Chapter 1047: Final Supreme Spot, Underworld Supreme

Diagram Supreme paused. For some reason, he felt Li Hong’s tone was slightly strange.

And, there was no reason Li Hong didn’t hear the huge commotion outside. Logically, he should be on the battlefield and have no reason to be here.

Diagram Supreme was just about to ask when a demon darted out from behind Li Hong!

The blood red claw slashed across Diagram Supreme Ke Yin’s chest with a glint. Diagram Supreme Ke Yin couldn’t even react before his protective barrier was shattered, and he flew back!

The sacred guards behind him didn’t even react until it was too late. Only when Diagram Supreme Ku Yin slammed into the palace wall did sacred guard leader react and stare angrily, quickly casting an incantation to summon their soul pet!

The sacred guard leaders all had a top tier emperor rank soul pet. Instantly, three Lin Yin Beasts appeared between Li hong and Diagram Supreme!

However, Li Hong’s demon’s speed was incredible. The three Lin Yin beasts didn’t even get to cast their incantations when their bodies all had bloody marks!

“Li…..Li Hong, what are you doing?” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin held his chest as he slowly stood up, staring furiously at the man in front of him!

Li Hong didn’t reply, choosing to continue to command his demons to dispose of the sacred guard leaders’ soul pets.

Liu Binglan didn’t speak, calmly watching the former Realm Throne King.

This person’s appearance here and assault had an incredibly obvious intention. He was here to stop them from summoning Seven Diagram sacred beasts!

In this dangerous moment, three palace’s greatest reliance fell onto soul alliance’s side. This was a devastating blow on three palace’s already abysmal situation!

The former Realm Throne holder himself, strongest member of soul pet palace, betraying them. What a ridiculous thing it was. Liu Binglan could no longer even bring herself to criticize him anymore. An unease welled up within her heart.

“Binglan, leave here to me.” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin took a deep breath. His cold gaze already fully explained the anger he felt!!

Liu Binglan glanced at Diagram Supreme Ke Yin. Every supreme level expert ahd special powers that both Liu Binglan and Ke Yin now controlled. Though Ke Yin may lose even after releasing this energy, the only thing Liu Binglan could do here was to quickly summon Seven Diagram sacred beasts, or else there palace will lose countless people tonight!

Liu Binglan no longer hesitated. Bringing her personal sacred guard, she stepped through the corridor towards the supreme palace.

Li Hong didn’t stop Liu Binglan. In fact, even when she walked past him, he ignored her. His eyes were fixated on Diagram Supreme Ke Yin, as if he was his only target.

Of course, as only the former strongest member of three palace, Li Hong may not be able to completely stop her now even if he tried.

Turning and leaving twice caused Liu Binglan’s heart to sink even further.

Stepping into supreme palace, Liu Binglan didn’t stop at all until she reached the summoning Sacred Palace.

Summoning Sacred Palace had a very powerful barrier around. When Liu Binglan finally entered it, she let out a small breath, because she was extremely scared of something obstructing her path.

As she followed the stairs down, the golden glow illuminated Liu Bing’ans slighlty pale face. Her steps were hurried and breathing rapid.

Star River, who was on Liu Binglan’s shoulder, seemed to feel its owner’s emotions, and let out a small call to comfort its owner.

The entire Sacred Palace was very old and dignified. There were no pillars within. A golden glow that emanated from the drawings above fell upon the holy altar at the end of four flights of stairs downwards, in the center of the building. The glow from above was reflected to every corner of the palace, filling it  with a sacred aura!

This was soul palace’s most important palace as well as sturdiest. Even alliance master couldn't break through the defensive barrier of this soul palace easily. So, if anyone stepped into it, they would be absolutely safe.

However, for some reason, Liu Binglan still smelled danger, residing right with her within this noble Sacred Palace!

“Who is it? Come out!” Liu Binglan yelled angrily!

Her voice echoed back to her. She felt extremely nervous at this moment.

This Sacred Palace could only be entered by people with supreme titles. Anyone else in three palace, even senior elders, could not enter.

And with its powerful defense, no one could infiltrate the Sacred Palace forcefully, not even soul alliance master Ling Chan.

There was no chance anyone other than herself and Diagram Supreme Ke Yin could enter here, yet Liu Binglan felt someone standing on the sacred altar behind the golden statue1

“You sure are the only person who broke through soul emperor rank soul remembrance, having such an acute sense.

What confused Liu Binglan was, the voice was soft and alluring, the sound of a woman!

A woman able to enter supreme palace, who other in this world than her could do this? Liu Binglan’s heart was shaking.

Liu Binglan stared closely at the sacred alter. She saw the corner of a robe, then a long haired beauty walked out slowly…...

A pure white robe, dazzling purple hair, angel-like appearance, devil like figure…...

It was a woman that even Liu Binglan had to gasp over her beauty. Yet, between the sacred white and devilish purple, the pure angel quality and alluring smile, she couldn’t tell whether this was an incarnation of an angel or devil!

Liu Binglan was stunned by the scene before her. It wasn’t only at how the woman could get into the Sacred Palace, but also because Liu Binglan had seen this woman a long time ago!

In Holy Stem sacred Region, a shriveled sacred blue flower, light yet angering laugh that was like a mocking laugh of a devil who succeeded in its ploys!

It was this human-soul-pet flower demon abomination that had stolen her son’s first soul and nearly ruined his entire life!

Even now, Liu Binglan had never forgotten her appearance. In fact, she had still been on the search for her.

This many years passed and Liu Binglan still had no leads. After this woman escaped, she never appeared again.

Now that she reappeared at the same time she was about to summon Seven Diagram sacred beasts, what did this mean?

“Who are you!” Liu Binglan’s anger finally couldn’t be stopped!

“A woman like you. Oh, you must be busy right now. I’m guessing you don’t have time to listen to me slowly speak of my past?” Emperor Concubine smiled and said.

Liu Binglan indeed had no time to hear her speak more. Glancing at Star River on her shoulder, she told it to go into fighting state.

Emperor Concubine saw Liu Binglan ready herself to fight and simply floated off the sacred altar, even welcoming her with a gesture, signaling Liu Binglan that she could go onto the altar now and summon sacred king.

Liu Binglan furrowed her brows. She had no idea what this woman was about to do.

However, she truly couldn’t think of much now, directly summoning star river onto the sacred altar and starting the incantation!

The sacred altar was indestructible, and the moment Liu Binglan starts the first utterance of the incantation, the sacred altar would create a barrier protecting the caster until she finished. Though Liu Binglan knew the woman aside her wouldn’t just watch as she finished her incantation, she had to try!

Emperor concubine stood on the steps one flight back and stared silently as Liu Binglan hurriedly chanted her incantation. A smile flickered across her face.

Liu Binglan stared uneasily at the mysterious and scary woman but still finished her incantation.

However, what caused her heart to sink finally happened!

The first part of the incantation completed but the sacred altar didn’t generate any energy. There wasn’t even a single movement from the spatial door, let alone a barrier that was supposed to protect the caster.

No energy meant the summoning totem failed. However, how would the sacred king summoning totem fail under the correct incantation? This would never happen!

At this moment, Liu Binglan was already in despair. Unbelievable things were happening one after another as if everything was planned, yet how did she never notice until today?

Liu Binglan took a deep breath. Her face lost its last color as a feeling of absolute defeat welled up within her.

“In reality, the supremes of your generation are already only there in name. Their miniscule sacred power can’t stop the inevitability of soul palace walking to its doom.” At this moment, emperor concubine slowly spoke.

Liu Binglan didn’t speak back, trying her best instead to calm down.

She knew that the woman before her caused the summon to fail. However, Sacred Palace and totems was unbreakable, so Liu Binglan had no idea how anyone could do this.

“Diagram Supreme Ke Yin, mediocre strength, able to compete against dominator rank for a short moment using his supreme powers, a person not worthy of fear.”

“Dawn Supreme Liu Binglan, you, originally the hope of soul palace regaining its former glory, but unfortunately…….”

“Eternity Supreme nearly losing its inheritance altogether, yet Chao Lengchuan probably only has the title and none of the power of a true Eternity Supreme. Let me guess, he probably doesn’t even know the Seven Diagram ancient language?”

“As for Underworld Supreme……”

When she got here, emperor concubine looked at Liu Binglan and specially paused.

This was when a thought flashed through Liu Binglan’s mind, causing her to feel as if thunder had struck her!!

Seeing her expression, Emperor Concubine laughed and said, “Looks like you’ve guessed it.”

“Before I signed my soul pact with him, I did another thing in holy stem sacred region, so you can call me by my other title - Underworld Supreme!”


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