Chapter 1060

The sky was filled with falling meteors, destroying all of the palaces. This territory of the three great palaces had become a desolation. 

Meteor Dragon was so strong that it couldn’t be stopped. Each technique that descended left a terrifying rock catastrophe. There were even a few Soul Alliance soldiers caught in the AoE.

However, in Alliance Master Ling Chan’s eyes, the lives of these people weren’t worth him restraining himself for. The number of Soul Alliance members who had died under his attacks were innumerable. 

Indeed, no matter whether it was the Three Great Palaces or Soul Alliance suffering from the Alliance Master’s terrifying and merciless attacks, the Alliance Master wasn’t the god of humanity. Instead, he was a bloodthirsty and berserk devil. The entire city resounded with his mad laughter. 

The laughter rang out from high up. It carried disdain, contempt, amusement and arrogance. Seemingly wherever his laughter reached, that place would be died with blood!

Nobody knew that Alliance Master Ling Chan, revered by countless people, was such a madman. However, the madman persona made people even more scared of him. The fear seeped into their bones!

“Oh? If I don’t remember incorrectly, isn’t this Senior Elder Liu?” on Meteor Dragon, Ling Chan looked down at Senior Elder Liu. 

Senior Elder Liu was standing in the same spot, accompanied by his two soul pets. These two soul pets were both peak emperors. However, they were fortunate survivors of the Sealed Mouth Event. 

Ling Chan’s memory was very good, especially against people he had faced before. Senior Elder Liu, in front of him, was one of these people. Unfortunately, the people who had faced him before didn’t have a good ending. Originally, Ling Chan had planned on just killing him and all of his soul pets. However, Old Han’s appearance caused him to restrain his vicious behavior. He barely decided to let off a few people. Among them included Senior Elder Liu and at least two soul pets.

“Ling Chan, many things change. Perhaps now nobody can stop you, but maybe in another ten years, you will suffer a complete defeat!” Senior Elder Liu was without fear as he spoke. 

Senior Elder Liu was old. Living another few years didn’t have much meaning to him. Stepping into the spirit emperor rank indeed made his life longer than normal people. However, every spirit emperor understood that the ninth rank spirit emperor rank wasn’t something people could cross. If nobody could cross it, they would ultimately grow old and walk towards death.

Alliance Master Ling Chan was also a ninth remembrance spirit emperor, and there would ultimately be a day when he grew old and weak! 

“Your words are truly laughable. Do you think that I, Ling Chan, am the same as you low class creatures? Hahaha. You won’t understand. I’ll send you on your way. I’m sure your old friends will welcome you down there!” Ling Chan’s eyes turned sharp! 

Meteor Dragon stretched out its claws covered in countless meteors and enveloped the area above Senior Elder Liu’s head!

Senior Elder Liu’s eyes turned imposing. Even if he knew he could not stop even one of Ling Chan’s techniques and even if he died, he would die with spirit!

Looking up, Senior Elder Liu gave his soul pet an order to attack!

However, just as his soul pets took flight, suddenly, a spectral cyan figure rapidly flew past them!

This figure radiated in an incomparably vast energy. Underneath this energy, Senior Elder Liu felt how insignificant his soul pets were in power. 

Yet, this figure was silent and didn’t create any spatial fluctuations. The world seemed to enter a weird silence from its flight and immediately after, a complete destruction energy would be released!!


Energy erupted from the dragon horn. Meteor Dragon wasn’t able to recognize that there was a creature here could deal it damage. It didn’t even use a defensive technique as its chest was shattered by the dragon horn destruction. 

Its heavy body flew backwards, flying all the way from the Three Great Palaces to another district in the city. On the ground, it left a stunning gulch!!

Alliance Master’s Meteor Dragon was knocked flying!!!

Everyone saw it. But was this unshakable creature really knocked flying??

Soul Alliance’s members were dumbstruck and watched confoundedly at the long gulch. They watched as the enormous Meteor Dragon didn’t stand up for a long while!

“Ao hou ho!!!!!!!!”

Finally, Meteor Dragon was able to stand back up. It opened its wings composed of rock crystals and stared venomously at the cyan colored body as it gave an angry roar!!!

It had been many years since Meteor Dragon had been wounded. Today, no matter who had angered it today, it was going to split it into pieces and then eat it!

Alliance Master Ling Chan staggered back to his feet between Meteor Dragon’s horns. One of his eyes were filled with anger and ruthlessness, while the other not moving eye turned abnormally cold and terrifying!

Who was it that dared sneak attack him!!

Sweeping his eyes over, the spectral cyan colored dragon was standing on Three Great Palace’s side, in front of Senior Elder Liu. And standing on top of the dragon was a young man who was staring at him.

“Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon…” Alliance Master’s eyes slowly began to change!

Although it was covered in a spectral blue light, Ling Chan instantly was able to recognize the species!

His eyes then quickly fell on the young man.

Alliance Master Ling Chan had never seen this person before, but he knew that the only person who could mount a sliver of threat against him was the same person that had killed one of his soul pets.

“Hmph, so you are Chu Fangchen!” Alliance Master’s pupils were abnormal as he looked at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu shook his head.

Alliance Master Ling Chan creased his brows and asked again: “Then who are you?”

“Chu Tianmang’s son, Chu Mu.” Chu Mu responded in a cold, resounding voice.

Alliance Master Ling Chan was briefly stunned, before letting out a wanton laughter!!

“So it was like this! This is truly interesting. Truly interesting.” Alliance Master Ling Chan restrained his violent attitude. Instead, he now was somewhat rumatory as he looked at Chu Mu.

He was certain that the person in front of him was Chu Fangchen. But he didn’t realize Chu Fagnchen was Chu Tianmang and Liu Binglan’s son! 

“Don’t you know that after your father angered me, he became a cripple? Twenty years later, you’re about to walk the same path as your father! This is very good. I enjoy helping others.” said Ling Chan. 

“Cripple? In a few years, a single one of his soul pets will be able to annihilate all of yours.” indifferently said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t blindly worship his father. Rather, Chu Tianmang was indeed the most knowledgeable person towards soul pets that he knew. It took a long time after Chu Mu stepped onto the soul pet path before he finally understood the true meaning of his words.

While Chu Mu was persevering on the soul pet path, Chu Tianmang was beginning to walk a new path. Chu Mu was confident that he, having already experienced countless hardships, tempering and bumps on the road, had already reached an extremely high point and could definitely surpass the Alliance Master!

Chu Mu knew the person in front of him was his father’s enemy. The hatred in his heart had already seeped into his marrows. His sole goal as he travelled around was to personally kill this person!

However, his father wasn’t present, so Chu Mu could only deliver this blow for him!!

“You’re going to follow your father’s path!” sneered Alliance Master Ling Chan. He gave his angry Meteor Dragon an order to attack!

Meteor Dragon’s strength laid in its absolute strength and defense. Even Hidden Dragon species were a level lower.The attack from Little Hidden Dragon just now had given a medium amount of damage, but this level wasn’t enough to affect Meteor Dragon’s true fighting strength!

Flying meteors appeared and instantly, a turbid windstorm emerged around Meteor Dragon. The windstorm wasn’t filled with stand but rather large pieces of rock!!

Meteor windstorm seemed to be entwining all the way to the clouds, but the bottom of the windstorm was gripped by Meteor Dragon as it smashed the windstorm down!!

Such savagery and brutality. Meteor Dragon’s strength was probably above the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. 

Chu Mu didn’t try and face it head on. Instead, he had Little Hidden Dragon use a spectral technique to dodge into the illusory world!

Dominator rank strength was capable of easily shaking up space and could even pass through to a different space. Thus, Little Hidden Dragon’s spectral hiding was unable to completely dodge the rock type technique. The rock energy that passed through space struck Little Hidden Dragon’s armor and left numerous tiny wounds on its scales.

“This Meteor Dragon is even stronger than Thunder Monarch!” Chu Mu creased his brows. 

From direct attacks, Chu Mu was able to clearly judge the opponent. This meant that even if Meteor Dragon hadn’t reached the low class dominator rank, it probably wasn’t far off!


Little Hidden Dragon now enjoyed fighting strong opponents. With Chu Mu commanding the fight, it didn’t need to worry about lacking fighting experience. 

As the might of the technique was slightly weakened, Little Hidden Dragon was able to peculiarly move to the side and float in another direction before opening its dragon mouth! 

A dragon light was condensed in its mouth while the restless souls in its body began to fly around it!


Little dragon spat out a light and the ten thousand souls tailed behind!

Others were unable to see the souls. The only thing they could see was a dense fiendish aura behind the dragon light!

Meteor Dragon retracted its wings and pushed them forwards. The two rock wings came together in front of it, forming an enormous rock dragon shield!


The dragon light struck Meteor Dragon’s wings, causing Meteor Dragon to violently tremble.

However, immediately after, the ten thousand souls passed through the cracks in Meteor Dragon’s shield. Like a torrential wave, they slammed, wave after wave, into Meteor Dragon’s wounded chest!!

Meteor Dragon originally thought that it would be alright after blocking the dragon light. It never expected that the following fiendish aura’s might would be even more terrifying than the dragon light. The sudden impact caused it to slide back and nearly fall onto a pile of ruins.

This was the second time the Alliance Master’s Meteor Dragon had been injured. This was all seen by the numerous Three Great Palaces’ members fleeing under Liu Binglan’s protection!

To them, the Alliance Master was a death god who was playing with and harvesting their lives. Resisting was of no use because the enemy was too strong!

However, nobody expected a young man to be able to fight alone against this death god!!

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