Chapter 1049: Even If I am Alone, I Must Fight


A golden fiery figure illuminated the center of the city, spilling over the faces of the soldiers.

Standing on top of the Crown Phoenix King, Mu Qingyi turned around and glanced at the Holy Palace without any movement. She then looked at Liu Binglan who was leading the Three Great Palace’s army in retreat. 

“Did the summoning fail?” muttered Mu Qingyi.

 "Young Lady Mu, did you hope for something to appear?” a deeply worried man’s voice entered Mu Qingyi’s ears. 

Mu Qingyi looked up with a bit of disgust at the Son of Heaven, Wu Kuang. 

Wu Kuang’s Icy Death King didn’t die. Not long after Mu Qingyi took action, this fellow relied on his ice attributed soul pet to completely suppress her Crown Phoenix King. Mu Qingyi had no choice but to have the Crown Phoenix King team up with the White Tiger to deal with the Icy Death King. This pushed her into a very passive state. 

“Young Lady Mu, if you defect to our side, you’ll still be our revered Heavenly Concubine. What’s the point in wasting effort on these people whose fates have already been decided.” Wu Kuang cracked a smile. 

“Starting from today, your Soul Allianceand I will be irreconcilable!” coldly said Mu Qingyi. 

Hearing this, Wu Kuang put away his fake kindness and said: “Hmph, you have no understanding of the times. Where is Chu Fangchen, that bastard? Why does he dare not appear? Since I’ve said that I will trample his face and steal his women, I must do it!!” 

Mu Qingyi felt that Wu Kuang’s arrogance was truly laughable. If it wasn’t for the attribute being countered, Mu Qingyi would have been able to easily get rid of him. Did he really think he could fight Chu Mu? 

Mu Qingyi stopped wasting words on Wu Kuang. An enormous brilliant sun shield emerged from the Crown Phoenix King’s beating wings. It enveloped the middle of the city’s walls and protected the three great palace’s army. 

Wu Kuang looked at Mu Qingyi with both lust and hidden ferocity. However, he wasn’t hasty to take her down, since there was still an elite army of ten thousand below her. Before Soul Alliance’s army suppressed them, he didn’t want his Icy Death King to become a target for ten thousand high ranking soul pet trainers. 

Wu Kuang’s eyes fell on Soul Alliance’s beast attributed vanguard. His gaze arrogantly swept over the organized rows of savage beasts.

“Crush them!” Wu Kuang waved his hand and gave the vanguard an order!

The moment the order was given, ten thousand beasts roared, shaking the heaven and earth. An enormous beast type aura transformed into an intimidating tsunami that swept through the middle city as they stepped past the outer city. 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!”

“Ao ao ao ao!!!!!!”

A deafening sound rang out as the huge army ran across!

Countless soul pets and soul pet trainers transformed into meat paste under the trampling of the beasts. Those who were unable to bring away the corpses in time were also crushed. In an instant, the outer city of ruins had transformed into a bloody hell. Flames and lightning in the air was mixed with a dense aura of blood and death. 


The middle city was originally the three great palace’s most sturdy line of defense. However, under the devastating attacks of dominator rank creatures, no matter how sturdy it was, it would ultimately be crushed to pieces! 

The Soul Alliancearmy pushed forth again. It was unstoppable. The middle city ultimately fell by the sunset of the second day and all three great palace members had no choice but to retreat to the inner city. 

The inner city had to be sturdy because the army could not retreat before their family members had. 

However, the inner city wasn’t able to last that long. Dominator rank destruction was hard to stop… 


“Has everyone already retreated?” asked Liu Binglan. 

Presently, all the higher ups had all retreated to Nightmare Palace which was relatively safe because Ye Qingzi had already taken the White Nightmare and Blue Nightmare armies out of Nightmare Holy Region to enter the battlefield. 

The Nightmare army was being commanded by the Nightmare Ruler. However, the fight had broken out too suddenly and the Nightmare Ruler and the rest of the White Nightmares were scattered in different areas over Nightmare Danger Ground. It would take some time to gather them together. 

Ye Qingzi was only able to mobilize the five thousand White Nightmares and fifty thousand Blue Nightmares where Fourth White was located. 

This force would temporarily guarantee that the inner city would not be broken through. However, this was only temporary. 

 "We’re already in the western district now.” said Great Senior Elder Chao. 

Right now, the faces of each senior elder and elder were extremely unsightly. In a mere few days, the outer and middle city had been broken. In terms of army size, the three great palaces had the advantage, but dominator rank creatures were simply incarnations of the death god on the battlefield. A single technique could take away nearly a thousand middle ranked armies. They never expected the strength of an army to be so insignificant. 

Mu Qingyi was only able to stop Wu Kuang’s Icy Death King. With Ye Qingzi’s full support, Ye Wansheng was only barely able to stop the Tai Mountain Giant from going on a slaughter. Liu Binglan’s soul pet was only able to stop one of Hero Chief’s dominators. Great Senior Elder Chao, Nightmare Emperor Jiang, the old hermit, Senior Elder Shen and Senior Elder Pang, the combined strength of the strongest senior elders, was only able to stop the Hero Aide’s dominator rank soul pets.

There were only seven remaining senior elders left in Wanxiang City, it was difficult for them to deal with the Eight Desolations. And there still was Soul Alliance’s powerful Sixteen Absolutes. 

Of course, what made the three great palaces feel most powerless was Alliance Master Ling Chan. 

Until now, Alliance Master Ling Chan had only summoned two soul pets. One of which was the Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist which appeared first. 

This Ghost Eyed Blood Devil Buddhist was mysteriously floating around the battlefield. Aside from Liu Binglan, no one was able to follow its tracks. It continuously harvested the lives of emperor rank creatures. The number of emperor rank deaths in its hands was already hard to count. 

The other soul pet was the incomparably fierce Meteor Dragon!

The Meteor Dragon rarely attacked. However, the three great palace’s sturdy line of defense had been destroyed by the Meteor Dragon. Each one of its techniques could deliver a disaster to a city. It was unknown how many lives had been crushed by its terrifying meteors!

Gradually, they were routed. Moreover, this was done before the opposing dominator rank expert had summoned all his soul pets. 

 There was no longer any way for them to contend in this fight. 


Originally Liu Binglan had planned on having the whole army retreat. She wanted to give up on Wanxiang City and retreat to another city. 

Although they would be pursued if they retreated, if they kept fighting, their whole army would collapse. That situation would be even more miserable. 

However, another nightmare arrived because there was a person who didn’t even plan on giving them the option to retreat… 


Xiangrong City, City Lord’s Great Hall.

After listening to Ye Qingzi’s explanation of how their final retreat had failed, everyone was silent. The only noise in the great hall was their breathing. 

“Flower Demon Army. It hypnotized the entire city…” a while later, Old Li’s somewhat hoarse voice slowly rang out.

Chu Mu was just listening. He didn’t say anything throughout the entire story. 

The fall of Wanxiang City was so sudden and without warning. Yet, all of this seemed to have already been part of someone’s plan. 

The inability to summon the Seven Diagram Saint Kings and the appearance of Alliance Master Ling Chan. This meant that the three great palaces had already fallen into a sure-loss situation. 

However, Chu Mu didn’t expect that during the final retreat, the plants on the western side transformed into high ranking flower demons! 

These flower demons covered different streets and districts in the western city. Practically when the three great palaces had gathered all army members and their families together, planning to retreat, colorless and odorless hypnosis power filled the air of the entire western district! 

Perhaps the higher ranking soul pet trainers were able to withstand the hypnosis powder. However, the lower ranking soul pet trainers and family members were unable to use their mind to stop the fatal sleepiness!

The lower ranking army fell down like flies and the middle ranking army was unable to maintain clear-headedness. As for the higher ranking army, they could only powerlessly watch the enormous Soul Alliancearmy!

They had lost and even their retreat had failed. Nobody knew where these flower demons had come from. Moreover, nobody could understand why the strong and unbreakable three great palaces had fallen in such a short amount of time. The participation of Alliance Master Ling Chan had already destroyed the three great palace’s will to fight. Finally, the flower demons hypnotizing the city hadn’t even given them an opportunity to reverse their fate… 

Chu Mu was silent. From beginning to end, this had been a clash of strength, but inside laid traps that Chu Mu couldn’t guess the number of. Merely from hearing about the flower demon army appearing was enough to make him shiver!

When Chu Mu heard that Chao Lengchuan had broken through Xianrong City, he realized that that the defector woman’s flower demon army was no longer stationed in Xiangrong City. Otherwise, no matter how strong they were, they would not be able to take down Xiangrong City.

Only, Chu Mu didn’t expect that the defector woman was able to noiselessly move her army to Wanxiang City. 

This meant that she had already guessed this situation would occur between the two sides… 

Perhaps all of this was in her plans and perhaps the fate of the three great palaces had already been decided. Even if they had one or two more dominator experts, they would not be able to escape the reality of defeat. 

“Young master, say something.” Old Li watched Chu Mu for a long time, but he remained silent.

Chu Mu looked up at the worried Old Li. 

“Then right now the person I have to face is Alliance Master Ling Chan.” Chu Mu’s tone was calm. 

There was only one more person, but this meant that there was one more huge mountain that was difficult to traverse. Chu Mu knew that even if he was in Wanxiang City when it fell, he would be unable to change the reality of defeat. Moreover, practically all of the three great palaces’ members were being held captive. The higher ups were placed under house arrest while the Supremes, senior elders and elders were trapped… 

Was the enemy they had to face merely only one person more? 

Perhaps it was more apt to say that everything had become Soul Alliance. 

“Xia Zhixian is in our hands. Perhaps we can use her to exchange for the Female Supreme.” said Old Li. 

Chu Mu shook his head. If he was the Alliance Master, he would definitely agree to this exchange. 

Moreover, Liu Binglan and the other senior elders hadn’t fallen into their hands. If they had already been captured, Chu Mu wouldn’t have the ability to fight against Soul Alliance. 

“What about Mu Qingyi?” Chu Mu glanced at Ye Qingzi.

“I’m not sure. All of this was told to me by mother-in-law when we retreated to the underground holy palace. I don’t know much about the details…” softly said Ye Qingzi.

“Old Li, think of a way to find Mu Qingyi.” said Chu Mu.

“Yes.” Old Li nodded his head. 

“What’s the state of Nightmare Danger Ground?” Chu Mu continued to ask.

“After our defeat was determined, I had Fourth White bring the army and retreat to Nightmare Danger Ground. However, Nightmare Palace’s Holy Region’s entrance has probably been sealed.” said Ye Qingzi.

Chu Mu nodded his head but didn’t say anything more. 

He hadn’t imagined that this fight would become him alone… 

Yet, even if he was alone, he had to fight!!!

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