Chapter 1057: Instakilling the Tai Mountain Giant Part 2

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Little Hidden Dragon lifted its small head, and when it saw the countless meteors slam down, its eyes were filled with boredom. 

Suddenly, Little Hidden Dragon opened its mouth and took in a deep breath!


A dragon aura roared out from its fat and small body!!

The dragon breath spat out in the air, forming a wanton energy pierced the skies.

At the same time, the flying meteors that covered the sky and sun were disintegrated under the breath and the tiny pieces were blown away in the direction of the breath!!

This meteor technique had been blown apart!

A normal breath had dispelled Tai Mountain Giant’s anger-gathered attack. It hadn’t even touched a piece of Chu Mu’s clothing. 

On the execution stage, everyone was wide eyed, shocked by this scene.

Could a breath truly be counted as a technique? 

The little cyan dragon standing on Chu Mu’s soulder seemed to only be yawning, yet Tai Mountain Giant’s technique was blown away!

Tai Mountain Giant was stunned. Mo Ling as also stunned. The master and servant never expected such an insignificant looking creature to be so terrifying!

“Crush it.” Chu Mu’s voice was like iron as he spoke to Little Hidden Dragon on his shoulders!

Little Hidden Dragon’s cute eyes suddenly turned fierce after Chu Mu’s orders. It beat its wings and flew in front of Chu Mu.

A cyan light covered Little Hidden Dragon’s body. Its body began to expand. In the light, the first thing that expanded was a pair of domineering and imposing dragon wings!

As the light expanded, Little Hidden Dragon’s body became mighty and imposing!!

Indigo colored scales were now covering its body, making it look even more formidable and godly. The unparalleled dragon species explosive aura instantly erupted, forming a small cyan spatial windstorm that expanded around Little Hidden Dragon!!

Tai Mountain Dragon was enormous, over five times larger than Little Hidden Dragon. However, in front of this extremely oppressive Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, it couldn’t help but retreat a few steps!

“Ao hou hou hou!!!!!”

A sky shaking roar erupted from its dragon mouth filled with sharp teeth. Tai Mountain Giant wasn’t even able to stand properly under the intimidation! 

After Little Hidden Dragon’s roar, a strange spectral blue light emerged from its scales. Only Little Hidden Dragon and Chu Mu could see spirits suddenly begin to coil around Little Hidden Dragon!!

The wailing of ten thousand souls! The fiendish aura caused Little Hidden Dragon’s dragon species aura to turn even more terrifying!!

Ten Thousand Spectral Strikes!!!

Under the Spectral Dragon’s soul order, the ten thousand souls stopped their wanton coiling and condensed on Little Hidden Dragon’s claws!

A cyan dragon light and the spectral blue colored ten thousand souls transformed Little Hidden Dragon’s claws into a destructive dragon claw!

Abruptly beating its wings, Little Hidden Dragon flew forth, transforming into a spectral blue stream of light. However, when it flew near Tai Mountain Giant, it strangely disappeared as if it had entered another space!

Tai Mountain Giant had just formed its defense, but suddenly couldn’t see this terrifying Hidden Dragon. As it was searching for it, ten thousand souls suddenly began to wail in its ears, causing its mental state to enter a disarray! 

“Ao hou hou!!!!!!”

When the dragon roar appeared, an image of the Hidden Dragon’s body appeared in the icy pillar behind it!

The Spectral Hidden Dragon flew out of another space, and the destructive dragon claw formed by bug, beast, and spectral type energy swept up the ten thousand souls and attacked the back of Tai Mountain Giant!!!

The back of Tai Mountain Giant exploded under the dragon light energy. Countless cracks appeared on its rock crystal body, instantly spreading all over its mountain-like body!

As the cracks gathered, the follow-up dragon energy surged forth, causing its back to explode. The shattering force then spread over its entire body!!


Shattered pieces flew everywhere. Under this destructive claw, its mountain-like body was blown to pieces!

Even more terrifying, when its body was shattered, the ten thousand souls took flight, transforming into incomparably starved ghouls that madly chased after the shattered pieces of Tai Mountain Giant that flew in all directions before frighteningly devouring them!!

Ten Thousand Soul Devour. Despite its enormous body, Tai Mountain Giant wasn’t able to be evenly split among these starved ghouls. From the moment its body was shattered to pieces until it disappeared in the air, it didn’t even take a few seconds!!

Pieces of remnant specks could be seen floating through the air. In these few seconds, the people on the execution stage were all dumbstruck!

Cracks, shattering, collapsing, devouring… 

A near low class dominator rank Tai Mountain Giant had been crushed to pieces and disappeared under a single technique from that spectral cyan colored Hidden Dragon!!!


Tai Mountain Giant had been instakilled!!!

"Ah wu wu wu~~~~”

Ghostly voices were seemingly still sobbing in their ears. Including the thousands of soldiers from Soul Alliance on the execution stage, everyone was able to see the remnant specks of Tai Mountain Giant. 

They were still in somewhat disbelief over their own eyes, because the instakilled Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant was a near low class dominator rank creature!!!

Nobody could have thought that an invincible dominator rank creature could be instakilled!

Such shock surpassed their imagination. After stepping into the soul pet realm, they never realized that there would be a moment when a dominator rank creature would be unable to withstand a single blow!!

“This dragon… this dragon….” Old Soul Teacher De was thoroughly stunned; he couldn’t even get the words out of his mouth!!

Old Soul Teacher De remembered this dragon. During the Tianxia City crisis, when the seven heroes had summoned the Seven Diagram Saint Pets, Chu Mu had forcefully turned the situation around and saved Tianxia City. And the one who had greatly contributed to this was the Hidden Dragon with the spectral attribute!!

This dragon had only been a low class to middle class emperors back then. 

In the span of a few years, it had grown so strong that it was able to instakill Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant!!

Inconceivable. This was truly inconceivable. Old Soul Teacher De was unable to find any words to describe the power of this Spectral Hidden Dragon. He could only excitedly repeat his words.

“Could… could this be Chu Fangchen’s other lost soul pet…” Teng Lang’s face was filled with shock, just like Old Soul Teacher De.

The billows in his heart had reached a thousand levels. Teng Lang even felt that it was hard to think properly.

He had known Chu Mu for a long time now, and had only ever seen him single control. He had initially thought this was because his soul had been injured.

However, he gradually came to know that this fellow lost touch with his soul pets and thus could only single control. 

Back on the Wanxiang plains, Chu Mu’s main pet, the Warbeast Mo Ye, had returned and fought one versus two, shocking the whole stage. It had left an indelible impression in Teng Lang and everyone else’s heart. 

Now, another one of Chu Fangchen’s soul pets had returned, and this soul pet was able to instakill Tai Mountain Giant with a single attack. 

In the past, they needed three senior elders and five elders combined to barely be able to stop Tai Mountain Giant. Teng Lang was unable to guess how strong the Spectral Hidden Dragon was. At the very least, it was the strongest creature he had seen!

Teng Lang stared closely at the blood clothed man hovering in the air. The shock he gave him was too much. Each time he was shocked, he couldn’t really believe that this was the Chu Fangchen he knew.

“Who… who on earth is this person?” muttered Teng Lang, absentmindedly. 

To the side, Old Soul Teacher De glanced at Teng Lang. He knew that Chu Mu’s identity would no longer be able to remain hidden after this fight. Thus, he looked with complex and gratified eyes at Chu Mu as he said: “The first time I saw him, he was the same as most other young men - struggling to become stronger. The only difference was that he never stopped his bitter training…” 

“A few years ago, Tianxia City’s calamity caused everyone in the city to descend into panic. We were hopeless. It was him, however, that allowed us to see a sliver of life and eventually hope through his bravery and unyielding nature.

Teng Lang was slightly absentminded as he looked at Old Soul Teacher De.

Nobody knew where Chu Fangchen came from. He had genuinely swept the world out of nowhere.

But after listening to Old Soul Teacher De’s words and hearing him describe the Tianxia City crisis, Teng Lang’s calm heart suddenly began to violently beat!!

“He is the king. He’s only twenty something years old, yet a king that everyone in Tianxia City incomparably reveres and admires. After awakening from his devil transformation, he became the current Chu Fangchen.”

Tianxia Realm’s King!!

The previous Tianxia Realm King was in front of him. He was a traitor who countless people disdained; practically everyone wanted nothing more than to drink his blood and eat his flesh! On the other hand, the current Tianxia Realm King only added value upon his death. Ostensibly, no one in Wanxiang Realm had seen him, but everyone had heard of his achievements!     

Only, Teng Lang never expected that the person he had been calling “Brother Chu”, was Tianxia Realm’s king! 

“He… he is Chu Mu… the person who transformed into a devil!!” Teng Lang was stunned again.

A person who had transformed into a devil! 

Chu Fangchen hadn’t swept the world out of nowhere. Instead, he was the return of Chu Mu, who had saved Tianxia City, after his soul had recovered! 


In the dust, akin to the distance he had fallen from Tai Mountain Giant’s shoulder, Mo Ling became even more insignificant in the eyes of dominator ranks after losing Tai Mountain Giant!

After falling onto the glacier, Mo Ling looked like he had lost his soul as he watched the remnants of Tai Mountain Giant’s corpse flutter through the air. As if he had died, hopelessness filled his eyes!

A hero of a generation had been destroyed in one strike. Not only had his soul pet been destroyed, but also his entire pride and ego! 


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