Chapter 1057: Instakilling the Tai Mountain Giant Part 1


Chu Mu’s Warbeast Mo Ye fought the Eagle King and Icy Death King, while Chao Lengchuan stared with his bloodshot eyes at Li Hong!

Li Hong’s eyes showed no fear. His eyes instead carried arrogance and apathy.

He chose Chao Lengchuan as his opponent not because he was worth fighting, but because he didn’t like people who he had put onto a death list to stand around in front of him.

“There’s no one to save you this time.” Li Hong chanted an incantation, summoning a Nine Winged Dragon Snake!

The Nine Winged Dragon Snake was Li Hong’s iconic soul pet. After this malevolent and savage creature was summoned, its coiling body wrapped around the icy arch bridge, covering one third of it. A human was probably only the size of one of its scales! 

Its nine pairs of wings expanded and instantly, a putrid wind surged towards Chao Lengchuan and his Thousand Wave Beast. Its might was domineering! 

Chao Lengchuan stood on Thousand Wave Beast’s head. This mighty saint beast was only the size of a snake apricot in front of this enormous dragon snake. 

However, in front of this Nine Winged Dragon Snake that had previously wounded it, Thousand Wave Beast displayed more calmness and steadiness than last time!

Chanting an incantation, Chao Lengchuan’s body was gradually covered by a holy light. 

A special imprint appeared amidst the light, branding itself on Thousand Wave Beast. 

Under the illumination of the golden light, a layer of godly armor was added to Thousand Wave Beast. The armor was even equipped with a golden horn. Covering its mighty body, Thousand Wave Beast transformed into Beast King completely covered in golden armor!

After undergoing a huge tragedy, Chao Lengchuan had truly stimulated the Eternity Supreme’s strength he had inherited. Even though Thousand Wave Beast was still approaching the dominator rank, with the Eternity Supreme’s power, it increased its level by one to two!! 

Seeing this, Li Hong creased his brows.

This Chao Lengchuan had unexpectedly obtained a fortune amidst misfortune. With genuine Eternity Supreme power, killing him would take a bit of effort. 

“I’m here to take your dog traitor life!” Chao Lengchuan’s voice was imposing and cold. The present him had become a true Supreme, Thousand wave Eternity Supreme! 

The order been given, Thousand Wave Beast stepped forward, stomping heavily on the icy bridge and launching itself at the scarlet Nine Winged Dragon Snake!!

A golden light flashed on its feet and as it stepped forward, a sudden golden energy exploded on the icy bridge. It caused cracks to spread on the icy bridge, the might of which extending to the stronghold. It caused a group of elemental soul pet trainers from Soul Alliance to fall off the trembling tall wall. 

With the addition of the Supreme’s power, Thousand Wave Beast had become a genuine dominator. In terms of pure strength, Thousand Wave Beast didn’t have to fear the Nine Winged Dragon Snake!! 

“Si si si!!!!!!!!”

Its scales, having transformed into blades, when the Nine Winged Dragon Snake was knocked flying, it lashed out with its dragon tail. Instantly, the terrifying blades streaked across Thousand Wave Beast!!!


The scales seemed to have struck incomparably tough metal. It didn’t leave any blood marks on Thousand Wave Beast!

In the last fight on the hill, the Dragon Snake’s scale blades had easily ripped through Thousand Wave Beast’s defenses, exposing its flesh. However, this time, with the golden armor, the Nine Winged Dragon Snake would be hard pressed to truly deal damage!

Chao Lengchuan harrumphed and gave Thousand Wave Beast an order. 

Thousand Wave Beast’s golden horn was instantly covered by molecules of energy. As the Nine Winged Dragon Snake pulled back its tail, it fiercely struck the Nine Winged Dragon Snake’s tail!

The Nine Winged Dragon Snake couldn’t dodge in time as the molecular energy struck its tail. The scales were instantly shattered. With no alternative, the Nine Winged Dragon Snake quickly beat its wings and ascended to the sky, preventing Thousand Wave Beast from using any followup technique! 

Although this attack didn’t deal any serious damage, it meant that Thousand Wave Beast with the Supreme’s power, was no longer inferior to Li Hong’s Nine Winged Dragon Snake!!

At this moment, a sliver of ruthlessness arose in Li Hong’s heart.

This was a person who had been easy to kill. But he had been given the chance to change his fortunes. It seemed that this time he had to eradicate him otherwise there would be no end to trouble!

When Fourth Hero Mo Ling, standing at the edge of the icy bridge saw Chao Lengchuan’s surge in power, he was greatly shocked. He was silently rejoicing that he hadn’t brazenly chosen to fight the weaker Chao Lengchuan. Otherwise, his death would be very miserable. 

Mo Ling’s strength had always been near the low class emperor rank. Just as Mu Qingyi had said, he had been afflicted by worldly riches and forgotten how to advance. He didn’t know how to push himself, but knew how to scheme and manipulate. He was comfortable with his position and even if he could step out of the emperor rank, he would never be able to truly reach the dominator rank. 

The grievance in Mo Ling’s heart was very deep. Although the war with the Three Great Palaces had neared victory, he not only had not obtained any benefits, but had even become a hero only in name. The person who had caused all of this was that young man who made him grit his teeth. 

Two continuous defeats had tarnished Mo Ling’s name. He was no longer viewed as important by the Hero Chief, Empress Concubine, or the Alliance Master. Perhaps, even if he could take down Chu Fangchen this time, he wouldn’t be able to change the reality of being cast aside. However, he still was unable to swallow all of this!   

The more he thought, the angrier he became. Mo Ling chanted an incantation, summoning the Tai Mountain Giant! 

The Tai Mountain Giant was enormous. Standing on the lofty execution stage, it nearly caused the stage to tilt!

This enormous mountain-like giant only had to slightly lift its leg from up high and could deal a destructive blow to this city!

“Chu Fangchen, five minutes has already passed. I want to see how you can save these people. Don’t worry, I will definitely abide by our agreement. It will be every ten minutes. The execution blade will not fall earlier or later. I want you to personally witness 100 heads roll on the ground and blood splatter everywhere!” Mo Ling stood on the shoulder of the Tai Mountain Giant and looked down at Chu Mu, who was as small as an ant, as he loudly laughed!

Mo Ling couldn’t wait to see Chu Mu’s pained look. The best would be to also place him on the execution stage where he could personally deliver the executioner’s blade. He wanted Chu Mu alone to feel the taste of a blade that could decapitate 100 people, then watch his head roll on the ground!!

Thinking about this, Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s spirits soared and he ordered the Tai Mountain Giant to kill Chu Mu!

“Summon your White Nightmare. This time, my Tai Mountain Giant will step on it to pieces!!” Fourth Hero Mo Ling loudly yelled at Chu Mu.

The reason why Fourth Hero Mo Ling was so arrogant was because he had added a soul armor onto the Tai Mountain Giant/

He had gone through myraid of troubles just to obtain this treasured soul armor. With it, his Tai Mountain Giant could avoid suffering from soul attacks. This meant that the White Nightmare's soul devil flames would have difficulty burning its soul!

Without the soul devil flames, what else was there to be afraid of from this White Nightmare? 

Stepping on the air, the Tai Mountain Giant appeared in front of Chu Mu in two to three steps. Its pair of enormous eyes looked down on the bug-like Chu Mu.

Under the enormous shadow, Chu Mu stood in place. He didn’t even look up. He treated the terrifying giant in front of him like air. It just didn’t exist!

When Mo Ling saw that Chu Mu didn’t even look at him, his eyes practically spewed flames. He was one of the mighty Four Heroes. Ignoring having lost to him two consecutive times, he was being ignored now. How disgraceful was this?!! 

“Die for me!” even Mo Ling’s lungs were going to explode as he roared like a savage beast!

The area around the Tai Mountain Giant’s fist transformed into large ringed pieces of rocks. As the Tai Mountain Giant roared, the rocks suddenly descended like meteors. They chafed against the air while smashing at Chu Mu!!

It was only when the rock type technique’s boundless might smashed down that Chu Mu looked up. His black eyes watched the meteor rocks covering his head, but there was no trace of movement in his eyes. It was as if this powerful technique wasn’t even dust in his eyes. 

“Little Hidden Dragon, it’s been a pain in my eyes for a long while now.” Chu MU glanced at the Little Hidden Dragon lying on his shoulders and spoke. 

This wasn’t the first time the Tai Mountain Giant had shown itself in front of him. Towards this enormous yet laughable creature, Chu Mu had lost his patience. 


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