Chapter 1042: Crown Prince, Chao Lengchuan!

“Crown Prince, we’ll delay this traitor. You are the hope of our three great palaces. Please leave first…” said Elder Kuang with a flushed face. 

The duty of the holy guards was to protect the Crown Prince. Thus, all of them stood forth, next to the Crown Prince.

“Are you his opponent? Don’t speak nonsense with me! Hurry up and leave!” Chao Lengchuan said without turning around!

The faces of the holy guards and elders froze. For a moment, they couldn’t believe that the normally polite and refined Crown Prince Chao had just said that to them! 

However, Chao Lengchuan was right. In front of a dominator expert, they were too weak. They probably wouldn’t last a few minutes before all being killed!

‘We’re leaving.” Ye Qingzi didn’t say anything more. She brought Xia Zhixian on the Purple Robed Dream Beast and left westward. 

Ye Wansheng had Shen Yue hop onto his soul pet, and he followed closely behind Ye Qingzi. 

In front of an enemy like this, they could only flee. Staying behind was just giving their lives away.

“Did I say you could leave?” Li Hong stood on the Nine Winged Dragon Snake and looked down upon everyone. Suddenly, an aura pressed down, making them feel as if a glacier was approaching!

The Ye Family’s brother and sister ignored it, and continued taking Xia Zhixian away.

The other elders hesitated a moment before gritting their teeth. Having felt the strength of Li Hong, they ultimately chose to leave. 

They knew that in a fight against a dominator rank, they would be useless. 

Li Hong saw everyone was fleeing, and was about to chase when Crown Prince Chao jumped onto his Thousand Wave Beast. He coldly stared at Li Hong and said: “Not unless you step over my body!” 

The Nine Winged Dragon Snake hovered in the air. Li Hong looked at this resolute man and indifferently laughed: “Do you really think you can stop me?” 

“If I don’t try, how will we know?” said Chao Lengchuan.

From a young age, after a miserable defeat, the man in front of him had told him that a true expert had to have a firm and unmoving heart. He had to have a goal of becoming strong and surpassing. The losses incurred on the road would ultimately become insignificant. If he stayed in the place he fell down, this loss would continuously expand and linger around him for the rest of his life!

He understood this, and thus restless and hedonistic thoughts, completely immersing himself cultivation.

As a Crown Prince, he would be the future ruler of Soul Palace. However, he didn’t understand how to communicate with others because he turned the interactions he should have had with others of the same age into cultivation time… 

Chao Lengchuan, from a young age, thought that he would eventually be able to stand at the same heights as Li Hong. However, he never expected to one day stand opposite to him. This fight had come much earlier than he had imagined! 

“Ok, I’ll give your comrades five minutes to run.” Li Hong didn’t chase. His arrogant eyes watched Chao Lengchuan.

Chao Lengchuan didn’t say anything more. His eyes became concentrated and filled with fighting-intent. The Thousand Wave Beast covered in holy armor was like its master and stared at the extremely powerful great dragon snake! 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!”

The Thousand Wave Beast opened its mouth, using its roar to break the stand-off. Its golden body blossomed with a dazzling light as it charged at the Nine Winged Dragon Snake!

“Si si si~~~~” the Nine Winged Dragon Snake let out a sharp cry. Its long body was covered by sharp scales. Whenever it moved its body, it would transform into an enormous bloody whip covered with sharp blades that terrifyingly hacked down from the sky!!

The golden Thousand Wave Beast didn’t dodge. After preparing its technique, it abruptly grabbed onto the Nine Winged Dragon Snake’s tail, relying on its brute force to pull it down from the air!

Li Hong watched this ferocious Thousand Wave Beast. After harrumphing in contempt, he gave the Nine Winged Dragon Snake an order!

The nine pairs of wings began to beat. The powerful wings pulled it high into the air. Not only did it stop the Thousand Wave Beast from pulling it down, but even carried its majestic body into the air. 

The Nine Winged Dragon Snake did a flip in the air, throwing it higher up into the air.

“Death Penalty Hatchet!” Li Hong didn’t even look up and gave the Nine Winged Dragon Snake an order.

The moment the Nine Winged Dragon Snake flipped, the trajectory it took suddenly flickered with a deathly light, resembling a hanging death penalty blade!

The Nine Winged Dragon Snake abruptly soared into the air, causing the hanging death blade to fall on the Thousand Wave Beast!! 

If the heavens and earth were inverted, the Nine Winged Dragon Snake and the blade were like an execution guillotine that was chopping through the air! 

The Thousand Wave Beast had no way of dodging in the air. It let out a mighty roar and suddenly, golden ancient markings flickered with light, transforming into a holy armor that protected its body! 


A crisp sound rang out as the armor was chopped to pieces that fell off by the Death Penalty Hatchet. After mercilessly ripping apart the armor, it left a deep bloody wound that reached the bone on the Thousand Wave Beast’s back!!

The Thousand Wave Beast let out a pained and angry roar. It forcibly flipped its body over. Its four feet took a heavy step in the air, creating a ripple of power that erupted on the Nine Winged Dragon Snake’s body! 

The Nine Winged Dragon Snake’s reaction was extremely nimble. Before the power struck its body, it managed to beat its wings and pull apart a large distance. It hovered in the air and its yellow eyes apathetically watched the blood fall from the air! 

Crown Prince Chao looked at the long bloody wound on the Thousand Wave Beast’s body and instantly grit his teeth. 

The Thousand Wave Beast’s defenses were unable to stop the Nine Winged Dragon Snake’s attack. He had to find a way to breakthrough its opponent in a fight like this where the strength was so disparate. Otherwise, he would be unable to last five minutes in front of Li Hong! 

“Close-ranged attack!” Crown Prince Chao didn’t think too long. After a slight adjustment, he gave the Thousand Wave Beast an order to attack! 

The Thousand Wave Beast took heavy steps. Its steel-like body madly ran towards the Nine Winged Dragon Snake and a shattering energy congregated on its single horn! 

“Reckless, stupid.” indifferently said Li Hong. 

The Thousand Wave Beast’s charge could not injure the agile Nine Winged Dragon Snake.

Indeed, the shattering energy ultimately struck thin air. Immediately after, the dragon snake’s powerful body wrapped around the Thousand Wave Beast and the blade scales on its skin began to protrude outwards diagonally! 

“Shua shua shua!!!!!!!!”

The Nine Winged Dragon Snake dragged its body around and each scale blade terrifyingly scratched across the Thousand Wave Beast! 

The Thousand Wave Beast’s armor was ripped apart. Its skin and flesh were exposed while several of its arteries were cut. Instantly, fresh blood spilled out, dying the Thousand Wave Beast and Nine Winged Dragon Snake in red!!

The Thousand Wave Beast’s pained roar immediately travelled through the long slopes. The captivating red blood was particularly striking underneath the setting sun!

As if he didn’t want the blood to dirty his clothes, Li Hong had the Nine Winged Dragon Snake to use its wings to block for him. The Nine Winged Dragon Snake then began to quickly fly away from the Thousand Wave Beast, maintaining a certain distance!

Once the Nine Winged Dragon Snake left the Thousand Wave Beast’s body, even more blood began to spurt in all directions. Crown Prince Chao, who was standing on the Thousand Wave Beast, was covered in scalding blood all over his face and hair! 

Crown PrinceChao wiped the blood on his face, but his eyes dripping with blood continued to stare at the calm opponent. 

Regardless if it was rank or fighting experience, the person in front of him was too far ahead of him.

With the stench of blood assaulted his nose, Chao Lengchuan used his hand to rub the Thousand Wave Beast’s neck. His heart was full of shame. 

“Hou hou!!!!!!!!!”

The Thousand Wave Beast could feel its master’s emotions. It forcibly suppressed the bone-splitting pain and angrily glared at the powerful enemy.

Chao Lengchuan took in a deep breath. His eyes that were full of shame turned into resolution as he said: “Blood Refinement!” 

The Thousand Wave Beast’s pupils immediately began to circle, immediately turning a golden color that shot out golden light!

The light covered the Nine Winged Dragon Snake’s body. Instantly, the blood on its body turned incomparably scalding like magma. It began to burn the Nine Winged Dragon Snake’s dragon snake armor! 

“Zi zi zi~~~”

White smoke began to emerge from its scales. The scalding blood melded through its scales, burnt through its skin, and began to burn its flesh! 

“Si si si!!!!!!”

Being burned by the scalding blood, the Nine Winged Dragon Snake instantly let out an incomparably sharp cry. Its body ceaselessly writhed in the air, attempting to shake off the blood!

Each drop of blood, under the golden eye light transformed into magma that burned open its skin!

Li Hong obviously didn’t expect Chao Lengchuan would use a trick like this. Looking at his wounded Nine Winged Dragon Snake, the apathy in his eyes gradually became coldness and even a bit of killing intent!!

“You can go down and meet your father!” angrily said Li Hong. 

However, Chao Lengchuan, covered in blood, didn’t know how to fear anymore. Instead, he let out a deranged laugh!

He didn’t need Li Hong to mock and be merciful to him in a fight. What he wanted was a life-or-death fight. 

Even if he knew his strength was insufficient, and that he couldn’t defeat his opponent, he wouldn’t be afraid or run away. This was because he was going to lose and only by giving it his all would he have a sliver of a chance at survival. 

This fighting philosophy had been taught to him by the person in front right now. Therefore, Chao Lengchuan was going to laugh and laugh like a madman! 

Hearing Chao Lengchuan’s laugh, Li Hong’s face sank while his Nine Winged Dragon Snake became filled with killing intent. 

After beating its wings, the Nine Winged Dragon Snake covered the sunset, creating a shadow of death. Its yellow eyes were like a death god that stared at Chao Lengchuan and the Thousand Wave Beast. 


The sunset was a bloody red. Far away from the large slope, the continuous roars of the Thousand Wave Beast could be heard. They were mighty and tragic!

Shen Yue was covering her ears. She couldn’t bear listening… 

An unknown period of time passed before Ye Wansheng took her hands off her ears. He softly told her: “There’s no more noise.” 

There was no more noise. This meant that...

Shen Yue’s body trembled as she imagined that Crown Prince Chao and his Thousand Wave Beast were very likely lying in a pool of blood. Tears began to fall down her face like rain. There was no noise as she cried. 

To the side, Shen Mo, who had known Crown Prince Chao for the longest, took in a deep breath and tightly clenched his fist.

In the past, he had always ridiculed Scholar Chao as being a bashful woman or a child that had yet to grow up and would always keep calling for his mother. He would always “admire” this overly humble man… 

However, Chao Lengchuan’s conviction and bravery just now and the final deranged laughter made Shen Mo feel genuine respect for this Crown Prince for the first time. This was the courage of a true man. Indeed, before he saw Crown Prince Chao for the first time, Shen Mo had believed that the number one person of the younger generation should have been like this!

Only, for some reason, the Chao Lengchuan that was like this made Shen Mo angry because in comparison, Shen Mo was like a girl right now, that pursed his lips and let the tears fall from his eyes...

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