Chapter 1040: Surprising Change, Wanxiang City Falls!

Being able to capture Xia Zhixian was outside of Chao Lengchuan’s expectations. He walked into the City Master Fort, and walked to Xia Zhixian’s prison.

Xia Zhixian had already had all of her power sealed. At this moment, she was sitting by her table, and slowly drinking tea. She didn’t look like a prisoner, instead seeming like a noble woman enjoying her afternoon.

“Prince Chao, this time you definitely achieved a great service for your side.” Xia Zhixian saw Chao Lengchuan walk in and simply smiled warmly.

“Flower teacher Xia, do you have no recognition of your current position within the center of enemy territory? You know you face life danger at any moment, right?” Chao Lengchuan said.

“Haha, defeat is a commonplace military phenomenon. I got captured due to a mistake and can’t say anything about it. Maybe I can swear to never participate in the war again. Why take a harmless girl’s life? One has to know that everyone who lost under my hand have been left alive under my command.” Xia Zhixian said while revealing a hint of pleading. If he didn't know her identity, he might actually believe that she was just a harmless girl.

Xia Zhixian was speaking the truth. There were many experts that lost by Xia Zhixian’s hands, but Xia Zhixian always let them go as an exchange for something else, not killing a single one. In fact, the captures were always treated very well after being imprisoned, as if they weren’t even prisoners of war and instead guests.

No one knew why Xia Zhixian was treating this war with this much civility, but one thing was for sure; the experts that lived after suffering a defeat were all somewhat grateful towards Xia Zhixian.

“I can’t decide this. Whether you live or die is still by command.” Chao Lengchuan didn’t want this woman to understand his thoughts and said coldly.

Xia Zhixian saw Chao Lengchuan like this and laughed out, charming as ever.

“Prince Chao, sit down. Sister Xia knows that you aren’t very experienced Yet. Since I’m free, I’ll tell you about the current landscape.” Xia Zhixian extended a hand and signaled for Chao Lengchuan to sit down, her tone teasing him.

Chao Lengchuan stiffened his face. and sat down in front of Xia Zhixian.

After facing Pang Yue’s constant teasing, Chao Lengchuan wasn’t the little boy that blushed whenever a woman laughed. Facing Xia Zhixian’s alluring words, he could remain calm. He also wanted to hear what this captured woman could spin up.

Xia Zhixian lifted up her tea pot and elegantly poured a cup of tea for Prince Chao.

Xia Zhixian’s calmness and confidence caused Prince Chao to feel as if he was the captured one. However, Elder Huan (Old Li) had told him to never let the enemy guess what he was thinking of, and to never show anything on his face.

“Prince Chao, I’d imagine your people are definitely worried whether capturing me this time has a secret trap underneath it.” Xia Zhixian said in a gentle voice.

Chao Lengchuan didn’t speak, instead sipping his tea to wait for Xia Zhixian to continue.

“Hehe, let’s put aside whether this is a trap. I think they’re probably also troubled over another question: why do I never kill your people, instead treating them very well and forgivingly?” Xia Zhixian said.

Chao Lengchuan’s gaze slightly shifted. This was exactly the question Chao Lengchuan was wondering but she didn’t say anything.

“The reason is simple, I’m building my relationship with them.” Xia Zhixian said.

“Building your relationship with Three Palace people? Flower master Xia truly is tolerant.” Chao Lengchuan said.

“It’s not that I’m tolerant, I’m just planning ahead.” Xia Zhixian said.

“Really? Do you want to join our Three Palace?” Chao Lengchuan said calmly.

Xia Zhixian shook his head and said, “Exactly the opposite.”

Xia Zhixian’s words immediately caused Chao Lengchuan to furrow his brows. If she wasn’t entering Three Palace but was building her relationship, this meant that she predicted Three Palace to get taken over!

In the lower mid level struggles, Three Palace has the advantage. In the higher levels, the victor is still up for grabs. This Xia Zhixian was getting ahead of herself!

“You definitely don’t believe my words. How about this, Prince Chao, sister Xia will make a bet with you.” Xia Zhixian laughed and said.

“What bet? You’re already a prisoner, what bargaining chips do you have?” Chao Lengchuan looked at her wondering whether she had any more tricks up her sleeves.

“I’m the chip. If you, Three Palace, can remain in Wanxiang City a month later, then I will join your side, and help you defeat hero chief and hero aide.” Xia Zhixian said.

Chao Lengchuan humphed and said, “No need to believe you, you can remain a prisoner.”

“Don’t come to conclusions so quickly, I haven’t finished talking. If in a month, your people remains peacefully in Wanxiang City, then Prince Chao has to agree that, when the day comes and Three Palace suffer an overwhelming defeat, Prince Chao shouldn’t stay and fight until death with the other obstinate old fools. You have to know that as long as your seed lives, you can continue in the future.

Chao Lengchen gained a huge wave of fury after hearing this. This woman was completely playing with him.

“Enjoy your tea.” Chao Lengchuan stood up and no longer bothered to hear this woman’s voice.

Xia Zhixian didn’t mind. Like an elegant and mannered noble woman, she stood up to walk Prince Chao out.

When Prince Chao went back to the army, the aide-de-camp brought back message to bring Xia Zhixian into the city.


On the third day, Three Palace people came to capture Xiangrong City. Prince Chao, Shen Mo, Old Li, and other strategists waited for Xia Zhian’s territory.

Considering Soul Alliance could send out experts to block them halfway, they didn’t get back with the army. Instead the experts formed a team of around ten people.

This type of imprisoning was the safest. With the land this large, no matter how powerful Soul Alliance was, they couldn’t find the walking path of ten people. As for whether they could track them through some soul item on Xia Zhixian, old Li thought of that as well. They directly casted a spatial prison on Xia Zhixian so no matter what soul technique or soul item she had, it couldn’t transmit anything.

The path back was very safe and was unobstructed. It was planned that by the twentieth day, they could reach western Wanxiang City.

To keep their tracks hidden, none of them contacted any city, including Wanxiang City.

In these twenty days, other than occasionally teasing Chao Lengchuan, Xia Zhixian didn’t do anything crossing the line. This caused Chao Lengchuan to remember the bet she had offered the other day. Though he never intended on betting with this woman, her words caused some unease within him, making him feel as if something will happen soon.


“Strange, why hasn’t shen Mo come back Yet?” Old Li stood on Thousand Wave Beast’s head and glanced far at wetsern Wanxiang City.

When they neared Wanxiang City, Old Li told Shen Mo to enter the city first to test whether there was an ambush.

In reality, the west side is Three Palace’s territory. Under most circumstances, Old Li was simply being extra cautious.

“They’re back.” An elder pointed at the man on the devil colt hurrying back.

Everyone else looked over and indeed found Shen Mo coming.

However, behind Shen Mo were three people, respectively on a star wilderness devil cold, a gale devil colt, and a purple robed dream beast.

Chao Lengchuan naturally recognized the three of them. They were Chu Mu’s fiancee Ye Qingzi, Ye Qingzi’s brother Ye Wansheng, and Shen Mo’s sister Shen Yue.

Chao Lengchuan was secretly wondering. Why did the there of them come here, are they welcoming him?

However, their sour expressions signified that something major had happened.

“What’s wrong?” Old Li looked at Shen Mo and had a feeling something went wrong.

Shen Mo said nothing, only glancing strangely at the three behind him. The three of them clearly had anger and unwillingness.

After a while, Ye Qingzi replied, but her tone was very sullen, saying something that shocked everyone, “Wanxiang City has fallen!    “

When Ye Qingzi said this, Chao Lengchuan’s whole body shivered, and he quickly turned around to look at Xia Zhixian.

She gave her answer in the form of a simple smile.

Wanxiang City fell?

In the past year, many great kingdom capitals had suffered strange losses. Three Palace had grown used to such news and would simply retaliate by taking the cities back by force.

So, when they mentioned a city falling, Chao Lengchuan, Old Li, and the other sacred guard leaders didn’t think of it much!

However, Ye Qingzi was speaking of a different city, Wanxiang City!!

“I….I’m not mistaken, you said Wanxiang City just now?” Elder Kuang asked loudly!

Ye Qingzi nodded.

If not for seeing the entire event happen herself, Ye Qingzi didn’t dare to believe the heavily guarded western Wanxiang City would fall so quickly and become Soul Alliance territory!

“The fort has ten thousand soul pet trainers, thirty thousand elemental soul pet trainers line the walls, fifty thousand are spread out in the outer scouting towers. Another ten thousand are in the outer and middle city. Inner city have even more experts. Even a hero level expert would get blown to smithereens by the elders and sacred guards. Western Wanxiang City is impenetrable, it can’t have fallen!” A Sacred Guard said angrily.

How could this be used as a joke, what were these young people doing! The sacred guard got angrier as he thought about it.

The other elders thought similarly and Yelled out!

“Yes, I wouldn’t believe it if it were me either. But, use your soul remembrance to check western Wanxiang City and check the flags.” Ye Wansheng pointed behind him.

Everyone stopped arguing and cast their soul remembrance over…...

Three Palace’s flag was sacred Yellow. Soul palace had seven diagram sacred pet, nightmare palace was nightmare flags, soul pet palace was a simple crown. Usually, these flags covered the lighthouses and guard towers…..

However, when they glanced over with their soul remembrance, there weren’t many of these flags anymore!

In fact, Chao Lengchuan could even see that, at the center of Three Palace territory, the highest soul palace flag was slowly sliding down along with the sunset!

The highest flag falling didn’t mean the coming of night; it was announcing that the faction of this flag no longer owned this territory!!

But, how was this possible! In a short month of zero contact with the city, Three Palace’s advantage disappeared along with their control of Wanxiang City!!

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