Chapter 1051: Main pet Returns!

A waterfall fell from the high mountains, splashing everywhere and scattering a rainbow under the sunlight.

The pool was rumbling with the impact of the waterfall. A nimble deer lightly leaped over the rocks jutting out of the water and stood at the center of the pool, looking curiously at the bare-chested man under the waterfall.

The water fell ruthlessly upon the man’s body, causing his face to distort under the pressure.

This was prince Chao Lengchuan, who’s mind was repeatedly wounded.

He thought he had already died by Li Hong’s hand, yet when he woke up, he was in a strange place with medicine over his wounds. Even Thousand Wave Beast was brought back from the verge of death.

Yet, living only made Chao Lengchuan feel more pain.

Soul pet trainers didn’t need to train under a waterfall ever. He was doing it only to help his mind clear out.

However, no matter how hard the waterfall slammed into him, it couldn’t wash away the grief and anger in his mind!

The cold water blasted his wounds, yet he felt no pain. This feeling caused him to nearly go insane!

“Are you giving yourself up?” A mental voice came into Chao Lengchuan’s ears under the waterfall.

The waterfall was obstructing his view. Chao Lengchuan opened his eyes to look at the hazy figure on the shore.

“Who are you, and why did you save me!” Chao Lengchuan yelled angrily.

“I just have some personal issues with Li Hong.” The man on the shore said lightly.

“Who are you!” Chao Lengchuan asked.

The figure went silent for a second before replying, “I killed a Universe Supreme and saved one. The dead one commands my respect, while the living one only deserves disdain. You already have the true power of a supreme, but your soul is a poor thing curled up in a corner.

These words revolved around Chao Lengchuan’s mind. Chao Lengchuan’s pupils dilated as he tried to see the man’s face clearer, but the man disappeared after he spoke!

“Killed one universe supreme…..” Chao Lengchuan walked out from behind the waterfall and glanced absentmindedly at the direction the figure left in.

He already knew who it was, yet the shock in his heart made him forget to think.

“In ten days, Soul Alliance is getting rid of all those who do not surrender. One person has already taken off towards Wanxiang City alone…..”

Chao Lengchuan was in shock when the voice came again, giving Chao Lengchuan a shiver!

“Going alone, this person…..” Chao Lengchuan paused.

The entire city was Soul Alliance’s territory. Daring to go ahead alone needed more than courage!!


The rain fell in waves as frigid gales blew through the dark skies, ruthlessly buffeting the cold city.

The rain got larger and larger, creating water screens that obstructed the view, blurring out all far away objects.

The dark clouds loomed over a newly constructed guillotine. The massive axe hung high up as if its rope were tied to the very clouds, yet the sharpness of the blade seemed to reach the platform. From far away, it was like the grim reaper himself were in a grey cloak, one hand on the guillotine while the other on the platform. The moment it loosened its old, bony fingers, the axe will cut off the skulls of those in its palm.

The rain and wind tortured the people lined up under the axe, tied up and kneeling.

They were soaking wet and absolutely tired. Occasionally, they lifted their heads to gaze at the western skies, yet all they saw was darkness.

“Young master Teng, how does this feel? Don’t you hate your self-righteous father now?” Poison Desolation Nie Yunbing said arrogantly in front of the prisoners.

Teng Lang slowly lifted his head but didn't reply.

“If you beg, I may spare your life.” Nie Yunbing laughed and said.

As he laughed, he slowly went stiff because he noticed the man wasn’t even glancing at him.

“You really got guts. Let’s see if your bones are harder or the axe is sharper!” Nie Yunbing kicked him.

At this moment, a servant ran beside Nie Yunbing, and said something in a low voice before handing over Nie Yunbing’s name list.

Nie Yunbing laughed, “Another group of people who don’t want to die.”

Teng Lang got up and looked out wanxiang city’s western gate. Indeed, another group of surrenderers…...

“These cowards!” Teng Lang cursed under his breath.

“Keke~~~~~” Aside, Old soul teacher De coughed lightly and said, “Let it go, everyone has their own choice, they were forced as well.”


The rain was falling in sheets. The cities’ streets used to be full of bustling activity that seemed to never end. Yet now, other than occasional stragglers coming to surrender, the only activity were well formed ranks of Soul Alliance soldiers. They gazed arrogantly at the Three Palace people’s lowered heads, full of a mocking smile.

Wanxiang City’s road was very long, going straight through the western plain and slope.

The long road had spots of people. It was the very last few days of the decision time. The people who surrendered are the last ones as well. Behind them, the road was empty.

At the end of the long slope, the end of the road within the rain, a white clothed man slowly walked along this straight path forwards.

The massive rain fell upon his body, yet everytime it was about to touch his clothes, it would evaporate without a reason as if he had a special layer of protection.

Aside him, a black armored battle tiger followed, the rainwater dripping down its angular armor…..

Suddenly, the white clothed man stopped his steps, and turned around to look at the dark skies!

Far away in the sheets of rain, a cyan shadow slowly appeared in his vision.

The cyan shadow was extremely quick, like a meteor that flew through the darkness towards him.


Sounds of “wu”ing sounded through the rain. The cyan shadow’s speed slowed down as it flapped its tiny wings and fell into the white clothed man’s lap. It was like a wounded child returning to its family's embrace, crying nonstop.

Chu Mu used the temperature on his hand to dry off all the rain on the little guy’s body. A smile came onto his face - what he was waiting for finally returned.

“Why are you still like before?” Chu Mu rubbed the little guy’s head, and watched as it cried in his embrace unceasingly.

Chu Mu still remembered when they had split apart, Little Hidden Dragon was crying like a child and only left because empyrean cyan hidden dragon forcefully dragged it away.

Now, seeing him again, it was crying like a child again. After this many years, this little fellow seemingly never matured.

Little Hidden Dragon wasn’t afraid of being ridiculed. It was a child. Especially when it was in his embrace, feeling the familiar scent and comfortable hug, even though it was now truly a king in its own heart, it was still just a child that wanted to let out pent up emotions.

Seeing the Little Hidden Dragon sobbing from sorrow and happiness, Chu Mu knew Little Hidden Dragon had in reality grown up.

Both its power and its mind had come a long way. The only thing that hasn’t changed was its heart full of reliance, where it would show its most genuine and childish side to the people most close to it.

Little Hidden Dragon was crying for its mother Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. In the long time after it cried from not being able to put its mother’s body back together, it had never cried a single tear again. Only when it found the person it could rely on did it finally let out the pent up emotions.

Of course, the tears were more because it returned to his side and saw that he was doing fine…...

Chu Mu had a similar emotion to Little Hidden Dragon. Not counting dead dream’s reincarnation, Little Hidden Dragon was really the only soul pet that he had watched hatch, grow up, and train all the way.

Its everything relied on him. Its everything was specially brought together by Chu Mu’s training - his strictness, gentleness, and forgiveness…...

And now, when he needed its power the most, it returned. These few days, the power of the enemies he was about to face and the severity of the situation caused his heart to sink. Only now did his heart warm back up with the return of the Little Hidden Dragon and its childish mannerisms.


“Hou~~~~~~~~~~” Zhan Ye lifted its head and roared at Little Hidden Dragon.

Little Hidden Dragon was the smallest. Though its buddies always said it was a child that never grew up, it never felt ashamed of the fact. After wiping its tears off on Chu Mu, it leaped onto Zhan Ye’s head and hopped around baring its little dragon fangs.

Zhan Ye was used to the little guy’s mischief. Calmly shaking its head, it told Little Hidden Dragon to go play with its full time maid.

After Little Hidden Dragon said hi to Zhan Ye, it leaped back onto Chu Mu’s shoulder and started yanking little Mo Xie’s tails.

Little Mo Xie, seeing the little guy crying so hard, originally wanted to comfort it. Yet, she didn't expect it to recover so quickly. Now, it could only “wu” helplessly as she signified her reluctant welcome.

Little Hidden Dragon was like a child, where happiness always came quickly and easily.

“Now we’re only missing Ye.” Chu Mu slowly said.

Already on Chu Mu’s head, Little Hidden Dragon nodded alongside little Mo Xie and Zhan Ye.

Chu Mu had no idea where the wanderer was now, but this battle was something it was about to miss.

However, with Zhan Ye and Little Hidden Dragon back, Chu Mu’s heart was slowly filled.

This entire way, he felt an unprecedented calm. Even with so many enemies ahead of this path, even when he was the only person walking this path…...


When his main soul pets return was when her nightmare begins!

Maybe that woman was also waiting with heavy troops. However, Chu Mu found no reason to back away from this fight.


The massive Wanxiang City, tens of thousands of troops, countless spirit emperor experts!

Thirty-two scars, sixteen absolutes, eight desolations, four heroes, emperor concubine, and alliance master- the enemy had made a city into the entirety of Soul Alliance.

Yet the only reason Chu Mu was wearing white was so he could see clearly when the blood of his enemies splattered onto him!!

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