Chapter 1056: Ten Minutes, One Drop of the Axe

Zhan Ye darted through the bloody battlefield. No matter how well defended the fortress was, it couldn’t stop its wild advance. In a moment, it was already at the top of the fortress, staring down at the four people on the ice bridge.

On the ice bridge, Icy Death Kingwas already standing there arrogantly. This dominator rank that controlled the ice around it stared angrily at Zhan Ye.

Icy Death Kingand its master were both angry yet scared of the Zhan Ye at the same time. Seeing the black battle tiger leap towards them, their expressions turned grave.

Wu Kuang and Mo Ling saw Chu Mu ride Zhan Ye towards them and took a few steps back. In their eyes, this man was absolutely despicable, but was far scarier than a thousand man army!

“So you’re Chu Fangchen.” Hero Aide Lian Yan had an unruly smile.

“Just you three?” Chu Mu glanced over Hero Aide Lian Yan, son of heaven Wu Kuang, End Hero Mo Ling and said lightly

“It's already more than we need.” Hero Aide Lian Yan smiled back coldly.

Sending four of the five heroes was already something that Hero Aide thought was too much.

Just as Underground King Yi Yun had said, after solving his issue with Chao Lengchuan, he still had to discuss the matters of receiving his title.

After speaking, Hero Aide Lian Yan started an incantation!

The grey symbols revolved around Hero Aide Lian Yan. A massive totem appeared on the arched ice bridge, causing tremors to slowly go through the bridge.

Within the symbol, grey feathers quivered as a pair of mighty eagle wings opened up from within the symbol. With a light flap, it lifted up the rest of the body covered in tidy, grey feathers!

The feathers were like swords, sharp and biting. Its body was full of an angular, iron power. When its wings opened up, the grey steel giant eagle was like a floating iron fortress!

This was an eagle king made of steel!

The sharp and wild pupils, sword-like feathers that had ripped through countless lives, dyed countless times in the past with blood. Its claws that reaped lives seemed to be sharp enough to crush anything!!


The steel claw fell on the ice bridge. With a slight grasp, the entire ice bridge would probably be shattered!

Acute, fierce, covered in sharp weapons, the moment this Steel Eagle King appeared, the three palace prisoners on the executioner’s platform all sucked in a breath. If such an organism were to fly through the ranks of their army, countless people would get ripped apart!

“This Steel Eagle King is even stronger than Goddess Mu’s Crown Phoenix King, brother Chu you have to be careful!” On the prisoner’s platform, Teng Lang secretly started to worry.

Initially, the battle between Hero Aide and Mu Qingyi was witnessed by Teng Lang. Even the crown phoenix king was suppressed in the air battle against this Steel Eagle King. Now that Wu Kuang and Hero Aide Lian Yan combined forces against Chu Mu, it was indeed worrying.

As Teng Lang was worrying, suddenly a group of Soul Alliance soldiers came over and forcefully dragged their entire row of prisoners over to below the axe.

“What…...what are you doing!!” Teng Lang immediately yelled out in anger.

The others also started shouting out but in the chaos, about a hundred people were brought to the axe. They were spread apart in a line and forced to kneel over, their heads all over the guillotine line!!

A hundred necks were exposed under the axe now, meaning if the axe fell, all one hundred of these heads will roll off from the chopping block!!

Seeing this scene, Chu Mu immediately furrowed his brows. Were they starting the punishments now?

“Hehe, a battle with nothing at stake is never interesting. Don’t you want to save them? Then, I, Lian Yan give you a chance.” Hero Aide Lian Yan stood on the back of his Steel Eagle King and pointed at the hundred heads below the guillotine and laughed, “We’ll drop the axe once every ten minutes. Depending on which ten minute interval you defeat us in, you can save the rest of them.”

As he got here, Son of Heaven Wu Kuang and End Hero Mo LIng also laughed.

Hero Aide indeed was Hero Aide, able to think of such a method. The two of them could almost see Chu Fangchen’s twisted face of anger after ten minutes!

Chu Mu lifted his head and looked through the crowd of hundred people. Of the hundred people, he saw the old hermit, saw Elder Xiao, saw Princess Wan Ning. She was glancing at him with a complicated expression, as if she had something to tell him.

“Chu Fangchen, Prince Chao!!” Even if my head falls to the ground, I’ll have my eyes wide open to watch as the dog of a person Li Hong get ripped to pieces. I’ll watch as Wu Kuang gets destroyed again, and I’ll  watch again when the pretentious Lian Yan get squashed!!!” Old Hermit yelled out!

Unable to use his soul remembrance, he could only yell physically. Old Hermit wasn’t sure if his old voice could reach Chu Fangchen and Chao Lengchuan.

Chu Mu’s gaze fell on Old Hermit’s body. It was rare that the harsh old man was this heroic when threatened with death.

Ten minutes, a hundred lives.

Chu Mu recognized only a few of them, but the others may be the wives and parents of the sacred guards that had fallen.

One had to say that Hero Aide Lian yan was very vicious. Even if they were of the same power, if they were subject to the pressure of losing a hundred lives every ten minutes, they likely couldn’t perform their full strength and collapse as the axes fell again and again.

“Lian Yan, you… won’t die well!!” Chao Lengchuan’s eyes turned bright red!

Of the hundred people, his mother and sister were all there. The axe falling in ten minutes would be enough to cut Chao Lengchuan’s heart in two!!

“Brother Chu.” Chao Lengchuan gazed at Chu Mu.

He knew Chu Mu could definitely defeat the three people, but ten minutes was truly too short. Watching his mother and sister’s necks under hte guillotine, how could Chao Lengchuan remain calm?

Chu Mu glanced at Chao Lengchuan and motioned for him to calm down.

Chu Mu turned around to look at Hero Aide and the other three and said coldly, “Let’s hope you can even last ten minutes.”

“Heng, arrogant. Let me see what kind of powers do you have to back that up!” Lian Yan laughed coldly.

As he spoke, Lian Yan already rode his Steel Eagle King into the skies, its sharp steel body spiralling above Chu Mu!

Son of heaven Wu Kuang saw that Lian Yan already attacked and immediately gave Icy Death Kinga command!

Chu Mu came down from Zhan Ye’s body and glanced at the two dominator rank organisms.

“Hou~~~~~~” Zhan Ye let out a roar. Without needing any command, the black figure leaped into the sky and took the initiative to assault the Steel Eagle King and icy death king!!

The Steel Eagle King’s wings flapped extremely quickly. It could change its position and orientation in the air however it wanted. Scarier still was that around its body there were always sharp steel feathers. They flew in a certain path around its body, transforming the air space around it into a feather storm that could shred through anything!

Surrounded in such a feather storm, no organism could even near Steel Eagle King!

Icy Death King was still standing on the ice bridge that spanned two kilometers. When its icy pupils were flashing, the two kilometers of space between the fortress and the executioner’s platform was instantly covered in countless icy structures!

These structures came up from the city below. They were massive like glacial mountains, or like stalactites and stalagmites, extending from all directions!

When it cast the technique, the entire space was like a sealed off cave. After the wind whistled through, everyone felt cold to their core!

Between the hanging ice mountain and rising glacier, the Icy Death Kingstood formidably, unmatched in stature!

“Hero aide, Chu Fangchen’s Mo Ye has broken limb rebirth and brave stinging heart, which means its strength will continue to increase. The best way to deal with it is to defeat it in one blow or else the longer we drag the fight, the stronger this Mo Ye becomes.” Son of heaven Wu Kuang reminded Hero Aide Lian yan.

“Dragging it on, from what I see he doesn’t have much time.” Lian Yan pointed at the executioner’s platform.

“You’re right.” Wu Kuang started laughing as well.

As the two communicated mentally, the black figure already leaped into the sky, standing upon the icy mountain that had been lifted from the grounds!

“Houhouhou……. Zhan Ye’s deep eyes gazed at the Steel Eagle King and Icy Death Kingand let out a provoking roar!

Still going one against two, the proud Zhan Ye couldn’t wait to start battling!!

The Steel Eagle King traversed through the icy terrain smoothly yet swiftly.

The feathers surrounding the Steel Eagle King suddenly stopped within the air after a flap of its wings, their points all directed towards Zhan Ye!

“Yi!!!!!!!!” Steel Eagle King called out.

Immediately, as if thousands of swords rained down, the feathers densely barraged towards Zhan Ye!!

“Dingdingding…….” The feather swords pierced into the icy mountain, immediately obliterating the mountain that Zhan Ye stood upon.

Zhan Ye leaped aside and fell nimbly upon another icy mountain.

At this moment, the icy mountain suddenly loosened and, while it was shaking, it became like a massive spear that pierced towards the mountain Zhan Ye was on!

This time, Zhan Ye didn’t avoid it, instead lifting up its forelimbs and slamming them down in front of it!

“Beng….” With this stomp, the rapidly raising spear mountain broke off, casting chunks of ice from the skies to the streets below, throwing the city into complete disarray!!


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