Chapter 1044: Massive Army Rendered to Dust

“Qingzi, when is that guy coming, why isn’t he here yet!” Ye Wansheng said pale-faced to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi cast another incantation, unable to split the attention to answer his question.

The three of them walked westwards, but ran into Soul Alliance armies forces and were nearly surrounded.

Now, behind them was an army of three thousand elites. Ye Wansheng was trying to find a breakthrough point with difficulty, but there were too many enemies. Even if he had a top tier emperor rank, he couldn’t withstand so many enemies’ combined attacks.

Both healing and defensive techniques fell on Ye Wansheng’s soul pets, but the recovery rate clearly wasn’t faster than the combined power of over a thousand techniques’ destruction. After a wave of techniques fell, the entire basin became a large chunk of burnt ground. Ye Wansehng’s Multicolored devil tiger could no longer stand up.

The three thousand people army was led by inferno scar Tang Xingli, and was a female soul pet trainer who had a previous history against Ye Wansheng and Shen Yue.

This time that she caught Ye Wansheng and Shen Yue, the female scar level title didn’t hold back at all, bringing three thousand people to create a huge surrounding and giving them no chance of living!

“General Tang, his multi colored devil tiger is out of fighting strength.” The sub commander saw with his remembrance that the tiger could no longer stand up.

Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi both had top tier emperor ranks. Though Tang Xingli had three thousand people, the destruction of a top tier emperor rank organism was too much. If she couldn’t control the situation well, she would get destroyed by the top tier emperor rank.

“Very well!” Tang Xingli smiled cruelly.

A few years ago, Tang Xingli met Ye Wansheng and Shen Yue were found in a forest while she was training. Not only that, she got thoroughly humiliated by a shameless person.

Tang Xingli was a person who remembered grudges. This time, when Ye Wansheng fell into her hands, she definitely would try to torture him as much as possible to get rid of the shame she suffered then!

At this moment, Ye Wansheng had already retracted his soul pets. Clearly, he didn’t want his soul pets to die. This however meant that there was not much force going against the army!

Tang Xing’s army started to contract its formation, causing the three of them to be trapped in a five kilometer wide basin.

“Ye Wansheng, today is your death day!” Tang Xingli stood in the center of a thousand armies and rode her bloodthirsty terror wolf, being extremely wild!

“Wanting me to die isn’t that easy. If you want, come at me and fight me one on one. I will go three hundred more times at you without even taking a breather!” Ye Wansheng sat down to rest but didn’t forget to taunt with his soul remembrance.

Ye Wansheng’s mouth was truly evil. Hearing the implied meaning in the words, Tang Xingli’s face turned bright red and she immediately gave an attack command to blast them all into meat sauce!

“Commander, our leaders have commands that we have to capture them alive.” Sub commander said in a low voice.

Tang Xingli bit his teeth and changed her command, telling her beast type army to well forth and subdue them.

Ye Qingzi looked at the thousand beasts coming from the high ground and her face turned grave.

Hesitating for a moment, Ye Qingzi decided to take out a green flask from her spatial ring. Glancing at Ye Wansehng and Shen Yue, she said, “I’ll make a water screen for us later, but still try not to breath.

Shen Yue didn’t know what Ye QIngzi was about to do so she nodded with a little confusion.

Ye Wansheng looked over and said in a low voice, “Is that too cruel?”

“You throw it.” Ye Qingzi decisively handed the green medicine to Ye Wansehng and told Water Moon to create a water screen for the three of them and their soul pets.

Ye Wansheng laughed bitterly as he took over the poison able to cause everything within ten kilometers to turn into living hell. It seemed like he had to be the bad guy.

All of these people were enemies. Ye Wansheng didn’t have any mercy for them. After all, if he fell into their hands, he wouldn’t have a good end.

The problem was the poison had spreading effects. If it accidentally floats into a city, it could start a terrifying epidemic. Throwing such a thing wasn’t too humane.


Ye Wansheng was just about to silently repent for his sins when a sharp lightning like call came from the skies!!

Ye Wansheng paused. Before he could even react, he saw a dark purple thunder beam come down from the skies and fall in front of the three of them!


Thunder darted everywhere, creating a beautiful thunder cloud along the ground and in the sky!

The thunder cloud was still dancing with arcs of thunder when a phoenix creature covered in dark purple feathers and terrifying thunder energy seemingly was born from within.

Its sixteen wings opened up, sending lightning into the skies. Instantly, thunder crackled through the heavens, covering everything as darkness and lightning replaced everyone’s world!

Ye Wansheng, Ye Qingzi, and Shen Yue all paused. They didn’t even detect when this organism got near or when it arrived!

When they lifted their heads up and saw a familiar figure on the back of this evil phoenix, the three instantly were overjoyed!

“Chu Mu, can you not be this cool!” Ye Wansheng’s face was full of jealousy. He never thought thunder type soul pets could appear this glamorously!

Shaking the poison in his hands, Ye Wansheng threw it back to ye Qingzi and said, “I don’t want to be guilty of a massacre.”

Ye Qingzi put the dangerous substance away, and stared tightly at Chu Mu.

She had felt Chu Mu was nearing them, but she didn't expect him to be this fast. Able to appear in such a short amount of time, it meant Dead Dream was definitely tenth phase!

“Are you ok?” Chu Mu jumped off of Dead Dream and walked in front of Ye Qingzi. Seeing her slightly wane expression, he said caringly.

“En.” Ye Qingzi nodded and walked into Chu Mu’s embrace.

“......” Ye Wansheng aside was speechless and quickly interrupted, “Chu Mu, can’t you defeat the enemies before taking your time with my sister?”

Around them, battle cries were filling the space. Thousands of beasts were sprinting towards them, causing the ground to tremor.

The army’s three thousand people had over ten thousand soul pets. With such a large army, even though they saw Dead Dream’s imposing entrance, they couldn't stop their steps because of it. So, instantly, the army was mere thousand meter away from them, causing the fierce beasts and eager Soul Alliance members to be clearly visible.

Chu Mu glanced around. He had used his soul remembrance before to scan the crowd and found that there were no one really powerful.

Without needing Chu Mu to command, when the army neared the five hundred meter mark, Dead Dream’s deep pupils suddenly flashed with a special glint!


Dead Dream lifted up its head and let out a long call into the purple, thunder covered skies!!

As if an emperor commanded, the dancing thunder within the skies formed massive snakes that zigzagged their bodies down, barragging the ten kilometer region around Dead Dream!

The entire basin became a thunderous hell. The thunder danced around, obliterating everything they passed by, whether it was large trees, massive rocks, or the soul pets!!

The majestic energy spread alongside a thick aura of death.

The thunder was dazzling, its flashing lighting up the entire basin. However, Ye Wansheng, Ye QIngzi, and Shen Yue were completely dazed by the scene that they ended us seeing.

They never would have thought that life could be this fragile, to the point where over ten thousand soul pets and three thousand soul pet trainers would disappear completely from this world!!


Lightning danced through, darting around the defaced ground, as if unsatisfied by the killing.

Between the destruction and burnt ground, Tang Xingli and a few other lucky survivors were already scared stiff. When they looked at Chu Mu and Dead Dream now, it was no longer fear that showed from their eyes; it was a despair of facing imminent death and having all hope being lost!

An army three thousand strong with high morale running down just a few seconds ago, completely rendered to ashes!!

Tang Xingli had high class emperor rank. So, though she understood a dominator rank’s power to a certain degree, in her knowledge, she still believed there couldn’t be a power that could destroy a ten thousand soul pet army with one technique!!

“You….who are you!!!”

After a long while, Tang Xingli recovered from the shock deep in her soul and said shakily.

 She had never seen such a terrifying person. Or, could someone owning such a powerful soul pet still be considered a “person”?

Chu Mu glanced at the female soul pet trainer, but was too lazy to answer.

The reason she lived was just because countless companions of her died in front of her. Chu Mu could instead help her reunite with her companions in the time it took for him to reply.

Ye Wansheng saw that chu Mu was about to kill Tang Xingli and quickly stopped him, saying, “Chu Mu, keep that woman.”

Shen Yue gave him an angry stare.

Ye Wansehng quickly explained, “Scar level experts are useful, we can use her to swap for an elder back.”

“En, Chu Mu keep her life.” Ye Qingzi agreed.

Soul Alliance had quite a few elders. This scar level Tang Xingli indeed could be a bargaining chip for hostages.

Though, because of their higher ups getting trapped, they were losing like a landslide, every bit could count.

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