Chapter 1030: Legend of the Seven Sins Fox

Probably, only the diagram valley’s enormous diagram could curse a species for ten thousand years; a continuation of a thousand generations! 

Chu Mu’s heart was in turmoil. A while later he returned to his senses and said to Old Han: “If there is a Thunder Monarch curse, doesn’t that mean that there are other Sins Fox curses?” 

“Yes. The Seven Sins Fox is divided into low potential fox monarchs - Sin Fox Thunder Monarch, Sin Fox Wind Monarch, Sin Fox Inferno Monarch - middle potential fox monarchs - Sin Fox Rock Emperor, Sin Fox Water Emperor - and high potential fox monarchs - Sin Fox Dark King, Sin Fox Sun King. There are different curses for each type of Sin Fox, but the location of the curses are in different places. Until now, nobody has found the others before. 

“Ignoring the calamity ground for now, why are there still higher, middle and lower potentials? Also where did these Water Emperor, Rock Emperor, Dark King, and Sun King Sin Foxes come from?!” Ye Wansheng was a bit confused and interrupted Old Han. 

“Do I really need to explain this? The higher, middle and lower potentials come from their species rank!” impatiently said Old Han.

Indeed, their species rank could pretty much be determined by their suffix. 

Old Han could see that these five still didn’t understand. He shook his head and explained: “All Fox Monarchs that bear the sin are perfect monarchs. Since only lower potential Sin Foxes will appear in Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm, when our records refer to Seven Sins Foxes, we automatically believe that all Sin Foxes are Fox Monarchs…”

“However, among the Seven Sins Foxes, the thunder, wind and inferno monarchs are only lower potential foxes. After being forgiven from their sins, they will become a perfect emperor. The Thunder Monarch you encountered was a Forgiven Fox, so its strength was approximately at the low class dominator rank. Don’t tell me you don’t understand what level a perfect emperor’s true strength will reach.” 

“We understand this.” Ye Wansheng nodded his head, and showed a rare sign of seriousness. 

Chu Mu really never expected that the Seven Sins Foxes were split into further levels. Perhaps it was more apt to say that when Seven Sins Foxes were mentioned, he automatically assumed that they were just split into different attributes. 

“As for middle potential Seven Sins Foxes, the Water Emperors and Rock Emperors, even when cursed, are still perfect emperors. After forgiveness, their strength will reach around the peak dominator rank. Such a creature has probably never appeared in Tianxia Realm or Wanxiang Realm before. Even a cursed Sin Fox Water Emperor or Rock Emperor has never appeared.” said Old Han.

Everyone sucked in a breath of air at these words!

Even while cursed, their species rank was still a perfect emperor. If they completed forgiveness, wouldn’t they be akin to a god?! 

People of the human realm hadn’t even heard of a peak dominator rank, much less see one!

More shockingly was that there were still two types of fox kings above these fox emperors! 

This meant that the fox king, even while cursed, had strength like a god. Thus, once it was forgiven, how heaven-defying would it be?! 

“As for the dark and sun fox kings… ai, the only thing remaining of these creatures is a name.” Old Han sighed and didn’t continue. 

Chu Mu never expected such a shocking secret to be hidden among the Seven Sins Foxes. When he remembered the enormous diagram array in the demon realm, the shock prevented him from speaking for a long while. 

The five of them looked at each other. After a moment of silence, Ye Wansheng finally said: “Today, I gained a lot of knowledge.” 

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. He hasn’t even seen them before. I have no idea where he heard all this from. All this random talk is just scaring these children!” at this moment, Old Wen spoke up unhappily. 

“What nonsense? This is all true!” Old Han spoke up with a just and forceful tone. 

“Have you personally seen them before?” Old Wen glared at him. 

“No, but…” 

This old couple never stopped arguing, and began to argue about the truthfulness of the Seven Sins Foxes. 

However, Chu Mu unhesitatingly decided to believe in Old Han. Indeed, in the human records he had read, the only Seven Sins Foxes that were mentioned were the three fox monarchs Old Han spoke of. There were no records of the other Seven Sins Foxes. This was enough to prove that the other Sin Foxes were even more rare and perhaps had never appeared in the human realm before! 

“Then is there a method to achieve forgiveness?” asked Chu Mu.

“There are two methods. The first is to wait a thousand generations where the Sin Fox will be able to stimulate its potential and evolve into a Forgiven Fox. The second method is to destroy the calamity ground’s cursed diagram. The latter is practically impossible.” said Old Han. 

“Then my Mo Xie is probably after the thousand generations, right?” asked Chu Mu.

Old Han closely examined the small Mo Xie, but earnestly shook his head: “It is definitely within the thousand generations. The reason why it was able to remove half of the sin was completely due to an extremely rare mutation. If you want its strength to rise, you definitely will not be able to do so via forgiveness. You can only strengthen it using spirit items.” 

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. This was completely the opposite opinion as the elder he had seen before! 

Shaking his head, it seemed that Chu Mu could only wait for Mo Xie to mutate again. Speaking of which, Mo Xie’s mutation was influenced to a certain extent by his own soul remembrance. Chu Mu was presently at the eighth remembrance. If Mo Xie could mutate when he reached the ninth remembrance, that wouldn’t be bad and her strength would probably be able to soar! 

“Shh, stop talking!” suddenly, Old Han’s expression turned extremely grave, making everyone quiet down. 

Old Wen was going to say something to him, but she saw the expression he was giving her. 

“All of you come with me, quick!” Old Wen said.    

The five of them didn’t know what happened. However, Mu Qingyi seemed to have sensed something and used her mind to tell the others that an expert was coming here. 

The old woman opened an underground cellar and had them hide underneath a large tree, moreover setting up a barrier that isolated them. 

Although they didn’t know why these two old fellows were so nervous, they didn’t think too much of it. They obediently hid underground. However, Ye Wansheng was using his mental voice to mutter why there was a need to be so afraid of someone with both Goddess Mu and Chu Mu, these two freaks? 

A moment later, a powerful aura surged over and even the barrier was unable to block it.

“Am I mistaken? Why are there so many dominators everywhere. Where’s the justice in this!” cursed Ye Wansheng. Everyone else heard him. 

Just as Ye Wansheng finished speaking, a man’s voice, cold as iron, came from the wooden hut above: “You have guests here?” 

“Oh, that old woman was just raising a small pet out of boredom. What wind blew the great Alliance master here? Alliance Master must have some ulterior motive for visiting?” Old Han laughed. 

“Someone killed one of my soul pets and my soul was wounded. I’ve come here to search for a few spirit items to speed up the healing of my soul.” calmly said the man. 

The moment his voice faded, the five people underground in the cellar felt huge billows in their hearts! 

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