Chapter 1032: Life Fruit, Saving in Heal

Ye Qingzi told Chu Mu to bring Old Han onto a wood bed, and quickly said an incantation to stop Old Han’s blood.

Old Han already closed his eyes and nearly had no life force. In this state, most people would already consider him dead. However, Chu Mu was hoping Ye Qingzi could save him. Though they weren’t together for a long time, Chu Mu didn’t want to see such a wise elder die like this.

Ye Wansheng and Shen Yue were completely awake. They looked at Old Han covered in blood and were fearful, quickly moving to the side to give Ye Qingzi as much space as possible.

After Ye Qingzi stopped old Han’s blood, she quickly casted another incantation to summon Bell Noise Concubine and Wood Tray Spirit.

Wood Tray Spirit constantly poured life force into old han, while Bell Noise Concubine used its flower juices to create blood and transmit it into Old han.

“His life force is too weak…..” Ye Qingzi furrowed his brow.

Old Han was already part of the dead. If they could have brought him earlier, Ye Qingzi had some chance of saving his life. Now that his life was nearly gone, any more blood was useless.

Ye Qingzi’s words meant she tried her best, causing all of their expressions to change.

Seeing the old man laying on the ground, the same person that had spoken countless lost tales and history, everyone felt a welling of sorrow come up.

Chu Mu tightened his fist, and was even angrier at Alliance Master Ling Chan!


Just as everyone went silent, a few light thuds came from behind on the wooden floor.

Ye Qingzi turned around to discover Old Wen standing pale faced there. She seemed like she lost her soul as her eyes nearly bulged out, staring at the nearly dead Old Han.

Old Wan was like a child as she stumbled forth in front of Old Han. Her eyes instantly watered up, and her face was covered in tears immediately, too choked up to speak.

Seeing the Old Woman almost instantly grow older, the four could only stand there and watch. They didn't know how long the two had been living together for, but thinking that this room would only have the old woman’s lonesome self in the future, void of any arguments that were so loud people outside could hear, would the loneliness be even more destructive than death?

Ye Qingzi was also hurting from sadness. She blamed herself. If only her spirit abilities were better, and she could make the Wood Tray Spirit’s life technique even stronger, maybe Old Han could be saved.

She didn’t dare to look at the old woman, and looked aside.

When Ye Qingzi’s gaze was averted, she happened to see the fruits that had fallen onto the ground. These fruits were crystal clear and emanated a thick life force, as if they were real life forms.

“This…..this is life fruit?”  Ye QIngzi pointed at the fruits on the ground.

Suddenly, Ye Qingzi thought of something and quickly picked all the fruits up to feed to Wood Tary Spirit.

“Grandma Wen, I still have a way of saving Old Han. can you find more of these fruits?” ye Qingzi quickly asked Old Wen.

Old Wen shuddered and turned tear stricken to Ye Qingzi, “You… you mean it?”

Ye Qingzi nodded solemnly. From a soul teacher’s perspective, death was a very fuzzy term. Life and death had a very clear boundary, but recent deaths often were a gradual shift from life to death.

The true definition of death by a soul teacher was the death aura that emanated once life force truly disappeared.

That means that, as long as there wasn’t any death aura, the organism was between life and death. Now, Old Han’s life force was infinitely close to zero,. Most normal techniques and medicine were helpless once a person’s life force went below 10%.

Ye Qingzi’s soul arts were rather powerful, and could save organisms with 2% life force.

When Old Han was sent here, his life force was already below 2%. Ye Qingzi’s soul arts could only reach this level so she couldn’t do much. However, as long as Old han raised his life force to above two percent, Ye Qingzi could save him.

And the life force fruits that Old Wen brought back were the perfect soul item to raise life force.

However, Old Han’s life force right now was very close to zero. With a limited amount of life fruits, she could at most make Old Han’s life force raise up by a little. If they had more and could raise Old han’s life force to a degree that Ye Qingzi could save, Old han could live.

“These life fruits really are useful?” Old Wen didn’t think that the fruits she went to pick offhandedly would truly come into use. Her eyes already started to light back up.

“En, where did you go pick them, are there any more?” Ye Qingzi asked.

Old Wen’s face turned grave again and said in a low voice, “Those were it. The main tree was planted by the old man and I fifty years ago. At the time, we only had one seed.”

“Then…..” Ye Qingzi’s expression changed.

With only these fruits, Old Han’s life force couldn’t raise enough, and he would quickly go near death again.

“There’s a place that has it, its where we got the seeds, but…..” Old Wen’s voice grew quieter.

“Grandma Wen, saving him is more important. Just tell me the place and I will go pick it.” Chu Mu heard that Old Han could be saved and his heart immediately leaped at the hope.

“I will do my absolute best to keep Old Han alive for ten days. If you can get 20 fruits in ten days, then we can save Old Han. However, these life fruits are very precious and probably are hard to find…..” Ye QIngzi said.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Old Wen’s body. As long as they knew if they could reach the place Old Wen mentioned within 10 days, they could know whether Old Han had hope.

Old Wen was still hesitant because that place was truly too dangerous. She wasn’t assured she could let these kids go there. If the kids lost their lives for this faint hope, Old Wen was sure that Old Han wouldn’t forgive her even in his death!

“Old Wen, just say it, Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi are both very powerful. There’s nowhere in human realm they couldn’t get in. They can definitely bring it back safely.” Ye QIngzi said.

“That place can’t be explored recklessly. Fifty years ago, the old man went in and only escaped with a soul wounded.” Old Wen said.

“This started with me. If Old han left, how will I face my father in the future? Just point us in one direction, I promise I’ll come back safely!” Chu Mu said sincerely.

Old Wen finally sighed and said, “Alright, I will give you a map scroll. Walk based upon it, and take everything with safety in mind. Don’t push yourselves. We’re all nearly dead anyways, going into the coffin earlier or later don't matter too much for us…..”

Chu Mu nodded. Glancing at Ye Qingzi and her soul pets continuing to maintain Old Han, he asked worriedly, “Will alliance master come back again?”

“Probably not, I was rendered nearly disabled a few decades ago, so killing me doesn’t make a difference to him” Old Wen said slightly self-mockingly.

Chu Mu’s heart shook slightly and guessed the reason. Speaking nothing more, he took over the scroll Old Wen passed over.

“For safety, you should still switch location. Is there any other spot you have to stay at?” Chu Mu asked.

“Yes, the place I picked the life fruits.” Old Wen said.

“Good, I’ll help you move over first to ensure your safety.” Chu Mu said.

After Old Wen packed some stuff up, Ye Qingzi told Bell Noise Concubine to create a flower bed and started moving Old Han towards another place.

The new location was covered with dense woods. The fifty year old tree’s accompanying wood spirit wasn’t weak either. It controlled the nearby thousand kilometers of territory to prove the safest space for Ye Qingzi and the others.

After settling them down, Chu Mu was put slightly at ease.

“Chu Mu, bring these healing and soul medicine.” ye QIngzi gave a spatial ring to Chu Mu.

Most of the time, Ye Qingzi was very reassured with Chu Mu. However, the enemies they may face this time as well as the place they were going to were both extremely dangerous. She didn’t want to see chu Mu come back like Old Han, covered in blood…..

Chu Mu nodded, his black pupils slowly turned silver and started burning with silver devil flames.

Shen Yue, Ye Wansheng, and Old Wen all saw Chu Mu become half devil for the first time. After Chu Mu quickly disappeared, the surprise on their faces didn’t disappear.


Controlling darkness and space, Chu Mu could easily move through the night.

He didn't immediately head towards the location in the scroll but first had to meet up with Mu QIngyi.

When Chu Mu and Mu QIngyi found Old Han, Chu Mu had to bring Old Han back first. Mu QIngyi would be slower since she was riding Zhan Ye.

Quickly, Chu Mu found Mu Qingyi on her way back with Zhan Ye.

“Chu…..” Mu Qingyi was just about to call for Chu Mu’s name when she saw Chu Mu covered in silver yet dim devil flames. His sturdy body seemed made of silver as he emanated with an utmost evil!!  

This was the silver devil man she saw back then!!

Though she already knew Chu Mu’s real identity, when she saw him appear as the devil man, Mu QIngyi couldn’t help but still be shocked.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Mu saw the strange expression on Mu Qingyi’s face and asked.

“Nothing, I'm just a little unused to it. How’s Old Han?” Mu Qingyi said.

“There’s still hope, but we have to go find some life saving fruits. It may be dangerous, come with me.” Chu Mu said.

“En.” Mu Qingyi didn’t ask more and nodded.

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