Chapter 1043: Life and Death Unforeseen

Long Slope

The last ray of sunset slowly disappeared as dusk fell upon the ground.

Nine Winged Dragon Snake propped its body up, and lifted its head to gaze into the distance .

Li Hong looked over as well. He was angered, but could only stand and watch as Chao Lengchuan ran away right in front of him!

“Who is it!” Li Hong stared unmovingly, watching the back image of the man that saved Chao Lengchuan!

After a while, Li Hong slowly calmed down and jumped back onto Nine Wing Dragon Snake, going towards the direction Ye QIngzi and the others escaped.


Not long after Li Hong left, a purple figure slowly appeared from the darkness.

The man riding the purple soul pet glanced at the blood on the ground, and his expression changed. He quickly turned to a different direction and galloped there.

The man riding the purple soul pet was Ye Wansheng.

Ye Qingzi and the others didn’t actually go far. After leaving westward, they decided to make a big loop and hide a few hundred kilometers north of Li Hong in the forest.

Li Hong’s Nine Winged Dragon Snake flew incredibly fast. If they kept escaping in one direction, he’ll likely catch up in no time. Only choosing to go the other way could allow them to escape.

After the battle ended, Ye Wansheng headed towards the long slopes to check the situation out.

However, when ye Wansheng returned to the battlefield, he didn’t see Thousand Wave Beast or Prince Chao. The only thing left was bright red blood splattered everywhere.

Ye Wansheng rode Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast around and came down in front of the forest everyone was hiding within.

“How is it?” Ye Qingzi asked.

Ye Wansheng replied, “Li Hong should have left already.”

“Chao Lengchuan, how about him?” Shen Mo quickly stood up to ask.

Ye Wansheng shook his head. “All I saw was blood….”

No one said anything to that. After all, Prince Chao stayed to stall for them. Now that his life was under question, no one could feel happy about evading Li Hong’s capture.

“Let’s go east.” At this moment, Ye Qingzi suggested.

“East? Our land is all in the west side, going east will keep us restricted everywhere we go!” Elder Kuang said.

“Yes, the east side is filled with Soul Alliance cities. We still have to go around Wanxiang City, an extremely dangerous process.” Sacred guard leader said.

“I plan on quickly meeting up with Chu Fangchen.” Ye Wansheng said.

“Chu Fangchen? So what if we find him? Wanxiang City already fell. Our priority is to return back to the west and gather our forces to save female supreme and the other elders!” Elder Kuang said.

“How about this, let’s split up. Elder Kuang should return to Xiangrong City and tell the defendign Elder Teng the situaiton so they can come up with a strategy. Most importantly, don’t let them panic. I expect Soul Alliance to fully utilize the hostages they have in the following months by intentionally wasting time. Then, members who have family in Wanxiang City will fall apart themselves and a large amount of our western forces will fall without even fighting. Old Li said.

After speaking, Old Li again turned to Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng to say, “You should go and find Chu Fangchen as soon as possible, but make sure he doesn’t do anything brash. Bring him back to Xiangrong City and discuss a strategy to save everyone.

Not many people could truly step forth in Three Palace. Originally, Xia Zhixian getting captured could push the scales of victory towards Three Palace but Li Hong’s betrayal caused everything to change.

Female supreme was stuck in the underground sacred palace. Prince Chao’s status was unknown. The only person who could truly step forth in dominator rank was Chu Mu.

However, Old Li was helpless too because the situation seemed to have lost its balance. Even if Chu Mu appeared, he probably wouldn't change much. Would this war really just slowly fall out of their favor like this?


Eastern Wild Forest

Eastern Wild Forest was still experiencing autumn. Yellow leaves slowly fell, causing the tree house on the tree to lose some of its freshness and gain a melancholy quality.

The green forest had grown orange-yellow. Underneath the rustling leaves, a man slowly walked over.

Long durations of training would always imbue one with a sharpness and killing intent, much like a beast. When Chu Mu returned to the tree house of the old couple, Old Wen and Old Han were both shocked by his fierce aura.

“Really? If you want to train, then train. Don’t make yourself into some monster. Who goes and kills for a whole year?” Old Wen said critically as she brought him a bowl of freshly made hot broth.

Chu Mu replied with a silly smile. In the past, just after he walked out of prison island, Chu Mu had wanted to kill everyone he saw. He was much better now, and was able to hide his killing intent usually.

Old Wen kindly pestered Chu Mu about things he should be keeping an eye out for while Old Han started asking about his training progress.

“Speaking of which, I think something big happened outside.” Old Han said.

“Big? Did Soul Alliance master appear?” Chu Mu tensed up.

This whole year, Chu Mu didn’t contact the outer world at all so naturally he had no clue how the war was progressing. However, Chu Mu knew that, other than throwing his entire being into training and getting stronger, he shouldn’t have any distracting thoughts so he never stepped a single step outside of Eastern Wild Forest.

“We don’t know either. Usually, we have people sending news to us through a messenger soul pet. However, it’s been a while since we got news. It’s a sort of an agreed upon signal between us that means something large had happened.” Old Han said.

“Then…...then I should leave now.” Chu Mu stood up as an unease welled up within him.

Old Wen and Old Han didn’t keep him for long. They knew Chu Mu had a heavy responsibility upon his shoulders…...

“Dead Dream, lets go.” Chu Mu glanced at little Dead Dream pecking away at some pastries and said.

Little Dead Dream swallowed the cake treats, and flapped its wings. Once they were outside of the tree house, it quickly was enveloped in a flurry of countless dead lightning fairy butterflies.

These dead lightning fairy butterflies swiftly gathered to create dead wing’s sixteen wings, revealing a now ten meter long Dead Dream.

The Dead Dream on its body crackled as it released its powerful aura, causing the forest to shake under its might. Special thunder occasionally darted out of its dark purple feathers, becoming bolts of lightning that flew through the forest and scared all the nearby organisms away.

Chu Mu leaped onto Dead Dream. Flapping its eight wings, dead wing’s dark purple body dashed into the blue skies.

Pausing slightly in the air, Dead Dream quickly became a purple bolt of lightning that flew through the skies, gorgeous and free!

Chu Mu flew through the air before; as a half devil, he could go through the sky like it was the ground. However, as a soul pet trainer, riding a wing type soul pet while he trained himself was a whole new experience.

Additionally, Dead Dream’s flying speed was clearly much faster than Chu Mu. As a wing type soul pet, it had the advantage of being able to keep up this extreme speed without wasting much stamina too.

The dark purple lightning flew through the skies. Underneath, the clouds flew backwards in a blur, occasionally broken only by immensely tall mountains that appear.

When that happened, Dead Dream would always make a glamorous zig-zag in its path, like a lightning bolt, and the mountain would be far behind them, leaving only a trail of lightning in their wake......

“Let’s find Qingzi first.” Chu Mu took out a special ring in his spatial ring.

This ring was made specially by soul palace’s smiths from a natural magnetic jade of nightmare desolation ground.

Once the magnetic jade was split in two, they would permanently have a weak attraction towards each other. With the addition of soul power, this weak attraction will be detectable even from very far away.

Then, as long as one followed the direction of the attraction, one could easily find the person with the other half.

The magnetic jade was unique. After he got this special piece of crystal, Chu Mu came back and made it into two rings so that they could always find each other when they split up.

Chu Mu put on the ring and quickly felt where Ye Qingzi was. Additionally, feeling the attraction in his ring very minimally increasing in power, he found that Ye Qingzi seemed to be moving closer to him as well.

“Did something really happen?” Chu Mu furrowed his brows.

Normally, Ye Qingzi would definitely be in Wanxiang City. There was no reason for her to come east this hurriedly to try to find him.

Chu Mu got more uneasy now. Alliance master’s soul was likely already recovered by now. If he suddenly appeared in Wanxiang City and attacked Three Palace’s people, adding on four heroes, Three Palace’s seven diagram sacred kings probably wouldn’t even be able to resist.

Chu Mu patted Dead Dream and said, “Fly even faster.”

Dead Dream nodded. Imbuing itself with dead lightning, it caused it to fly even faster. It no longer even left a trail as it flew through the blue skies, almost as if it were teleporting through a different dimension!


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