Chapter 1037: Sealed Mouth Event

After everyone left, Chu Mu didn’t waste a bit of time since time was pressing. The faster he raise the Dead Dream’s strength, the safer he would be.

After saying goodbye to the four others, he put all of his attention on raising the small Dead Dream.

The entire Eastern Wild Area was very large, and Chu Mu was able to find suitable opponents to train the Dead Dream. To raise its phases quicker, he increased his efforts and stimulated the Dead Dream’s potential through continuous fights. 


After a month of high-intensity training, the Dead Dream finally entered the sixth phase. Its strength had reached the middle class emperor rank. 

In this month, Chu Mu didn’t stray too far from the wooden hut. Indeed, Old Wen couldn’t summon soul pets while Old Han was still recovering. To a certain extent, they needed to be protected. Fortunately, the forest around the wooden hut was extremely suitable for his training. 

Once the Dead Dream reached the sixth phase, Chu Mu allowed it to rest for a period of time and used spirit items to nurture it. Continuously stimulating its potential wasn’t bad, but if he didn’t use spirit items as supplements, excessive fighting would produce the opposite of the desired result. 

Chu Mu chose to return to the wooden hut to train the Dead Dream while also checking in on Old Han’s health. 

Not long after entering the hut, Old Wen smilingly brought Chu Mu around. 

“Ke ke~~~~~” the moment Chu Mu walked in, he heard Old Han cough. 

“What are you doing up? Continue lying down!” Old Wen was a bit angry, as she walked up to Old Han and lent an arm to support him. 

“I’ve spent over a month lying down. If I continue lying down, it will be the same thing as dying… Ke ke~~~~” Old Han glared at Old Wen. Afterwards, he put on a compassionate gaze as he had Chu Mu come sit next to him. He said: “Old Granny told me. Chu Mu, your half devil transformation shouldn’t have any negative effects, right? For example those that affect your body and soul…” 

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “In the past there were effects. Now there aren’t.” 

Old Han naturally knew quite a few things about half devils. He didn’t understand why Chu Mu could voluntarily transform into a half devil, and why it wouldn’t damage his soul afterwards. At least the high soul temperature should have given Chu Mu constant enormous pain.

Old Han didn’t understand that the young man sitting in front of him actually couldn’t be considered a pure human. “You are the first person in a hundred years who was able to enter the Lost Desolate Garden and steal Life Fruits before safely escaping. It seems that I have truly gotten old and decrepit. I didn’t even know that the young people of this generation had reached such a realm.” Old Han sighed. 

“Nonsense. What “young people of this generation already reaching such a realm”? It’s only Chu Mu and that Mu girl. If anyone could have a dominator rank, everything would be a mess then.” said Old Wen.

“Haha, you’re right about that.” Old Han let out a carefree laugh. 

“Old Han, when you were at your peak, you were probably much stronger than me, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“Not really. My three main pets perished before I did. However, when I was at my strongest, Alliance Master Ling Chan was just an exiled brat who I helped a few times. This is why after he reached the pinnacle, he gave me a bit of face. But in reality, I know what his character was like, and guessed that there was a high chance he would attack me this time. Fortunately, I was smart enough to take him to the hidden forest and walk him around in a few circles… unfortunately, I was still heavily injured…” said the old man. 

“I already said you were useless. Look at this child. He genuinely killed one of Ling Chan’s, that monster, soul pets.” muttered Old Wen. 

Old Han was stunned at stared at Chu Mu: “You killed Ling Chan’s soul pet?” 

Chu Mu nodded his head. With a bit of guilt he said: “But I implicated you guys…” 

“What implication? Killing it is too good!” Old Han suddenly stood up. His beard was shaking and he resembled an old child! 

“I’ve been wanting to teach that brat a lesson! Unfortunately, by the time I realized his character, I was no longer his opponent. Child, this is good. You are the first person after Chen Fengqing to injured his soul!’ said Old Han. 

“Chen Fengqing?” Chu Mu obviously hadn’t heard this name before. He was shocked that there was someone else who could injured Alliance Master Ling Chan. 

“Chen Fengqing is the master of your father, Chu Tianmang. I’m not sure if he’s dead yet. The last time I saw him, he was living in seclusion in Xiangrong City.” 

“Oh it’s Senior Chen? The person with both eyes blind.” Chu Mu was stunned and quickly inquired. 

“So you’ve seen him before. That’s right, it’s him. That year, the Event was mainly a fight between Chen Fengqing and Ling Chan. The other people were just props.” said Old Han. 

“What props? Do you, who didn’t even dare show his face, have the qualifications to call us props?” Old Wen was immediately unhappy and roared in Old Han’s ear. 

Old Han snickered, and hastily explained that he had been far away during that time and was unable to return in time. 

From the old man’s words, Chu Mu roughly understood that that year was the one in which his father fell. The reason the terrifying Sealed Mouth Event arose was because Soul Alliance Alliance Master Ling Chan and a few hidden experts engaged in a bloody fight. The leader of the opposition was the blind senior who lived reclusively in Xiangrong City. 

“Then for what reason did both sides engage in that bloody battle?” asked Chu Mu.

The two old folks in front of him were involved in that matter, and they definitely knew everything that had happened. 

“There are many reasons. From a bigger point of view, Alliance Master Ling Chan was like an absolute ruler. Soul Alliance’s dictatorship and establishment was the most obvious manifestation of this. This had already greatly offended the bottom line of many experts, including the three great palace’s profits. Indeed, because the three great palaces had been established for many years, practically every expert had some deep connection with the three great palaces. For example, when I was in my middle aged years, I served as a senior elder in Nightmare Palace, Chen Fengqing was Xiao King, the previous Tianxia King, and your Grandmother Wen used to be a member of Soul Pet Palace, and the strongest female soul pet trainer of Soul Pet Palace at that time...

When Nightmare Emperor’s event occurred- this caused Supreme experts to unexpectedly perish and the Seven Diagram Saint Kings were unable to be summoned. Ling Chan used this opportunity and the crimes of your father as an excuse to launch a bloody battle against Chen Fengqing and that group of experts who ignored the mundane but oversaw humanity from the strongest treasured domains. After defeating them all, he secured Soul Alliance’s position and he became the strongest expert, supreme over this world.” 

Old Han’s words caused billows to surge through Chu Mu’s heart!

Until now, all Chu Mu had known about this matter was that it seemed to have arisen because of his father and had caused numerous hidden experts to perish.

However, Old Han had, from a macro point of view, had given Chu Mu the reason for it! 

“Haha, did you really think that Chu Tianmang, while still at the emperor rank, could really raise such a bloody storm?” Old Han glanced at Old Wen. When he saw that this old grandmother wasn’t speaking, which was rare, he continued: “Tianmang had indeed angered Ling Chan. However, if it wasn’t because Ling Chan was extremely ambitious and with Chen Fengqing protecting Tianmang, there would be no way for him to die prematurely on his cultivation path…” 

Chu Mu nodded his head. Old Han’s words made sense. In other words, his father’s fall wasn’t solely because he had angered the Alliance Master. Indeed, an irreconcilable conflict had emerged between both sides. 

“Now many years later, another event was about to arise! Speaking of which, you father and son are truly troublemakers. Back then it was because of Tianmang that the battle had been ignited. Now today, it is because you killed Ling Chan’s soul pet that the matter has been pushed to the point of a struggle…” at this point, Old han began to laugh.  

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. How did he know that the Fighting Heaven Horned Beast King was the Alliance Master’s soul pet. If he had known, Chu Mu would have been “merciful” and given himself more time to develop. This way, there would be no need to be so rushed like now. 

“Practically all of the three great palace’s true experts have perished. Right now that Liu girl is in control, but that means her strength is definitely greatly restricted… ai, this fight can truly only rely on you guys now. The encouraging cheers from us old folk aren’t as sonorous anymore.” said Old Han. 

“Don’t worry, Soul Palace’s Supreme members have been refilled, and the Seven Diagram Saint Kings are our trump card against the Alliance Master. All I have to deal with are those Hero experts. If I defeat them, our chances of victory will be much higher. Moreover, Mu Qingyi currently stands on our side so dealing with the Four Heroes shouldn’t be hard.” said Chu Mu.

“You bringing that Mu girl over was a smart move; however, Soul Alliance’s Four Heores are not limited to those experts on the stage. Hero Chief Yuan Sui and Hero Aide are extremely low key people. In that initial fight, they chose to stand on the Alliance Master’s side so they have definitely obtained great benefits from the Alliance Master. You absolutely cannot underestimate them. Moreover, there are a few other hidden experts for example Underground Palace’s Wang Yijun. This fellow’s ability shouldn’t be trifled with…” said Old Han. 

Chu Mu earnestly nodded his head. Old Li had told him the same before, and he had to be careful about everything since he couldn’t lose this fight. If he lost, he wasn’t sure how many people would be implicated. 

“That’s right, did Bai Yu awaken? I heard that you allied with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon to drive him away?” asked Old Han.

“Yes. He didn’t die, but I’m not sure where he has gone.” said Chu Mu.

“If Bai Yu has awakened, his state could be similar to yours…. Also, he possessed an ice type creature that was evolving towards the dominator rank. That ice type xuan item was found through my guidance. While he was sealed in the Dormant World for nearly 20 years, that ice type soul pet of his obtained the most optimal training ground. If his consciousness is awakened and he helps you, your chances of victory will be even higher.” said Old Han. 

“Yes, his strength is nearly at the low class dominator rank…” said Chu Mu. 

Old Han shook his head: “You’re underestimating Bai Yu and also underestimating the Supreme experts from the previous generation who perished. While you did indeed fight Bai Yu, think for a moment. Would a creature with a fire type secondary attribute be able to display its full strength just after being unfrozen from being sealed in ice for twenty years?” 

Chu Mu was stunned. He really had never thought of this! 

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