Chapter 1035

Fifty years ago, only one human was able to come through and steal a life tree seed, and Ten Thousand Eyed Treant made him pay the price of his soul pet’s life!

Today, a half devil dared to make its way in and take a huge amount of old life fruits. If he didn’t make this devil pay the price, how could its anger be sated?

Ripping him into pieces and tormenting his soul wouldn’t even be enough. Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s roar reverberated through the ancient tunnel. Countless original sleeping organisms within this special space woke up within the night. Glancing towards the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s direction, they all quickly gathered from their respective locations.

The roots that gathered in the sky backed away like a receding tide and released Mu Qingyi and her Crown Phoenix King from the struggle.

However, the situation wasn’t very optimistic. Mu Qingyi looked around, and was shocked to find that in all directions, a powerful aura quickly neared them.

The east side’s night sky was like a dark lightning, occasionally bright, occasionally imperceptible. It was hard to find in the dark so Mu QIngyi couldn’t tell what organism it was.

From the south, the high forests were getting parted like a tide. A fierce beast was sprinting towards them from the horizon, splitting apart all that dared stand in its way.

On the west side, a black figure slowly stood up within the sea like forest. The impossibly tall tree canopies merely reached its knees. Such a terrifying creature also opened its shocking eyes to glance in their direction.

The north side forest didn’t have any illusions, but it was very quiet, so quiet there weren’t even calls of bugs and birds. This was a sign of danger, and Mu Qingyi definitely didn't think it was the safest direction!

“Chu Mu, we’ve been surrounded. All four directions have extremely powerful organisms!” Mu QIngyi said to chu Mu with her mental voice.

At this moment, Chu Mu had just come out of the endless devil tree emperor tide and met up with Mu Qingyi with difficulty. However, when he heard this, his heart sank again. This Lost Desolation garden was like an ancient wasteland, habitat to so many powerful creatures!

“Let’s go!” Chu Mu knew that they definitely angered everyone this time and didn't dare stay around, directly going towards the west side.

West side was the direction of the massive black shadow. Once they got nearer, Mu Qingyi and Chu Mu was shocked to find the massive shadow was actually an ancient Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake!

This Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was like a bolt of thunder that came down from the skies. Its massive body was enough to cause immense shock to their hearts. A human in front of it felt more insignificant than an ant!

The two people that met Empress heavenly Thunder Snake clearly already went through emperor rank. In reality, an Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake entering dominator rank was far more likely than any other organism. After all, when it reaches tenth phase, it was already invincible emperor. After a long time of training, it could ultimately enter dominator realm.

Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake was in itself massive. After the ancient environment’s effects, it only became larger. It truly could reach the skies!

Mu Qingyi rode her crown phoenix king with her white tiger right behind. Crown phoenix king flapped its wings and the golden flames on it continued to grow, slowly growing into a massive phoenix shadow!

Golden phoenix shadow flew past. The Empress heavenly Thunder Snake opened its massive mouth and instantly the entire night started thundering. Purple thunder fell down in a shocking bolt, continuously falling onto the crown phoenix king’s golden flame body, 

Purple thunder arc and golden flames became the brightest spot in the entire Lost Desolation Ground, brighter than even the skies or ground!!

“Dash your way through!” Mu Qingyi commanded Crown Phoenix King.

Crown Phoenix King’s didn’t slow down in the slightest. Dashing forth at the speed of lightning, she flew towards the snake.

Behind her was Chu Mu, who didn’t dare slow down either because a mere ten kilometers away from him was a sky covering devil tree sea that devoured towards them!!

It was hard to believe that the entire sky and ground didn’t have a single gap. It was utterly full of roots and was frenziedly growing towards them. Billions of pupils were scattered amongst the terrifying roots. Chu Mu had never seen a more shocking scene!!

Now, Chu Mu finally knew why Old Wen wasn’t relieved in letting him come to take the life fruit. Demon realm wasn’t even as dangerous this!

“Chu Mu…..Chu Mu. How is there so much devil tree!” Mu Qingyi glanced at Chu Mu and found that the night sky was no more, replaced by the writhing roots.

The feeling was as if they were chased by a giant digestive tract that had already devoured everything behind them.

This way, Mu QIngyi was utterly terrified. If they got caught, they probably would never escape. Mu Qingyi truly didn’t know how Chu Mu escaped just now in the first place.

“Retract your white tiger quickly!” Chu Mu glanced at white tiger who was about to fall into the intestine and quickly said to Mu Qingyi.

Mu Qingyi quickly cast an incantation, and retracted her white tiger into her soul pet space.

Chu Mu knew Zhan Ye under the plant world organism’s attacks would have limited effects. He told Zhan Ye to occupy Empress heavenly Thunder Snake. Once Mu QIngyi and him left, he quickly retracted Zhan Ye back into his soul pet space, and escaped towards the west without daring to look back!    

After breaking through empress heavenly thunder snake’s obstruction, Chu Mu fell on crown phoenix king’s body and glanced at the pale Mu QIngyi.

“Gather your focus to deal with the obstructions ahead, I’ll deal with the ones behind.” Chu MU said to Mu Qingyi said.

Mu QIngyi nodded, yet in the corners of her eyes, she already saw the countless roots start to converge on the two sides of crown phoenix king. This feeling was as if they were falling into a massive beast’s mouth. A single second of pause could devour them!

Chu Mu started an incantation, and around his body quickly burned nine silver devil flame swords!

These swords were upside down and had an immense aura. Mu Qingyi remembered it, as the sword diagram that allowed white nightmare to defeat Tai Mountain giant in the past!

This Heavenly Devil Sword Diagram cast by Chu Mu was clearly stronger!

As Chu Mu’s incantation finished, Chu Mu pointed towards his sides with his fingers. Immediately, the massive devil swords flew towards the root pythons at each side!!


The devil swords flew by. All the roots that were cut were swiftly lit by devil flames and instantly rendered to ashes!

Nine devil swords flew through recklessly, instantly giving crown phoenix king enough space to move. The pressure on the crown phoenix king reduced, and it immediately started flapping its wings at a high frequency, becoming a golden beam that flew through the sky!


Suddenly, within the endless root created digestive tract, a massive purple shadow became a thunderbolt. The snake teeth appeared above Crown Phoenix King and Chu Mu’s head and bit down!!

Chu Mu didn’t know the Empress Heavenly Thunder Snake that was thrown behind caught up with the army. He quickly controlled his last devil sword to move through the other space!

The space rippled. As the Empress heavenly Thunder Snake opened its mouth and exposed its massive mouth, the last devil sword flew straight in!!


Empress Heavenly thunder Snake yelled out. Before its fangs could close shut, its mouth was penetrated by the devil sword and sent back into the dense devil tree army.

Mu Qingyi had felt the empress heavenly thunder snake’s assault but didn’t turn around, and instead chose to believe Chu Mu.

Indeed, the threat was quickly gotten rid of and Mu Qingyi relaxed, giving all her attention ahead to detect enemies ahead with her soul remembrance and finding the optimal escape route.

Mu Qingyi owned quite a few wing type soul pets, so her control technique technique was already adept. The crown phoenix king flew and constantly moved its body, flying up and down, tilting sideways, rolling to dodge the chaotic techniques!

With aerial maneuverability, Chu Mu naturally couldn’t compare to Crown Phoenix King. Currently, all of Chu Mu’s attention was on the endless army behind them. The techniques and incantation coming from him were never-ending because the moment he stopped, he knew the roots would catch up to them, and bring them into the disaster.


Since Xiangrong City, facing off against defector young girl, Chu Mu had never experienced a night like tonight!

Thankfully, Crown Phoenix King’s speed was unparalleled. Adding on Chu Mu’s half devil’s unstoppable explosive power, they ended up escaping from the layers of obstacles.

Strangely, after leaving the Lost Desolation Garden, all the chasing organisms backed off like the tide, none of them meaning to chase them out.

Them being unable to chase was a good thing. Chu Mu didn’t think of it too much. After finding a safe hidden place and setting up a protective barrier, he fell onto the ground and breathed heavily, thinking back to the terrifying scene beforehand.

Mu QIngyi laid down beside him sweating coldly. Her high rising chest was still lifting up and down signified she also had an unforgettable night.

As for crown phoenix king, it already became its bird form and fell down like a broken sparrow.

“This is definitely the human realm’s most terrifying grounds.” Chu Mu breathed and glanced at Mu Qingyi and asked.

“En, en.” Mu Qingyi nodded. Though she loved adventuring, if anyone wanted to send her to Lost Desolation Garden, she wouldn't go.

“Thank goodness we got the life fruits. Let’s rest and immediately go back.” Chu Mu said.

“How many did you grab?” Mu Qingyi asked.

“I don’t know. I picked as many as I could, probably a few hundred, I took around half.” Chu Mu said.

“That means around fifty. These life fruits are probably near Xuan Items. Taking half of their treasures in one go, you truly are a thief.” Mu Qingyi glared at Chu Mu.

“Uh, let’s save Old han first. We can split the rest, its probably very valuable.” Chu Mu said.

“Who wants to split the treasure with you…” Mu QIngyi muttered, not liking his usage of words.

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