Chapter 1036: Awoken Wood Type Xuan Item

Lost Desolation Garden indeed was the most terrifying place in human realm. If it were any other dominator rank expert, entering it would be near certain death. Thankfully, Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi both had fire types, giving them a great advantage in this fight. Otherwise, if they got blocked by dominator rank organisms and had an empire of emperor rank organisms behind them led by the Ten Thousand Pupil Devil Tree, there was no way they could escape easily.

Of course, because of the special environment, the life fruits that chu Mu took definitely weren’t ordinary.

Chu Mu didn’t think of it much at the time and directly grabbed all the fruits and jammed them into his spatial ring. Once he escaped, he finally took the time to observe it and was surprised to find that they all emitted Xuan aura!

Xuan Aura meant the ability to make dominator ranks. This definitely was something rare to find, making this adventure worth it. Not only could they save Old Han, Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi could also gain this rare wood type Xuan item.

Going back only took three days. After recovering some stamina, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi didn't stay around for long and summoned Zhan Ye to go back.

“What is this?” WHen Mu QIngyi was riding her whtie tiger, she saw Chu Mu holding a strange wooden box and asked.

“It’s just a broken wood type xuan item. It had lost all its xuan aura. I noticed it was stealing all the xuan aura from the life fruits, so I took it out.” Chu Mu said.

“A broken wood type xuan item, where did you get it?” Mu QIngyi was bewildered. She went around all these years searching for any clues of xuan items and never got any, yet Chu Mu seemed to find one without even looking.

“I got it from xiangrong city. It seems that these life fruits can replenish this xuan aura’s item.” Chu Mu said surprised.

This wood type xuan item had been leeched by the defector young girl quite a bit so it didn't have much left. It was also then served as the energy that sustained dead dream’s reincarnation, and devil tree battle soldier’s extracted energies. There was very minimal aura left after all that.

Originally, the xuan items were nearly gone, so leaving it around didn’t have much benefit. Yet, after putting it into their spatial rings, the box seemed to start absorbing the life fruit’s xuan aura to replenish its own. If it could be fully replenished, it could become a wood type xuan item!

Of course, for old Han’s life, Chu Mu naturally couldn’t let these xuan boxes absorb life fruits too excessively.

“You got it form Xiangrong City? You went to Xiangrong City, could it be that the chaos there was started by you?” Mu Qingyi suddenly remembered that a huge commotion happened there. The rumors said a large white nightmare army appeared and razed the city while emperor concubine and Xia Zhixian tried their best to protect it.

“En, it was me.” Chu Mu nodded. Xiangrong City’s event seemed to be locked down by defector young girl, so not many people knew about it.

“Indeed it was you. I was far away that time, or else I definitely would’ve come to take my revenge!” Mu Qingyi made an angry face.

Chu Mu laughed slightly sheepishly and said, “This xuan item was something emperor concubine plotted long and hard to get. Me stealing it was helping you take revenge against emperor concubine preemptively. As for our “grudge”, let’s let that go, shall we?”


Old Wen’s new hiding spot was under a small life tree. This life tree’s coupled organism dug out a small space underneath the tree for emergency uses.

On the eighth day, Old Han’s life force started to decrease. This caused Old Wen and Ye Qingzi to both start worrying. On one hand, they were afraid for Old han’s life. On the other hand, they were worried for Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi. After all, Lost Desolation Garden was truly the most terrifying place they knew!

However, they knew that worrying was useless. They could only wait slowly.

“Someone’s nearing. It may be between Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi, however for safety, we shouldn’t make any sounds.” Ye Wansheng outside crawled down the roots leading to outside, and said to the three.

The three all nodded, no longer making any sound. Even their breaths were kept at a very weak state.

The four of them held their breaths. After a moment, the ground space above them loosened slightly and dust fell down.

Soon after, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi, both dressed in black, came down.

When Ye Qingzi saw Chu Mu, she slowly broke into a wide smile and asked Chu Mu caringly whether he was wounded.

Chu Mu shook his head and said, “Just tired, nothing more.”

Old Wen stood in front of Chu Mub ut said nothing. However, her hopeful gaze at Chu Mu gave away her thoughts. Old Wen really wished Chu Mu could bring them good news.

“Qingzi, see if these life fruits are enough.” Chu Mu threw down all the life fruits in one go, revealing around fifty.

Ye Qingzi and Old Wen were all staring blankly, and stared at the fruits that were many times larger than the previous life fruits.

“Enough, these life fruits are even thicker than previous fruits. Just five are enough for us to save Old Han.

“Really…...really? That’s …… wonderful!” Old Wen fell into tears of joy and didn't know how else to say to express her thanks for Mu Qingyi and Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi didn’t dare pause, and directly took ten life fruits out and fed it to wood tray spirit. Wood tray spirit digested the energy and converted it into energy that old han needed to inject into his body.

Wood tray spirit’s roots were like vessels that constantly poured new life force into the old man. Old han’s face was nearly pale by now, but with the life force injection, it regained some color, looking more like he was simply sleeping instead of nearly dead.

Seeing Old Han get better, Old Wen’s emotions got even more out of hand.

Having been together for more than a hundred years, Old Wen and Old han were probably one of the rare couples.

After an entire night’s healing, Old han finally left life’s danger and got better.

The tired Ye Qingzi saw the old man recover and smiled satisfyingly, unable to hide her tiredness. “Grandma Wen, as long as you feed Old Han these five life fruits to treat him, he’ll be able to completely recover.”

“Thats…...that’s too good, you should rest now, leave the rest to me.” Old wen said thankfully to Ye Qingzi. These eight days, Ye QIngzi didn’t even close her eyes a single time, staying by Old han to ensure his life force was still there.

Ye Qingzi was indeed tired. Chu Mu felt sorry for herm and let her lay in his lap as they rested against the underground wall.

Ye Qingzi no longer cared about anyone else’s thoughts. Like a small cat, she snuggled up against Chu Mu and fell asleep.

Chu Mu himself was also tired. After all, Mu QIngyi’s escape back wasted a lot of his energy. He laid back on the root and fell asleep as well.

Chu Mu entered a deep sleep this time. Deep in slumber, he didn’t notice that the xuan wood roots were frenziedly absorbing the remaining forty life fruits and was becoming full from its original corrupted state. The life fruits instead were slowly shriveling up…...


This sleep was extremely long. Because they were underground, Chu Mu didn’t know whether it was day or night, simply continuing to sleep when he still felt tired.

Ye Qingzi slept even more soundly. She loved laying in Chu Mu’s embrace because for some reason, after laying against his warm body, she felt very languid and clingy.

Maybe it was a reliance, or a habit she developed.

After a long while, Ye Qingzi finally woke up. She opened her eyes, and saw Chu Mu meditating and subconsciously shifted her body.

Chu Mu opened his eyes. He woke up earlier than ye Qingzi, but he continued to meditate just so his beautiful wife could sleep a little longer.

“Done sleeping?” Chu Mu chuckled as he glanced at Ye Qingzi.

“En.” Ye QIngzi nodded but noticed everyone looking at her and went red.

“Alliance master probably left long ago, let’s go back to the wooden house.” Old wen saw that the couple woke up and smiled understandingly.


The wood house’s spirit aura was more abundant, and was better for Old Han’s recovery.

Once Old Han was moved back, he already started having signs of waking up.

The moment he opened his eyes, Old Wen sat down emotionally by his beside. Seeing Old Wen cry again, Chu Mu and the others understandingly left the room to give the old couple some time alone.

“Alliance master’s soul shouldn’t take too long to recover anymore. We have to speed up our training.” Mu QIngyi glanced at Chu Mu. The key to this war was Chu Mu’s Dead Dream.

Chu Mu nodded. Remembering that Old Han was nearly killed by this man, Chu Mu was even angrier. He was going to obliterate Alliance Master Ling Chan!!

“Why don’t we head back first while you train here.” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu.

Dead dream’s phase was jumping too fast, to the point where no one else could keep up. Staying around won’t help him much, especially since Ye Qingzi already finished making all the soul items for dead dream’s growth up to tenth phase.

After hesitating, Chu Mu nodded, “Fine, you go back first, I’ll get there quickly. Before I get there, you have to be careful.”

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