Chapter 1033: Ancient, Lost Desolation Garden

According to the scroll, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi went straight for the Lost Desolate Garden.

The Lost Desolate Garden was the most dangerous zone in the Eastern Wild Forest, and was the most absolute human forbidden ground in Wanxiang Realm. In this place was gathered the highest ranked creatures in Wanxiang Realm. Humans that stepped here wouldn’t find it easy to walk away with their lives.

Old Wen knew that Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi stood at the apex of humanity in terms of strength. However, she still didn’t want them to enter because this forbidden ground was terrifying beyond imagination. 

Lost Desolate Garden wasn’t particularly vast. The outer portion was accompanied by a peculiar bewildering fog. When Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi stepped in, it was like they had stepped into an incomparably disordered forest labyrinth. If they didn’t have a map to guide them, they would have easily gotten lost on the outside. 

It was said that Lost Desolate Garden’s existence predated even Wanxiang Realm. Indeed, Wanxiang Realm had only begun expanding after Tianxia Realm and the very nucleus of Wanxiang Realm was actually the Eastern Wild Forest. As humans began to step foot in this area, Wanxiang Realm slowly began to accumulate increasingly many human cities. Ultimately, even the soul pet habitats became bewildering worlds for humans to train.

However, Eastern Wild Forest had always remained a place humans were unable to step foot in. A large part of this reason was due to the existence of Lost Desolate Garden where numerous powerful native creatures lived. 

“Old Han’s scroll records the approximate circumstances that were going on 50 years ago when he entered the Lost Desolate Garden. The Life Fruit is located in Lost Desolate Garden, where a Ten Thousand Eyed Treant has lived there for at least a thousand years according to the old man. Purely from the area its roots cover, it encompasses over a hundred kilometers!” Mu Qingyi held the scroll and read the back.

“A Ten Thousand Eyed Treant that has lived for a thousand years. It is definitely a tree king, right?” Chu Mu was stunned. 

In human territory, it was practically impossible to see a dominator rank creature. However, there were probably a few dominator rank creatures living in the Lost Desolate Garden. It was no wonder that Old Han had wounded a soul when fleeing this place while young. 

“Yes. My Crown Phoenix King and you are both fire attributes. It should be easy to deal with it. I’m just worried there are other dominator rank creatures.” said Mu Qingyi. 

“No worries. We should be able to deal with it.” said Chu Mu.

The two of them successfully entered the Lost Desolate Garden’s middle area following the scroll. 

The spirit energy in the middle was very dense and they frequently could see emperor rank creatures wandering around. Presumably, emperor ranks had to be careful here since on their way there, Mu Qingyi and Chu Mu had seen numerous high rank emperor ranks. 

Fortunately, the creatures living in Lost Desolate Garden had no intentions of leaving their land. If they had any ideas towards human territory, with so many emperors, this would be enough to give humans a calamity. 

Gradually, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi entered the inner area of the Lost Desolate Garden. This location was more shocking than they had imagined and they felt like they had entered an ancient period. All of the plants had practically reached 100 meters in height and all of the weeds were akin to a normal human forest.

Watching these enormous soul pets walk in front of them with their large heads above the trees, Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi had very strange feelings!

“I feel like we’re extremely tiny. Compared to normal forests, we’re like ants. Whether it be the plants of the soul pets, they are several times larger than we’ve seen before.” said Mu Qingyi. 

Chu Mu had a very similar feeling. A single leaf from the Lost Desolate Garden could be used as a blanket. When they walked through this enormous forest, he really did have a feeling of tininess. 

“It seems that we aren’t in an illusion…” Chu Mu’s expression turned strange and he pointed at a creature lying on a slim sliver of grass. 

Mu Qingyi looked forth and discovered a familiar, yet unfamiliar creature. After closely examining it, her face was full of shock. 

“Marrow Sucking Devil Mosquito. This thing can’t even be considered a soul pet…” Mu Qingyi lowered her voice. 

Marrow Sucking Devil Mosquitos didn’t even make the soul pet chain and were seen as tiny life forms without any fighting strength. These small life forms relied on sucking plant marrow and biological creatures’ blood. They would be no larger than the size of a thumb. 

However, the Devil Sucking Marrow Mosquito in front of them was two meters large. It looked similar to a Heavenly Devil Insect. With its long mouth, it would probably be able to suck both the bone and marrow if it were to stab into a human’s body!

A small life form that didn’t even make the soul pet chain was equivalent to a servant rank Heavenly Devil Insect here. Then what would be the ranks of the other soul pets? 

This Lost Desolate Garden indeed wasn’t just a normal level of scary. Those emperor rank soul pets that they saw earlier on the outside were probably very normal soul pets. 

“Ancient era plant majesties and soul pet species are extremely few. Most of them are bigger than now. Originally I didn’t believe the recordings of ancient people, but now I believe them.” Chu Mu watched these creatures which were countless times bigger than the outside world and muttered to himself. 

“It should be because of something special that they can maintain their appearance from the ancient era. Soul pets have evolved and mutated over countless generations and now possess extremely strong bloodlines. Their innate bloodlines should be the extremely high leveled and if they were to also live in a primitive ancient environment like this with abundant resources, that would be akin to entering a natural spirit vat…” said Mu Qingyi. 

It was no wonder that the creatures here wouldn’t leave the Lost Desolate Garden. With a treasure ground like this, no one would rather go outside to breathe in the impure air. 


Chu Mu and Mu Qingyi gradually got closer to the Life Tree. 

Both of them had dominator ranks. Although the ancient environment was first-rate, dominator rank creatures couldn’t be found everywhere and the two of them had an easier time passing through. 

However, if they wanted to take the LIfe Tree’s fruits, they would have to disturb that Ten Thousand Eyed Treant. It would be difficult to avoid a bitter fight. 

“There are still 100 kilometers, but this means if we take another step forward, we will enter the range of the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s roots.” said Mu Qingyi. 

In front of them was an incomparably vast forest and they couldn’t see the end of it. However, each patch of soil in this enormous forest was covered by the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s roots!

“Yes, I’ll attract its attention and you sneak in and take 20 Life Fruits. Then, we’ll immediately leave.” Chu Mu wasn’t certain whether there were a few dominator rank creatures inside. Indeed, it wouldn’t be strange for kings to appear in this ancient environment. 

 "You possess the other type and dark type attributes, so it will be easier for you to sneak in. Let my Crown Phoenix King fight the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant.” said Mu Qingyi. 

“That works too. However, you need to be careful. There’s a chance the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s strength is not inferior to the Forgiven Fox Thunder Monarch.” said Chu Mu.

“Ok.” Mu Qingyi nodded her head. She promptly chanted an incantation and summoned the Crown Phoenix King.

The Crown Phoenix King’s entire body burned with golden flames. After being summoned, it ostensibly died the forest in a golden color. Its domineering aura spread over the hundred mile forest, provoking all of the creatures, including the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant, living there.

“Zhan Ye, protect her.” Chu Mu entrusted Zhan Ye.

“Hou~~~~” Zhan Ye nodded its head. Its black eyes flickered with excitement as this fight had ignited its warlike heart. 

After speaking, Chu Mu dispersed the devil flames, and his silver demonic body melded into the darkness. He walked through invisible space and slowly approached the depths of the forest. 

When Mu Qingyi saw that Chu Mu left, she jumped onto her Crown Phoenix King and flew straight above the hundred meter trees, carrying the dark war tiger with her. Extremely ostentatiously, she passed over the incomparably verdant sea of trees towards the tallest tree at the very center of the forest!

The golden flames were particularly conspicuous in the dark night, resembling a blazing sun hanging in the sky. In an instant, it startled all the creatures living in the forest. 

Immediately, chaotic shouts began to ring out, and as the Crown Phoenix King charged straight through, the forest entered an uproar. There were even countless trees that began to move away!


Suddenly, a mighty roar rang out from the lofty treant at the very center. 

The roar suppressed all of the other creatures’ shouts in the forest. Before the echo of its voice faded, its black towering tree figure suddenly lit up with sharp cold lights! 

The cold lights were tightly packed together in rows. Shockingly, they were all terrifying eyes that covered the top of this enormous tree!

There were no leaves, just eyes. When Mu Qingyi rode on her Crown Phoenix King and approached, all of the eyes focused on her. Mu Qingyi couldn’t help but shiver, because it seemed like thousands of creatures were staring at her in the darkness!!

Each eye carried a powerful mental piercing. Mu Qingyi knew of how terrifying Ten Thousand Eyed Treants were, and immediately had the Crown Phoenix King use a technique that blocked its ten thousand eyed stare. 

The Crown Phoenix King beat its wings and the golden light on its body became even more dazzling. Each golden brilliance pierced at the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s eyes, preventing it from using its mental attack.

The Ten Thousand Eyed Treant let out an angry roar and all of its eyes instantly shut!

“Long long long!!!!!!”

Of course, the Ten Thousand Eyed Treant’s strongest attack wasn’t its mental piercing. The moment it shut its eyes, the earth began to violently shake and terrifyingly fissure apart. Suddenly, the enormous roots in the ground transformed into strength-filled pythons that swung at the Crown Phoenix King!!

The Crown Phoenix King beat its wings and agilely dodged the roots. However, the moment it dodged, all of the plants in the ten miles around it were all lifted from the ground. A thousand python-like roots twisted their bodies in a shocking and densely-packed scene!

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