Chapter 1045: The Alliance Master Appears

After capturing a Scar expert, the four of them began to head towards Xiangrong City to meet up with Old Li.

The Dead Dream could fly extremely quickly and in a short period, they managed to reach Xiangrong City.

Xiangrong City was temporarily in a state of peace. Because the Dead Dream was born in Xiangrong City, returning here made it excited. 

Chu Mu didn’t stop it, allowing it to wander around its own territory, while he and the others entered the city lord’s residence where the current situation was explained to him.

En route, Chu Mu was extremely surprised since the well fortified western side of Wanxiang City which the three great palaces originally occupied was stolen away without warning.

After finding Old Li and the other senior elders overseeing this city, everyone sat down in the great hall and begun to listen to the descriptions of Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng, and Shen Yue about Western Wanxiang City. 


Diagram Supreme, after knowing that Xia Zhixian had been captured by Chao Lengchuan, had asked a series of questions to confirm she had been captured because of Old Li’s schemes. 

Xia Zhixian was extremely important to Soul Alliance, especially since she had a large group of devoted followers in her hands. Capturing her was a step towards success for the three great palaces. 

However, when they considered the neutral factions as well as Xia Zhixian’s treatment of captured three great palace members, they decided not to immediately kill her. Instead, they wanted to use her to push Soul Alliance out of the Wanxiang City fight. 

Soul Alliance’s roots were presently on the western side of Wanxiang Realm and they had constructed a new main city in the west. Xia Zhixian was both one of the Four Heroes and also Soul Alliance’s strongest healing master. If she was captured, it would affect Soul Alliance’s moral and the three great palaces was certain Soul Alliance would give up the fight over Wanxiang City for her. 

Xia Zhixian’s mistake was indeed fatal to Soul Alliance, and Soul Alliance proposed other conditions to take back Xia Zhixian. 

However, when giving up control of Wanxiang City was mentioned, Soul Alliance’s attitude was firm. They would not give it up. 

Soul Alliance initially sent neutral faction members to negotiate, however Soul Alliance ultimately seemed to give up on Xia Zhixian, not inquiring at all about her circumstances. 

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin couldn’t understand this at all. After thinking it over, he figured it was best to escort her back first and then decide according to the situation then. Ultimately, Xia Zhixian wouldn’t be able to run.

“Your Majesty, Female Supreme would like to see you.” a few of Liu BInglan’s servant girls walked over and bowed at Diagram Supreme Ke Yin before speaking. 

Diagram Supreme guessed that Liu Binglan was probably going to discuss Xia Zhixian, thus he nodded his head. He allowed the servant girls to lead the way towards the Female Supreme’s palace. 

Entering the large palace, Liu BInglan was waiting. Sitting next to her was Ye Qingzi and the two of them were quietly discussing something. 

“Binglan, you are looking for me?” with no outsiders present, nor was this an official meeting, Diagram Supreme Ke Yin was more casual. He found a place to sit down. 

“Yes, I estimate that the Alliance Master’s soul wound has already healed. We must be extra careful in the future.” said Liu Binglan. As she spoke, she waved her hands, indicating that outside of Ye Qingzi, the others should leave. 

After the servant girls left, Diagram Supreme Ke Yin erected a sound barrier and said: “You are worried about something?” 

“Although I alone can complete the summoning of the Seven Diagram Saint Kings, it’s best for other Supremes to help. Otherwise, I won’t have any soul power remaining after summoning the soul pets. I feel that Alliance Master will target you and I to a certain extent, so try your best if you don’t see anyone who you have even the slightest amount of distrust in.” said Liu Binglan.

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin would often see a few neutral factions. He himself had realized that some of them were untrustworthy, but there were times when he had to see people.

“I realize this.” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin nodded his head. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked: “What is Underworld Supreme’s condition like?”

“Underworld Supreme’s totem imprint is extremely strange. Even I cannot find where the cause lies.” said Liu BInglan. 

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin, Dawn Supreme Liu Binglan, Eternity Supreme’s successor Chao Lengchuan, and the vacant Underworld Supreme.

The Underworld Supreme had been vacant for a while now. Since the last Underworld Supreme had retired, nobody had succeeded this position. 

This was a huge matter that troubled Soul Palace since even the Eternity Supreme, whose inheritance had nearly been lost, had already found a successor. Yet, for some reason, the Underworld Supreme had always been vacant. 

However, the truth was that for the past number of years, the Underworld Supreme’s inheritance had never been able to be completed. Even after searching through countless historical documents, they couldn’t find the problem. Thus, this was a position that had been vacant for seventeen or eighteen years.

Yet, strangely, recently Diagram Supreme Ke Yin and Dawn Supreme Liu BInglan had both nearly simultaneously felt a slight power fluctuation from the Underworld Supreme. 

There was a special power response between the Supreme experts. After all, their abilities originated from saint beast inheritances. What was imaginable to the two of them was that there clearly was no successor for the Underworld Supreme position, so why would there be a power fluctuation? 

Thus, Liu Binglan had created a spatial diagram array, creating a mental link with Tianxia City’s Seven Great Saint Palaces. Using this, she was able to sense the state of the Underworld Supreme totem. However, she had learned nothing from this. 

“Perhaps the Underworld Supreme’s totem is self-healing.” ultimately, the two of them could only reach this conclusion.

Right now they were unable to come up with an answer so they could only forget about it for now. 

The Diagram Supreme stood up and was planning on leaving when suddenly the palace began to violently shake!

The trembling earth lasted for a very long time before the holy guards hastily ran into the Female Supreme’s great palace. They didn’t have time for formalities and said: “Diagram Supreme, Female Supreme! Our… our stronghold has been destroyed!!”

Ke Yin and Liu Binglan had both felt the enormous energy earlier, but they never expected that the stronghold had been destroyed!!

This stronghold was the base of the three great palaces for the last two to three years. It was built by rebuilding the main Soul Palace, main Nightmare Palace and main Soul Pet Palace. In a short half a year, it was completed and became their stronghold in this war. Although it was rushed, it was the most sturdy stronghold in the world. Even if Soul Alliance’s army had a year, they may not even be able to destroy the three great palace’s stronghold which was built on the most optimal terrain! 

Indeed, it was because of the stronghold’s existence that the three great palaces could fearlessly divide Wanxiang City in two with Soul Alliance! 

Even a Hero expert’s charge would probably fall under such a stronghold. How could it be instantly destroyed?!! 

“Let’s go look.” Liu Binglan turned serious. When she stood up, she quickly chanted an incantation, summoning her soul pet Star River.

The Star River’s body shimmered in starry lights. Its sleek wings unfurled in a lithe and agile manner. 

Both the Diagram Supreme and Ye Qingzi also summoned their soul pets, following behind Liu Binglan. 

Once they left the Female Supreme’s great hall, they found over a thousand holy guards ready and waiting. Seeing Liu Binglan’s Star River take to the air, they all urged their Seven Diagram Pets to follow. It was a majestic scene as they went towards the stronghold. 

News of the destruction of the stronghold quickly reached the other three great palace higher ups. In an instant, all of the experts of the three great palaces overseeing Western Wanxiang City turned out in full strength.

Various emperors were soaring through the sky while the ground was composed of thousands of small teams of soldiers. Under a commanding order, they moved towards the stronghold. 

Immediately, the entire Wanxiang City was in an uproar. It was like the final battle was about to break out!

The army was like a tide that surged forwards as it gradually approached the enormous stronghold. 

However, when the armies of Soul Palace, Nightmare Palace and Soul Pet Palace neared the stronghold, everyone was stunned by the scene!

The stronghold was created by the most beautiful palaces. What should have been flourishing flowers and mighty palaces was now a pile of ruins!!

The walls, the sentry mounds and the forts had collapsed. Everywhere, black smoke from sprouts of flame could be seen. The tiles and bricks pressed down upon the corpses of countless soul pets and soul pet trainers. Blood and broken limbs was everywhere. 

The stronghold of Soul Palace was capable of stopping a dominator rank creature’s attack. Yet it had truly been destroyed!!

Everyone couldn’t believe the scene in front of their eyes, including the higher ups of the three great palaces flying in the air! 

With the stronghold having been razed to the ground, everyone’s gaze looked through the rolling black smoke. They could see Soul Alliance’s army lining up on the other side of the ruins in an orderly fashion… 

At the very front of the massive army and in the air above them were Soul Palace’s strongest force: the Four Heroes, Eight Desolations, Sixteen Absolutes and Thirty Two Scars. They formed an imposing standing rank with the Four Heroes at the front and the rest behind them. 

“Even if it’s them, they could not so easily destroy the stronghold.” Liu Binglan’s expression turned serious and her eyes searched, through the dark night, for the person most probably of destroying the stronghold!

Indeed, in the dark night, Liu Binglan saw a single person!

This person was standing in front of the Four Heroes, hovering alone above the mass of ruins!

“That person is…” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin’s expression gradually changed to shock and his eyes fixated on that man standing in the shadow of the gently swaying fire!

“Alliance Master Ling Chan!!” a while later, Liu Binglan spat out these four words!

Alliance Master Ling Chan!

This was a person genuinely capable of making others tremble at the mere mention of his name. People described him as a god that proudly stood at the apex of humanity. However, even more people believed that he was a terrifying specter that enveloped the entire human continent. His terrifying eyes looked down upon humanity and the moment he was upset, it would be Judgement Day for experts the blood would flow into rivers!!

As the fire light gently swayed, in the ruins, countless painful cries and moans could be heard.

There were at least ten thousand people defending Soul Palace’s stronghold. Added on their soul pets, that was tens of thousands of lives. However, with the stronghold no longer existing, the only survivors were those lucky few that were suffering in pain and fear. 

However, the person who had single-handedly caused all this didn’t even see them as life forms. He didn’t look at the ruins, nor did he release his aura. However, it was the effortless destruction alone which caused all of the three great palace’s experts to tremble in fear! 


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