Chapter 1048

Liu Binglan’s body shivered.

For nearly twenty years, the inheritance of Underworld Supreme couldn’t be passed on. It was because of this woman who took Underworld Supreme’s inheritance already!

No wonder she could enter the sacred palace without obstruction and even cause the summoning of the seven diagram sacred beasts to fail.

“I should have realized long ago….long ago…..” At this moment, Liu Binglan seemed to have lost her soul.

Underworld Supreme’s totem showing strange phenomenons, the woman appearing from holy stem sacred region, she should have realized long ago that underworld Supreme’s inheritance was gone. A while ago, seeing underworld Supreme’s energy move, she also should have realized that it had something to do with seven diagram sacred beasts.

If they were unable to summon seven diagram sacred beasts, how could they compete against alliance master Ling Chan? Thinking to how Three Palace’s other members were bleeding outside, Liu Binglan’s heart shattered even more, not knowing what to do next.

alliance master Ling Chan? Thinking to how Three Palace’s other members were

“A faction can’t rely on such an unstable power. Three Palace’s luck has run out.” Emperor concubine gazed calmly at Liu Binglan, as if she was a queen who had already won the war.

Liu Binglan didn’t speak. She kneeled down upon the altar, her mind an absolute mess.

She had never thought that Three Palace would fall into such desperate circumstances, losing even their biggest reliance Seven Diagram Sacred Beasts. The desolation caused her entire mind to be filled with terrible scenes.

Was Three Palace really going to be destroyed in her hands?

Liu Binglan grew up in soul palace where the elders constantly imparted their ideals that soul palace was righteous. In her heart, soul palace was the eternal holy ground. However, no elder had ever taught her she had to give up everything to protect soul palace.

In fact, in Liu Binglan’s younger ages, she had a rebellious phase, getting tired of the endless training and elders’ well-intended warnings……..

It was at that time that she ended up with Chu Tianmang somehow and became a mother.

However, at the time she knew nothing. She was like a headstrong child, not putting the responsibilities of soul palace in her heart.

It all changed when the half devil incident appeared. As she watched the blood red devil flames render tianxia city into a living hell, spreading to millions of bodies. At the time, she cold only hide behind the older generation experts as they ran ahead one after another, disintegrating into the devil flames. In the end, even her teacher and the other Supremes fell…...

Were the selfless sacrifices really meaningless?

At least her generation survived and didn’t disappear within the devil flames.

After that terrifying night of disasters, Liu Binglan watched as the elders that taught her all died one after another within the flames. She finally understood how childish and laughable it was for her to wish to escape from soul palace’s bounds and ideologies.

It was then that she truly became the female Supreme, throwing her selfish thoughts behind her mind. After Three Palace suffered the huge blow, she started picking up the responsibility within the palace.

Soul palace didn’t put their heavy history and fate upon her, nor did it use its belief and thoughts to demand members to give up their lives.

It was only a responsibility, like the responsibilities of protecting the family a child takes on when it becomes an adult. Once she understood, she no longer was as restless and understood what was truly her home and land.

This past period of time, Three Palace was in darkness with no light in sight. Disaster struck one after another, causing her heart to be increasingly burdened.

At this moment, seven diagram sacred beast’s failure pushed the palace up onto a cliff with no return. Ahead was an endless abyss. Liu Binglan felt like she only had one hand. She discovered that no matter what she did, she couldn’t seem to pull the massive palace back from this abyss.

Did she have to experience the same thing and watch as countless people bled and sacrificed themselves, or even worse, watch as the palace walks into its own demise…..

If not, what would she use to match that person??

The sacred palace’s golden glow was unbelievably dim in Liu Binglan’s eyes now. A weakness caused her to lose the will to even stand up. She could only kneel there and repeat to herself to stay calm and strong, yet the weight of the burden was still crushing her.

On the next flight of stairs, emperor concubine watched Liu Binglan calmly.

Three Palace’s failure was already within her expectations. It could be said that after she got the inheritance of underworld Supreme, Three Palace had already lost the ability to compete against alliance master Ling Chan.

Of course, she would only pick the best of times to pull out this trump card.

Looking at Liu Binglan fall into despair, emperor concubine slowly walked in front of her and said, “Your appearance reminds me of a person, she was much more saddening and laughable though…..”

Liu Binglan didn’t reply. She forced the tears of despair back into her eyes and stood up determinedly, pushing her soul remembrance onto Emperor Concubine!

Emperor concubine clearly was careless. She didn’t think Liu Binglan would attack her at this time. Having no time to cast a technique, she felt a powerful mental blow that caused her to take multiple steps back.


Soul pet Star River let out a call. Taken over by flowing lights, bands of stars pierced through emperor concubine’s body!


Having no time to defend herself, three bloody holes immediately appeared on her body, causing blood to slowly trickle out!

Her pure white robe was dyed red. Emperor concubine’s body flew straight back and slammed into a pillar, slowly sliding against it until she was on the ground.

The blood left a striking red trail on the pillar, dying her purple hair as well. Emperor concubine clutched her pierced wounds as a fury rose from within her arrogant eyes!!

“You should know clearly that the reason soul palace could stay alive until now was because of me!” Emperor concubine’s tone immediately turned icy. Her dyed red hair and robe started flowing as a massive flower demon aura burst open!!

“I can’t stand the ineptitude of you humans so I seek to replace you and control Three Palaces, wanxiang, and Tianxia realm!”

Liu Binglan calmly gazed at this ambitious woman but didn’t want to say any more.

Liu BInglan already knew from Chu Mu that this woman was incredibly powerful. Unable to summon seven diagram sacred beasts, the only thing she could do now was lead the retreat of soul palace. Even giving up the city was much more meaningful than sacrifice.

Liu Binglan ignored the angry emperor concubine and quickly rode her star river out of sacred palace while emperor concubine was still wounded, and flew towards the battlefield……..


Liu Binglan didn’t leave the battlefield for long, yet when she flew into the sky, she was shocked to find the Soul Alliancearmy already past the soul pet palace stronghold and was currently sweeping through western Wanxiang City outer city!

She didn't dare to hesitate at all, flying towards higher parts of the battlefield.

Just as she neared, a few spirit emperors were shattered under a blow of Tai Mountain Giant as End Hero Mo Ling laughed arrogantly on its shoulder!

Liu Binglan’s heart was full of anger as she rode her star river upwards!

Starlight emanating a few thousand feet, it morphed into countless comets that streaked through the skies and fell towards the Tai Mountain Giant’s body.

End Hero Mo Ling’s laughing ceased as he quickly told Tai Mountain Giant to dodge.

Except, the Tai Mountain Giant’s large body dictated that it didn’t have the ability to dodge. A series of meteors flew through the skies and landed on Tai Mountain Giant.

The end hero Mo Ling immediately held his head and ran away, quickly escaping to outer city and not daring to step out again.

“Female Supreme is here!!”

Senior elder, elder, palace master, sacred guard leader felt their pressure decreases and quickly noticed the decrease in pressure. Immediately, they discovered that female Supreme riding her dominator rank Star River forth and showed their joy.

Liu Binglan looked over the chaotic battlefield and glanced at hero chief Yuan Sui and the cold eyed Soul Alliancemaster who still hadn’t even participated…...

If they hadn’t attacked yet, the casualties shouldn’t be major yet. Liu BInglan immediately rode her star river to an even higher place and used her soul remembrance to send a command for retreat to all the elders.

Each elder was in charge of a region of battle. With Liu Binglan giving this command, all the elders were shocked.

If they were told to retreat and defend, the elders would understand. After all, their higher level power was indeed too much to handle, to the point where they couldn’t really fight back. This was even when hero chief and alliance master didn’t participate.

However, an all out retreat command meant they were giving up Wanxiang City!

Liu Binglan didn’t tell anyone the news of seven diagram sacred beasts being unable to be summoned, instead only commanding strictly that everyone escape from combat!

The elders didn’t dare disobey and immediately forwarded the command to tell the armies guarding outer city to give it up.

After getting up to the outer city, soul alliance’s army quickly pressured forwards. The entire city seemed to have been engulfed in a massive tsunami as it fell into utter chaos.

After the army retreated, the soul emperors obviously had to retreat as well or else the opposing army’s elemental barrage could instantly kill many spirit emperors. That would be a huge loss for their side.

The only thing worth rejoicing over was Three Palace maintained its massive middle lower level armies. This power to a certain degree could threaten spirit emperors, and was the reason why soul alliance’s upper levels didn’t dare to kill their way straight into Three Palace’s territory.


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