Chapter 1041: Traitor!

“Wanxiang City… Wanxiang City truly… truly fell?” Chao Lengchuan was like a person who had lost his soul and he stared in the distance at the palace with no flag.

The elders and holy guards stood there, stunned. It was a while before they said anything.

One month ago, they had captured the enemy’s commander and victoriously begun walking back to Wanxiang City. 

However, a month later, Wanxiang City no longer belonged to them. Things had taken a turn for the worst! 

“What… what on earth happened?” Old Li’s eyes were also bulging. 

As a commander, Old Li had spent nearly two years contending against the defector woman’s plots. He had often defeated many of the chess pieces she had placed, giving the three great palaces the advantage. 

However, no matter how much he schemed, he never expected this woman to steal away Wanxiang City! Moreover, she had done it in a mere month! 

“This will take a while to explain. We had better leave here first.” Ye Qingzi knew that the situation had taken a huge turn and with their strength, they could not fight against Soul Alliance. 

“Leave? Wanxiang City has fallen. The other senior elders, their family, and our family, are all in the city! How can you tell us to leave?!” Elder Kuang roared! 

This sudden change had caused people to lose control of their emotions. What made it even harder for them to accept was that they still didn’t know how the city had fallen. 

“How are Diagram Supreme, Female Supreme and the senior elders?” hastily asked Old Li. 

“Female Supreme and the other stronger senior elders have all retreated to the underground holy palace. They are entrenched behind the stone doors and temporarily will not be in danger. The others…” at this point, Shen Yue began to shed tears. Clearly, she had family members among these “others”! 

“The underground holy palace is the last place of refuge. It possesses a diagram array capable of resisting intruders. However, that place is not secure!” said the Holy Guard Captain.

“The energy crystals there can hold for at most two months.” said Old Li in a low voice. 

“My father…” hastily asked Chao Lengchuan. 

Great Senior Elder Chao had overseen Wanxiang City for a long time. His composite strength was not much weaker than Chao Lengchuan because practically all his soul pets were paragon emperors! 

Speaking of Great Senior Elder Chao, Ye Qingzi and the other two went quiet as their eyes dropped. 

“What on earth happened?!” Chao Lengchuan saw that the three of them weren’t speaking. His heart began to violently beat and he asked them in a low voice. 

“When Great Senior Elder was protecting everyone’s retreat to the underground holy palace…” said Ye Qingzi in a very quiet voice. 

Although Ye Qingzi didn’t mention the rest, Crown Prince Chao understood the rest. His entire person seemed to have been struck by lightning as his soul left his body! 

Great Senior Elder Chao sacrificed himself! This terrifying haze suddenly covered the ten people!! 

What on earth happened?! 

What on earth happened in Wanxiang City?! Why did everything suddenly change?!! 

Where did the three great palaces strength in numbers go? Why was the army of no use?! 

“Crown Prince Chao, are you interested in listening to the words I never got to finish that day?” after a while of silence, Xia Zhixian’s voice slowly rang out. 

Having heard of his father’s death, Chao Lengchuan was extremely angry. He turned around and stared red-eyed at Xia Zhixian who had already predicted all this!

Why would Chao Lengchuan be in the mood to listen to this woman’s words. The news of Wanxiang City falling and his father’s death nearly caused him to collapse!!!

Chao Lengchuan walked up to Xia Zhixian and gripped her throat. He madly roared: “Shut up. I’m going to kill you now to pay back my father’s life!!!” 

Xia Zhixian remained unmoving towards Chao Lengchuan’s loss of reason. She still maintained her smile. 

Chao Lengchuan became even angrier, and he fiercely threw her on the ground. His eyes were red as he ordered the Thousand Wave Beast to kill Xia Zhixian! 

“Crown Prince Chao, you do understand that what you’re doing now is killing your other family members.” Xia Zhixian was not afraid as she looked at the Thousand Wave Beast and calmly spoke. 

“Kill her.” Chao Lengchuan was thoroughly angered!

“Crown Prince, calm down.” at this moment, Ye Qingzi appeared in front of Xia Zhixian, preventing Chao Lengchuan’s action.

“Why…. why are you stopping me!” Chao Lengchuan couldn’t control his emotions. If he didn’t kill this woman, how would he be able to face his father? 

“Most of the others are fine, including your mother and little sister. Hero Chief Yuan Sui has placed them all under house arrest. He is planning on using them to force the other important members of the three great palaces in different cities to surrender. Therefore, for the time being, their lives are not in danger.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Once Ye Qingzi finished speaking, Xia Zhixian slowly stood up and arranged her clothes. She patted off the dust. Her tone turned cold as she said: “Crown Prince Chao, I really admire an expert like you. When I return to Soul Alliance, I could have pardoned your other family members, but your reckless actions very well could have left resentment in me. Perhaps I could carelessly forget, and pardon one less…” 

Once Chao Lengchuan heard this, he became even angrier. The veins on his face were bulging. 

He gripped his fist and his body trembled. His eyes were spitting fire. 

Ye Qingzi glanced at Ye Wansheng, indicating that he should be ready to stop Chao Lengchuan’s maddened actions. 

However, Chao Lengchuan just stood there. He didn’t make anymore actions. He just coldly and angrily stared at Xia Zhixian. 

“Very good, you’ve matured a bit.” Xia Zhixian forced a smile and continued, “Don’t worry you guys, Her Majesty Empress Concubine is benevolent and will not let your family members suffer any harm. However, if you guys stay stubborn, Her Majesty’s benevolence will be unable to change Alliance Master and the iron fist of the Hero Chief’s decision to unify Tianxia and Wanxiang.”

“Keep lying. All of this was plotted by that woman. You can shut up otherwise I will use poison on your heart that will preclude you from stopping poisonous insects crawling into the five holes on your face and tasting your heart and intestines everyday!”said Ye Qingzi. 

“You dare?!” Xia Zhixian harrumphed. 

“I have no family members in your hands. Even if I did, if you dared to harm a hair on them, I would make it so that you would be cautious even breathing.” said Ye Qingzi. 

Xia Zhixian angrily stared at her as her chest heaved. Ultimately, she didn’t say anything more.

Soul teachers could help the dying and heal the injured, but they could also incorporeally kill people. Xia Zhixian had heard of Ye Qingzi using her soul methods to save several three great palace experts who were going to die. Moreover, she was very likely to be the person with the highest soul method abilities. Angering this woman indeed was very dangerous. 

“Let’s leave first. I’ll tell you about what happened this month.” Ye Qingzi said to them. 

Chao Lengchuan quickly controlled his emotions and he stared intently at the city with no holy colored flag. He said to the others: “Let’s go.” 

Just as everyone planned on moving, an enormous creature suddenly appeared in the distance, flying towards them!

That was a dragon with nine wings. It was stunningly enormous and when it swam through the air, it carried both might and intimidation effects, causing those on the ground to tremble!!

“Nine Winged Dragon Snake, that’s…” Elder Kuang looked in shock at this creature!

“It’s Li Hong. The last Tianxia King, Li Hong!” excitedly said the Holy Guard Captain!

The three great palace’s strongest member had finally appeared. To these people that had been instantly pulled into a nightmare, this would undoubtedly help in their hour of need!

Chao Lengchuan eyes were full of excitement. When he was in Tianxia City, he had received Tianxia King Li Hong’s advice!

This tall figure, to Chao Lengchuan, was undoubtedly the expert most worth his respect!

Moreover, Chao Lengchuan had always admired Li Hong as his idol and viewed him as his target to surpass. When he saw this man appear, a sliver of a warm fire was ignited in his heart. 

While Chao Lengchuan and the others were excited, Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng and Shen Yue’s expressions all changed!

“Hurry and leave!!” Ye Wansheng jumped onto his Star Wild Devil Colt and roared!

“What are you doing? That’s Senior Li Hong, the soul of our three great palaces!” instantly said Elder Kuang.

“What soul person? This person is a traitor - no better than a dog! Diagram Supreme Ke Yin was heavily injured by him! He definitely noticed us escape, and is currently chasing us!” loudly cursed Ye Wansheng! 

Chao Lengchuan was stunned again, and looked in shock at the man riding the Nine Winged Dragon Snake! 

The last Tianxia King and Soul Pet Palace’s Palace Lord. He… he was a traitor! 

A quick succession of thunderous news made Chao Lengchuan feel as if he wasn’t able to stand steadily!


“You had best stay in Wanxiang City and wait for things to calm down before they naturally pardon you. Playing these games is no different from digging your own grave.” a thunderous voice rang through the sky. The tone of the voice was arrogant but indifferent!

“Li Hong, you truly are making your ancestors and younger generations feel shame! A mighty king dares betray his faction!!” Ye Wansheng angrily and humiliatedly cursed. 

“Don’t say anymore. It will just bring you the misfortune of death.” calmly said Li Hong. 

“Uncle Li…” Chao Lengchuan looked up at this familiar man and asked: “Did you really betray our three great palaces?!” 

This person had always been his target to struggle and surpass from the age of fifteen. Chao Lengchuan hoped he would be able to answer him that he was saving the others and was temporarily obeying them to do so! 

“Oh, Lengchuan, you’re also here…” Li Hong glanced at Crown Prince Chao. His eyes slightly changed, but he quickly spoke in a calm voice, “Betray? That’s probably not it. I’m just standing on the right side.” 

Chao Lengchuan looked at Li Hong and after hearing his words, he involuntarily let out a laugh...

Standing on the right side?

It turned out that traitors could speak so beautifully, playing down their heinous actions. 

“You guys leave first.” finally, Chao Lengchuan spat out these words. 

After speaking, he stepped forwards and faced this man who he had once revered. His eyes turned from their original excitement to cold and anger! 


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