Chapter 1031: Alliance Master Ling Chan

Old Han and Old Wen both looked at each other. They heard of the war starting between three palace and soul alliance, but considering the five people were all three palace’s people, they told them to hide to avoid any unwanted trouble.

According to Old Han’s understanding, even if the five were around, as the Alliance Master, he wouldn’t get angry over a few young generation members. Yet, with one of Alliance Master’s soul pets killed, if a war were started because of that, the Alliance Master would definitely let out his anger on these young generations!

Old Han and Old Wen glanced at each other and said mentally, “Thank goodness we hid them. However, I wonder who had the great power to kill one of Alliance Master’s soul pets?”

“Heng, great, kill it, it’d be better if the person killed them all!” Old Wen said using mental voice.

When the two communicated with their minds, Old man Han on the outside continued cursing loudly, “Who’s so daring as to kill even Alliance Master’s soul pet!”

“A late comer. I have other things to do, do you have any soul healing soul items here?” Alliance Master said.

“Soul healing soul items are hard to find and ask for, we indeed don’t have any.” Old Han said.

Soul alliance’s gaze immediately became icy and he said, “Isn’t there a seven hundred year old Soul Healing Stamen in Prison Forest?”

“Uh……. That was prison forest, we actually don't have any here. And, I can’t go into Prison Forest anymore.” Old Han quickly reacted and responded quickly, but was already cursing at how this person knew about the seven hundred year soul healing stamen.

When spirit emperor reached high rank, only five hundred year old soul healing stamens and above could heal. The entire human Realm didn’t have any five hundred year old soul healing stamens, and even those who had wouldn’t reveal it at all.

“You lead the way.” Alliance Master’s tone was utterly frigid.

However, even though they knew it was a command, Old Han had to obey. No one in Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm dared to defy his will!!

Old Han nodded and said, “Alliance Master, you should wait ahead a bit as I prepare some tools.”

Alliance Master didn’t say much and turned around to walk into the forest.

Old Han saw Alliance Master leave the room and glanced at the underground cellar as well as his worried wife, “I’ll go quickly and come back. He should leave after he gets the soul stamen. Tell the kids to not run around and just stay in the wooden room. I don’t think he will come back though.”

Old Wen hated the person’s guts but just now, she couldn’t say anything.

“You be careful. You already troubled him for that thing the last time.” Old Wen said in a quiet voice.

“Don’t worry, Ling Chan should only be looking to heal his soul. Looks like this war between soul alliance and three palace is one he will participate in. Not long after, Wanxiang Realm will have to face another large bloodbath.” Old Han sighed, and shook his head as he walked out of the wooden room.

Old Wen watched Old Han leave but felt uneasy the entire time.

After a while, when Old Wen made sure both Old Han and Alliance Master Ling Chan left, they finally opened the cellar to let the five people out.

Of the five people, Ye Wansehng and Shen Yue was already sweating profusely. They had no idea why soul alliance’s Alliance Master appeared here. More importantly, Chu Mu who killed soul Alliance Master’s soul pet was also here. If they didn’t hide…...

“That man was Alliance Master Ling Chan?” Chu Mu’s gaze became apathetic and cold.

“En, someone killed his soul pet so he’s probably angry right now. It’s better to avoid him.” Old Wen said.

“Uhh…… Chu Mu did that.” Ye Wansehng said.

Old Wen stared blankly before turning to Chu Mu and saying in disbelief, “You killed Alliance Master’s soul pet?”

Chu Mu nodded and told her about the situation between him and son of heaven Wu Kuang.

The more Old Wen heard, the more she was surprised. She never would have thought that the man who killed soul Alliance Master’s soul pet was the young man in front of him. If Old Han heard, his jaw would probably hit the ground!

“Speaking of which, if Alliance Master gets the seven hundred year old soul stamen, wouldn’t his soul heal in a short time?” Shen Yue said.

Old Wen shook her head, “Shouldn’t be that quick. Seven hundred year soul stamen will at most heal his soul, but if he wants to control five soul pets again, he’ll need some more time. However, the soul stamen most definitely will speed that process up.”

Once the soul was injured, it was hard to heal. The higher the rank, the longer it took to heal as well…...

“This is slightly troubling. Chu Mu’s dead dream is only sixth phase. If his soul heals first, and he launches a main attack on three palace, we’ll have one less soul pet that can fight him.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Worst comes to worst I’ll tell the old man to stand on your side. He should help bring back some of the disadvantages.” Old Wen said.

“That would be best.”


Late night, everyone went back into the treehouse to sleep. Only Old Wen was still outside the house waiting.

Chu Mu didn’t think of much. However, thinking about how his enemy was only ten meters away, he couldn’t go to sleep peacefully.

He quietly took out his arm behind Ye Qingzi’s neck and walked out of the tree house.

“Chu Mu?” Old Wen quickly noticed Chu Mu and asked in a low voice.

"En, you’re still worried about Old Han?” Chu Mu walked by Old Wen.

”Old Wen nodded and said worriedly, “Prison Forest isn’t far from here. Getting the soul stamen shouldn’t take this long, yet he still hasn’t come back.”

The two old people always argue with each other and even sometimes go to the point where they refuse to talk with each other, but their relationship was evident to anyone. The worry and unease she was showing for Old Han right now was her true attitude.

Chu Mu was also worried. From the two couples’ conversations, Chu Mu understood that Old Han could to a certain degree affected Alliance Master. Under normal circumstances, Alliance Master probably didn’t want to offend him since it would bring him decent trouble, but under current circumstances, Old Han was a potential threat to him!

“Let me go see then.” Chu Mu said.

“No, it’s too dangerous.” Old Wen of course didn’t want Chu Mu to go.

“Don’t worry, he probably hasn’t seen me before. Even if I run into them, Old Han could probably continue the lie for me.” Chu Mu said gently.

“But if he has ill will towards the old man, you going……” Old Wen thought of the same possibility. After all, Old Han could be threatened!

“Then I need to go even more.” Chu Mu said sincerely.

Old Wen paused and hesitated for a long while before nodding and saying, “Then you must be careful. With your skill, escaping should still be possible.”

Chu Mu was just about to leave when the highest remembrance Mu QIngyi noticed and slowly opened her eyes.

In reality, when she was in silent meditation, Mu Qingyi vaguely heard Chu Mu and Odl Wen’s conversation.

“Let me go with you, there’s a greater guarantee that way.” Mu Qingyi walked over and said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t want to tell Mu Qingyi to risk herself with her. After all, they were facing the Alliance Master and both of them together still wasn’t enough to match him.

However, thinking about it, with Mu Qingyi, if Old Han really was in danger, they could barely assist. Or else if Chu Mu went alone, he may only be able to watch and not dare to fight.

“En, come up.” Chu Mu said an incantation and summoned Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye had dark type and was good at hiding in the night. Neither Mu Qingyi’s white tiger nor crown phoenix king was suited for travel at night. As for her demon, it was too low level and could get detected by dominator rank organisms too easily.

Chu Mu helped Mu Qingyi onto Zhan Ye and leaped on, heading towards the Prison Forest that Old Wen pointed them to.

Seeing the two leave, Old Wen’s emotions only got more in a mess. After hesitating for a while, she decided to go to the forest aside to pick some Life Fruit. If they come back wounded, these life fruits could save lives.

At once, all three left, leaving only Ye Wansheng, Ye Qingzi, and Shen Yue in the tree house.


After a while, Ye Qingzi woke up confused and noticed Chu Mu wasn’t there. Looking around, she still couldn't find Chu Mu.

“No need to look, Goddess Mu and him both disappeared.” At this moment, Ye Wansheng’s voice came through.

“Where are they?” Ye Qingzi had been concocting soul items for Chu Mu’s little dead dream the past few days and was very tired today. WHen she fell asleep, she didn’t notice the two leave.

“Who knows, a lone man and woman leaving in the middle of the night, how would I know where they went?” Ye Wansheng intentionally insinuated with a strange tone.

“What are you trying to say?” Ye Qingzi of course understood what he was trying to imply.

“Ai, I feel like Goddess Mu has feelings for Chu Mu. If this continues, you have to start considering who’s the main wife, and who’s the second one.” Ye Wansheng said.

“Boring.” Ye Qingzi ignored his presence.

Ye Wansheng laughed out, “You really are confident in Chu Mu, haha, alright, they went to go find Old Han. Old Wen was pretty worried. I was going to go as well but I remembered they were all dominator rank so I shouldn’t.”

Ye Qingzi nodded. Just as she was about to speak, they felt a spatial ripple and a silver devil flame burn within the tree house!

Flames burned and from the flames quickly appeared Chu Mu. In a moment, all the flames disappeared and Chu Mu’s figure solidified.

“Qingzi, quickly save Old Han!!” Chu Mu was incredibly anxious as he looked at Ye Qingzi who had just awoken.

Ye Qingzi glanced at Chu Mu and noticed a heavily wounded man!

The man was covered in blood that was dripping onto the wooden floor in large amounts. Chu Mu’s hands were dyed red long ago, as the scent of blood quickly filled the house!

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