Chapter 1039: Capture Hero Aide Xia Zhixian

Snow City is only a start. In the following time, Wanxiang City constantly got war reports of many important kingdom capitals being taken over almost bizarrely.

Three Palace’s cities originally already created a large entity connected by these crucial cities, making it almost impenetrable.

However, in the short time recently, they kept on losing these crucial cities, causing the entire Three Palace battlefront to get scattered and caused their battles to be less organized than before.

This abrupt breakthrough caught Three Palace off guard and delayed their plans of continuing to push forth. Now, they had to instead turn around and take these cities back.

Because of this, when it went from the snowy season to blazing suns, two seasons later, Three Palace’s unceasing army of experts finally took back those cities and wanxiang realm’s west side stabilized.

Wanxiang Realm’s western region had around five hundred sixty kingdoms. About four hundred belonged to Three Palace while the remaining were neutral factions or part of the alliance. Getting them was only a matter of time.

Most of Soul Alliance’s power was stacked up in wanxiang realm east region, with around three fourths of it belonging to them.

This split all of wanxiang realm into two opposing factions, splitting the entire map into east and west, including Wanxiang City itself!

In the past, Wanxiang City was shaped in a hoop, split into outer city, inner city, and wanxiang altar.

The two factions split the city in two. In two short years, Wanxiang City went from being a huge city into two, where each faction’s center left as well.

Three Palace’s original palaces were already made into a city stronghold and extended walls towards the north and south! The walls and stronghold were filled with layers of guards, remotely facing off against Soul Alliance’s army.

Wanxiang realm seemed to be peaceful, but neither Three Palace nor Soul Alliance will easily give up control of this city. The competition in the background appeared after night fell every day. Citizens of the city could often see corpses left in small alleyways…...

Before the lower and middle level struggles end, Wanxiang City could still maintain this face off. However, Three Palace knew that Wanxiang City’s final struggle would definitely not mark the end of this war.

No matter which side failed, losing Wanxiang City’s control will allow them to retreat back to their fortified land and defend to a certain degree. Once they gathered their forces, they could definitely fight back and take Wanxiang City again.

One could say that Wanxiang City was just a flag. No matter who took the flag, the side would have the high ground in the war, allowing them to use it as a jumping pad towards more land and resources. However, it didn’t mean the war would end.


“Good news, Diagram Supreme, good news!” Old Xiao walked smiling into the palace. As if he had wind underneath his feet, he stepped in front of Diagram Supreme in two or three steps. Forgetting his manners, he said out directly with an excited expression.

Diagram Supreme was talking to a neutral faction elder of hunter’s alliance. Glancing at Elder Xiao, he hesitated but ended up giving Princess Wanning a glance, “Help me bring Mister Dang to rest, and then tell Old soul teacher De to help him diagnose.”

Princess wan ning nodded and called over a few servant girls to leave with her and the elder.

After they left, Diagram Supreme Ke Yin gave Elder Xiao a stare, “What’s the matter, how are you still unable to control your emotions at such an old age!”

Elder Xiao’s face reddened slightly. Coughing to hide his embarrassment while his peers laughed at him, he quickly stated, “Prince Chao took down Xiangrong City and captured the enemy general!”

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin was just drinking tea when he heard this and immediately put his cup down!

The laughing Elder Chao aside even stood right up from his seat out of surprise and excitement, “Is….. is this real?”

Elder Xiao saw Elder Chao react so and couldn’t help but grumble, “You all reacted the same as I did, and yet you laugh at me?”

“Do I look like someone who likes to joke?” Elder Xiao said.

Everyone knew Elder Xiao’s character well. He was indeed usually extremely stern and deadpan. If someone else had said this news, there may be unforeseen issues, but with Elder Xiao’s way of life, if he hadn’t confirmed it fully, he definitely wouldn’t tell it to anyone!

“Hahaha, good work, good work!!! This way, we’ll have a jumping pad to invade all of Wanxiang City’s territory!” Sacred guard leader laughed out brusquely.

Xiangrong City’s boundaries were very wide and had a massive amount of plant soul item resources. More importantly, it was the closest tenth rank kingdom capital to Wanxiang City. Once they got that city, it was as if Three Palace had a long sword that pierced straight into Wanxiang City’s territory. Pushing Soul Alliance out of Wanxiang City will happen soon!

“Don’t get too excited yet. Guess who their general is.” Elder Xiao kept it a mystery, but his shining eyes gave away his excitement and joy.

“Enemy general? Right, Xiangrong City is Xia Zhixian’s city, can it be Xia Zhixian’s right hand woman, Xia Qing?” Elder Chao asked.

Xia Qing was Xia Zhixian’s foster sister and was an absolute level expert.

By now, every top tier emperor rank expert was extremely precious to both factions. If they could take down Xia Qing, it was one less threat for Three Palace in the future.

Elder Xiao shook his head, showing some belittlement in his eyes.

Anyone could tell that Elder Xiao was saying Xia Qing was nothing.

“Can it be that……” Diagram Supreme slowly showed a face of shock as he seemed to realize who the general was…...

“Yes, Diagram Supreme, the general was hero aide Xia Zhixian!!” 

When he said that, the entire palace went silent!

After a few long seconds, everyone finally came back to their senses after hearing the shocking news!

“Is…… is this real?” Elder Chao almost asked the same question but from his attitude and tone, he was in even more disbelief.

Elder Xiao didn’t want to repeat himself anymore. In reality, when he heard the news himself, he thought it was impossible as well. However, after confirming multiple times, including prince chao’s personal message confirming his capture of Xia Zhixian, Elder Xiao finally recovered from his shock and quickly brought this news to Diagram Supreme ke yin.

“Xia Zhixian was extremely powerful. If she was in Xiangrong City, taking her down is nearly impossible. Let alone, she had a dominator rank soul pet. Prince Chao shouldn’t be her match. Is there a trick here?” The rather vigilant Diagram Supreme quickly calmed down and asked a logical concern.

“Yes, Xia Zhixian shouldn’t be this easy to deal with……”

“However, the problem is Xia Zhixian is in the hands of prince chao and her soul has already been sealed. She’s no different from a normal girl. Prince Chao is waiting for us to decide how to deal with Xia Zhixian.” Elder Xiao said.

“Let’s just kill her!” Elder Shen was the first to give his opinion.

“Yes, kill her. Regardless of if they are scheming something, killing her will definitely greatly harm Soul Alliance!” The others were in agreement as well.

Diagram Supreme Ke Yin furrowed his brows, and didn’t know what to decide.

A dominator rank expert wasn’t someone one could just kill whenever. As Xiangrong City’s city master, Xia Zhixian had great fame. Killing her will cause a huge rebellion to uprise from Xiangrong City. One also had to consider whether she had any neutral experts behind her. It would be a huge hit to Three Palace to attract even more enemies.

However, not killing her, Xia Zhixian suddenly getting captured was too strange. There likely could be a trap set up by Soul Alliance, waiting for them to dive in. If they fell for it, they would likely lose a lot as well!

“We can confirm Xia Zhixian is completely useless now?” Diagram Supreme Ke Yin continued to ask Elder Xiao.

Elder Xiao nodded and said, “Prince Chao, Elder Huan, other elders, and sacred guard leader all confirmed.”

“Then tell Elder Chao to bring her back first.” Diagram Supreme felt like it was bad to make a decision so soon. They should decide once they get Three Palace together in a meeting.


Xiangrong City

Prince Chao Lengchuan had slowly shed off his social inexperienced self through two years of war and matured.

However, him being able to capture Xia Zhixian was completely due to the old raccoon man’s strategy. Or else, with Xia Zhixian’s power, prince chao probably wouldn’t even be able to take down Xiangrong City, let alone capture Xia Zhixian.

“Look at that, I told you you should listen to me. Xia Zhixian is a support soul pet trainer. Her own fighting strength is limited and she had to stand behind an expert. As long as you split them up, there was nothing to fear about Xia Zhixian.” Old li laughed.

Chao Lengchuan nodded heavily. He was getting more and more respect for this half human half soul pet old man. Without him, soul palace couldn’t possibly have captured this many cities.

“Elder huan, how should we deal with this woman?” Chao Lengchuan asked.

“We can’t kill her for sure, we can use her as a bargaining chip to gain Wanxiang City, though.” Old li said.

“Why can’t we kill her? Even if we can’t kill her, can’t we render her dominator rank soul pet useless?” Chao Lengchuan asked.

“Xia Zhixian has great relationships with neutral factions. If we kill her, it’ll cause many factions to fall towards Soul Alliance’s side. You may not understand this, so here’s an analogy. Let’s say Diagram Supreme or female supreme were captured. They similarly wouldn’t dare harm them at all. This wasn’t a war where killing the enemy general wins the war. Once one reaches dominator rank, one goes beyond mortal bounds. Their entrance was simply a result of their faction identities. There are some people in this world that just shouldn’t be killed, only restricted…...

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