Chapter 1053: Destroying an Army of Ten Thousand, Species Calamity (2)

The flames in eyes burned down to her heart. As long as there was a bit of jealousy, hatred, or disgust in one’s heart, it would infinitely expand before transforming into an irreconcilable hatred. These eyes of hatred would slaughter anyone who angered her! 

The minds of the soul pet trainers around her went into complete chaos. They suddenly roared at the other people around them like savage beasts and gave their soul pets orders!

The anger of the master became the anger of the soul pet. The eyes of these savage beasts were filled with flames as they toppled others to the ground and started ripping them apart. Instantly, fresh blood flew everywhere!!

“You, you guys are crazy!!” the captain of the small team watched the soldiers lined up in front of him attacking each other and let out a sudden cry. 

His roar caused a slight haze to appear in the men slaughtering each other. However, the captain of the small team’s intimidation was unable to wake them from this illusion technique. In their eyes, the world had been engulfed in flames of disaster. They themselves had transformed into devils that danced in the flames. Due to the anger in their hearts and destruction in their bones, the only thing in their eyes was slaughter and destruction! 

Species Calamity had a rare proliferation effect. Moreover, even those not affected by the illusion would become confused and angry after being attacked by their comrades; they would have no choice but to fight back!

As the Species Calamity proliferated, the entire district transformed into a terrifying purgatory. Blood sprayed and corpses rolled!

A terrifying aura instantly covered the low ranking army of four to five thousand people. The officers and soldiers further away were stunned as they watched these people kill each other.

They had no idea what had happened and could only stand there in terror, waiting for the smell of blood to make its way over… 

The miserable cries didn’t stop. The three people walking on the avenue didn’t use any techniques and easily passed through this cruel battlefield. 

“Can this Species Calamity infinitely proliferate?” Chao Lengchuan turned around and looked at the disordered army still stuck in a state of mutual slaughter.

Chu Mu shook his head: “If a high emperor leader exists, they will be intimidated into waking up. But if we get rid of these people…” 

“Then leave that to me!” a smile rose on Ye Wansheng’s face. 

Ye Wansheng’s job was to prevent those useless soldiers from obstructing Chu Mu and Chao Lengchuan’s path. Moreover, he didn’t want their soul pet’s physical strength to be wasted on the army.

If he could get rid of the enemies at the high class emperor rank or above, the Species Calamity would continue to proliferate. There clearly were not any dominator rank experts in the outer city so it wouldn’t be too difficult for Ye Wansheng to get rid of them. 

The city was very large. It would probably take an entire day to reach the middle city from the outer city by foot. 

However, Chu Mu wasn’t anxious. 

If they charged into the enemy’s army, the Four Heroes wouldn’t even need to take action. The tide-like army would be able to continually exhaust their fighting strength. By the time they fought the Four Heroes, they wouldn’t have much physical strength left. 

Therefore, what they needed to do was ensure the Species Calamity proliferated. At the very least, they couldn’t let the army from the middle and outer city obstruct them too much. 

Thus they had to kill all the high class emperor experts!

Ye Wansheng would do this. Chu Mu didn’t mind this Species Calamity expanding, causing even more Soul Alliance members to die at the hands of their comrades! 


It was a downpour of heavy rain that fell onto the execution stage. Those kneeled on the ground waiting for their execution were drenched through their clothes. Sometimes they weren’t even able to open their eyes.

They were situated high off the ground and from their level, they were able to see the heavy rain wash the outer city.

The streets on the outer city were tiny like small lattices. They laid there, densely packing the distance. Indistinctly, they were able to make out a black mass of an army moving around. Occasionally, splots of red would emerge on the street. 

“What’s going on in the outer city?” Poison Desolation Nie Yunbin, who was defending the execution stage, creased his brows and used his soul remembrance to look at the distant outer city.

The assistant commanders were all standing around the execution stage. A moment later, they remarked in shock: “It seems that the army is in a chaotic fight…” 

“Nonsense!” Nie Yunbing harrumphed. 

Just now, when he looked over, the black mass of an army was clearly only wearing Soul Alliance uniforms. In other words, these were all Soul Alliance army members. How could they be engaging in a fight? This wasn’t a performance put on by the army either!

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~~”

A wave of violent wind and rain arrived onslaughted them. Through the curtain of rain, a scout riding an enormous eagle flew over in the sky. He landed in front of Nie Yunbin and flusteredly said: “Senior, the outer city army is in chaos. They are wantonly killing each other.”

Nie Yunbin’s face went ashen and he glared at his vice commanders. He angrily said: “Who is the commander? How can he not even administer a division of an army properly?!”

“It’s the Wind Absolute… however, from the news just now, he has already been killed. Moreover, the mutual killing of the outer city army is because the soul pets of those three people used some demon technique.” said the enormous eagle scout. 

“The Wind Absolute was killed?” Nie Yunbin was stunned. He quickly realized that the people that stirred up the chaos in the outer city were very likely to be genuine experts from the Three Great Palaces. He quickly asked: “Who are they?” 

“We aren’t sure for the time being, but someone pointed out that one of them strikingly resembles the wanted Soul Palace Crown Prince Chao Lengchuan.” said the enormous eagle scout. 

“Chao Lengchuan, hmph. That fellow really must charge through an exitless hell. Order someone to inform the Heroes!” said Nie Yunbin.

“Yes.” the enormous eagle scout bowed before jumping onto the enormous eagle and flying into the air. 

As he flew through the air, a black cloud suddenly appeared among the other clouds. At a closer glance, there unexpectedly was a black cloud formed by an enormous group of enormous eagles. They numbered approximately 3000!

The Three Great Palaces members who were familiar with Soul Alliance information all knew that this enormous eagle army of 3000 was the corps directly subordinate to the Hero Aide Lian Yan. Even a peak emperor rank creature probably wouldn’t be able to survive two waves of attack from the 3000 enormous eagles. This was one of Soul Alliance’s genuinely threatening high ranking corps! 

Presently, these 3000 enormous creatures were flying above Wanxiang City’s inner city, looking down upon the city. Any signs of irregular movement would not escape their eyes! 

Teng Lang looked up and saw the enormous figures in the air before looking at the streets of the outer city that flowed with blood. He quietly sighed: “The Crown Prince is so stubborn…” 

When Old Soul Teacher De heard about the mutual killing, the first person he thought of wasn’t Chao Lengchuan but Chu Mu’s Seven Sins Fox with the rare Species Calamity technique.

He remembered in Tianxia City that Chu Mu’s Seven Sins Fox had used this terrifying technique.

Now that Soul Alliance’s army in the outer city was staging such a slaughter, this meant that one of the three people was Chu Mu! 

The middle and low ranking army was composed of millions of members while the high ranking army had over 50 thousand. Merely the strength of an army was enough to deal with a dominator rank creature. Moreover, Soul Alliance itself had many dominator experts. Thus, Old Soul Teacher De didn’t know what to say about the three people that dared to step into this city.


On Wanxiang Altar, an enormous eagle scout beat its wings, and flew higher up into the air again to investigate. 

In the Hero Chief’s great palace, the Hero Chief and the Empress Concubine were sitting down, looking down from above and the groups of officials.

Below the Hero Chief and the Empress Concubine were Son of Heaven Wu Kuang, Hero Aide Lian Yan, Fourth Hero Mo Ling, Underground Palace King Yi Jun and the traitor Li Hong!

These people were all dominator rank experts that had surpassed the profane. Any one of them was capable of shaking both Tianxia and Wanxiang with a single stomp.

Even below them sat Ju Que, Bin Liao and Lin Yin of the Eight Desolations. Sitting alongside them were ten Investigator experts. Presumably after this fight, some of them would become the new Desolations. 

At the same rank, but of a different group, with the Dragon Absolute as the head sat a total of eight Absolute experts. Sitting alongside them were a new group of peak emperor rank soul pet Investigator experts. If things went as planned, the Sixteen Absolutes would have new members! 

After them were the Thirty Two Scars, Investigator experts and numerous spirit emperors who defected or were neutral. 

These people who appeared in the great hall today would be the future backbone of Soul Alliance. There were some of them who even knew about the future positions and great kingdoms they would obtain!

Virtually all the important members were gathered here and it was the strongest group of people in human territory!! 

“Chu Fangchen, Chao Lengchuan… it seems that we must delay the rewards from the king.” Hero Chief Yuan Sui slowly stood up and swept his eyes over the great hall filled with experts devoted to Soul Alliance. 

“Senior Hero Chief, I’ve gone crazy walking around in the darkness. I feel like it will be hard to bear if I have to wait another day. There’s no need to delay; we can deal with it in a moment.” standing next to Son of Heaven Wu Kuang, Underground Palace King Yi Jun smiled and calmly spoke. 

Hero Chief glanced at Yi Jun. He knew that the Underground King wanted to use this opportunity to establish his prestige. 

“We don’t need to be afraid of Chao Lengchuan, but Chu Fangchen’s strength isn’t ordinary. Lian Yan, Wu Kuang, Li Hong, and Mo Ling, go and take a look. Yi Jun, go and report this to Alliance Master.” said Hero Chief. 

“Senior Hero Chief, you really think highly of Chu Fangchen.” remarked Yi Jun.

The Hero Chief wanted four dominator rank experts dispatched to deal with Chu Fangchen’s appearance. Who wouldn’t they be able to take down with such a team? 

Yi Jun didn’t disobey, but he felt slightly uncomfortable in his heart. 

The Alliance Master was presently in the palaces of the Three Great Palaces. Yi Jun knew that the Hero Chief, by sending him there, wanted him to kill those people trapped in the underground holy palace. 

Yet, Alliance Master Ling Chan was already there. There probably wouldn’t even be an opportunity to take action. 

“Hero Chief, in my opinion, even if we don’t take action, they will be killed by the army in the middle city. What’s the need for such action?” said Mo Ling. 

The moment he finished speaking, an enormous eagle scout suddenly rushed into the great palace. He then prostrated himself on the ground and said in a slightly fearful voice: “Your Majesty, Senior, our…. Our outer city’s 50 thousand low ranking army has been annihilated!” 

These words made the Scars, Investigators, Absolutes, and Desolates all wear shocked expressions! 

Although dominator ranks could indeed easily annihilate a low ranking army, being able to do so in such a short period of time was too terrifying of a slaughtering speed!


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