Chapter 1034: Devil Tree Empire, Ten Thousand Eyed Treant

The hundred kilometer forest instantly turned into a lair of terrifying python roots. These roots interweaved above the mass of tree tops and swept down everything in their way. The forest was toppled and destroyed, leaving only these brownish yellow roots waving about!

The Crown Phoenix King had a fast flying speed, but it wasn’t as fast as these roots. The thick roots criss-crossed and wrapped around each other, preventing the Crown Phoenix King from ascending into the air in time. The aerial region was covered by the roots, transforming into an aerial forest completely formed by thick roots!!

“What a terrifying region.” Mu Qingyi surveyed her surroundings, but she couldn’t see the sky or the earth. The only thing there were interweaving roots that formed a forest with a few cracks. 

Golden fire light illuminated the surroundings, but only managed to illuminate a very limited area. Moreover, each thick root was malevolent wriggling about. Among these complex layers of roots, cold and sharp eyes could be seen staring at her. 

“Burn them.” Mu Qingyi gave the Crown Phoenix King an order. 

The Crown Phoenix King let out a cry and golden flames burst from its body!

Golden tongues of flame danced around its body, striking the countless withered roots, rapidly igniting them on fire!

The fire quickly spread, burning all of the roots in the one kilometer area around them into dust. A huge golden space was created. 

However, there were too many roots that grew extremely quickly. The Crown Phoenix King maintained the golden sea of flames that burned in the kilometer, but couldn’t keep extending it. Although roots were destroyed, new ones quickly grew in their place. Moreover, there were a few roots that didn’t fear the flames, and they transformed into flaming pythons that launched themselves at the Crown Phoenix King. 

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!”

The White Tiger and Zhan Ye simultaneously let out roars. Their claws rapidly tore away at the tick roots in attempt to open up a path for Mu Qingyi.

Without the Brave Heart Stinging effect, Zhan Ye’s fighting strength was equivalent to the White Tiger. Presently, the White Tiger would use its freezing power to freeze the roots before Zhan Ye would use Death God’s Dawn Blade to destroy them. 

However, the attribute counter was exceptionally visible. No matter how many roots Zhan Ye and the White Tiger ripped apart, the space they could move was extremely limited. 

Beast and insect type creatures were always weaker in the face of plant world soul pets. Mu Qingyi was afraid that they would be separated by the root forest so she didn’t let them charge out and breakthrough the root forest. Thus, she had them stay beside the Crown Phoenix King and protect it as it used fire type techniques.

Nonetheless, fire type techniques had very prominent effects on wood type creatures and Mu Qingyi didn’t believe that the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant would be able to continue suffering the burning. 


In the now transformed root forest, Chu Mu, who was travelling through the darkness, was now only 50 kilometers away from the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant. 

The scroll indicated that the Life Tree was where the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant was. Chu Mu needed to take advantage of Mu Qingyi drawing away the Ten Thousand Eyed Treants attention to take the Life Fruits. 

“This Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s strength isn’t inferior to that woman!” Chu Mu looked up at the aerial root region. 

When Chu Mu was in Xiangrong City, he had also been engulfed in a dense area of branches. Chu Mu was still afraid of that terrifying plant region in which not even spaces of cracks were left. If he didn’t have the fire attribute, it would have been truly difficult for him to free himself from within. 

Right now Mu Qingyi was in the same predicament. While being trapped by the endless roots, the Crown Phoenix King’s flames could only barely exude a bit of light from the roots… 

In the 100 kilometer forest, there were still several Devil Trees. This was thus probably a complete high level empire. Even though Mu Qingyi had the Crown Phoenix King, which had the fire attribute, she wouldn’t be able to completely burn down such an enormous Devil Tree Empire. 

Chu Mu looked into the depths of the forest, but didn’t hesitate. He continuously used Devil Phantom, and passed through the angered Devil Tree species. 

50 kilometers was no more than a few steps to dominator ranks. However, in this dense Devil Tree Empire, Chu Mu had to be cautious and avoid as many higher ranking Thousand Eyed Treants as possible. 

Through the tree trunks and treetops, Chu Mu could see the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s main body. He was about ten kilometers away. 

However, in these ten kilometers, practically all of the Devil Trees were of the emperor rank. Above the treetops were star-like clusters of eyes that frighteningly roamed about. Looking at it would make one shiver. 

“If I enter, can I get out…” Chu Mu himself was astonished! 

With the ten kilometers around it being all emperor rank and above Devil Trees and the very center being the Ten Thousand Eyed Devil Tree with strength very close to the dominator rank, it was extremely hard to believe that such a terrifying Devil Tree Empire could exist in a human realm bewildering world!! 

However, Old Han’s critical condition was pressing, and Chu Mu could only grit his teeth and charge in!

The Devil Tree emperor were all wriggling around. However, most of their attentions were on Mu Qingyi, since the fighting strength exhibited by the main fire attributed Crown Phoenix King was stronger than Chu Mu. 

Chu Mu continued to advance, slowly walking through the enormous Devil Tree emperors. 

However, when Chu Mu was about seven kilometers away, the Thousand Eyed Treants around him all looked at him like cold lights from a ghost lantern! 

With the instantaneous staring from eyes on all sides, it could practically make one’s mind collapse!

Chu Mu silently cursed. His silver body appeared from the darkness and his body was quickly covered in silver devil flames!

Displacement Specter!

Chu Mu didn’t hesitate and ignited his body in silver devil flames. He instantly was burnt to ashes and forcibly teleported himself to the Ten Thousand Devil Tree’s body! 

Chu Mu’s Displacement Specter could travel ten kilometers. However, in this domain restricted by the Devil trees, he couldn’t teleport that far. 

Chu Mu wasn’t able to move more than four or five kilometers before instantly being encircled by a large group of Devil Tree emperors. 

Chu Mu didn’t have the time to worry. He charged right through and before those Devil Tree emperors could react, he had charged to the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s main body! 

“Life Tree, where is the Life tree?” Chu Mu used his other pupil to look around through the dense treetops. Finding that Life Tree was easier said than done. 


A thunderous cry rang out beside his ear. It was the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant giving an angry and humiliated roar. 

Chu Mu looked up, and abruptly discovered that the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant had uprooted its body. The lower half of its main trunk split into two legs formed by interweaving tree trunks. The tree trunk that was originally hanging down from the treetop to the ground had now transformed into long arms! 

In an instant, the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant had transformed into a tree giant from its rooted state. Its ten thousand eyes all looked down, staring at the incomparably tiny silver figure at its feet!

Chu Mu didn’t know how many eyes were staring at him how. Yet, despite being in the face of the enormous aura, Chu Mu’s attention was still on finding the Life Tree!

“Found it!!” finally, when the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant moved its body to use a technique, Chu Mu found a special plant next to the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant! 

This tree was being protected by a few roots, but the top of this tree was full of Life Fruits. Each Life Fruit was much larger than the other Life Fruits Old Wen had picked. Presumably, the life force contained would be even richer! 

If he could take these Life Fruits, Old Han would be able to live. Thinking of this old man who had previously saved his father’s life, Chu Mu had no hesitations. Without thinking of a way out, he charged straight towards the Life Tree! 


An enormous tree trunk arm descended from the sky, falling in front of Chu Mu. It was like a huge mountain appearing out of thin air!

A palm print appeared on the ground and instantly, branches began to rapidly grow out of the arm, transforming into countless wooden ropes. Immediately, it formed a branch cage with no gaps! 

“This is Wood Finger Prison?” Chu Mu was stunned, as he watched the wood finger ropes that had appeared on all sides quickly interweave together. 

This Wood Finger Prison was several tens of times stronger than the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s. Purely from the imprisonment space, it was probably enough to contain a mountain. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Wood Finger Prison was like a ten fingered rope in comparison to the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s Hundred hundred fingered rope. There were no gaps in this version and even space was restricted here!

Thus, Chu Mu was unable to use Displacement Specter to escape. Yet, with the Life Tree just in front of him, Chu Mu’s heart was so anxious it was as if it was on fire. 

Shattering Heaven Imprint!

Chu Mu raised his right hand and the spatial fissures were like dancing lightning bolts that rapidly ripped away the extremely tough finger ropes!

A single technique clearly was incapable of allowing him to escape this prison. Thus, Chu Mu’s hands were now holding balls of devil flames that he proceeded to throw at the spots Shattering Heaven Imprint had torn away at! 


The devil flames blew up and the flames rapidly spread, destroying half of the hundred fingers! 

Using this opportunity, Chu Mu flew straight out. As he flew, his body was covered by a thick devil flame that continued to expand! 

Grand Sun Devil Flame!

With Chu Mu at the center of this expanding devil flame energy, he was transformed into a grand silver sun. With tongues and dragons of flames dancing around him, all of the plants blocking his path were knocked aside!! 

“Gezhi Gezhi~~~~”

All of the roots and branches were destroyed by Chu Mu’s charge and fire!

Using such a reckless charge, Chu Mu finally reached the Life Tree. 

Chu Mu easily used a few Evil Beheads to kill the Devil Tree emperors guarding this place. Then, using his mind and his quickest speed, he put as many Life Fruits into his spatial ring! 


More than half of the Life Fruits on the treetop were taken away by Chu Mu. Watching this silver devil steal them away like a bandit, the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant was about to be driven mad!!!

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