Chapter 1055: Bloody Path!

Within the massive iron fortress, Hero Aide Lian Yan stood at the top and watched the white army well in from outside the city. He looked around for Chu Mu and Chao Lengchuan’s figure.

Lian Yan was the only hero who never bothered with factions, power, or status. He was like a hermit that existed in a corner of Wanxiang realm. Because of his long time in the outdoors, some people call him the king of wilderness.

He was filled with beast aura. Standing aside him was like standing under a beast claw that could rip you apart at any moment.

Once he reached dominator rank, he rarely fought against human experts. As wilderness training slowly lost its challenge, he decided to return to human realm and find experts within the human realm so he could feel the same wild fight.

Lian Yan was at the front while beside him were Wu Kuang, Li Hong, and Mo LIng!   

The Heros were about to be reordered. Hero Chief Yuan Sui was becoming the king of wanxiang realm. Lian Yan was to become Hero Chief, Wu Kuang as Hero Aide, Xia Zhixian as Hero Support, Li Hong as End Hero, and Mo Ling was the fifth Hero.

This meant that the four people standing on the center city fortress were four of the five heroes in the future, and their sole goal was to take down Chu Fangchen and Chao Lengchuan.

“He killed a soul pet of Soul Alliance master?” Lian Yang pointed at the man riding a black battle tiger within the army and asked.

“Yes, him.” Wu Kuang looked coldly at Chu Mu, a venomous anger and hint of joy flashing through his eyes!

Even if Chu Mu was burnt to ashes, Wu Kuang would recognize him. He was angry because of the shame he suffered from their last encounter, causing him to step down as potential Hero Chief and be Hero Aide instead.

He was joyous because Chu Fangchen really dared to come. That meant he could wash away his previous shame and follow through on his word and step over him!

“Lian Yan, that kid’s Mo Ye is very powerful.” End Hero Mo Ling said.

Lian Yan nodded and glanced at Wu Kuang, saying, “Wu Kuang, can I hand it to you?”

Wu Kuang’s face went stiff, “It’d be better if we combine forces.”

Wu Kuang only had an icy death king now. At the time, even combining icy death king with Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King wasn’t enough to defeat the Mo Ye, so wouldn’t him going alone be looking for death?

And, to say the truth, Mo Ye still left a pretty significant scar in Wu Kuang’s mind. Wu Kuang wanted to redeem himself, but the condition was that he had someone with him or else he really didn’t dare to against Chu Fangchen himself.

“Then you can give Chao Lengchuan to little brother.” Mo Ling said slightly flatteringly.

“Chao Lengchuan is on my list.” Li Hong glanced apathetically at Mo Ling and said.

Mo Ling’s face was slightly twisted. Only his tai mountain giant was barely dominator rank in the five heroes. In front of them, he had to be careful even when just speaking. What made him even angrier was his end hero spot was taken by Li Hong. His current fifth hero spot was probably only in name!

“Haha, Mo Ling, Chu Fangchen’s white nightmare is yours to handle. I have no interest in a near dominator rank organism.” Lian Yan laughed and said.

Sending four heroes for two people seemed overdone in its own right. However, to faster ensure Soul Alliance’s victory, it was better to get rid of these threats in case Three Palace is reborn from ashes.

As the four of them were casually splitting up their responsibilities, the Three Palace army was already at the bottom of the center city plant fortress. Countless beasts started casting techniques, shaking the sturdy fortress.

They stood high up to watch these beasts. In their eyes, these were just slightly larger ants. A single step from them could crush a large amount. They didn’t care to waste their soul pets’ stamina upon these armies. Their eyes were already on the only person that could realistically pose a threat to soul palace.


The two armies collided. The sky filled with fire, ice, thunder, falling rocks, and gales. The elemental energy had shocked the rain to a stop as the unceasing barrage of elemental techniques created a storm that ravaged the already damaged city.

Elder Teng rode his ice beast onto the fortress. The rage and suppressed emotions he had bottled up finally erupted. Just Moments after battle broke out, his body was dyed with the blood of multiple spirit emperors!

Ever since he stepped up as a senior elder, he had never bathed in blood like this. However, some abilities don’t fade with age. When the smell of enemies’ blood stimulated his heart, killing no longer felt foreign at all!!

“Kill our way through!!!!”

Elder Kuang yelled out from under the fortress. He gazed up the wall filled with death brambles. He immediately saw Yang Scar who he had fought against for many years, the executioner that had rendered him without any family or friends!!

Vengeance filled his mind as he rode his demon upwards. He ignored all the death brambles and went through the densely packed techniques towards Yang Scar’s location!

Death bramble wasn’t very useful to spirit emperor experts, but to an army whose majority was below spirit emperor, these death brambles were sharp spears. They could extend over a hundred meters to attack organisms. In the moments that battle erupted, the fortress was was already hanging with numerous dead bodies.

The following army stepped on their companions’ corpses as they went up the fortress. This wasn’t disrespect towards the dead; they were stepping upon their backs to complete their death wish and kill more enemies, saving their family.

The cruel battle continued within the fortress. This was Chu Mu’s first time seeing such a large scale human on human war.

He could let his dominator rank organisms help utterly destroy the fortress but he didn't do this because, like those who were stepping over companion corpses forward, he had more important things to do.

If the enemy were standing arrogantly upon the executioner’s platform, then these warriors were using their lives to set the stairs for him. Chu Mu had to step forward resolutely!

The thick blood scent emanated around Chu Mu, to which Chu Mu sucked in greedily.

“Prince Chao, let’s go over.” Chu Mu gave Prince Chao aside him a look and said.

Chao Lengchuan nodded, riding Thousand Wave Beast forward towards the fortress.

As Chu Mu and Chao Legnchuan went forth, the people around them organized a group of Sacred Guards dressed in clothes white as snow. They all rode soul palace Lin Yin Beasts, their armored plates matching the white clothes perfectly!

The fortress was slowly forced open with a crack. The Sacred Guards’ were like a long sword that pierced through the formation and continued to make way for the two people.

Passing through the fortress was, in reality, a very short process but when these Sacred Guards managed to get through that layer of defense, both the Sacred Guards and their Lin Yin Beasts were painted a bright, burning red.

There started to be less people, but their steps didn’t pause to rest at all. The white Sacred Guard convoy became red warriors that continued to make way for Chu Mu and Chao Lengchuan.

A group of them stayed back in the fortress to continue fighting, while the rest went through the opening to continue forward.

In center city, Soul Alliance’s army slowly became more elite. There were constantly bloodied warriors entering the advancing ranks, but similarly there were constantly people falling in the main streetway, washed down by rain in their last moments.

Without them even realizing, the inner city’s massive executioner’s platform was now clearly visible. Under its huge shadow, all the warriors felt an immense mental pressure.

The inner city’s fortress was nicknamed the iron fortress. Behind this fortress was the executioner’s platform that held the goals of many of their struggles.

On the platform, all the people kneeling there getting battered by the rain and wind were now soaked with both rain and tears.

From their height, they could see half of the city, but importantly they could see the spacious main street that went from city center all the way to outer city.    

From the original three people bloodying all of outer city, to now ten thousand people strong hammering the inner city, this long street was washed over by blood countless times and was covered in countless corpses!

Those killing in the moment were completely numb, having only “going forward” in their minds as they stepped forward. Yet, those on the executioner’s platform saw the tragic path of blood behind all these people…..

Slowly, Three Palace army appeared in their vision. They could clearly see who was at the forefront and who fell down alongside their soul pets, never to get back up.

The skies were still raining down sheets of rain. When those lost in killing lifted their heads, they were surprised to see that the inner city iron fortress and executioner’s platform was right before them.

At this moment, the sturdy fortress and tall guillotine gave everyone immense pressure; it wasn’t only because of the rows of Soul Alliance’s most advanced army lined up tidily on the platform. It was also because, at the highest point of the fortress, on the ice bridge connecting it to the executioner’s platform, the four people who stood there were Soul Alliance’s two heroes, son of heaven, and betrayed king Li Hong!

Dominator rank experts!

Four dominator rank appeared. They only needed to cast down their gazes to exert mountains of pressure upon everyone, stopping all their advances!!

“Chu Fangchen, Prince Chao……” Sacred Guard leader Zhuo Nong glanced at the two and said in a grave voice.

Chu Mu recognized Sacred Guard Leader Zhuo Nong. This was Tianxia City’s Sacred Guard. Chu Mu didn’t know when he had moved to Wanxiang City, but this middle aged man’s passion moved Chu Mu.

Chu Mu gave him a nod.

Zhuo Nong didn’t say much more. A Sacred Guard’s duty ended here. In front of a dominator rank expert, they couldn’t do much. Now was their time to fight!

Chao Lengchuan stared deadly at Li Hong on the ice bridge. His most respected person becoming his most hated person, such hatred was way beyond the magnitude of his original respect.

Chu Mu glanced at Chao Lengchuan, who was already fuming, and said, “Don’t lose this time.”

Chao Lengchuan nodded. He believed Chu Mu could definitely win one versus three, so his job was just to make sure Li Hong couldn’t interfere with Chu Mu’s battle at all!!

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