Chapter 1059: Only Want to Kill One Person

Underground Sacred Palace

The Underground Sacred Palace’s barriers were completely maintained by the crystals embedded in the wall.

If they were still glowing, it meant they still had energy. If they went dark, it meant the crystals were completely used.

Before entering the Underground Sacred Palace, the crystals were all bright with color. Now, most of them were dark and barely lit, causing everyone in the Underground Sacred Palace to feel worried.


Suddenly, the Underground Sacred Palace shook violently. A sliver of energy came in from outside, and caused the remaining crystals to dim even further.

Nightmare Emperor Jiang furrowed his brows and glanced at the other elders.

The elders were all also showing despair.

It has been almost two months. In those two months, the entire Wanxiang City must have fallen into Soul Alliance’s control. They knew almost nothing about what happened outside.

Yet, they couldn’t do anything. In fact, they knew that even if they stayed in this Underground Sacred Palace, they were just doing last minute struggles.

“There isn’t much time left. Female Supreme, we’ll try our best to occupy the Soul Alliance Master. When the Underground Sacred Palace is broken through, summon Six Dawn Space Masters and leave!” Emperor Jiang said to Liu Binglan. 

“How could I!” Liu Binglan immediately refused.

Though the power gathered here of elders was not something to underestimate, it was Alliance Master Ling Chan outside. No matter how hard they worked together, they weren’t possibly matches. To use these lives to get time to escape was something Liu Binglan could never do.

“Your majesty, don’t say more. If you’re alive, Three Palace has a chance of coming back. If you fall into their hands, what else do we have to go against Soul Alliance?” Shen Qiu said strictly.

Losing Wanxiang City, losing their elders, none of this mattered. At least they still had Tianxia realm. If Soul Alliance wanted to take all of Wanxiang realm, they needed at least five years. Gathering all their forces in Tianxia realm through these five years, Soul Alliance would definitely have a tough time taking them over. However, the prerequisite was that Three Palace must have a leader present or else Tianxia Realm would also fall apart.

So, the elders, palace masters, and senior elders all decided that when the barrier broke, they had to protect Female Supreme Liu Binglan’s retreat no matter what.

Liu BInglan had a dominator rank other type soul pet, and could summon Six Dawn Space Masters to protect her. As long as they could preoccupy Alliance Master for a small while, there was a chance she could escape.

Liu Binglan gazed at the members of Three Palace in front of her. She didn’t know when they made this decision, but simply thinking about them likely dying at Alliance Master Ling Chan’s hands, she felt as if her throat was choking up, unable to respond.

These two months of being trapped, Liu Binglan had felt an unbelievable torment. The massive pressure fell on her soldiers, yet she could do nothing about it. In fact, in the end, she even needed these older generation people to sacrifice themselves for her retreat.


Another vibration came through, causing all their hearts to shake alongside the building!

The crystals became even darker, and people even heard the distinct sound of something cracking.

The barrier finally broke!

After two months of an agonizing wait, they knew clearly that their family most likely were already executed by Soul Alliance. They had nothing left in this world other than the will to keep Three Palaces going!

“Binglan, leave.” Elder Liu lightly patted Liu Binglan’s shoulder and said in a light voice.

“Father, I don’t want to go…..” Liu Binglan looked at the two white haired elders.

 These elders were like her own family. Losing them, Liu Binglan truly didn’t know whether she still had the courage to go and reorganise Soul Palace and face Soul Alliance.

“We can choose to die cowardly and sacrifice ourselves, but you can’t.” Elder Liu said.

At this point, death was a release. Only those who live on will have to face even heavier responsibilities. Elder Liu knew that this burden was truly too heavy for this woman who also had feelings, had family.

However, she had no other choice. As a part of Soul Palace, choosing this path meant that everyone’s lives were in her hand. When she was young, she could be selfish, but she no longer could do so- she could not even to decide to die in battle.



A massive boom nearly shattered Liu Binglan’s heart. The entire Underground Sacred Palace opened with massive cracks, leaking dust through!

Without its barrier, the Underground Sacred Palace was only slightly stronger than normal structures, but there was no way it could withstand a dominator rank organism!

“Its Meteor Dragon, everyone leave the ground!” Nightmare Emperor Jiang roared and summoned his paragon emperor rank white nightmare.

Everyone summoned their soul pets and protected Female Supreme Liu Binglan as they broke through the surface!

The ground rose up in a massive hill that erupted, releasing a large group of top tier and high class emperor ranks towards all directions.

“Want to run? You’re all going to die!” The brown Meteor Dragon was like a palace in size. Alliance Master Ling Chan stood between the cloud dragon’s two horns as a sliver of cruelty flickered through his eyes.


Meteor Dragon lifted its leg and slammed it towards the ground, creating a huge rock tide that spread towards everything in ten kilometers!


All the palaces on the surface were instantly destroyed. All the soul pets, whether middle class, high class, or even top tier emperor rank, all died with this technique, getting disintegrated!!

Countless lives were wiped out. The elders all bit their teeth as they immediately took this time to help Female Supreme Liu Binglan retreat.

Liu Binglan didn’t summon the soul pet Star River because she had to blend in with all the other people.

However, Liu BInglan knew that almost all the people escaping in each direction would either get chased by Soul Alliance people, directly destroyed by Alliance Master, or caught by Soul Alliance high level experts. The Underground Sacred palace had been sieged for months. There was no way they could escape.

Seeing familiar faces instantly disintegrate within that instant, Liu BInglan felt her heart tear open. The anger in her heart wanted to turn her around and rip the cruel Meteor Dragon in two, but she could only retreat under the help of the elders around her!

“Liu Binglan, last time, to protect Chu Tianmang and your kid, Three Palace already lost a lot of lives for you. So many years have passed, yet why are they still dying for you? I already said, I just want to kill one person. They originally could have spent their last years peacefully with family, yet your obstinance and selfishness caused all of them to lose their lives.” Soul Alliance Master Ling Chan said viciously.

Every time he said a word, a Three Palace upper level would die under his Meteor Dragon’s attacks, splattering blood everywhere!!

Ling Chan’s words were like a devil’s whispers around Liu Binglna.

She knew this was Ling Chan’s plot to trick her to appear. However, the anger and sliver of kindness in her heart still caused her to waver.

Maybe sacrificing herself truly could allow the rest of them to enjoy the rest of their lives?

“Binglan, don’t listen to his nonsense. Others may live, but we definitely would die. Once you comply, we truly are doomed!” Elder Liu quickly yelled at Liu Binglan.

Elder Liu knew his daughter. THere was always a sliver of kindness in the depths of her heart. Under her cold outer appearance was a pure soul. This caused her to have a certain weakness in front of death so Elder Liu was truly worried Liu Binglan would fall for Ling Chan’s words.

However, Elder Liu quickly calmed down because he saw a slight waver in Liu Binglan’s eyes that was quickly replaced with a coldness and calmness.

Under the pressure of responsibility, she truly matured a lot. Elder Liu sighed. It wasn’t because she was weak or didn’t try hard enough. Three Palace truly was at its ends and no longer have the forces to fight Soul Alliance.

Elder Liu guarded for a brief journey and stopped following. Seeing Liu Binglan’s fragile back image, he suddenly seemed to see her again as the infant in a swaddle that he had found. At the time, she was wrapped in a wind breaker laying in the piercing cold snow. When he slowly lifted off the wind breaker, this little female infant blossomed with a sweet and moving smile within the world of ice and snow, and that’s where her name came from….. 

Now, she was a mother, and was fragile and weak from all the responsibilities they placed upon her. She lost any hint of a smile. As a father, Elder Liu felt unbounded grief and had many things he wanted to say to her, to caution her, but she could no longer say anything.


Screams constantly sounded near her ear. Liu BInglan no longer had the courage to even look backwards. She could only run mindlessly towards a direction. She already forget when she should summon star river and Six Dawn Space Masters to help her escape.

In her lostness, she suddenly saw a man stand before her.

With her heart already torn with tears, her vision was going dark too. She could only see the man’s approximate figure and a steadfast face.

Again, she could no longer tell if this was the man wandering through the world to reclaim his dignity, or if it was the man stepping one step at a time towards becoming a true expert, never wavering.


Chu Mu stood silently in front of Liu Binglan.

In his mind, his mother was proud, cold, but Chu Mu currently only saw an extremely lost and helpless woman. The massive mental burden caused her beautiful pupils to completely lose all its spirit…...

Chu Mu walked past his mother without a word. Standing in the bloody battlefield that Liu Binglan didn’t dare look back at, he glared at the violently slaughtering Alliance Master Ling Chan!


Now, Chu Mu also only wanted to kill one person!


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