Binglan whose mental state had recovered. 

From her eyes, Chu Mu could see that she was planning on fighting together with him. 

Liu Binglan’s words naturally made Chu Mu notice this. Indeed, although Chu Mu discovered that fresh blood was flowing all over the ground, the essence of the blood was surging up to the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist! 

Chu Mu remembered Old Li saying before that the Alliance Master’s soul pest were all probably under the low class dominator rank, but they could use special abilities to strengthen themselves to a higher realm. 

It seemed that bleeding was the method the Alliance Master could use to increase the strength of his Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist! 

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

As Chu Mu’s attention was completely fixated on the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist, a violent wind suddenly assailed the area. It swept through the ruins and turbidly covered the sky!

The strange streams of air picked up as a wind beast which majestic body was covered in feathers descended from the sky. It landed heavily next to Alliance Master Ling Chan and Meteor Dragon! 

The wind beast was about the same size as Meteor Dragon. Its aura wasn’t any inferior either. After it appeared, the streams of air around it turned abnormal. It seemed as if invisible danger was lurking in every corner, yet it couldn’t be found anywhere!

“Unifying Wind Unicorn!!” Liu Binglan sucked in a breath of air and her expression instantly changed. 

The Unifying Wind Unicorn was the trademark soul pet of Hero Chief Yuan Sui. It was also the strongest wind type creature of humanity!! 

When Three Great Palaces and Soul Alliance had fought in Wanxiang City back then, although Hero Chief Yuan Sui’s Unifying Wind Unicorn had only used a single technique, nobody would forget this terrifying unifying wind king! 

This was true destructive wind which would leave no survivors wherever it passed. The appearance of Hero Chief Yuan Sui undoubtedly added a layer of frost onto the Three Great Palaces!

“Hahaha, Yuna Sui, you’ve come at the perfect time. You definitely cannot miss this game.” Alliance Master Ling Chao glanced at the adjacent Yuan Sui and laughed. 

Yuan Sui had come here because he had felt the blood flowing everywhere. This perpetually low-key Soul Alliance Chief’s eyes  were staring indifferently at the Soul Alliance members bleeding. 

Yuan Sui knew that Alliance Master Ling Chan was using these people’s lives to raise the strength of his soul pet. However, Alliance Master probably could have also summoned other soul pets to deal with Chu Fangchen. Using a method of having both sides bleed was too cruel. Although Chu Fangchen would ultimately die first, it would definitely leave an enormous psychological shadow in the hearts of all of Soul Alliance’s members. This would make managing and governing a bit troublesome in the future. 

However, even if Yuan Sui knew that the Alliance Master treated the lives of these people like weeds, he didn’t dare say anything. He only calmly asked: “Is there anything this subordinate can do for you?” 

“What do you think?” Alliance Master Ling Chan stretched out his own wrist.

Yuan Sui glanced at Alliance Master Ling Chan’s bloody wrist and instantly didn’t say anything more. 

He had always heard how bloodthirsty the Alliance Master was; yet, he didn’t imagine he would be bloodthirsty to this extent. He even used his own blood!

“If you have any consideration, then help me get rid of Liu Binglan. I can’t just have you come here for nothing.” faintly laughed Alliance Master Ling Chan.

Hero Chief Yuan Sui glanced at Liu Binglan and slowly nodded his head. He rode on the Unifying Wind Unicorn and flew towards the area in the sky where Liu Binglan was. 

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