Book 2 Chapter 104 - 2 - Inner Darkness, Soul Backlash

Chapter 104: Inner Darkness, Soul Backlash - 2

The White Nightmare still hadn’t stopped its angered devil cries. Yet, this time, the devil cry was to cast the strangest Other type technique!!

The white devil fire formed a bundle, and it slowly burned a special hoop-shaped symbol into the air. This symbol then strangely became a massless black hole!

The dark night was lit with different colors because of the devil fires and the double royal flames. However, around this strange symbol in the air that the White Nightmare cast, there was no color, completely like the space had a discontinuity at that area. One could see the unknown inner workings of space itself in that area…...


Nightmare White Hole! The Nightmare White Hole didn’t belong to any type of technique, and it wielded strange and mysterious power!!

When the Nightmare White Hole formed, Xia Guanghan, who knew of White Nightmare techniques, creased his brows and quickly started chanting an incantation!

The ghost devil fire started wavering, and from within the Nightmare White Hole, a strange breath was exhaled. This breath was like a gust of devil wind that blew in from the vast, unknown worlds. When the devil wind passed, the ghost devil fire that the Blue Nightmare released suddenly vanished. Even the sandstorm realm released by the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon that Mo Xie was battling intensely had parts of it devoured!


Soul pet trainer technique - Demonfall - spirit master technique. It was able to drastically increase any evil soul pet’s power!

Demonfall was different from Violent Blood Pupil. Violent Blood Pupil directly stimulated a soul pet’s potential and their bloodiness, causing them to raise a certain phase or stage. However, Demonfall straight up increased the power crystal a soul pet owned.

At this time, Xia Guanghan casted Demonfall precisely to increase the Blue Nightmare’s ghost devil fire powers!!

Maybe before, the Blue Nightmare’s ghost devil fire was weaker than the White Nightmare’s pale white devil fire, but after the effects of Demonfall had been imbued onto the Blue Nightmare, its ghost devil fire became even purer. Its cold and ghostly aura had completely beaten out the White Nightmare’s pale white devil fire now!

The pure ghost devil fire, under the effects of Demon Fall, created a complete suppression on the White Nightmare’s pale white devil fire. The White Nightmare’s Other type ability formed with its pale white devil fire as the base also immediately lost its clear effect, and the ghost devil fire started surging again!

“Nie!!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Feeling suppressed again, the vile White Nightmare became even more angered by the humiliation. Its two strange eyes no longer blinked with a terrifying torch-like glow but instead blinked with a soul-shivering blood light!

Chu Mu was connected mentally with the white devil. At this point, Chu Mu could feel a massive surge of anger rise up from within the White Nightmare after being suppressed by a member of the same species.

“Nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

An even more frightening devil cry came out. This sound was like countless icy daggers, piercing straight through a person’s body and towards their soul!!

Its two pupils blinked bloodily, demonically, evilly, and terrifyingly!

Ruthlessness, anger, jealousy, and other powerful negative emotions let Chu Mu feel the true darkness within the White Nightmare’s heart. Once one fell within, one would never be able to leave. One would only able to dwell forever in the dark emotions in a struggle for life!

Suddenly, the White Nightmare moved. As if it already knew that it wasn’t a match for the eighth phase first stage Blue Nightmare, it started moving…...

The white devil fire body was like a shadow in front of Chu Mu, sliding past the white devil shadows, actually returning back to Chu Mu.


A devil cry sounded out, and the white devil fire was suddenly released from the White Nightmare’s lower body, creating a strange, white devil ring that forcefully followed the messy branches on the ground. It burned away the heavenly vines that were trying to ambush Chu Mu!

Chu Mu stared blankly, and he glanced at the quickly retracting heavenly vines before realizing that Xia Guanghan’s Heavenly Vine Demon had already neared him. If not for the White Nightmare suddenly releasing its devil fire, he very likely would’ve been hurt by the sneaky heavenly vines!


The white devil was like Chu Mu’s devil fire burning shadow. Standing in front of Chu Mu, it specially turned its head around, and it sent a strange call towards the Blue Nightmare, full of its previous negative emotions.

Chu Mu couldn’t understand the White Nightmare’s actions. Was it trying to return into his soul pet space because it couldn’t defeat the Blue Nightmare?

Xia Guanghan’s eyes watched Chu Mu’s White Nightmare from afar. Seeing the terrifying red glow coming from the White Nightmare’s eyes, Xia Guanghan seemed to suddenly remember something. His face became strange, as if he was excited, yet also wary!


A shrill scream suddenly sounded out next to Chu Mu. Just as he was thinking, the White Nightmare let a hair raising call that shook Chu Mu’s mental world.

At the same time, Chu Mu abruptly felt the White Nightmare that had an identical body shape as his stepped towards him!!

Soul Devour!!!

Just as the White Nightmare forcefully slammed into Chu Mu’s body as a devil fire soul, Chu Mu frighteningly felt the mental message relayed to him by the White Nightmare!!

It was eating its owner’s soul to raise its own strength!!

The Blue Nightmare’s power completely triggered the vile White Nightmare. In the situation where Chu Mu couldn’t control his mental state, it felt that Chu Mu no longer was of any value, and it started to devour Chu Mu’s soul!!

Seeing the White Nightmare turn around and devour its owner, Xia Guanghan immediately stared blankly. This White Nightmare was received by Xia Guanghan from the White Nightmare palace master. It was said to be the offspring of an incredibly scary White Nightmare. Even if the soul pet trainer had the ability to control it, if that White Nightmare was angered and had enough negative emotions, it would frighteningly start devouring its owner’s soul, strengthening itself on the master’s soul and then using that strength to defeat the foe that dared anger it!!

Chu Mu’s White Nightmare was precisely that terrifying White Nightmare’s offspring. The reason Xia Guanghan didn’t dare to sign a soul pact with it was also because of this!!

At this moment, the White Nightmare crashed into Chu Mu’s body. This terrifying scene meant that it was trying to devour Chu Mu’s soul to forcefully raise its own power!!

Xia Guanghan wanted to laugh out loud. He wanted to laugh at the fact that Chu Mu hadn’t realized that the white devil within him was the evilest of evil soul pets, ready to devour its master’s soul at any time. However, Xia Guanghan also realized that if the White Nightmare devoured Chu Mu’s soul, it would definitely become much more powerful, and it would become even harder to struggle free from this deranged devil!!

Soul Backlash!!

Through countless deep nights, Chu Mu had to endure the scariest soul burn from the white devil fire. Every day, Chu Mu had to worry if the White Nightmare was going to devour his soul.

Yet, Chu Mu didn’t think that this day would finally come!!


Seeing the White Nightmare starting to devour Chu Mu’s soul, Mo Xie abruptly swept the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon away, and she ran crazily towards Chu Mu, forcefully wrapping her tail around the White Nightmare that was entering Chu Mu’s body.


If Mo Xie and Chu Mu still had a soul pact, it would help with the mental confrontation against the White Nightmare, and they could forcefully drive out the White Nightmare’s soul. Yet, without any soul pacts, no matter how much Mo Xie cried out, she could only watch as Chu Mu’s soul was getting conquered bit by bit by the White Nightmare. He was getting eaten by the White Nightmare!

Her silver pupils were again moist. She could only let out heart wrenching calls…...

Though his vision was slowly being overtaken by white burning devil fire, when Chu Mu saw that Mo Xie still felt sorrow for him, Chu Mu smiled.

Even without a soul pact, Mo Xie still wouldn’t forget the person that accompanied her through life and death along with the severing of the pact…...


Drops of crimson blood dripped from the night sky as the Night Thunder Dream Beast also let out a worried call, slowly appearing from its Night Dance state…...

“Hui~~~~~~~~~~” A neigh sounded, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s eyes changed from sadness to determination. Casting Night Dance again, its eyes locked onto the center of the sky forest…...

Run!! The Night Thunder Dream Beast dragged its hurt body and started running, resolutely running towards the deepest parts of the powerful Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s aura, towards the center full of danger and the purest demonic aura!!

On the Night Thunder Dream Beast was a bloody wound ripped open by the Dire Wolf. As it started running without pause, the grim and shocking red splattered, droplet by droplet- each sparkling and translucent…...



Xia Guanghan only needed to glance to see the Night Thunder Dream Beast running in the night, but Xia Guanghan didn’t mind it at all. He immediately commanded his other soul pets to attack Chu Mu’s Mo Xie.

Xia Guanghan didn’t understand why Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast was doing everything it can to run, but Chu Mu understood. When Chu Mu saw his Night Thunder Dream Beast slowly disappear into the deep forest that was home to powerful demons, his eyes again filled with tears!!

Chu Mu was at the edge of the ninth remembrance spirit teacher already, and needed only a tiny bit more to reach the spirit master remembrance. If any one of his soul pets could experience a large increase in power, Chu Mu would definitely have a hope in reaching spirit master!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s bloodied running straight into the center of danger was exactly for this tiny bit of soul elevation Chu Mu needed!!

At this moment, Chu Mu could no longer use words to explain the rolling emotions in his heart, and was only able to express it with the tears brimming his eyes!

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