Chapter 1058: The Strongest Three Enemies

“Drop the Axe, Drop the Axe!!!!!!”

Suddenly, the desperate Mo Ling roared at the executioner’s platform!!

After seeing his Tai Mountain Giant getting instantly killed, the only thing that could let Mo Ling feel slightly redeemed was if he saw the hundred skulls fall to the ground.

Having his most precious soul pet killed, he would condemn his enemies to watch as a hundred people die!

The executioner’s platform soldiers were all still stock still. Only after Mo Ling yelled it three times did Poison Desolation Nie Yunbing react.

“Drop the axe!” Nie Yunbing yelled to the soldiers.

The ten soldiers shivered as they unleashed the thick chains. There were ten chains. When they reached the ninth chain, the tenth was automatically broken loose by the weight of the axe!

“Pa!!!!!!!” The chain snapped and the massive axe became the grim reaper’s scythe as it fell from above!

Afar, Chao Lengchuan went stiff. His mother and sister’s necks were both exposed under the axe. Did he have to watch as their heads were separated from their bodies?

In this moment of inattention, Li Hong’s Nine Winged Dragon Snake opened its wings up and created a powerful gust that blew Chao Lengchuan and Thousand Wave Beast aside.

Having been hit, Chao Lengchuan’s heart truly sank to the bottom.


The sound of falling chains was sharp and piercing.

With the coldness going straight for his neck, the old hermit defiantly closed his eyes. Able to see End Hero Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant getting instantly killed, he didn’t die in vain. However, if he could stay around to see Chu Fangchen truly destroy Soul Alliance, he was willing to be consigned to eternal damnation!

Princess Wan Ning knew the axe had already been released. However, she didn’t close her eyes; she simply looked slightly tiredly at Chu Mu.

As she watched, suddenly, the man started burning with demonic silver flames. The flying flames caused everyone watching to be shocked!


The silver flames suddenly extinguished, leaving nothing behind as if his body had disintegrated.

Just as Princess Wan Ning was shocked at what had happened, a coldness that seeped into her soul appeared alongside silver flames next to her!!

In her peripheral vision, she saw a silver figure, mysterious yet familiar!


The axe that was large enough to cut off a hundred heads fell with a soul crushing certainty. The sound caused everyone’s eyes to close and wait for the slight twinge of pain they would feel from their neck!

Yet, the steel reverberated near their ears for a few more seconds, and they still hadn’t felt any pain.

They slowly opened their eyes and tilted their heads to find that the sharp knife glinting coldly was mere two meters above their heads!

The axe was unmoving. When they looked around for the reason, they were shocked to see a bloody clothed man appear with them at the executioner’s platform. He had a single arm lifted, tightly holding the massive axe back!!!

Princess Wanning was the closest to Chu Mu. Her eyes were full of disbelief as she stared at the tall figure, her heart being unable to calm down!

“Is……. is this still a human??”

Nie Yunbing and all the Soul Alliance soldiers were dumbstruck!

With such a large axe, even a powerful emperor rank would get cut in half ruthlessly. Yet what they saw was one person holding the sharp end of the axe, holding it back with a single hand from a hundred necks!!


A vicious urge arose from Chu Mu’s heart as he gazed coldly at end hero Mo Ling!

His hand slowly tightened as the hard axe started cracking.

Suddenly, the guillotine rack was shattered by some energy and the axe was thrown outwards casually by Chu Mu, hurtling away at terrifying speeds!!

The massive axe flew over all the captives and went straight towards Mo Ling!!


With a crisp sound, Mo Ling couldn’t even dodge as he stared wide eyed as the axe slashed through his body, slashing a huge glacier apart under them!!

A shocking smear of blood fell on the axe. Compared to the massive axe, the blood was only a small speck!

Slashing through Mo Ling’s body, the axe didn’t stop. It slashed through the glacier and flew straight towards the iron fortress!


The axe slashed into the massive fortress and caused the walls to collapse!!

The Soul Alliance soldiers fighting with Three Palace were scared stiff by the flying axe, staring shocked at the empty guillotine rack!


“Dead, End Hero Mo Ling….. He’s dead!!” Poison Desolation Nie Yunbing stared at the man standing on the rack and an utter terror spread through his body!

Grabbing the axe and casually throwing it to cause a dominator rank power to die- was this really still a soul pet trainer??

Poison Desolation Nie Yunbing was already scared stiff from the gaze of the imposing man... The other guarding Soul Alliance soldiers couldn’t even stand straight.

Noone was sure who started it, but after a scream, all of the Soul Alliance soldiers started escaping with all their might!

“Little hidden dragon, take care of them.” Chu Mu didn’t even take another glance and said emotionlessly.

Little hidden dragon flapped its wings. It had just gathered the soul of the Tai Mountain Giant to let his ghost dragon fill up. Now that there were so many souls available, even if they were low level, was better than nothing.

The highest remembrance Nie Yunbing was just about to summon soul pet to escape when half transparent Little Ghost Hidden Dragon appeared behind it and opened its mouth to bite Nie Yunbing and his soul pet.

Nie Yunbing and his soul pets’ bodies were completely fine, but Little Hidden Dragon used its dragon teeth to pull its soul out, chew it a few times, and swallowed it amidst a few screams.

Nie Yunbing and his soul pet’s body became stiff and slowly fell down. Even to death, Nie Yunbing didn’t expect to fall to have such a downfall!

Situations where perfectly fine bodies suddenly go stiff constantly happened on the executioner’s platform. In a short while, all the escaping soldiers became perfectly intact corpses and fell over.


Far away, Chao Lengchuan looked at Chu Mu with an expression of utmost gratitude!

He wiped off the blood at his mouth corner and slowly became focused again. Chu Mu already carried through on his side of the promise, so he had to defeat Li Hong no matter what!



Suddenly, a huge sound came from iron fortress!

Within the glaciers and flames, Chu Mu looked down to see an extremely beautiful figure fly through the fortress towards him.

Since she appeared, then this iron fortress probably wouldn’t last long.

In a moment, the Golden Flame Phoenix flapped its wings and landed upon the platform. Above was the Phoenix was War Goddess Mu Qingyi.

Beside Mu Qingyi was Ye Qingzi. Ye Qingzi glanced at the captives on the platform and said to Chu Mu, “I’ll help them unlock their soul remembrances.”

Chu Mu nodded. This was something they should handle.

Chu Mu glanced at the battling iron fortress and asked, “Are they alright?”

Ye Qingzi nodded. “The weakening powder has been seeped into the fortress through rain and air. Six of ten people would have their strengths greatly reduced. Our follow up army is still coming, so breaking through this fortress shouldn’t be much of an issue.”

In reality, Ye Qingzi and Mu Qingyi had entered this city long before Chu Mu.

They had disguised themselves and “surrendered” themselves under some high up identity so they were within inner city.

Ye Qingzi was a soul teacher, so sealing her remembrance was something no one could really do. So, after entering inner city, Mu Qingyi and her had no restrictions upon them. Of course, along with them were another group of experts. Having them inside the enemy forces was perfect.

And allowing a soul teacher that could spread sleeping powder, weakening powder, and even poison into the army had obvious implications.

Chu Mu originally just wanted Ye Qingzi to break the inner city army with her soul arts, but he didn't expect Three Palace to combine such a large force to attack the city. This meant Chu Mu could truly give his current fight his all!

“Chu Mu, I heard news that Underground Sacred Palace already is running out of energy. Soul Alliance Master is trying to forcefully break through the barrier. You should get there as soon as possible.” Mu Qingyi glanced at Wu Kuang and Lian Yan who were already trying to retreat and said, “Leave them to us.”

Chu Mu nodded. Mu Qingyi may have trouble matching Lian Yan and Wu Kuang, but with Ye Qingzi helping them, they shouldn’t have much of an issue, not needing Chu Mu to worry.

“Alright, you be careful.” Chu Mu said and glanced over at Three Palace.


Chu Mu didn’t hesitate, Li Hong, Lian Yan, Wu Kuang, and Mo Ling were still just the lackeys of the real enemy ahead!

Chief Hero Yuan Sui, Alliance Master Chan Ling, and Defector Young Girl Emperor Concubine!

Chu Mu knew these were the three most powerful opponents he has ever faced!


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